One important lesson I've learned because of Doctor Who.

Everything ends.
But those things are worth getting your heart broken for. (Sarah Jane Smith)
People fall out of the world sometimes, but they- they always leave traces, little things you can’t quite account for: faces in photographs; luggage; half-eaten meals… ; rings. Nothing is ever forgotten, not completely, and, if something can be remembered, it *can* come back. (The Doctor)


 Just spent two hours read-listening to The Stone Rose. Seriously that was the cutest and most awesome story I have ever listened to(probably has something to do with David Tennant’s cute voice reading it, too). 

The Doctor kissed Rose! Like FULL ON KISS ON LIPS STUFF. AND he proved that he REALLY knew her body. *raises eyebrow suggestively*

And it was a lot more violent and graphic than the regular show, describing animal slaughters and sacrifices in a Roman arena. 

Not to mention the banter and the emotions were absolutely perfect, and the timelines were a giant ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff and it was FANTASTIC!



Chapter 15: The Biggest Family on Earth

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Big thanks to lastincurableromantic who helped so much with this chapter.


The Doctor watched the two blonde women walking ahead of him with keen interest. He strained to hear what they were saying, but Donna was nattering in his ear. Yes, she had some valid concerns: rescuing Martha, ending the war between the humans and the Hath, the ‘Breath of Life’ myth and the funny little numbered plaques everywhere. But all of those issues paled in comparison to what his wife and their daughter were talking about.

Undeniably Jenny, as she was now calling herself, was their daughter. They had used his hand in the progenitor. The same hand that Rose held all the time and had kissed only minutes before the people of Messaline had violated him. Luckily the machine had broken as it wasn’t equipped to handle two sets of DNA, let alone his advanced genetics. Because these people would not have been spared his fury had they tried to progenate another ‘child’ from him.

Still they were left to deal with the consequences of the use of him as breeding stock. Everything about this new girl, this Jenny, scared him. He had been a father and a grandfather before. And with the exception of Susan, he hadn’t been involved in their lives. Something he regretted when the war came, not getting to know his family. He never thought that he’d get a second chance to be involved in the lives of his offspring. But he wanted it, especially now.

Rose had said, very recently, that she wasn’t ready to have children. Yet here they were with a grown daughter. If he had to guess, he’d put Jenny’s comparable human age at 17 or 18. Would Rose accept her? Would he? She was still a product of the machine, born a product of war, with military history and strategy in her head.

“Reminds me of a bloke I once knew. You know, big ears, leather jacket, really nice bum,” Rose had retorted when he’d said as much earlier.

He didn’t have very long to contemplate this newest complica…change to his life. Martha rejoined them. Donna figured out the plaques; the humans and the Hath had been at war for a week. Oh, the damage that had been done in that short period of time and the breath of life- terraforming. If they could find the device, use it, and then maybe these people would find a greater purpose.

It happened in a split second. The planet was changing around them, but it was too much change for the Colonel. He raised his gun, aimed at the Doctor and fired. Jenny made to step in front of the Doctor, but Rose shoved them both aside.

“Mum!” Jenny cried as Rose collapsed into the Doctor’s arms. The bullet hit her shoulder. She was bleeding rather profusely, however they had been lucky. Today could have taken a devastating turn.

The other soldiers restrained General Cobb while Donna gave him a very loud piece of her mind and Martha tried to slow the bleeding in Rose’s wound. Within a few minutes, the skin at the edges had already started to repair itself. “Amazing,“ Martha whispered as she moved Rose’s shirt back into place. “Though I shouldn’t be surprised after all the things I’ve seen you two do.”

Gingerly, the Doctor picked up the woman he loved and started to carry her back towards their ship despite the fact that she insisted she could walk. Donna and Martha fell into step behind them. Unsure of where she belonged, Jenny shifted from one foot to another.

“Doctor,” Rose whispered. “Don’t forget our daughter.“

A large grin lit up his face as he turned around. “Come on then, Jenny. It’s time to go home; lots of thing to see and lots of running to do.” Enthusiastically, Jenny ran after her parents and their friends.

After taking Martha home and convincing himself that Rose was going to make a full recovery they started running across the Universe yet again. As always they visited different planets, different times having impossible adventures. They solved a murder with Agatha Christie, and visited to the largest library in the Universe. At the Library they only just managed to transport almost everyone out before the Vashta Nerada took back control of their forests.

They went to the planet Midnight; bit of a family holiday Rose called it as she threaded her arm through Jenny’s. It was amazing how fluidly their daughter had slipped into their lives. He enjoyed teaching Jenny new things: history, science, mechanics and engineering. He also loved watching Rose introduce Jenny to what could be called ‘popular culture’: movies, telly, books, celebrity gossip, and make-up. But she also told Jenny stories of her childhood, her mum, and her travels with the Doctor and tried to impart on her daughter lessons that she had had to learn the hard way.

Jenny and Donna had convinced the couple that they needed a few hours without their best friend and daughter cramping their style. Besides, the two woman wanted to sunbathe, maybe spend some time in the spa. So off went the Doctor and Rose on an adventure to see a waterfall of sapphires. What could go wrong?

Everything had, obviously, gone pear shaped. At first everyone had been lovely. The other passengers were interesting once they came out of their shells. Then the transport had broken down. Sky had been possessed by some unknown entity, but it had found a better target in the Doctor. Through the haze of the other mind in his, he could hear Rose screaming for them to let him go. He was almost numb to external stimuli as the passengers started dragging him towards the door.

Suddenly it was over. The Hostess had grabbed Sky and hurled the two of them out into the abyss beyond. The Doctor’s mind cleared almost immediately, and he held Rose close to his chest as they waited for the rescue transport. His eyes were flicking between all of the humans around him. He would take a Dalek any day over a group of scared humans. They were volatile and unpredictable. He looked down at Rose and squeezed her again. But they could also be brilliant and brave.

“That Hostess. What was her name?” he asked aloud.

No one answered. Apparently, the woman had given her life for a group of people who couldn’t be bothered to learn her name, himself included.

“Janet,” Rose said softly. “Her name was Janet Sparks.“

The Doctor kissed the top of her head. Of course she knew. Rose was so good with people. Out of everyone here she would be the one to know the woman’s name.

After picking up Donna and Jenny back on Midnight, they headed back to the TARDIS. Once in the Vortex, the Doctor and Rose retired to their room. Tonight, he needed her. Needed to feel a very real her in his arms, surrounding him. To feel himself buried inside of her. Because she knew who he was and right now after having that thing in his head, there was just the faintest doubt in the back of his mind. Rose would make him better, of that fact he was completely sure.

Sooner rather than later came the one thing the Doctor was dreading, introducing Jenny to Jackie and Pete.

It was one thing for your twenty-two year old (well twenty-twoish) daughter to be married to a 900 year old time traveling alien. It was another for her to suddenly show up on her mother’s doorstep for obligatory Sunday tea with a fully grown half-alien daughter. A granddaughter who physically looked to be similar in age to your daughter even though she was only a few weeks old would be hard for anyone to take.

To his immense relief and surprise, Jackie wasn’t mad. Well, she wasn’t mad about Jenny. She was mad, however, that the Doctor and Rose hadn’t brought her around sooner.

"I didn’t want to scare the poor girl,” the Doctor muttered under his breath, and Rose smacked his arm. Not wanting to tempt fate any further, the Doctor wandered over to Pete’s basement workshop while Jackie showed Jenny photo album after album of Tony’s baby pictures and Rose growing up. To be honest, he’d rather tinker with Pete than look at naked baby pictures of Rose. Although, naked pictures of an adult Rose were a bit intriguing; he wouldn’t mind having some of those. He’d have to remember to talk to her about that the next time they were alone.

For the next few hours he helped Pete to fortify the defenses on the secure bunker that had been built in the basement. After what had happened to his first wife, his first Jackie, and to the world that he was born into, Pete had made the protection of his new family a top priority. Jack and the Doctor had both helped him procure the needed materials, most of which had come from off world. Personally, the Doctor couldn’t blame him, and suddenly he felt an overwhelming need to keep Rose and Jenny safe.

They left late in the evening, long after Tony had fallen asleep. Donna excused herself to go to bed but Jenny was brimming with energy and questions. After a day filled with stories from her mum’s past, she wanted to learn about her dad. Reluctantly, he agreed to answer some of her questions and suggested that they retire to the library. Rose tried to leave and give them some privacy. But he, of course insisted that she stay.

“No more secrets, Rose,” he murmured against her temple as he pulled her close to his side on one of the sofas. And for the next few hours he told Rose and Jenny about his childhood on Gallifrey, the Academy and stealing the TARDIS. There was no way that he could cover almost a thousand years’ worth of memories in one night, but it was a start. There was still a sting to the memories, but sharing them with his family made him feel just a little bit lighter.

Months later the quartet was enjoying a nice day in a marketplace on Shan Shen when one of the Tricksters brigade tried to force Rose to go back and decide not to join the Doctor. Not a very smart move on their part.

A faint golden glow filled her eyes as the fortune teller attempted to distract her so the beetle could do its work. The Doctor came barreling into the room at that moment, having heard Rose yelling at someone to stop.

“I create myself,” Rose declared as she knocked the other woman aside. “The darkness is coming, and we must act.“

He tugged at her arm and pulled her from the tent. And there it was. The words BAD WOLF were written on every surface.

"Mum, what happened?” Jenny probed, her face contorted with worry.

Donna’s hand gingerly touched one of the posters. “What’s Bad Wolf?“

"I am,” Rose replied and the same time the Doctor said, “The end of the Universe.“

"Don’t be so dramatic,” Rose chided before grabbing her head in pain. “The Darkness is coming. The stars are going out.“

"What’s wrong with her?” demanded Donna as she rubbed Rose’s back soothingly.

Quickly, the Doctor explained what happened on the Games Station. “I thought I got all of the Vortex out of her, but I didn’t.“ And now he was worried that it was killing her.

"Stop nattering,” Rose said through clenched teeth. “We need to get back to Earth.“

Daleks, it was the Daleks. They always seemed to take everything that he loved. Donna gripped his hand tightly as he watched his TARDIS with his wife and his daughter inside plummet into something they had little chance of escaping. The only thing that kept him from following them into the abyss was the bruising pressure of Donna’s hand in his. She knew what he was thinking, and she was stopping him. And he was glad for it. The only real chance that the people of Earth had was him and as much as his hearts were breaking, he had to move forward.

Jack was playing dead. The Doctor and Donna were led down to face Davros. The Doctor taunted and prodded the other man, trying to force him to act, to give him the opportunity to escape this holding cell. Because right now, he would not hesitate to destroy the Daleks and their creator; there was blood, anger and revenge coursing through his veins.

Messages of Osterhagen keys and warp stars came in from the Doctor’s friends and former companions. Davros taunted him about turning people into weapons. “Don’t listen to him Doctor,” Donna urged. “You make people so much more than they were. So much better.“

Things looked dire for the next few minutes. Martha, Mickey, Jack, Jake and Sarah Jane were transmatted into the vault. For one brief moment his hope almost completely flickered out.

And then he heard it, that beautiful noise that he had heard hundreds or thousands, maybe millions of times now, his TARDIS. The ship materialized, and it was the Games Station all over again.

"The Bad Wolf returns,” Dalek Caan tittered.

An ethereal, golden glow surrounded Rose as she stepped out of the ship with Jenny close behind her. Davros aimed a blast of energy at Rose, and she batted it away.

“You play god over and over again, Davros. You think that you have the right to rip the Universe apart,” Rose spoke, stepping forward. “But you have no right. No right to destroy the civilizations and the people that are different from you. Your reign of terror ends now.“

Davros opened his mouth to speak, and with a wave of her hand Bad Wolf Rose turned him and all of his creations to dust. All but one that is. She turned to Dalek Caan.

"Peace at long last,” the Dalek said as Rose smiled softly in his direction.

“Sleep well,” she whispered before he glowed more brightly then any of the other creatures and disappeared.

The force field around him disappeared and the Doctor stepped forward, once again ready to take the Vortex from his Rose, once again ready to die for her. She held up a hand to stop him.

“I will always keep you safe, my Doctor.”

“But it’s killing you. Please Rose, let me do this.” He tried to grab her waist and pull her to him. She gently stepped back and turned back towards the TARDIS.

“The planets still need to be returned,” she said over her shoulder to the Doctor. But he didn’t care; he needed Rose safe. He barely noticed everyone else following them.

As soon as Rose crossed the threshold, she began to glow brighter. “Do not worry, my love. I’ll be fine.“ When her hand touched the console, the energy began to flow from her and into the ship. A moment later she collapsed into the Doctor’s arms. After a cursory check with his sonic, he handed her off to Martha and took Jack and Jenny with him to return the planets to their correct orbits.

Working together they managed to send them all back save one. Earth. Despite his worry over Rose’s Bad Wolf experience, he found a certain joy in having so many people there to help fly the TARDIS. Working together, they pulled Sol 3 back to its proper place in the Universe.

He first parted ways with Sarah Jane, hugging her goodbye and wishing her the best. She made him promise to visit or she would call Rose. He happily agreed. Then he went to drop Jack, Mickey, Martha and Jake off in Cardiff. Jack pulled him aside and asked if what had happened on the Crucible was anything like what happened before. The Doctor gave him a small smile, clapped him on the shoulder and simply said, “Little bit, yeah. We’ll talk about it more later. ”

Rose insisted on checking on her mum, Pete and Tony. They had been holed up in the safe room since the whole thing started. Jackie made tea while Jenny and Rose filled her and Pete in on the abbreviated version of what happened on the Crucible. The appearance of a goddess-like Rose was carefully avoided. There was no need to upset Jackie. They had yet to explain to her the physiological changes that had happened the last time Rose had done this.

There were tests that he needed to run to make sure that Rose hadn’t suffered any ill effects from her latest union with the TARDIS. The Doctor was wrapped up in thoughts of how Rose had become the Bad Wolf again and what that might mean when Donna pulled him aside. She was leaving. Not for good, she would always be up for one off trips or holidays, but the Doctor and Rose needed time alone with Jenny. Their daughter needed to learn about the Universe and besides, the three of them aged differently than Donna. Without an aging human companion, they could stretch out their time with the Earth bound branch of the Tyler family and the rest of their friends.

“Just don’t disappear completely on me, Spaceman, or I’ll call Rose,” Donna threatened as she hugged him tightly once they dropped her off.

“Why does everyone threaten to call Rose?” he moaned.

Donna pointed a finger in his face. “Face it, Spaceman. You may not listen to anyone else, but a simple please from Rose Tyler and you’ll do anything that she pleases.“

He tried to stammer a protest but nothing came to his mind. Donna was right; Rose had him wrapped around that pretty little pinky finger of hers.

Rose wrapped Donna in a hug. “You’ll be brilliant,” Rose told her.

Donna chuckled. “Of course I will.“ She hugged the Doctor and then Jenny. “Keep these two out of trouble, Jen, and make sure the TARDIS keeps their room soundproof. For your own sanity.”

As always, his friends’ departure was bitter sweet. They had always been the best of him, and he loved having them all together on the TARDIS. But they always left in the end, going back to their own lives and families as they should even if it left him a little sad and lonely.

Sarah Jane had told him that he had the largest family on Earth, but it wasn’t the same as having a family of his own. He’d had that once, and they were gone now.

Turning back towards the TARDIS, he smiled when his eyes met Rose’s. His wife stood there with an arm wrapped around their daughter’s waist while Jenny leaned into her mother’s side. He crossed over to them and enveloped them both in a hug and planted kisses on the tops of their heads. He wasn’t alone anymore. In reality, he hadn’t been alone since the day he met Rose. She had given him what he had thought was impossible to have ever again, a family of his own.