How’s this for Lars/The Off-Colors?

The Crystal Gems could have Lion roar their way to Homeworld and save Lars and the Off-Colors. Then, they’d see that Lars died and was revived by Steven’s healing tears as he tells them about the pocket dimension in Lars’ head. Then he’d tell them that’s EXACTLY what happened to Lion and they’d realize how his connection to Rose Quartz…

I’d imagine Amethyst saying an ironic echo during that time: “Oh… That’s why he’s pink.”


Hi there my deers~~
Im horrible person when it comes to post new stuff here…I know x’D

Sooooo, recently I drew this two sketches that are focused on Pearl from SU and her past c: I was wondering and thinking about her origin….there is still so much stuff in this show that is still secret….but thats why its so exciting no???!

Hope you’ll like it!