Rest in peace Brooklyn “Manhattan” Rivers

ok so the story with brooklyn is kinda interesting because if it wasnt for her i would have never started my nsb legacy

basically when kelly made the challenge i had an ugly laptop and i didnt want to do it because yikes

then i found this hair 

and i was like ok u know what ill make a new sim and we will name her something rose themed and if she ends up cute ill start the legacy!!

so then i made her have pink hair and rose themed clothes and i named her rosaline but then i was like “ok but we need to make her a mom that will marry my minty sim then” and then u know her genetics didnt make a cute sim so i was like,,,ok lets see maybe i can change her hair to red, make her marry my mint sim,,,and THEIR child will b my rose gen!!

so long story short i wouldve never created a simblr if it wasnt for this sim