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Imaginary fic title: Somewhere between our Hearts and Minds

Black Fairy curse!AU. Belle and Mr Gold are unhappily married. He’s cold, mean, paranoid, and an alcoholic. She’s an agoraphobe who makes all his meals and cleans the house, and barely says a word to anyone. They used to be happy, until their baby was taken away by the Mayor and given up for adoption, for reasons neither of them can remember. Now all they have is that loss. All they remember was that it was their own fault: they couldn’t give him a home, couldn’t keep him safe, couldn’t love him enough to keep him. Now, they sleep on opposite sides of a huge bed. They barely speak. 

And yet, every night, they have dreams of a place where they’re happy together. He’s got the power to summon roses for her hair, and protect them from any pain, and make toys dance for their smiling baby boy. She’s beautiful, spirited, adventurous, teases him over tea and talks of plans to travel together all over the world. They dance, they laugh, they kiss, they make love. They’re a happy, loving family. 

Neither of them know that they share the same dreams; that when they awaken, they share the aching misery that reality is so very far from such happy dreams. 

In their minds, they know there’s a reason they’re unhappy. He’s a man no one could love (isn’t that why they lost their son, because he was an unfit father?) and she’s a woman without a voice or a spine (isn’t that why thier baby is gone, because she couldn’t handle his crying?). 

And yet, in their hearts, there’s another truth. They almost remember a time when they were happy, where he was loving and she was brave. They just can’t get back to it. Something is stopping them.

And then, a young man with the same name as their lost baby comes to work at Gold’s shop, a young man with old eyes and an uncanny knowledge of their history, and slowly things begin to change… 

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