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Exquisite Leaves & Rose Shaped Gold Rings

Israeli artist Doron Merav learned the basics of jewelry making when he traveled to Rajasthan, India, where a jewelry making guru taught him the process of creation. Excited by this newfound talent, once Merav returned home he bought the equipment necessary to set up his studio.

His exquisite handmade gold rings inspired by the shape of leaves and roses have captured a fan following for all who appreciate the beauty of creativity, flowers and his technique. Titled “Leaves of Engagement”, each piece is handmade with 14k gold and the budding rose is surrounded by a composition of leaves, thus giving the illusion of a lush and real flower. Find them in his Etsy shop.

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Stunning Glass Bottle Encapsulated Rose Pendants

Romanian artist “Julia” and owner of Resity creates unique and colorful resin jewelry, composed of real plants and rosebuds that were formulated to never wither. Carefully crafted, each piece resembles a romantic and vintage token from a fairytale novel. Constructed from real dried roses, clear resin, antiqued brass chains, and silver plated chains, each pendant expresses a variety of message, according to the meaning of each flower and its color.

In the hopes of making jewelry making her full-time job, “Julia’s” dream is supported by her loving family and art studies.

The daily creations simulate the elegance and beauty of Victorian memorabilia. Since no plant or manual process is alike, each pendant is a unique piece of art. The presence of the encapsulated flowers in glass bottles resemble the human concept of memory. They are sacred keepsakes with profound meanings. You can find other creations, including, resin ring and bangles in her Etsy shop.

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Enchanted Beauty & the Beast inspired Enchanted Rose Glass Vial Terrarium Necklaces

North Carolina-based boutique Woodland Belle blends a rustic sensibility with a fairy-tale inspired theme into their contemporary jewelry. Inspired by Beauty & the Beast’s enchanted rose, each miniature terrarium is composed of a rose encapsulated in a glass vial.

A graduate from the fine art and design at Appalachian State University, each piece is personally crafted by jewelry artist Mai Mckemy. Mckemy’s goal is to raise awareness on the profound beauty of nature on an aesthetic and spiritual level. You can find her creations in her Etsy shop.

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