The Purest of Love - Thranduil

Based off these headcanons: Thranduil and you having matching outfits + Watching the stars together whenever you have the chance + Playing with Thranduil’s hands because they are so elegant and slender, but strong nonetheless (headcanons not mine, they belong to the respectful owner)

A/N: Agh, my dearest Thranduil was actually happy in this one, yay! *cries in the corner happily while feels devour my soul*

Translations: Tolo ar nin: Come with me, A'maelamin: my beloved, belegon nin: my mighty one, meleth e-guilen: love of my life.

Abbreviations: S/T: Skin Tone, H/C: Hair color

Warnings: None

Words: 1300

A pair of slender, able arms encircled my waist as I adjusted the circlet of crimson flora that wreathed my head, now resting seamlessly atop my brow. The soft pressure of tender, suckling lips against the S/T skin of my neck elicited a satisfied hum from my chest as my husband’s platinum tendrils tumbled like water over my shoulder, contrasting elegantly with the corresponding paraphernalia that hung proudly from both Thranduil and I’s frames. The embroidery of aegean vines against the sterling silks blended together to seem as if Thranduil and I’s bodies had been joined, accompanying our already bonded minds and hearts.

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fwb; yoongi (7/7)

❝when you’re friends with benefits… and he falls in love.
►2909 words; series: fwb (7/7) 
♡ big thank you to my bestie for helping me on this - you the real mvp (you don’t read this but thank you chiews)

Yoongi takes to mind of the little things that you do. Whether it’s outside for a nice meal under the stars or inside the confinement of a coffee shop where they charge him for overpriced sandwiches. That smile on your face when the food tastes so good or when a track he lets you hear takes you over the clouds and high up above until your smile fades into closed eyes with an idly sigh.

Yoongi remembers the things that relate to you and he’s not too sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. It should be good, no? Because then it shows how much of a considerate and thoughtful person he is but the more he remembers of you, the more he realizes he can’t forget and it embeds in his mind before he can try to erase them. A part of him doesn’t let him because it’s you, but the other part wants him to because it’s you.

Either way, Yoongi can’t bear to make a decision.

Well, not yet, at least.

Not with your cheek pressed to his chest, fingertips brushed upon his hip reminds him he’s stripped down to nothing with you beneath this blanket and the warmth of your bodies together as a whole is rooting him to stay. There’s a small smile on your lips as you sleep, of peace and clarity that he’s jealous. He’s envious of how you could just doze off like that, as if he doesn’t make your heart race like how you do to him. As if you’re not thinking of the many things he’s thinking of like do you feel the way I feel or is it just me?

Is it just me who fell in love?

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Everything just happened so quickly,” I say while starring out the window of the coffee shop. “The only thing I clearly remember from that night is walking in on them kissing, I swear I’ve never felt so much anger and sadness all at once,” tears starting to roll down my rose stained cheeks. “He ran after me saying sorry yelling an explanation for all this madness, my body was cold and numb I couldn’t focus on what he was saying. The rest of that night was filled with alcohol and tears.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1086 // excerptsofstories
In the land of the lost

“I’m not acting strange I just don’t think nows a good time.” Malina say pulling away from their heated kiss and rushing out the room cheeks rose stained and body aching for him.

She couldn’t they couldn’t…her mind went to her babies lost in time her Claire,Farah,Noah,Douglas all displaced.