Yours Truly

RoyaltyAU: OC x Prince!Yoongi 
Length: 1.7K (lol barely a drabble but I’ll take it) 
Genre: Fluff. Just. Fluff
Type: Disney Insp Drabbles ☞ REQUEST HERE
Recommended OST: (x
Request By: @workofteaguk : how about “I’m right out here for you, just let me in” + your love aka min yoongi :“) 

(a/n): warm up before I really get going with my other longer pieces! Ahh but this was so so fluffy I melted into a puddle 100x before I could coherently type all of it out TT please tell me what you think!! also this gif makes me cry many tears.. my prince TTTTTTT I LOVE YO(U)ONGI

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“Would you please just open the door?”

Yoongi’s rasp drifts through the cool wood that is pressed into your back, the sheer tulle of your ball gown useless in its beauty to protect you against the nip of cold lingering in the early autumn air.

“No!” Your stubborn response travels through the barrier without fail, your childish pout and no doubt tear stained cheeks registering in Yoongi’s mind along with the clipped one word answer, despite his inability to see you.

A sigh.

“Princess…” He begins his magic spell, casting those minuscule syllables to make your heart to splutter with indignation in your ribcage to squeeze essences of rose onto your cheeks.

“Don’t call me that,” you counter, “everyone calls me that.”

“Am I not ‘everyone’ to you?” He questions, smile tugging their way across his cheeks, eyelashes kissing the taunt skin when he looks down to see you fidgeting on the other side of the door. His words are colored with underlying meanings.

How daring, questioning when he knows the answer, your mind chastises the boy, even if he can’t hear those thoughts.

“N-No, you’re Yoongi.”

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worth the wait

pairing: jongin x reader
genre: greaser!au, fluff, slight smut
summary: sometimes next times don’t happen, but when they do they’re worth the wait

A/N: based on a caption shookjin on ig wrote, you can @ them if u want lol idk, secondly its nothing like grease, thirdly sorry for making you wait so long for any sort of fic update! this is finally a happy ending everyone wants from me, i hope it was worth the wait god im so funny i have so many friends also not proofread as always 

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The saturated wood coated his tongue in its taste with each provocative lick. His tongue swirled around the end trapped between his teeth, the wet muscle peeked through, giving the long haired girl in front of him something to squeal at. She covered her giddy smile with her hand as she turned away after shoving at his firm chest.

He bit at the toothpick hard enough for it to tilt upwards and push his top lip away from his pearly teeth. The bright, midday sun peeked out from the behind the clouds just enough to irritate Jongin’s eyes. Raising his eyebrows and squinting, his titled his head to the side, a look of slight irritation plastered onto his handsome face. Dark locks of hair that were once perfectly shaped dropped slightly over his forehead, glistening in the light from gel that saturated it.

Pushing his torso off the black car supporting his weight, he lazily plucked the ends of her skirt between his fingers and pulled. She quickly turned back around. Her hands falling from her face to protect her decency from the flirtatious man. Heat rose to her cheeks, staining her light skin in its faint colour.

The hand that was forcibly brushed away, made its way to his lips to remove the toothpick from between his lips.

“Listen, doll. Stop being so shy and go on a date with me. We can go watch a movie, drive around.” Imagining the scenario in her head, she once again became shy. Her long hair covered her embarrassed face as the ground underneath them suddenly became very interesting to her and her fluttering heart.

Jongin enjoyed the reactions he could conjure up from girls. The way their faces would flush and how they’d avoid eye contact while trying so desperately to hide their joy at the mere thought of Jongin taking them on a date. But he always knew, he’d done this too many times to not become accustomed to such behaviour. Sometimes he’d forget why he even flirted with girls, was it to actually score a date or watch the way everyone became flustered around him? All he knew right now was that the shy girl in front of him was definitely worth all the days of flirtatious remarks and lingering touches he’d so relentlessly dished out. So why didn’t he remember her name?

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The Purest of Love - Thranduil

Based off these headcanons: Thranduil and you having matching outfits + Watching the stars together whenever you have the chance + Playing with Thranduil’s hands because they are so elegant and slender, but strong nonetheless (headcanons not mine, they belong to the respectful owner)

A/N: Agh, my dearest Thranduil was actually happy in this one, yay! *cries in the corner happily while feels devour my soul*

Translations: Tolo ar nin: Come with me, A'maelamin: my beloved, belegon nin: my mighty one, meleth e-guilen: love of my life.

Abbreviations: S/T: Skin Tone, H/C: Hair color

Warnings: None

Words: 1300

A pair of slender, able arms encircled my waist as I adjusted the circlet of crimson flora that wreathed my head, now resting seamlessly atop my brow. The soft pressure of tender, suckling lips against the S/T skin of my neck elicited a satisfied hum from my chest as my husband’s platinum tendrils tumbled like water over my shoulder, contrasting elegantly with the corresponding paraphernalia that hung proudly from both Thranduil and I’s frames. The embroidery of aegean vines against the sterling silks blended together to seem as if Thranduil and I’s bodies had been joined, accompanying our already bonded minds and hearts.

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fwb; yoongi (7/7)

❝when you’re friends with benefits… and he falls in love.
►2909 words; series: fwb (7/7) 
♡ big thank you to my bestie for helping me on this - you the real mvp (you don’t read this but thank you chiews)

Yoongi takes to mind of the little things that you do. Whether it’s outside for a nice meal under the stars or inside the confinement of a coffee shop where they charge him for overpriced sandwiches. That smile on your face when the food tastes so good or when a track he lets you hear takes you over the clouds and high up above until your smile fades into closed eyes with an idly sigh.

Yoongi remembers the things that relate to you and he’s not too sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. It should be good, no? Because then it shows how much of a considerate and thoughtful person he is but the more he remembers of you, the more he realizes he can’t forget and it embeds in his mind before he can try to erase them. A part of him doesn’t let him because it’s you, but the other part wants him to because it’s you.

Either way, Yoongi can’t bear to make a decision.

Well, not yet, at least.

Not with your cheek pressed to his chest, fingertips brushed upon his hip reminds him he’s stripped down to nothing with you beneath this blanket and the warmth of your bodies together as a whole is rooting him to stay. There’s a small smile on your lips as you sleep, of peace and clarity that he’s jealous. He’s envious of how you could just doze off like that, as if he doesn’t make your heart race like how you do to him. As if you’re not thinking of the many things he’s thinking of like do you feel the way I feel or is it just me?

Is it just me who fell in love?

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chocolate eyes | drabble

pairing: reader x jungkook

rating: pg [fluff]

request: @jngukie said: CONGRATS ON THE 2K SWEETIE!! this is for your drabble game. jungkook (bts), #47, fluff, third person ♡

anonymous said: could you write a jungkook scenario where he’s an artist and the reader is his muse? c: and they realize they have feelings for each other?

word count: 1.0k

a/n: I figured I’d combine two requests with this…hope you both enjoy it! Also dara you’re amazing and bless your face tysm hon!

drabble game m.list  |  m a s t e r l i s t

“hypothetically, if i asked you out, would you say yes?”

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It wasn’t the first time she felt it: the eyes. His eyes, to be specific. Whether it was when she was collecting her books off her desk in a hurry to head back to the dorm, or when she was grabbing a bite to eat with her friends, his eyes were always on her. He was an expert thief, stealing glances at every chance.

She never caught him, but she was more the guilty until proven innocent type. Don’t trust a soul, all that. Still, she had yet to learn his name. Hell, she didn’t really even know what he looked like. Only the lines of his silhouette in her peripheral were familiar and given that she was constantly in a rush from one place to another, she had hardly cared to look him in the eye. He was a mere blur running tangential to her life, hardly a nuisance, but nothing short of an enigma all the same.

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sweater weather ❅ peter parker

request: inspired by ‘sweater weather’ by the neighbourhood.

word count: 694

All I am is a man
I want the world in my hands
I hate the beach
But I stand in California with my toes in the sand

  With both of his warm and calloused hands slipped into each of your own, he guided you cautiously through the throng of trees among the path. The slight breeze cooled down your aching limbs, causing the smallest of goosebumps to cover your exposed flesh. The golden grains of earth tumbled over and onto each other as you made your way through your surroundings. The sun bore its airily pleasant radiation down onto the grounds, kissing your skin comfortingly. Peter continued to walk you through the vegetation and sand, still holding onto your hands with care, his back facing your front as you allowed him to guide you to your final destination.

  To others, you may have looked ridiculous, although that was certainly nowhere close to what you were both feeling in that moment.

Use the sleeves of my sweater
Let’s have an adventure
Head in the clouds but my gravity’s centred
Touch my neck and I’ll touch yours
You in those little high waisted shorts

  A clearing could finally be seen, the trees suddenly diminishing from plentiful to null. The soft rush and crash of waves were resounding in the short distance before you. Sea salt could now be inhaled through your noses as the sight ahead expanded significantly, toying with your senses to see how much longer you could resist.

  With peaceful intentions, your legs subconsciously brought yourself over to the shore, where you stood with your shoulders loose and your mind detached. Attempting a calming breathing exercise, you inhaled deeply through your nose, and exhaled gratefully out of your mouth.

  As you stood at the water’s edge, Peter padded towards you from behind. He started to tug at the empty belt loops of your denim high-waisted shorts impatiently, a meagre frown adorning his face. Copying his actions by pulling him towards you by his forearms, you then snaked your arms around his neck. You let your eyes stray to his own radiant orbs, the look on your features clearly telling him to relax, that you have time.

  However, as you both gazed into each other’s eyes, influenced by the awe of the setting you were currently in, the sky darkened. A large cloud seemed to have obstructed the glorious sun from your view, leaving the both of you shivering in the icy blast nipping at your bodies.

‘Cause it’s too cold
For you here and now
So let me hold
Both your hands in the holes of my sweater

  A spark ignited from within the bottom of your stomach as your arms slipped out of their grasp from around Peter’s neck, finding their way to the holes of his pale brown sweater. A modest smile spread across your face as you took hold of his chilled fingers with your own.

  You brought his left hand up to your mouth, placing a tender kiss on each of his knuckles. A faint tinge of rose stained his cheeks as you then spread out his fingers, delicately tracing their outline with your sultry lips. His free hand settled comfortably on your waist, his grip on you firm as he dragged you forwards with ease.

The goosebumps start to raise
The minute that my left hand meets your waist
And then I watch your face
Put my finger on your tongue
'Cause you love the taste

  Peter rested his forehead against yours. You let go of his hand, holding his face with both of your cool palms instead. Turning his head upwards to look you directly in the eyes, your heart seemed to melt a little at his intent focus on you, his expression nothing short of adoring.

  Nudging his nose with your own, you whispered, “I love you.”

  The most pleasant ring of laughter escaped his mouth as he leaned into you, his lips brushing against yours as he murmured, “And I love you more.”

'Cause it’s too cold
For you here and now
So let me hold
Both your hands in the holes of my sweater

Everything just happened so quickly,” I say while starring out the window of the coffee shop. “The only thing I clearly remember from that night is walking in on them kissing, I swear I’ve never felt so much anger and sadness all at once,” tears starting to roll down my rose stained cheeks. “He ran after me saying sorry yelling an explanation for all this madness, my body was cold and numb I couldn’t focus on what he was saying. The rest of that night was filled with alcohol and tears.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1086 // excerptsofstories