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quick question, in this au would Roses room be blue instead??? i think that would be pretty cool

It wouldn’t necessarily be a cloud room but blue. I mean, amethyst and pearl have rooms, so why couldn’t blue Diamond make one?


Steven is really going to have to turn inward and face himself. Throughout the show, he’s put everyone else first, and his main goal has been to become the person his family wants him to be. That’s got to shift. He’s got to accept that it’s impossible to fill the shoes of his mother, Rose Quartz. She was always barefoot.

What’s exciting as we get deeper into the show is making him realize that there are the magic Gem powers, but there are powers that people have as human beings to understand themselves and define themselves and make their own choices. It’s an incredible power that we all have, and are often told to ignore or take for granted. Those are the kinds of powers I’m excited to have him learn how to explore.

Rebecca Sugar for The Verge (read the whole interview here)


“And where was her pearl!?”

Judging by their faces, the pearls must’ve known where pink pearl was during the murder.

That, and they’re realizing that things aren’t adding up.

It almost looks as if Yellow Diamond shattered Pink, since she’s almost too eager to shatter steven and every single rose quartz to “put this whole thing behind” her.

I’ve heard people say, “only a diamond can cut a diamond.” I’m beginning to think that’s exactly what happened in the show.

time to analyze the fucking trailer

Ok… so let’s go scene by scene…

Here we see the cuties talking about how fucking intense Steven’s life is…

And then we hear the bombshell… "Sadie… never came home last night?”

Onion’s gone missing too! But wait…


“Steven… do you know what you’re doing?”

So he’s probs gonna go and rescue everybody…

But here’s the kicker… remember this from that article that came out a couple of weeks ago?

“"Spending time with the Diamonds”

What if Steven doesn’t come back to Earth by the end of the season?

What if this is how we learn about the Diamonds? After all, this show is from his point of view, and it would make sense if we learn about them that way.

As for this, this is probably from “"I Am My Mom”. The Diamonds don’t know about Steven yet, as far as they know he’s just a kid.

What if in this episode they learn that’s the son of Rose Quartz? And then they take him to Homeworld… and that’s how this bomb ends?

And as for that voice at the end asking “"Are you… my dad?”… I really don’t know.

This is gonna be huge.

Yellow Diamond conspired with Rose to shatter Pink Diamond.

Zircon put it best; there’s no way Rose could have gotten close enough to shatter PD without extreme assistance—Diamond-level assistance.

Yellow Diamond hates the Earth. At first, I thought it was because Pink died there, but it might be deeper than that—she might hate it because it was Pink’s colony, and Blue (platonically) loved Pink.

Yellow (platonically) loves Blue, though. They had a family DYNAMIC, and Pink probably upset that when she stole Blue’s attention from Yellow. (Especially since Yellow and Blue are sorta of the same lesser-diamond stature) It was a platonic love triangle.

Yellow approaches the leader of the Rebellion with a deal: I’ll shatter Pink Diamond, and liberate the Earth for you—but you must take the fall.

So Yellow helped Rose shatter Pink, and told Blue that Rose did it with her sword—except, as we know from Bismuth, her sword CAN’T shatter gems.

To cover her tracks, Yellow planted the Cluster in the Earth. And now, she’s dead set on making Blue think Pink’s death is in the past. (What’s the use of feeling?)

EDIT: made it clear that the love was platonic


Tumblr, I understand why you have a ten image limit, but it’s annoying as balls. Human gem edits to get out those headcanons. Will do the fusions next, here’s a preview of those with Garnet bc it couldn’t upload her(or Holly Blue but shhh) with the rest

[Aquamarine and Topaz]


It’s interesting to me that Blue Zircon was assigned to this case.

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She is clearly anxious to be doing this. Yellow Zircon says it’s like treason, but Blue Zircon is adamant that she was assigned to this case. That’s odd… Furthermore, it’s odd that her gem is on the line over a case that she was assigned to, and which seems very clear cut as to the conclusion: Rose is guilty. Honestly? If I were there, I would’ve agreed with Yellow Diamond. Why bother? What’s the point? She’s guilty. She admitted to it. Revenge is right in our grasp. Why press the issue? Why assign what I can only assume is your best Zircon, with 4,000 years loyalty and service, to an accused party as guilty and hated as Rose Quartz?

It’s because Blue wanted answers. Blue wanted to know how she did it. She was very confused and must have had great suspicions. She let Blue Zircon talk and ordered her to do her a good job defending Rose. And Blue Zircon yells at Steven NOT to admit he’s guilty! Because her job is to defend her. Blue Zircon is confused right from the start of this. Rose Quartz is an unprecedented war criminal. This is a simple case. But the all powerful Blue Diamond ordered her to lawyer for this criminal, put her gem on the line if she failed at her job, and when your job is defending the criminal she KNOWS they want dead, you’re bound to be confused and mortified because what’s the right answer? All she can do is her job. And Blue Zircon did her job indeed. She thought. She wondered. She questioned. She realized they assigned her to this case for a reason. To answer: how. And she stumbled upon something Blue Diamond was too emotional to process: this case makes no sense… and only a Diamond could have done this. She did an outstanding job. I love her.


Hullo everyone! 🌙 

Here is an illustrated set of instructions I made on how to make a Positivity Spell Jar for my illustration class this past quarter. 

What you’ll need:

A Jar


Salt- for protection

Glitter-for fun

Candle- light and let melt around edges of jar to Cast Spell

Rosemary- for mental strength

Lavender- to keep calm

Citrine- for abundance

Rose Quartz- for love

Blue Thread- for harmony


As you set each item into the jar focus on what they represent to you. Your magick and energy melding with each, coming from inside you and around you. Close off the jar and wrap the thread round the top of the jar. Light the candle, visualizing the flame as the energy casting the spell.  

This can be modified to make absolutely any type of spell jar. Use different ingredients and colors to symbolize different things.



*Please do not delete caption or take credit for illustrations* 

Steven Universe Hunger games edition

Don’t you mean she shattered her nose???

Greg just loves Giant women

Yeah I question Onions sanity too

Holy shit Pad, savage

I picked a good death picture for Lars >:)


Steven Universe 2: Padparadscha ain’t fucking around

a concept: one day keith overhears lance saying that he’s upset that blue roses aren’t real. so he decides to leave on a mission in secret bc he’s convinced he must find it in space (or at least something similar to it). and so he like stays a week away and everybody is worried for him esp lance, till he finds an actual space flower that seems the equivalent of a blue rose and brings it to lance triumphantly. “you said you were upset there wasn’t a real rose with your favourite color so i went to look for one”

Padparadscha Sapphire’s power might not be as broken as we think. Her mind can only calculate predictions of the past, right? What if she can actually deduce what has already happened that no one knows? For example, who shattered Pink Diamond? If Steven took her to the site in Korea and let her see the palanquin, could she theoretically recreate the scene in her mind with enough practice?