Sooo I really like the #papyton ship a lot and I decided to #sketch them in their wedding outfits… Which is what led me to consider making a weddingtale~. #undertale #undertalefanart #undertalemettaton #undertalepapyrus #mettaton #papyrus #monster #ghost #skeleton #love #wedding #weddingdress #cute #undertalefandom #quicksketch #ink #pen #traditional #traditionalart #art #artist #artwork #pink #blue #couple #suit #robot #rose #myart #illustration

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A poem by me Roses are blue Violets are red Lavender your eye brows are Killing me Please never again I might die of laughter *holding picture* this is your eye brow laughter level and according to this you need to tone it down to a 10 not a 100 not 1000 not even 100000000 OK thanks *leaves*

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Name: Andrea
Nickname: Andie
Star Sign: Taurus 
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7″
Favorite color: rose gold, gray, midnight blue, emerald green
Time: 13:38
Lucky Numbers: none 
Last thing I googled: Ughhhh, it was for a smut one-shot, I’m not going to say. XD
Number of blankets I sleep with: One, maybe two during the winter.
Favorite fictional character: Damen, Laurent, Rhysand, Lucien, Rowan, Aleksander, Nikolai, Malcolm, Rose, The Doctor, Jack, a whole lot of others.
Favorite Book: A Court of Mist and Fury (Sarah J. Maas), River God (Wilbur Smith), Memories of Cleopatra (Margaret George) 
Favorite Band: Relient K, P!ATD, Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, Two Steps from Hell (Thomas Bergersen), Movie soundtracks, Hamilton Soundtrack (I’ve been listening to it non-stop someone help meeee)

Dream Jobs: I’m going to school to be a Surgical Technician

What am I wearing right now: jeans, t-shirt
When did you create your blog: November 2015, I think.
Current amount of followers: Somewhere over 500 like 506?
What do you post about: Ughhhhh my blog is a train wreck, ACOMAF, Wizardess Heart, Throne of Glass, Captive Prince, flowers, The Originals, meme’s, things I find funny, Haikyuu!!, ??
Do you have any other blogs: I have two writing blogs, one is under construction and I can’t find the time to finish cleaning it up.
When did your blog reach it’s peak: My blog randomly peaks.
What made you decide to get tumblr: The Doctor Who fanfiction
What do you get asks on the daily: It depends, sometimes I do.
Why did you choose your URL: I liked it and needed something to replace my old one.

I’m tagging! ANYONE, tag me in it if you do it so I can see. :D

Pink Diamond

You know what would be amazing?

If Pink Diamond is more than just a newbie dictator who Rose beat to free everyone.

Imagine if she was a loving Diamond, excited about her first colony. Belly gems are associated with love, joy, and whimsy, like Navy or Steven. She’d be excited, newly formed and wide-eyed at the world around her and at everything she sees. She’d be enthusiastic to do her best, and to be a great Diamond…like the others.

We think of the Diamonds as cold and unfeeling and mean, but YD seems enraged at the existence of Earth. What if it’s because of what she lost?

Imagine three beings that are separate from their society suddenly getting a new member. Someone who was like they were once - someone new they can mentor. Imagine it like discovering you have a new, baby sister.

Imagine YD being overwhelmed by how excited and curious she is. Answering her questions about Homeworld, and delighting in her joy at being shown how to make new Gems, or at a new tower being built by a Bismuth team.

Imagine BD being stoic and pretending to be annoyed at the constant questions, the giggling and the jokes and the optimism, but secretly loving it and the attention, and seeing this new planet in a new light because of it.

Imagine WD preparing everything back home for her new Sister, who she met and instantly adored. Imagine a new grand Palace for Pink, a new Diamond Symbol, a new set of statues for the now-four Diamond Authority.

Imagine all of them talking about how much they want to show her, and telling her stories of other worlds. Imagine her glee at this, constantly asking the Pearl WD sent her about where she’s been, or telling her newest experiment, Rose Quartz, about all she’s seen, as Rose gets irritated that she’s talking about other worlds and not the one she was born on, the one she’s on now, with all its wonders she’s about to forget…

I wonder who told them. The three Diamonds at Homeworld’s Galaxy warp, waiting for their new Pink Diamond to step out and onto the Homeworld landing, to step into their greater Galaxy.

I imagine it was Jasper, stepping from the beam instead of Pink Diamond. The others know immediately from her face, as she walks, faltering, but still showing the discipline and deference ingrained in her. She utters “My Diamonds….” with a cracking voice. BD whispers “No….” YD is silent. WD is gone.

WD never orders the destruction of the new palace, though the statues and gone, the symbol left as it was, three. She hasn’t been seen in millennia. She refuses to take any new Pearls.

BD sometimes looks around, wondering why it’s so quiet. Why there are no questions. Before she remembers.

YD buries herself in her work, ignoring exhaustion and barking orders. She keeps a tab open to Earth, now a failed, abandoned colony, and the Cluster project germinating within. She’s planned the date and the perfect distance to park her ship for when it erupts, pending a certain Peridot. She wants to see it emerge in its glory, tearing free of that rock.

She’s waiting to whisper something she’s wanted to say for 5000 years.

“For you, Pink.”