when: april 5 2018
where: mosshide hall
who: @forcstfire

As promised, Adare had shown up to the training session for the day. He’d watched with interest, largely due to the fact that whoever was named Elite this year would be representing him against Lacha’s own and he hated losing. Hated losing in general, but losing to Lacha was it’s own sort of unbearable. He preferred to be the graceful yet smug winner, not a graceful and humble loser. He didn’t have a humble bone in his body, for starters. 

Once Forest had dismissed the Players, Adare rose from where he’d seated himself and trotted down the steps until he reached the wall separating the spectators from the board. His arms folded along the top of it, casual like, as he lounged against it. “Have a few minutes for me, Coach?” he called, head angling to one side. The question was more of a courtesy, hypothetical in nature entirely. When the King asked for your time, it was given without hesitation. “I can come down there unless you’d rather vault up here. Your choice.”