rose speaks

What I Gathered From The Finale

- Riley is canonically bisexual

- Rajan, Kala, and Wolfgang are in a poly relationship

- Nomi’s mom loves weed

- Sun’s dog is the only family that matters

- Lito is the most flexible actor out there

- Will and Diego are the bros of the century

- Capheus loves everyone and is a beautiful angel


Hey! I’m getting really pissed off about this!!! Fuck off and unfollow me if you support racist & transphobic artists on this website!!! Rcdart is a piece of shit and honestly, go fuck yourself if you don’t think they shouldn’t be criticized HEAVILY for their REPEATED blatant racist depictions of black/latino characters and their transphobic and literal jerk-off fetish art of trans men!! They’ve been told multiple times to stop and should know by now what’s not okay but they don’t care and again here’s more racism. Artists have to be criticized for their faults like any other goddamn content creator

caring for your love's sign
  • aries: let them be in charge, remind them that you won't leave, give them space to release their boundless energy, never forbid them to speak their mind, promise them the world in return for their time, learn to move quick, don't be afraid to be bold and loud
  • taurus: touch them constantly, worship their lips and eyes and skin, give them perfume, carry them over a puddle, hold their umbrella for them as well as the door to the car or their home, massage them and tuck them into bed, listen to what no one else wants to hear them say
  • gemini: speak, listen, run after them if they leave, don't be afraid to shout or sing along, nudge them, tickle them, beat them playing video games over and over and over, playfight, race in the streets, laugh at their jokes, praise their ideas, never say no, always say yes, never stop moving and dancing and spinning, give them a million kisses a second
  • cancer: hold them tightly against your chest, press your lips to their ear, slow dance late into the night, kiss them deeply, make their bed, don't hold back, ever, speak from your whims and impulses, let them see the workings of your heart, let them read your mind, carry out your promises, ride the fights out with diligence, compromise, keep them close
  • leo: call them beautiful and handsome and adorable, compliment their flaws, lift them to the sky, forget yourself in their presence, bite their lower lip, paint them, write them immortal into your poetry, listen to the rhythm of their heart, show them off, tell everyone that they are yours
  • virgo: take care of yourself and your body first, don't ignore their signs and clues and hints and teases, respect their hard work, drown yourself in their stories and sweaters, make their home yours, be flexible and find leeway, forgive, forget, remember every date and every hour, cooperate, talk about your future, hold each other accountable, keep expectations high, don't fall into the slump of routine
  • libra: be polite and speak kindly, find their sweet spots, hold their hand, take them out at night all the way until the morning, dedicate songs to them, learn their hobbies, idealize and romanticize, be a spectator to their life, a witness to all their important moments, be their biggest fan and their closest confidant
  • scorpio: lock away their secrets, look them in the eyes, stare and hold and breathe, breathe into each other, mold yourself into them, spread yourself out, let them have all of you, drop away your walls, taste them and let them taste you, be honest, only honest, be your most instinctual self only for them, protect them with your strength and your love even if they forbid you to, fight for their attention, keep up
  • sagittarius: cherish your time together, make each moment exciting, be spontaneous, adventure together, support them consistently through their journey and obstacles, surprise them, build a tremendous array of inside jokes, play board games and take them to new places, never stop challenging them
  • capricorn: be their source of comfort and acceptance, show them your dedication, validate their emotions, take them seriously, watch movies together, find your routine, bake things for them, gift them self-care products and roses and chocolates, speak without restriction, love gently and carefully
  • aquarius: recognize their uniqueness, call them different, tell them they're nothing like you've ever seen or will see again, treat your love as if it's a once in a lifetime moment, minute, second, a beat, be their hope, give them attention, be patient, tread carefully around their heart, move slowly, then quickly, then all at once, be their best friend, their newfound family, but don't tie them down
  • pisces: change their world, flip it upside down, open their eyes to new ideas and worlds and feelings, make them laugh like no one ever has, tell them stories, be their muse, support their endeavors, remind them to keep going, wait for them patiently while they come back to reality, make everything feel wild and pure and unreal
  • *note: also check moon and venus*
  • Organized witches: *Have everything prepared for the solstice, know the best casting time for their planned spells or rituals, have made a special tea blend, will likely have a wonderous bonfire*
  • Me: *Hasn't cast a spell in weeks, hasn't bothered to put together a seasonal altar for months, isn't sure if the small dark stain near the closet is potting soil or charred carpet, doesn't even know what day it is*
Okay thing i gotta applaud steven universe for

Pink diamond is skinny


She is considered to be the most beautiful diamond but is deformed,

She Chose to be Rose quartz

Remember Rose Quartz is the most human looking gem ever!

Rose quartz is Chubby,Buff and Very tall for a woman

and she’s taller than any human boys!

Which many people frowned upon in society,

but Pink Diamond saw THE BEAUTY in these types of people/body type

she CHOSE to be like this for the rest of her life

she could’ve chose to be those “sexy girls who are too hard to copy irl” but she didn’t

she chose to be a type of girl the human society frowns upon

and let me tell you

this made me fucking cry

as a chubby person this is literally so beautiful

the message in this is just ugh

Abuse can really either make you too hard, or too soft.

Too hard- lashing out, fake superiority complexes, too quick to bite back because everything’s an attack, scraping yourself raw to just feel something, extreme distrust of anybody offering to help– they’re just trying to take advantage of you, never letting your guard down, skipping school and escaping at night, phone calls to the police, bruises and scratches, no feelings except for rage

Too soft- crying, backing down from any confrontation, flinching too quickly, trying to please everyone all the time, never leaving your house, anxiety attacks whenever someone raises their voice, getting your self-worth from the people around you–needing their praise to survive, bandaids over every tiny scratch, hiding from your problems and escaping into other worlds, throwing up from the easiest trigger, you’re pathetic, you’re worthless, you’re weak. you’re a failure and everybody knows it

Self-Love Jar

  • Cinnamon - passion
  • Pink Himalayan Salt - protection
  • Pink Sprinkles - sweetness
  • Pink Rose Petals - love

Seal with pink wax and a kiss while saying, 

“I am worthy,

I am strong,

I deserve love.

All the love I need

I hold within myself.

Let me feel it.

(Optional) As above me, so below me,

So mote it be.”