So I made this little spell jar few weeks ago and wanted to share it with you! I did it to attract a loving relationship with my true love💗

💕What you’ll need:

  • A jar - I used a small heart-shaped one
  • Dried rose petals - love, beauty and balance
  • Gold glitter - prosperity and abundance
  • Glitter hearts - symbol of love
  • Rose quartz - unconditional love
  • Garnet - lasting relationships and passion
  • Pink candle - for sealing the jar

💕What to do:

  • Start by cleansing your space and doing any rituals you feel like doing (call on a deity, cast a circle etc.)
  • Charge the ingredients by holding them in your hands and focusing on your intent (I like to imagine a pink light infusing all the ingredients with love!)
  • Start putting everything into the jar in any order that feels right. Keep focusing on the love this jar is going to attract into your life. Feel all the positive emotions!
  • Once you’re satisfied with your spell jar, seal it with candle wax.
  • Hold your finished jar in your hands and visualize and meditate on it!
  • Finally, say thanks for it bringing your wish into your life. For example: ‘Thank you for attracting love/my soulmate/happy relationship into my life’
  • I did this on a full moon, so I put it out on the moonlight overnight to let it charge even more, but you definitely don’t need to do this on a full moon!🌕

This is was my first spell jar I’ve ever made! It’s definitely about making the ritual your own and doing what feels right. You don’t need to use the same ingredients, follow the exact steps, this is just for inspirations💗

Hope you like it, let me know if you get inspired by this✨ Love you xx

anonymous asked:

What crystals did you take with you to the hospital? I want to have some choices in case I ever need it. Hope you feel better soon, blessed 🌹

Thank you anon! Bless your heart 💖 here’s what I brought with me!

Rose quartz I brought for love, self love, and healing

An aventurine to help heal my heart chakra

Aragonite, which I’ve heard is good for bad breakups (a traumatic breakup is what landed me in this situation) and this stone was also a gift from a friend so I keep it around to remind me of them!

And finally this last crystal which I actually don’t know what it is, but it was a gift from a friend so I keep it around to remind me of her and give me strength!

EDIT: the last crystal is a rose calcite!

I hope that helps! 💖

Inktober 2018 Day Thirteen: “A Closely Guarded Secret”

“War and glory, reinvention.  Future, fusion, her attention….”

And so the Great Catch-up continues in more ways than one!  The new “Steven Universe” episodes has actually left me with a LOT of ideas I haven’t had time/energy to actually put down so I GLADLY took the opportunity to finally do one in tribute to “A Single Pale Rose”.

a pet peeve of mind in Steven Universe shipping art is that people keeping drawing Rose too small and, non-threatening? like they make her plump or curvaceous but they don’t give the impression of looming size and power that Rose should have

like, say, romantic art of pearl or greg smooching Rose and she’s not nearly twice their size. or even stooping down just to be on level for them to kiss her without needing a stepladder or a large box. something’s not right about that. why do you keep making Rose so tiny

the thing is that Rose has deliberately modeled her body after a Quartz; Greg specifically gives a rough estimate of her standing about eight feet tall, and Rose is VERY wide and built like a super soldier; her arms along are wider than the bodies of many of the human characters and in fact, her arms are rather wider than Pearl is.

A rough estimate of how large Rose would be to a human of, say, 5 feet and 8 inches (a close estimate to averages across global human heights, i guess? I use this as an average height in any case)

that human is, perhaps, somewhere around her elbow level. Now pearl seems either to be around human size or somewhat taller than average, so at BEST she’s gonna be at eye level with Rose’s bust, which Pearl is probably perfectly fine with

but a lot of fan art makes Rose too short, about Pearl’s height. Canonically Rose should be towering over Pearl, several times as wide as her and big enough that doors are going to be a serious problem for her to deal with: if you’re not drawing Rose as so massive that her hand alone completely engulf someone’s shoulder or face when she places a tender grasp on them, that’s kind of an issue

remember! in canon, Greg had to stand on several boxes JUST to be on an eye level with Rose to do a romantic dance and kiss, because she is just THAT DANG BIG

Jasper, weirdly enough, doesn’t have this problem. Fans rarely, if ever, shrink her down or make her less powerful-looking. But Rose chose to be a Quartz variety; she is a Quartz, as far as the Gems themselves consider it, and so there is no reason to assume there is any real variance between her and Jasper in terms of looks, aside from color palette and hair type.


Inktober 2018 Day Fourteen: Steven’s Lion, Rose’s Whale

“What do you want, Steven?”

This was another case of me waffling on whether to actually do the prompt or not; it took me forever to think of a way I actually wanted to respond to “Whale” ESPECIALLY right after the detail-heavy “Cruel” pic so I ultimately went for something soft ‘n’ simple and I’m quite satisfied with the results ^_^