the most hilarious thing to me is when people tell me shipping pearl and connie is wrong bc connie is a child. you guys DO realize connie is going to age, right??

we don’t know the gems’ exact ages, but to guesstimate based on what we’ve been told:

greg met rose when he was about 20. rose was 6,000 years old then at minimum, as we already saw her looking like a mature, composed adult in pearl’s projection of her, from ‘more than 5,000 years ago’.

connie meets pearl when she’s about 12 and pearl is, as we know, over 5,000 years old. let’s say she’s 5,500. so when connie’s 20, pearl will be… 5,508.


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so people are bashing pearl/connie shippers? uhm i dont ship it but why are you bashing them
as long as connie is aged up its fine
if you say anything about age difference greg was 20 and rose was 6,000
i mean im only saying this because i have my share of weird ships and i just get annoyed when people bash ships
like just let people ship what they want to ship

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So I have officially made it on here and decided to try and commit to this site as a whole. I guess I will start by saying, I’m Marley Rose. I am a 20 year old student who is going to school for her number one passion, musical theater. I am always open to talking to new people and meeting new people. So, how is everyone?