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All these reds and oranges, it reminds him of Gallifrey. It’s a season that lends itself to melancholy. Rose gives his hand a little squeeze and when he looks at her, she’s smiling warmly. It’s not a day for sadness. It’s a day for cozy silences and raindrop kisses, for lingering cups of tea and crispy leaves under their feet. The stubble on his chin catches in the stiches of her scarf, and when she laughs, the sun comes out.

Six Minutes, Fifteen Seconds

Prompt from kaeliebear:

Rose and Scorpius. 7 minutes in heaven. I’ll let you fill in the rest of the details.

A/N: FYI, this was incredibly fun to write. 


Six Minutes, Fifteen Seconds

“This is stupid.”

“For once, I agree with you, Weasley.”

“I am not going to kiss you.  Under any circumstances.”

“I wouldn’t let you if you tried.”

“I hate you.”

“I hate you back.”

“And your friend Clive is a tosser.”

“Yeah, well, your friend Miranda is a bitch.”

Rose whipped around from where she had previously been standing with her back to Malfoy, her arms crossed tightly across her chest, and gave him the most wicked glare she could possibly conjure. And she became even more furious when she saw him leaning coolly against the wall on the other side of the closet, one leg bent and his foot against the wall, puffing on a cigarette like he was some sort of 1950s movie star. 

“Do not call my best friend a bitch, and could you not smoke in here?”

She grabbed it out of his mouth and threw it to the ground, crushing it with the toe of one of her flats. 

“How much longer do we have?”

“Six minutes and fifteen seconds.”

“Oh, my GOD, this is so stupid.”

Rose turned her back to Malfoy again and crossed her arms even tighter this time.  How could she have possibly gotten into this situation? 


She knew how—and it was her own bloody fault for letting Albus talk her into coming to a party with the Slytherins.  She had let that bloody arsehole work her up by saying she didn’t know how to have fun and all she did was sit in the library all weekend while even her best friend was out having fun with her boyfriend—well, now ex-boyfriend—and his Slytherin friends, and Rose refused to do anything exciting because she hated fun. 

And she let him wind her up to the point where she had to say yes. 

For the record, she did not hate fun.  Rose loved fun!  But her idea of fun was different than most of her classmates’ idea of fun.  Rose genuinely enjoyed reading out by the lake or getting ahead in her schoolwork, and if she wanted to finish this year with top marks to get into all the N.E.W.T. classes she needed to get into in order to become a Healer, then she had to focus.  She was a Ravenclaw after all—that was, like, kind of their thing.  Albus just didn’t get it.  All he cared about was chasing girls and playing Quidditch and palling around with Rose’s worst enemy on the face of the earth. 

“Why did you stick up for me to Stanwick?”

Rose jumped when Malfoy spoke, and then her heart thudded when Malfoy reminded her of what had happened in class the other day when their Potions professor—who was just a downright bully—had embarrassed Malfoy in front of the entire class for getting poor marks on his last essay.  And she may have hated Malfoy with the fire of a thousand suns, but she hated Stanwick more—the fire of a million suns, perhaps—and she knew from Albus that Malfoy was having a hard time this year since his parents had split up over the summer, so she wasn’t about to let some arse treat a student like that, worst enemy or not. 

“I don’t like Stanwick,” she said quickly, hoping that would end the conversation. 

“You don’t like me either.”

Rose shrugged, staring at the wall.  “Yeah, well.”

“He gave you detention for a month.” 

Rose just shrugged again, not really knowing what to say.  She hadn’t known what had come over her that day, and she still really didn’t know, and there was no use trying to flesh out that mystery with Malfoy.

“Well… I should erm…”

Rose turned and looked at him over her shoulder and found him staring at a point on the ground, looking sheepish and uncertain.

“I guess… I mean—I… Well, I should… thank you. I guess.”

Rose couldn’t help it.  She laughed.  Quite hard, really.

“Oh, my god,” Rose said through gasps of laughter.  She clutched her stomach and bent over, laughing harder and harder—tears streaming down her cheeks.  “That was—without a doubt—the worst thank you in the history of thank yous.”

Rose kept laughing, possibly hysterical from this situation she was in, which just made her laugh even harder.  This was the first real conversation she had ever had with Malfoy that didn’t include him insulting her red hair or her freckles or calling her four-eyes when she had her glasses on in the library, or her telling him that he was stupider than both a troll and a toad combined, and of course it was during some ridiculous game of “seven minutes in heaven,” and she was in a closet with Malfoy and he was standing there glaring at her—despising her even more than he already did—and Rose was crying with laughter because it was all just so absurd. 

“It’s not that funny, Weasley.”

“Oh, god,” Rose said, wiping tears away.  “I mean, honestly, it’s like you’ve never thanked anyone before, and since you hate me so much, it must make it so difficult for you to be nice.”

“Shut up.”

“Is it that bloody distasteful to you?” Rose said, still laughing.  “You would have thought you were thanking Voldemort for doing something nice for you.”

“I said shut up, Weasley.  And don’t you dare tell anyone about this.”

“Oh, get over yourself.  I’m going to forget this whole experience the moment I step out of this closet.  You really are such a prat, Malfoy,” Rose said, chuckling to herself. 

“Shut up, Weasley, or I’ll make you shut up.”

Rose rolled her eyes at him.  “Oh, please.  Like you would—”

Rose didn’t have time to stop Malfoy, he was on her so fast.  In a split second, Malfoy had pushed himself off the wall, closed the gap between them, grabbed her by the biceps, hauled her close, and slammed his mouth over hers.  Rose stood, frozen, as his grip on her arms softened, their lips became familiar with each other’s, and he didn’t pull away. 

He wasn’t pulling away. 

In fact, he was moving closer, and his hands were sliding down her arms and moving to her waist, and he was pulling her against him, and she was still frozen. 

Then, his teeth nipped at her bottom lip, time started again, and Rose flew into the only action that her body would allow. 

She threw her arms around Malfoy’s neck and kissed him back.  

He pushed her back against the wall and when her back hit the solid mass, he braced his arms on either side of the wall above her head and her hands slid down to wrap around his waist and pull him in.  And then his mouth opened against hers, seeking entrance, and when Rose responded and let him in, her stomach swooped and her hands started to shake so she held onto him tighter, hoping to steady herself.

Rose had kissed a few other blokes before.  Well, two.  One boy had been the fling she’d had when she’d gone to visit her grandparents in Australia last summer, and the other had been the boyfriend she’d had for about three months back at the end of third year.  She’d been kissed before, but she had never been kissed like this—with a burning and yearning that both people felt and with a need for more, now, here, and the pull in her stomach and the weakness in her knees and the feeling like if she tried, she could shoot into the sky and fly with the new wings that this one kiss had given her.  

No, Rose had never been kissed like that.

Malfoy cupped her face in his hands and kissed her deeper, rolling his tongue against hers, grunting softly in the back of his throat and pressing his body into hers.

Rose was melting.  She was dissolving into a puddle of desire, the likes of which she had never felt before, and she couldn’t breathe and this had to stop but also never stop, ever, and then there was a knock on the door, making both of them jump, but to Rose’s surprise, Malfoy didn’t pull away.  He still wasn’t pulling away.

The knock was the customary one minute warning in this stupid game, and Rose had no doubt that everyone was out there snickering about how Weasley and Malfoy were probably going to kill each other in that closet, but Rose didn’t care.  The only thing she cared about right now was the way Malfoy was looking at her.  He had pulled back just enough to look into her eyes, and he was panting, just as she was. 

“Whoa,” he said. 

“Yeah,” Rose said. 

He finally tore his eyes away from her and backed away, turning slightly away from her, and Rose felt a rush of pleasure when he brought his hand up to touch his lips.  He glanced back at her like he was trying to figure something out, and Rose stood silent, leaning back against the wall for support, still trying to catch her breath.  He studied her for a moment and then looked away again. 

“We should probably…”

“Yeah,” Rose said again. 

She walked past him unsteadily, hoping that she didn’t look too ravaged when she went out there.  Luckily the Slytherin common room was pretty dimly lit, so no one would likely notice.  Albus would.  Miranda probably would, too.  Rose braced herself and put her hand on the knob. 

Then she felt Malfoy behind her, and his hand closed over hers and his breath was in her ear. 

“I’m gonna kiss you again, Weasley.”

Rose gasped but didn’t turn around, her heart banged in her chest. 

“Not right now,” he whispered.  “But soon… Soon, I’m gonna kiss you again.”

A Person To Call Home ((Klance))

I’m stuck in shipping hell and that’s okay. Majorly inspired by by @thesearchingastronaut because I have so many feelings about these losers.


If you’d ask Keith what the word ‘home’ had meant to him months ago, he would have given you his signature blank stare. He had had a shelter, a place to sleep–the bare necessities to be considered a ‘home’, but lacking the warmth and comfort. There was really nothing to describe, nothing that meant anything.

Until he met Lance.

Home became the feeling of being held in his lean arms, wet face pressed into his chest and hidden away from the world for just a moment. Home was breathing in his scent, a sort of cologne he insisted on always wearing, and the natural smell of sweat from training and mission work.

Home was his dark honey hair, just long enough for Keith’s hand to ruffle and smile softly at how it would stick up much to Lance’s pretend whining. Initiating contact was still new to him, and doting the tiniest of affection set his heart afire at how it was received. Appreciated. Reciprocated. Keith found that he liked it, little by little, and there was something so nice about it, a newfound warmth spreading all the way to his toes. He smiled more, laughed more.

Home was Lance’s voice. Once, it had done nothing but piss Keith off, the blue paladin having spouted nonstop bullshit about their supposed ‘rivalry’ and snark. Now, he knew the kinder, truer side that he had been hiding behind his cocky persona. Lance spoke softly, kindly, always concerned for him and their fellow teammates. He worried more than all of them combined, and missed his own home. His smiles were sweet, and made Keith’s heart skip beats when witnessed as if for the first time, every time. Each one meant something, from a silly goofy grin of catching the red paladin off-guard (rarely), to brimming with an emotion that Keith was recognizing as love.

Lance loved him.

He would tell him so, albeit in a soft voice with chestnut cheeks blushing and ocean eyes sparkling true. When they were close together, bathing in the other’s warmth and presence, or too far for comfort in the heat of battle. Always in a hushed voice, would Keith repeat it. Quietly, at first, then stronger with each whisper of Lance’s to say it again in amazed wonder, as if in a dream he couldn’t believe was real.

He was always so cold, but he would counter that Keith was simply just too warm. Yet whenever they touched, it was like a harmony. An awkward jumble of notes under an inexperienced conductor, but growing more accustomed with time. Slow, gentle hands would explore one another, fingertips brushing over the history of old scars and minor cuts. Bruises and scrapes from training under Shiro, a bump from when they had accidentally knocked heads one morning. A mark that too much eagerness had accidentally created.

Home was exploring every inch that was Lance, and finding that to be so.

Keith’s favorite were his lips. They were soft, and he unused to such gentleness pressed against his cheek with a hand carded in his dark locks. Sometimes just quick a peck when the blue paladin had the jump on him, or simply because he could now. Sometimes slow and drawn out, one kiss leading to another that found their way to his own lips.

Though he would never admit it aloud, Keith’s heart always ached and craved for more. Often would his dark eyes close after each kiss, savoring the unsaid affection behind them all. Those moments when Lance would playfully tease him after having made him blush were rare, as the red paladin would silence him with a kiss of his own. It turned out there was a way to quiet him, and never ever would Keith say it was cute.

It was…not cute. Not cute in any way. Not in how Lance’s deep blue eyes would widen in surprise, the sudden kiss unexpected from his boyfriend that always followed his lead, unsure of how to proceed. Not in how his voice would squeak and crack, words nothing but stuttering gibberish from the one that seemed confidently full of them. Certainly not in how his skin color would flash straight to scarlet, and how his hands would fly immediately over his lips as if to preserve it.

Lance was cute. He wasn’t. Shut up, Keith.

Home was finally sharing a room after little debate. Home was knowing neither would have to sleep alone, something Keith had been accustomed to, and now hated when separated and vulnerable to night terrors. Home was having his fingers interwined with Lance’s, having his entire body protectively curled around him, and sometimes the other way around. Neither minded. Home was that safe, secure feeling in knowing that everything would be okay. It was sleepy whispers of assurances that the other was there, of arms drawing the other closer, murmuring inaudible things before a light kiss to messy hair. It was mumbled ‘good mornings’, of smiles lighting the start of a new day.

It was Keith waking up first, and observing the drooling young man tangled up in his sheets, somehow looking peaceful despite the chaos. It was realizing that this.

This was home.

It was understanding that this was what Lance had meant by homesick, of understanding the pain he endured and hid behind a smile and awful joke. To have something similar to this, and to lose it–to not know if they’d ever be seen again, Keith doesn’t know how he manages.

What Lance doesn’t say, is how he does manage. Of a new home he’s found in raven-colored hair and dark violet eyes, a solid rock to keep him grounded and focused. A half-sided rivalry that had transformed into something so much more. Something wonderful.

A person for both to call home.

“This is only going to be weird if you let it be weird.”

“Received and entirely understood.”

“Okay. ‘Scorpion King’.”

She walks off with a smile on her face. Scorpius and Albus look at each other. Albus grins and punches Scorpius on the arm.

They didn’t see the rather knowing look in her eyes as she left - because Rose Granger-Weasley was at least as smart as her mother, and had the same attentiveness.

She refused Scorpius because she knew that she wasn’t the one he really wanted. Because the one he wanted to be with the most was already with him for the past four years.

Rose didn’t talk to her cousin much these past few years, but she certainly noticed him and his best friend. And she was confident in her suspicions.

Still smiling to herself, she makes her way to the Gryffindor common room with the solid decision that if they don’t get their act together soon, she would help her cousin and his best friend realize the truth. Because she was at least as cheeky as her father, as mischievous as her uncles, and she cared about her cousin very much.

Because Rose Granger-Weasley is soon becoming the brightest witch of her age, and she knows true love when she sees it. 

summary: soulmate!au, something both blanchardnolan and I were chatting about. A world in which the world remains black and white until your soulmate comes into your life to give you color.

warnings: mentions of finn

an introduction

The one person who was meant to love you for the rest of your life added color to your world. 


In this world, the way it had always been, everyone in the world has vision that is void of color. Until you met your soulmate. Then the world bursts with color, all coming from that person who you were meant to be with for the rest of time. 

Until then, it was grey scale. Everything from the landscape to the people around you were black, white and everything in between. 

When that magical moment happened, the moment you found your soulmate, you’d see a flash of - something. Something that you’ve never had to put words to before. 


Standing out against the cold grey was a burst of color - your soulmate, who had rosy cheeks and color in their clothing. And when you touched them - connected - the rest of the world would soon follow. 

They brought color to your life. Happiness and light. 

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Lemme tell you why Rose Quartz is so fucking important to me.

One night when I was but a wee lass I was up way past my bed time watching TV and that’s when I saw the show that would change my life.

Sailor Moon. Specifically episodes 34/35 which if you don’t know is the first episode we see Princess Serenity:

In that moment I saw the most beautiful thing my young eyes had ever seen. I wanted to be Princess Serenity. I wanted to be beautiful and graceful with long hair and a big flowing dress with a prince and magical powers. It was all I ever wanted. I even grew my hair out and dressed up as her for Halloween.

There was only one problem with my dream: Princess Serenity was thin and I was fat. I knew I’d never really be like her because I was fat. Fat people we’re graceful or pretty. Fat people didn’t wear flowing dresses or have magical powers. Fat people weren’t Princesses. Fat people weren’t beautiful.

Flash forward to present day and I’m introduced to Steven Universe. I didn’t really watch the episodes in order at first so I just hear them talk about Rose Quartz and how amazing she was. How powerful and wonderful she was and how much they looked up to her.

Then I saw her. My heart stopped. She was fat.

She was all of those wonderful things that I saw in Princess Serenity but what’s more is, she was fat. I wanted to cry. The little girl in me that had always wanted to wear a big flowing dress and have long hair and be beautiful and graceful and magical finally saw a someone just like herself on TV. Not only was Rose beautiful, not just to me but considered so in the show, she was powerful. She was beloved. She was beautiful inside and out. Just like I wanted to be.

That’s why Rose is so important to me. She is everything a younger me, and older me. needed to see. And I just know that somewhere out there is some other little girl like me who gets to see her. Who gets to look up to her. Who won’t have to go through what I did because she’s here.

And that’s why Rose Quartz is so fucking important to me. That’s why it’s so important to me personally that she’s here and that she portrayed as fat. Because that’s what she is, but that’s not all she is. That is so far from all she is.

September 15th, 2018

A mass of young Slytherins were gathered on the Quidditch pitch and among them; Scorpius Malfoy and Marcell Zabini. It was the second week of their second year and that could only mean one thing - Quidditch try-outs. Scorpius had been training for quite a few years for the Seeker position, while Marcell had only decided the previous year that he’d like to be a Keeper.

“I’m so full of adrenaline right now,” Scorpius commented. What he meant was nerves, but adrenaline sounded better.

“You’ll do alright. I’m pretty sure your only competition is Glint over there, and we all know he’s not going to make it.”

Glint, hearing the comment made about him, glared at Marcell, who just smiled at Glint in return.

“Oi!” Captain Brandon Bishopper cried out. “Shut it, all of you!” The crowd grew quiet. “All right, now I want you all to split up according what position you’re trying for. Chaser, Seeker, Keeper, Beater!” He pointed to a different direction on the field with each position he called out.

Scorpius and Glint stood together, while Marcell stood a few yards away with two other students. There were also three kids trying out for Chaser, and four trying out for Beater, making a total of twelve hopefuls.

“All right then, we’ll start with the Keepers,” Brandon started. Before he could do anything, they all heard a faint cry in the distance.

“Wait!” They looked toward the source of the sound and squinted. Approaching the field was a relatively tall, thin, red-head. Scorpius squinted just a little harder.


Moments later she was coming up on them, her breath barely elevated from the running.

“Sorry,” Rose began at Brandon, but Scorpius interrupted.

“What are you doing here?”

Rose ignored him completely. “I was kept late by Coach Jones, she’s given me an excuse if you need one.” Rose went to dig in her pocket, but Brandon stopped her.

“Save it, Weasley. What position?” There was a tone in Brandon’s voice letting on that he felt like he was just humoring the girl. Rose pretended not to notice.

“Seeker,” she answered, then smiled when, out of the corner of her eye,  she saw Scorpius’ jaw drop.

Brandon sighed and pointed toward Scorpius. “Over there, then.”

As soon as she was within reach Scorpius grabbed her by the elbow and pulled her away from Glint. “What do you think you’re doing?” He hissed. She smiled innocently.

“Trying out for the team, of course.”

“You never told me you were even trying out, let alone for Seeker!” His hand was still on her arm.

Rose shrugged. “You never asked.”

He yanked at her elbow and she glared up at him, daring him to do it again. He dropped his hand. “Yes, but I talked to you about trying out! I told you I wanted to be Seeker - and you never said anything!”

“Why would I? You’d have just tried to psych me out, just teased me. Why would I want to put myself through that?” She tried not so smile, then she added to herself, ‘And this way I have the element of surprise.’

“You’re wretched.”

Rose tried not to laugh at how angry he was. His chest was heaving slightly and he was grinding his teeth, something she could hear because he was so close to her. She folded her arms in front of her chest, as a way to put a physical barrier between them.

“And you’re worried.” She pushed past him and went to pay attention to what Brandon was telling the Keeper hopefuls. She gave a thumbs up to Marcell, wishing him luck. Scorpius noticed that Marcell didn’t looked surprised to see her there, but decided to hold back his indignation.

“That’s it for today, squids,” Brandon called out, hours later after putting everyone through multiple rigorous routines. “We’ll have the results posted in the commons by Monday night.” The lot of them stood around, mumbling to one another. “You can leave now!” Brandon barked.

The worn out, haggard second years started to shuffle off of the field. Scorpius looked around and found Rose hanging back, trying to wipe some of the dirt off of her face. He noticed a rather large bruise on her shoulder-blade where a stray Bludger had smacked her.

“That looks like it hurts,” he started as he neared her. He reached out to touch it but she pulled away and glared at him.

“Hardly. What do you want?” Rose started walking, not waiting for an answer. Scorpius kept in line with her.

“You do know there hasn’t been a girl on the team in over a decade - right?”

“What’s that got to do with anything?”

“Well, I was just -”

“You were just what?” Rose stopped abruptly and whipped around to face him. “Telling me that because I’m a girl I won’t make the team?” Scorpius didn’t answer, Rose continued. “D’you want to know what I think? I think I’m a better player than you. I think that you saw that today and I think that you’re uncomfortable with it and that you feel threatened. Well guess what; I don’t care! I don’t care that you’re uncomfortable or threatened. What I do care about is Quidditch. I was six when I first learned to fly, and nine when I caught my first Snitch. I’ve wanted this since before I could remember so no, I’m not going to let your fear of inadequacy and your narrow mind get in the way of what I want.” She stormed off without waiting for him to respond.

They didn’t speak to each other for the next two days. They didn’t look at each other when a new piece of parchment was posted in the common room. They didn’t touch each other when they waited side by side to see who’d made it.

Scorpius didn’t congratulate her, and he didn’t wait around for the celebrations. He slinked off to his dorm like the rest of the kids who didn’t make it and he sulked. He sulked for an entire week. He stalked about the castle and sneered at everyone. He replayed his try-out again and again, hoping to find something wrong but the only thing he could come up with was that she was right - she was just a better player than he was.

It took him another three days before he built up the nerve to apologize to her. He waited until just after lunch, and caught her right as Cassie and Avery went into the girls’ lavatory.

“Uh, Rose?”

Her hand was already on the door, ready to push it open and follow her friends. She didn’t respond, but she also didn’t run away.

“Look I.. just wanted to congratulate you on making the team. I guess the best player won.”

Rose took in what he was saying and then chuckled. “Was that you apologizing?”

He suddenly found the floor fascinating. Rose took his silence for a ‘yes’.

“Well… Thanks. And I mean, you made reserve, who knows; maybe I’ll have a freak accident or something.” She smiled at him, he scowled at her.

“That’s not really funny, though.” Rose chuckled again. Just as she was about push the door open, Scorpius quickly spoke again. “Did you really catch a Snitch when you were nine?”

Rose blushed a little. “My Aunt Ginny charmed a dormant one, didn’t really fly at regulation speed.” She didn’t wait for a response.

Scorpius waited until Rose disappeared behind the door then let himself fall against the wall. She was brilliant. Scary, but brilliant.

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Visiting Mason’s Grave - Dimitri POV

I don’t know why I even went looking for her. It was the same every year. Every Christmas eve Rose went missing…well not really missing. I always knew exactly where she was.

I pulled my duster on and stepped out of the car. It has been raining so much over the past few days that the ground was coated with a layer of wetness. I just hoped Rose had thought to bring a jacket. The rain was beginning to fall and I knew it would feel like ice on her skin. I opened the gate to the cemetery and sighed with relief when I seen Rose sitting at the graveside with a bunch of flowers in her hand. My happiness was short lived when I noticed the thin cardigan she was wearing.

“Oh Roza,” I said softly, I pulled off my jacket and draped it over her shoulders. “You’re soaked,” I murmured. Rose let out a small sob and I felt a clench in my chest.

“You should be inside,” I added. Rose shook her head.

“This is where I should be, this is where I need to be,” she muttered. I sat down beside her and touched her hair.

“Your butt is going to get wet,” Rose mumbled. I shrugged and pulled her into my lap and smoothed back her hair.

“I was worried about you,” I told her, wiping her tears away with my thumb.

“I miss him,” She cried. I tried to swallow the lump in my throat and ran my hands through her hair.

“I know Roza, I know,” I told her, I cradled her against my chest and made soothing noises.

“I should have done more to protect him. I could’ve saved him. If I hadn’t led him on like I did and told him about the strigoi, he wouldn’t have even been in Spokane at all. He shouldn’t have been in Spokane at all.” She rambled through sobs and I felt her body shaking against mine. Oh Roza…

Holding her tight to me, I whispered in her ear, “Rose, there is nothing more you could have done. You did the best by him.” I reassured her. I began to rock her in my arms as her sobs grew louder. “He wouldn’t want you to be like this, to feel this way. He loved you, Roza. He’d want you to be happy.”

It hurt me to think that another man loved her as I did, but I knew it was true. Mason had adored Rose enough to die protecting her, something I would never, could never, truly forget. Even after death, he refused to leave her unprotected.

I felt Rose cuddle closer into my chest, and I leaned over her to further protect her from the rain. Then, she truly surprised me. She began to laugh. “Rose?”

“Do you know what he told me once?” she asked, brushing the tears onto my rain-soaked duster. “He said, ‘I hope they let me carry an axe.’ An axe. He would look absolutely ridiculous carrying an axe around with him.” A giggle escaped her lips, but soon more tears formed in her eyes. At a loss for words, I began to caress her arm.

“He should have had that chance,” she whispered. I felt my heart shatter.

“Yes, Roza.” I didn’t dare look at her face. “He should have.”

We both fell silent as we listened to the rain fall around us. I was prepared to sit there for hours as long as it brought her comfort. Stroking her hair, I furiously hoped that she wouldn’t catch pneumonia. After several minutes, the sobbing stopped and I felt her body go limp. Her steady breathing told me that she’d fallen asleep.

Looking to the grave, I let out a sigh. “She loves you, you know,” I whispered. Staring at the dates, I felt my spirit drop. Eighteen years. “And she’s right. You should’ve had more time.”

Knowing I needed to get Rose out of the weather, I carefully shifted her in my arms and stood up. As I carried her carefully back to the car, several thoughts filled my head. I dreaded these graveyard visits and I hated to see her cry, but I also knew one thing with absolute certainty: Rose was strong. She would overcome this.

She whimpered softly and I glanced down at her. She was huddled close to my body, her eyelashes glued together with tears and rain, her face peaceful in sleep. I couldn’t imagine life without her. I couldn’t imagine waking up to a world without her determination and strength challenging me every day. The idea was sobering and I turned back for one last look at Mason’s grave. “Thank you. Thank you for protecting her when I couldn’t.” I smiled bitterly, “Until next time, мой друг.”

Prince Charming (Jungkook, OC) Scenario

Jeon Jungkook.

Sera sighed in her seat as she doodled at the back of her notebook, ignoring their History lecture. She wrote his name over and over again, but unlike the usual hearts she put in, broken one’s surrounded it instead. 


It was lunch period and Sera was sitting at a table alone, nibbling a club sandwich. She had her English book opened and was browsing through it to prepare herself for the quiz their teacher was giving. 

She heard a noise in front of her and looked up to see Jungkook, her best friend, pulling up a seat. “Hey.” He smiled and Sera’s heart began to race. After all the years of knowing him, she never gor over it and Jungkook continues to do weird things to her. “Hey.” She smiled back then continued reading. 

“Watcha doing?” He leaned forward, his elbows on the table, putting his chin on his hands. 

“Studying,” she said as she took a bite of her sandwich. 

Jungkook pouted, “But you already studied last night.”

“Doesn’t mean I can’t study more." 

"You wear yourself too much, Sera.” He said and he tapped his hands on the table, creating a beat. 

Sera huffed when the tapping distracted her, “Jungkook, I'm  trying to study.”

He continued to tap his hands and this time he started humming a tune and singing a bit. Annoyed, Sera slammed her book shut and glared at him. “What?”

“I have to tell you something,” he said, smiling mischievously. Sera could see the excitement in his eyes and in the way he leaned forward on the table. It was contagious and she couldn’t help but smile as well. “What?”

“I like someone." 

This time Sera felt her heart drop but had to keep a facade so she kept on smiling. "Who?”

“Not important now.” He waved his hand. “But I need your help to get her.”

Sera sighed inwardly. It was always like this. She couldn’t understand why she hasn’t been used to it–better yet, over it– by now. She knew Jungkook for as long as she could remember and she had always liked him. She had always had a crush on him when they were little and that’s what she thought it was: just a crush that will soon fade away. But unfortunately, that didn’t happen. As they grew up, her liking grew and soon she had developed feelings for him. She never told him because she was afraid that it’ll ruin their friendship and that she thinks he only sees her like a sister, nothing more. 

So she watched from the sidelines as he grew up to be the golden boy; the most popular kid at school with charms that could make anyone want to be his friend or even fall for him. The girls fawn over him and he was constantly chased around. Confessions were thrown  here and there and it was painful for Sera to watch when one of those confessions get accepted. It was even more painful when it was Jungkook who tries to confess to a girl. Just like what he’s about to do now… 

“Helloo? Anyone home?” Jungkook knocked on her forehead lightly, and when she jumped he chuckled. “Spacing out again, I see.”

“Sorry,” Sera said as she cleared her throat, putting on a smiling face even if deep down her heart was breaking. “What were you saying again?”

“I need your help to get this girl.” He said and she felt like a bullet was shot at her. 

“I really like her." Bang! 
"She’s special." Bang! Bang!
"And I don’t wanna mess this up so it has to be perfect." Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sera felt like breaking but years of trying to hold her feelings in was good practice and she had mastered the art of keeping a nonchalant yet interested expression. "Okay…so where do I come in?" 

Jungkook fished out his notebook from his bag, opening it to a blank page before handing it to her. "You’re a girl, right?”

Ouch. “Uh, last time I checked.”

Jungkook grinned, “I need you to write down the things you like. You know the things you like to receive or what you want a guy to do for you." 

Sera sighed as she started writing. If it were her he was confessing to, she would have written a simple statement saying that all she needed was for him to love her and that was enough. 

But Sera wrote down several things just to please him; completely hiding her feelings once again. She wrote:
Secret admirer notes, flowers, composed songs, grand romantic gestures, etc. Some were things she truly liked; like the notes and songs but the others were just things she thought girls liked in general.

"Here.” She handed him the notebook and Jungkook read it, a smile forming on his lips. He placed the notebook in his bag and stood up. “Thanks, Sera!” He went over to her and gave her a half hug. “You’re the best!”

Before she could move away, Jungkook grabbed her wrist and brought her hand, which was holding the sandwich, to his mouth and took a bite. “Hey!” She slapped his arm. “Get your own sandwich!" 
Jungkook chuckled and ruffled her hair, "Love you~” he mumbled with a full mouth before running out of the cafeteria. 

Sera watched him go, feeling her heart race at his words. 

Love you too, she thought. 
If it only it meant the same for him.

End of flashback. 

Sera went to her locker after class but before she could open it, she felt someone tap her right shoulder. She turned to her right but no one was there. She turned left and still no one. She huffed, “Whoever you are, it’s not funny.”

She heard a soft chuckle and the locker next to her opened up and she saw Jimin, a classmate of hers, smiling as he placed his books inside his locker. “Sorry.” He muttered. 

Sera gave him a soft smile, “Hey Jimin.”

Jimin was another popular guy and the star athlete of the school. He was a swimmer as well as a really good dancer. Sera shares three classes with him and they are close acquaintances. “What’s up?”

“Nothing much. You?”

Sera shrugged, “The usual.”

“Doesn’t look like it,” he said. “You okay?”

Was my sadness that noticeable? She thought. She mustered up a smile, “I’m good.”

Jimin nodded slowly, feeling unconvinced but before he could ask again, one of his teammates called out to him. He looked back at her, “I better go.” He said and he pointed at her locker. “Careful, my door almost gave in.”

Sera laughed, “Yeah they should really have this fixed.”

Jimin waved at her with a smile, but before he was out of sight he said, “Stop frowning and smile, Sera. You look better when you smile.” Sera blushed at the compliment and stuck out her tongue at him making him chuckle. 

When Sera opened her locker a note fell. She picked it up and read: 

To the prettiest girl I know, 
Keep on smiling always. You never fail to brighten my day. 
Prince Charming

Sera felt her cheeks heat up and looked at the end of the hall. She remembered Jimin’s sudden warning about her locker and his comment on her smile. Could it be? She wondered. 

As she was walking home with the note in hand, an arm suddenly draped across her shoulders. She looked to the side and saw Jungkook smiling down at her. “You look happy.” He commented. 

Sera shrugged, still giddy from the note. “I feel happy.”

“Care to explain?”

“Nah.” She said as she moved away from him. Jungkook watched her walk away and shook his head, a smile forming on his lips as he jogged to catch up with her.


Sera continued to receive the notes. They had come in more frequently and found them at different places; her locker, her text books and even on her desk. The messages had become sweeter…cheesier…and it had never failed to make her day. She wondered though who kept giving her the notes and she only had one guess: Park Jimin. She had concluded this because he had been talking to her more frequently and even sat with her at lunch the other day.

As Sera entered her Math class, she found another note taped to her desk:

Hello princess,
My heart aches as I see you but can’t hold you. Do you think we should meet? 
But I am afraid. Afraid that you might run away…

Still waiting,
Prince Charming 

Sera’s heart raced as she read the note again. Could it be that she’s going to finally meet her mysterious Prince charming? She looked up and saw Jimin staring at her from the other side of the classroom. He gave her a smile and a small wave. She look down at your desk, trying to keep her blush from showing. 

“What are you grinning about?” Someone said and she looked up to see Jungkook. He looked at the other side of the room and caught Jimin stating with a smirk. “Why’s he staring at you like that?”

Sera face palmed herself, “Shut up Jungkook.” she hissed. 

He sat down beside her still looking at Jimin. “Is there’s something–” Just then the teacher walked in and Sera released a sigh of relief. She looked over to Jungkook who had a displeased look on his face. You couldn’t understand why but she chose to ignore it. 


After school Sera was at her locker, waiting for Jungkook since they were going to walk home together. 


She turned around and found Jimin standing there with his usual bright smile. His hands were behind him as he approached her. 

"Hey Jimin.” She smiled. “No training today?”

He shook his head and scratched the back of his neck, “I needed to ask you something.”

At that, Sera’s heart began to race. “Okay…”

“I know we don’t know each other that well and the only decent conversation we had was during English class when we got paired to work on a report.” He chuckled. “But I want to get to know you more, Sera.” He removed his other hand from behind him, which was holding a single red rose. “Will you go out–with me?” He stuttered, smiling shyly. 

Sera stared at him wide-eyed. She couldn’t believe it, he had confessed to her! He was her Prince Charming all along! 

Before she could give him an answer, a hand pulled her away from Jimin. Sera was so shocked that she didn’t have the strength to wiggle free from her captor. When they were outside and was out of earshot, she faced her captor who happened to be Jungkook. 

She took her hand from his forcefully, “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”

“What?” He looked at her innocently. 

“That was rude, Jungkook!” She seethed. “He was asking me out! Park Jimin was asking me out!”

Jungkook rolled his eyes making her angier, “Trust me, you don’t want to go out with him.” He looked at her with a serious and determined face, “I don't want you to go out with him.”

That made her snap, “Who are you to tell me who to date?!”

“He’s a playboy, Sera!” He argued. “He doesn’t take girls seriously. He’s not the brightest kid in school either. He doesn’t deserve you." 

"Then who does?!” She yelled and Jungkook’s eyes widened at her outburst. “You’re so selfish!”

“How am I selfish?!”

“I never held you back when all those other girls chased after you!” She said in a rush. “I never told you not to date them even if I didn’t like them!" 

Jungkook stared at her in confusion as the confession flowed from her mouth. "What are you trying to say–?”

“I like you, Jungkook.” She blurted as the tears came. “I’ve liked you all these years and you were so blind. So blind!" She shoved him hard, making him stumble.


“And now someone finally noticed me and you just had to ruin everything!” She cried. “Why can’t I let you go? Why can’t you just go away?!”

Jungkook reached out to her but she swatted his hand away and turned around. “Don’t. Just leave me alone!” She yelled as she ran away crying. 


Sera didn’t go to school the next day. She was so mad at Jungkook for ruining her moment with Jimin and so upset and embarrassed at her confession. She never planned on telling him; the heat of the moment just made her do it. 

Jungkook kept calling her and had probably left a hundred messages but Sera ignored him. That night, she had received another note which was taped to her front door. She was surprised to see it there since she had never once told Jimin about where she lived. 

She grabbed the note which read:

My lovely princess, 
Meet by the tree at the centre of the park first thing tomorrow morning… Let me show you my true feelings for you. <3

I’ll be waiting…
Prince Charming

Sera’s heart soared. He’s hasn’t given up! she thought. There’s stil a chance! 


That night, she was surprised when she received a call from Jimin. 

“I am so so sorry about yesterday.” She said as she gripped the phone to her ear. “He isn’t usually rude like that.”

“It’s okay.” He laughed. “I was kind of surprised too, to be honest.”

“It’s okay now. I gave him a price of my mind.” She joked, making him chuckle. “Oh, and before I forget, I want to thank you.”

“For what?” He asked. 

“For the notes. They were so sweet and they really made my day–”

“What notes?”

Sera scrunched her eyebrows, “The love notes…” She started. “The one’s from Prince Charming?”

“I’m sorry, Sera.” He chuckled. “But I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Weren’t you the one who sent them?”


Sera paused, "Are you sure?”


Sera looked at her dresser and stared at all the notes which she had taped around her mirror. The who did?, she wondered. 

She told Jimin that she’d call him back; telling him that she needed to do something. Jimin agreed and hung up. 

Sera couldn’t sleep that night. Curiosity and confusion plagued her head.

Who was her Prince Charming? 

Sera woke up early the next morning and immediately got dressed in her school uniform. She took her bike and rode to the park where she would be meeting her Secret admirer–her Prince Charming. As she walked through the gardens, she couldn’t help her heart from beating widely in her chest. She was so nervous as to knowing who he is that her palms started to sweat. As she reached the tree, she found a pink post-it stuck to the trunk. Four word were written on it: 

You came.
I’m glad. 

But where is he?, she thought. At that exact moment a guy’s voice called, “Sera." 

Sera held her breath. Somehow the voice sounded familiar but she ignored it and thought maybe it was just her imagination. She slowly turned around and what she saw almost gave her a heart attack. 

Standing there in his school uniform was Jeon Jungkook. 

"J–Jungkook?” She said and then suddenly remembered that she was supposed to be mad at him. She crossed her arms and glared, “What are you doing here?”

He stepped towards her but stopped at a good distance. “You came.” He whispered. “I’m glad.”

At those words, Sera’s eyes widened and she felt like choking. “Y–you–”

Jungkook handed her a small piece of blue paper. She accepted it and saw two words written on it: 

I’m sorry.

Sera’s eyes watered and her hands shook. Upon seeing this, Jungkook panicked, “Oh god, Sera. Please don’t cry. I’m sorry.” He cursed under his breath. “I never intended for you to cry. Please stop."  He took your shaking hands in his and you stared at it as he blabbered on, "I’m sorry about yesterday. Damn it! I’m sorry about all those years! I’m sorry for taking so long to finally realize how much you mean to me." 


“I’m sorry for causing you all that pain and for being so dense. You were hurting because of me and I wanna punish myself for doing that.” He admitted as he gripped your hand tighter. “I’m sorry, Sera.”

“You–you’re Prince Charming?” Sera asked as he looked up at him with a baffled expression.

Jungkook nodded. There was a few moments of silence until Sera removed a hand from his grip and punched him in the arm, hard. 

Yah!” Jungkook yelped, stepping back as he rubbed his arm. “What was that for?!”

“For being an overly stupid jerk!” She said but it didn’t sound sincere since she started to smile. “I hate you Jeon Jungkook.”

Jungkook grinned, “You sure about that?”

Sera took a step toward him and slapped his arm. “Yah! Sera! That hurt!” He pouted. 

“Serves you right for taking you this long to confess.” She smirked. 

“Am I forgiven?” He finally asked. Sera looked at him and her gaze softened, “It’s hard to stay mad at you, Jeon Jungkook.”

He grinned at her answer and took something from his coat. He retrieved a single red rose; a note tied to it on a string. “I hate that I wasn’t the first one to give you this…but I’m hoping I’d be the first one you’d accept." 

Sera took the rose from him and read the note: 

Will you be my princess?
-Prince Charming

Sera smiled at the note and then looked at Jungkook before nodding enthusiastically. The smile on Jungkook’s face was so beautiful it almost made her cry. He wrapped her in an embrace, lifting her off the ground and spinning her around. Sera giggled and hugged him tight. 

Who would have known that she’d have a fairytale ending? 

I’m glad I came. she thought. 



More Jungkookie fluff! <3 So many are requesting for him.. such a chic magnet this maknae :P 

Hope you guys liked this one! Comments/feedback are welcome :>


Story continues in LOVE IS EASY <3

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