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Tiny Poems About YOI Characters

He is beauty, He is grace,
He’s the smile on Viktor’s face

Roses are red, stealing is wrong,
He’s Yuuri’s Katsudon, He makes Yuuri strong. 

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
Cats are awesome, everyone else, fuck you.

He is beauty, He is grace,
He’s adorable, I rest my case.  

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
You’re so single and Emil likes you. 

He is beauty, He is grace,
He’s too pure to exist on this cruel earth’s face. 

Roses are red, Violets are blue,
I masturbate to my own selfies, I’m better than you.

Game of Thrones Modern AU l Thousand Years Love Song or Modern Stoneheart AU [2/?]

Inspired by Every time you kissed me 

For  @indigoraysoflight@mar-nu-falmar

↳ Catelyn is immortal and lives for thousand years due to the curse of the Old Gods. Time has passed but does never heal. Her enemies are all gone so are her loved ones. So she makes peace with herself eventually.

She goes from vengeful lady to someone who understand life. From Catelyn to Cat to Cate and Katherine, no matter what happens to her, the injury will fade away after midnight. 

She never ages, she cannot die; yet after all, she is forced to watch her friends of short time disappear from her life one by one. There is no clue nor sign from Gods when will her suffering end but when her Ned is getting closer and closer to her without her notice, she slowly loses the power of the never-ending life.

↳ This is an AU where Catelyn adopts Ygritte and they own a small gallery café in Scotland. Ygritte knows her true identity but never dares to ask her how did she die. Cat travels all around the world and learns many things include painting for she will never forget the faces of her family. And of course, she does not know her adoptive daughter once was a girlfriend of her husband’s bastard in the previous life.

Ned has 4 times failed marriages (because he does not admit to himself that he married those red-headed women only to replace someone he does not know yet always dreams of in his sleep). Jon is no longer a Snow but fully a Stark by his mother blood and is the heir of Ned’s billion legacy. He also thinks that he was the cause of his uncle’s failed marriages but he was not.

No more revenge, no more war, all they have to do is finding each other to get back together again.