rose x elijah

5 TVD Ships I Do Like (Because I’m Too Negative)

1. Stelena

Heart of the show, clearly never fell out of love. 

2. Kalijah 

So much potential, best part of season four, why did the writers rip it into pieces before it even started?? You can tell there was no lies with them. There was no smirks or evil grins, just pure tragedy. 

3.  Damrose

Literally, only scene i saw anything good in Damon. Why can’t he treat everyone like he treats Rose in that scene? Why couldn’t he treat Elena like he treated Rose in that one scene? Did it hurt him that much to have a soul for a second? How did he go from this to tormenting Katherine on her death bed when she has saved him countless times? I thought Elena made him ‘better’ and ‘good’ but nope, it’s Rose dying. 

4. Forwood

Why did they get rid of this for the creepiness that is Klaroline? They are clearly perfect for each other and i can’t say anything wrong about the ship, except Caroline definitely should of not slept with Klaus (even if it was so he would leave her alone). 

5.  Mabekah 

Fucking cute. 

Note: I love Bonnie but literally no-one is good enough for her. 

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