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How Jackie Tyler Learned Her Daughter Was Shaggin’ a Bloody Alien

for @ardentlynines who asked for Jackie finding out about Rose and Nine.

Here you go! It went in a completely different direction than I originally intended, but I hope you like it anyway!

Rated G, 1720 words, Nine x Rose

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Journey’s End, in a world without cockblocking Daleks

The first thing she tastes is an exhale, a pant, an exclamation that is half a sob and half the single syllable of her name breathed over and over again as his forehead touches hers. She isn’t sure if his staccato breathing is precursor to a sob, or a laughing fit, or if the Doctor and his very impressive respiratory bypass are going to hyperventilate right there in the middle of the street. .

She’s not quite sure the Doctor knows, either.

Whatever it is, it’s inches from her lips, and she tastes the air he breathes as his fingers can’t quite stay still- tracing the cure of her hip, dancing along the backs of her hands, curling into her hair. They aren’t quite kissing so much as breathing the same air, but Rose, who feels as though she’s been starved of air and light for a decade, soaks it in, fingers curling like roots into the sleeves of a brown pinstriped suit jacket. 

(Air from his lungs, she thinks, as the Doctor’s breath puffs across her lips. The giddy thought brings a laugh bubbling up and she lets it, for the first time in years she lets it, even though it feels like it might split her face right in two.)

“Hello,” says Rose Tyler, her hand finding his itching fingers and sliding, at last, into place. The Doctor’s hand stills - the whole of him, frozen, and quiet, this perpetually unsilent man rooted to the spot, his mouth trembling it’s way into an answering laugh, wet and triumphant and just a little bit broken. 

The second thing she tastes, cool  and urgent, is the Doctor’s hello in return pressed against her lips. 


Written for the @timepetalsprompts drabble prompt “Noel”. 

~975 words, rated G, Tentoo x Rose, humor and fluff

Summary: The Doctor gets in trouble with Jackie. Read it on ao3!

A/N - this is based on my own favorite Christmas tradition. My very favorite one.

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Rose startled at the ringing of her mobile, and the Doctor snorted in his sleep and rolled over. Grabbing the phone, she looked at her mother’s name displayed on the Caller ID and sighed. They had planned to go shopping later that day, and Rose was sure that whatever couldn’t wait three hours was probably not going to be something she wanted to deal with before she even crawled out of bed.

“‘Lo?” she answered, her voice clotted with sleep.

“Are you still in bed?” her mother demanded without preamble.

“Yes.” Rose wiped her eyes and looked at the alarm clock. “It’s only half nine, Mum, and it’s Saturday.”

“Is himself with you?” Jackie asked sharply.

Oh, great. Outrage at the Doctor. Rose sighed inwardly. “He’s my husband, Mum, where else would he be?”

“Smack him. Give him a big, hard smack for me, and let him know there’s actually one coming from me when I see him, so he’d better hide.”

Rose sat up and leaned against the headboard, actually swatting the Doctor on the shoulder. Not because her mother had told her to, but because she had a feeling her mother wouldn’t have called if the Doctor hadn’t done whatever he was in trouble for now. If Jackie hadn’t called, she could still be asleep. Being asleep would be preferable to listening to her mother griping. He grunted and jerked his shoulder away the blow, pouting.

“What’d he do now, Mum?”

“Oh, just you wait. I’ll show you. As soon as your dad shows me how to send a picture on this blasted thing.”

Jackie went on for a while, talking about this and that interspersed with threats of dire consequences to the Doctor for this mystery infraction that Rose had yet to see, then rang off, saying that they’d meet at their favorite bistro for lunch before their last-minute Christmas shopping run. Rose lay down the phone, stretched, then went to the loo to take care of her morning routine.

When she came back, there was an email from Jackie waiting. Rose perched on the side of the bed and opened the email.

This is what happens when you marry an alien. Tried to warn you. xoxo Mum. Rose rolled her eyes and scrolled downwards, then tapped on the attached picture to enlarge it.

She recognized the picture as the family portrait they’d had made at the mansion, intending to use as Christmas cards. Pete, Jackie, Rose, the Doctor and little Tony were all posed in front of one of the Tyler’s several mantels, by a gorgeous Christmas Tree. Pete stood proudly beside an armchair where Jackie sat with Tony on her lap. The Doctor sat in the other armchair with his arm around Rose, who sat on the arm of the chair, the two of them clearly (finally) together.

Rose squinted at the picture, looking for the problem. It looked like a standard, if posh, family Christmas card photo to her. Everyone’s clothing coordinated perfectly with each other’s and fit the decor of the setting quite well. Rose and Jackie’s wedding sets glinted brightly in the light, and the men’s rings were visible as well. Tony’s toothy grin was precious, and would be a treasured memory. The tree was perfectly, professionally decorated, as was the mantel over the fireplace. Each family member was represented by a perfectly-coordinated stocking, candles and lit garland lined the mantel and elegant gold letters spelled out the word -

Oh. Oh.

Rose burst into raucous laughter and the Doctor stirred awake.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” He rubbed his bleary eyes and looked around, alarmed.

“You…you…you prawn! No wonder she’s so cross with you!”

“What? What are you talking about, Rose?”

Rose didn’t (or couldn’t) answer. She simply howled laughter, flopping back onto the bed.

The Doctor looked down at her with a look that clearly said he thought his wife had gone ‘round the bend. Rose laughed harder at the confusion on his face, her hands over her stomach, and continued to laugh when he seemed to dismiss her long enough to go to the loo.

When he came back, she had settled quite a bit and handed him her mobile with the picture already loaded. “Care to explain?”

The Doctor looked at the picture for a minute, then back at her. “Looks like the photo we had made a week or so ago.”

“Look at the mantel, Doctor, and don’t you try to tell me that Tony rearranged the word noel to spell leon. I know it was you, because you made it spell Leno and nole on other occasions.”

The Doctor squinted then his face broke into a grin. “I thought the photographer would catch it!” He defended himself with a wide smile. “I honestly did.”

“He didn’t, and mum sent out three hundred of these.”

“Oh, no.”

“She’s very cross with you,” Rose said, beaming.

“Right.” The Doctor swallowed and flopped dramatically on the bed. “Don’t let her kill me. I don’t regenerate anymore.”

Rose burst into giggles again and lay back on the bed beside him, both of them looking at the picture on her phone, raised above their faces.

“No chance telling her that this will be a treasured memory later, I suppose?” the Doctor asked a little fearfully.

“No chance. She’ll see that on her own in time, of course, but you’re likely to get a swat or two for this.”

The Doctor gave a heavy, dramatic sigh. “I suppose I’ll just have to face her wrath.” He paused for a moment, pursing his lips before he turned his head to look at Rose. “D’ya think she’s found where I rearranged believe to evil bee?”

Rose burst into laughter again. “Oh, Doctor, I had no idea how much of an adventure domestic life with you would be.”

Roses and Distant Echoes Ch. 2

Find on: AO3

Pairing: Nine x Rose

Rating: General

Summary: The palace fluctuated between one world and another. Time slowed and quickened its pace, never staying consistent. Now Rose found herself confined to the echoes of the past and future with a beast as her shadow.

Chapter Summary: In which Rose follows footprints.

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Be Mine... Morphine, Please?
  • Tentoo x Rose
  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Fluff, hurt/sick, holiday, valentine’s day, drabble, one shot

“Hi, I’m looking for the Doctor?” Rose said breathlessly as she arrived at Urgent Care.

The lady behind the counter pursed her lips.  “Which one, love?”

Rose closed her eyes and shook her head as if to clear it.  “Sorry.  I mean Noble.  Doctor John Noble.  He’s a patient.”

“Ah!  I see,” the woman tapped a few keys on her computer.  “He’s in room 160, down the hall on the left.”  She pointed.

“Thank you,” Rose said hastily as she turned away and hurried in the direction the woman had indicated, her boots clicking rapidly on the mottled yellow linoleum.  She sailed past several glass walls with curtains drawn, room numbers embossed on plastic tiles that were epoxied firmly on the door frames.  120… 140… 160!  She flew through the door, jerking the curtain aside–and there he was, stretched out on the bed, several pillows propped behind his head and back, and a couple of ice packs draped across his ankle.

“Rose!” he cried, a grin splashed broadly across his face.  “You’re here!”

She was at his side in an instant, bending to give him an awkward and painfully tight hug.  “Of course I’m here, you plum!  God, what happened?”  She sat on the edge of the bed and he winced slightly as the mattress shifted.


Rose arched an eyebrow.  “Puppies?”

“Yes, puppies.”  The Doctor grimaced.  “Puppies.  In our back garden.  I didn’t see one of them and tripped backwards over it.  Got myself a nice concussion to go with my sprained ankle.”

“Oh my god… hold on a second…”  She furrowed her brow, sitting up straighter.  “What were puppies doing in our back garden?”

The Doctor chewed the inside of his bottom lip and studiously avoided her gaze.  “Well… it was either that or the living room, and I wasn’t sure you were quite ready for that…”

She blinked several times, mouth moving in an attempt to form words, but nothing came out at first.  “What?” she finally squeaked.

The Doctor grinned sheepishly.  “Happy Valentine’s Day?”

She Glows

for the @timepetalsprompts weekly drabble prompt “sparkle”

Rated T, NineRose and TenRose, 445 words 

@goingtothetardis beta’d this for me…she’s awesome!

Read it on ao3!

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She glows.

It’s the first thing he notices about her, after the danger has passed and she questions him, demanding answers. He can’t look on her too long, he has to look away lest he stare forever, but he knows. He knows that this one is special, this one is anything but stupid, this one is precious. Her caramel eyes are full of light and life and fire, and he wants nothing more than to have just a sip of what he sees in her eyes.

She sparkles.

He tries to impress her, taking her to places long ago and far away. She is impressed with what he shows her; he is impressed simply by her. He introduces her to nobility, royalty, emperors and celebrities, but none can rival her and she enchants them all. She’s been worshiped as a goddess more than once, but by none more than him, a supplicant at her feet. She is more beautiful than the most beautiful creature in the universe, and she has no idea.

She shines.

She takes his breath when she comes to him wearing glittering gowns and baubles, so achingly alluring that he has to struggle to stay on his feet before her and not fall to his knees and praise her beauty, her goodness. When she wears jeans and trainers and he takes her to the marketplaces of far-off worlds, she looks at him with a smile and he can’t comprehend why she smiles at him. People flock to her on every world, wanting to bask in her light, to feel just a bit of the warm glow she exudes from every pore. She doesn’t understand the effect she has on everyone she meets, and that ignorance only makes her more beautiful.

She shimmers.

Her amber eyes glint with tears when he’s been a thoughtless arse and hurt the only thing that’s ever made him feel complete. The pain is nearly unbearable: he’s wounded her and she is part of his very soul. Her distress is nearly a tangible thing and he wants nothing more than to rip it away from her and grind it to dust beneath his feet, vanquishing her pain so her eyes will never glint with tears again.

She glistens.

In the aftermath of their lovemaking when she lays in his arms and he holds her, he thanks every god he knows of for her. He doesn’t believe in any of them, doesn’t need to. He believes in her, and that’s all he’ll ever need. He runs his hands over her sweat-slickened skin and tries to believe that one day, he can be the man she believes him to be.
The Doctor, the Face, and the Bad Wolf  - Chs. 7 & 8/13
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Chapters: 7 & 8/13
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Donna Noble, Mickey Smith, Jake Simmonds, The Master (Simm), Lucy Saxon, OCs, Idris (Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife), other DW characters mentioned in passing, Martha Jones, Nazis - Character
Additional Tags: WWII spies, British Intelligence, French Resistance, Sex, tw whump, rose whump car crash, tw opium, poor Lucy saxon - Freeform, tw mention domestic violence, lucky married the wrong guy, Kid!Fic, pregnancy!fic, preggo and kiddo very minor
Series: Part 1 of I love AUs

France, 1940, and three Allied operatives are stuck deep behind enemy lines, pursued by the notorious Master. Will the Doctor be able to get himself, his friends and the game-changing secret they are keeping safely back to England before the Master gets to them first?

A/N: I’ve had an idea for a drabble/sketch where Tentoo is sick and Rose takes care of him for a while, so here goes. It’s all fluff and crack – enjoy!
Title: S’Good.
Pairing: Tentoo x Rose
(There is an OC involved, but purely for the purposes of presenting the Doctor and Rose’s relationship as seen by a stranger).

The plaque on the van’s door reads Rose Tyler and she climbs the three steps, reasoning with herself that Rose certainly wouldn’t mind if she waited inside. Certainly.

The inside is warm and pleasantly stuffed. It smells of tea.

Anya shrugs off her heavy coat and looks around curiously. Incidentally, the van lives up to her assumptions regarding how Rose Tyler’s living space would look. The walls are covered in corkboards, calendars and photos of various sorts, painted pink, and there are quite a few rather mismatched pieces of furniture crammed into this small amount of space. There’s even a tiny and strikingly old-fashioned telly sitting on top of some cupboard, and she catches a glimpse of Twin Peaks opening credits before it strikes her that she isn’t alone.

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They Just Need a Minute

Ten/Rose, Mickey Smith

“You’ve got to be kidding if you think we can both fit in there.”

Read on ao3 or

“Oh, hell no. No way.”

“Will you just get in here already and quit your whining.”

“You’ve got to be kidding if you think we can both fit in there.” Mickey protested. “It’s barely big enough for you.”

The Doctor rolled his eyes. “Well, it’s either that or you can take your chances with the armed guards.”

Tossing a glance over his shoulder at the sound of approaching footsteps, Mickey pulled a face and then stepped inside the small linen closet. “Told you we should have jus’ waited for Rose to get us out instead of stagin’ a prison break.” he grumbled as he pulled the door shut behind him.

“Yeah, well she seemed to be a bit busy with his royal pompousness.” The Doctor replied bitterly. “They’ve been practically joined at the hip all evening.”

“Oh ho, is that what this was all about? You’re jealous?”

“Time Lords do not get jealous.” The Doctor huffed. “I’m just… concerned for her well-being.”

“Right.” Mickey drawled. “Pull the other one while you’re at it. Well I tell you what, maybe instead of usin’ me as some sort a’ buffer and chasin’ after French prossies in order to distract yourself, you should just tell Rose how you feel about her and then I won’t end up gettin’ arrested ‘cause I happen to be standin’ beside you when you go and get all mouthy with some Prince for showin’ her a bit of attention.”

“Can you just be quiet?” The Doctor said irritably. “I’m trying to come up with a plan to get us out of here.”

“Well don’t think too hard you might hurt yourself.” Mickey goaded.

“Just stay on your side.”

“What side? There are no sides in here.”

“Ow! That was my foot.”

“Yeah, well you elbowed me in the stomach.”

“Move your arm.”

“You move your arm.”

“Quit pushing!”

“I’m not pushing!”

So wrapped up in their bickering, neither man noticed the door being opened until a stream of light hit their faces and they heard someone clear their throat. At the sight of Rose standing there with her arms crossed and a slight smirk playing over her features, the argument ceased abruptly and a sheepish look passed over both men’s faces as they froze in their current positions.

The Doctor had Mickey’s head firmly pinned to the wall with one hand and Mickey in turn had his hand pressed up against the Doctor’s jaw in an attempt to push him away while both of their free hands were gripping the wrist of the other’s offending limb.

“M’ sorry, did you two want to be alone?” Rose grinned, tongue in teeth.

Shrugging out from under The Doctor’s grip, Mickey quickly clambered out of the enclosed space and smoothed out his clothing. “We were hidin’ from the guards.” he said by way of explanation.

“Well, you might want to be a little quieter next time so as not to give away your position. I could hear the two of you arguin’ and the sound of the door rattlin’ all the way down the hall.” Rose laughed. “Anyway, you don’t have to worry about the guards anymore. I managed to convince the Prince to drop the charges against both of you.”

“Oh thank god.” Mickey let out a breath of relief as he scooped her into a hug. “You’re the best babe.”

“And what exactly did you promise his Royal pompous arse in return for our freedom?” The Doctor’s tone was icy. “Another dance? A trip perhaps?”  

Rose pulled away from Mickey to look back at The Doctor who was still standing in the closet with his arms crossed and a petulant scowl on his face and her smile quickly dissolved into a frown. “What are you tryin’ to say?” she asked irritably, placing her hands on her hips.

“I think you know exactly what I’m trying to say.” he bit out. “You and your pretty boys.”

“You’re one to talk.” she shot back.

“Alright that’s it; I’ve had it with you two.”

“Mickey what are you doin’?” Rose sputtered as he grabbed hold of her arm and shoved her into the cupboard with The Doctor, closing the door behind her and leaning up against it as the banging started.

“The two of you have been at each other non-stop for over a week. So you’re both gonna stay in there until you make up and I’m not lettin’ you out till you do.”

“Excuse me,” Mickey turned his head to see one of the servants standing in front of him, holding a stack of towels with a look of bewilderment on her face as she stared at the linen closet. “Is there someone in there?”

“Yeah, they’re havin’ a bit of a couple’s row.” he replied with a nonchalant wave of his hand. “They just need a minute.”

Realizing the muffled shouts and banging had ceased while he had been talking, he grinned smugly. “See, told ya.” Turning around Mickey pressed his ear to the door and listened intently but was unable to hear anything. Curious, he pulled the door open a fraction and then quickly shut it again a look of mild astonishment coloring his features.

“On second thought,” he smiled awkwardly stepping away from the door and reaching out for the towels in the woman’s hand. “Maybe I should just take those.”

Happy New Year

Happy new year, my friends!  Enjoy some New Year’s angst!  This just sorta came to me, and I had to write it down. 

Dedicated to:

@ktrosesworld, @nannyogg123, @thedeliriumtennants, @goingtothetardis, and @pillie-biper10, who all sent me personal happy new year wishes, and to @miss-duria-blue and @wordsintimeandspace, who sent me comfort and well wishes last night because I’d had a shit day.  You guys are all so full of awesome and loveliness and joy and humor and the best things in humanity.  Thank you for bringing a bit more color to my life.  You’re collectively one of the better things that happened to me last year.

Characters:  Tentoo/Ten x Rose

Rated:  All Ages

Themes:  Angst, introspection, memories, love, comfort, New Year.

Word Count:  1300

Rose Tyler’s eyes snapped open as she awoke with a jolt, her whole body tense with the agitation left behind by what must have been a bad dream.  The memory of it had already dissolved as she shook the final cobwebs of sleep from her mind and entered fully into wakefulness.  Her heart was pounding, and she realized she was hyperventilating.  Swallowing dryly as she reached up to wipe a glaze of sweat from her forehead, she methodically slowed her breathing and waited for her heart rate to follow.

The room was still shrouded in darkness, all vague shadows and lumpy silhouettes, splashed with pale blue where moonlight was creeping through the cleft in the window drapes.  She looked beside her at the sleeping form of the Doctor, lying half on his stomach, legs and arms sprawled at juxtaposed angles.  She couldn’t see his face.  It was turned away from her, smashed into the pillow.  Miraculously, he wasn’t snoring.  He almost always snored.  It was a nice snore, more like a soft purr, which she found comforting.  It seemed fitting that he wouldn’t be snoring now, when she was feeling restless and upset, though she couldn’t quite grasp why.

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~400 words, Doctor x Rose, fluff

Written for the @timepetalsprompts drabble prompt: “exhaustion”

Guys, I wrote a drabble prompt this time that wasn’t over 1k. Miracles never cease.

Originally posted by cooltennant

It had become something of a joke over the past two days or so, Rose’s exhaustion. The Doctor had started sing-songing about it, like a Dr. Seuss book.

Rose will nod off in a tree, Rose snores and sounds just like a bee.

Will she doze off on the moon? Rose could sleep amongst Judoon!

“Oh, shut up, Doctor.” Rose rolled her eyes and gave a sarcastic little laugh, while he gave her the bright smile she loved so much. She then yawned and protested that she had absolutely no idea why she’d been so tired lately, but she just didn’t have her usual stamina. They’d only been on Yeahl for a few hours, and she was ready to pack it in.

The Doctor pursed his lips and said he’d like to run a couple of tests, he was starting to worry. Rose smiled around a yawn and folded herself into his side, sighing happily when he curled his arm around her protectively.

It was then that they got arrested.

Charge: Gratuitous Affectionate Display.

Penalty: 12 months in prison, hormonal modification/repression

The Doctor held Rose close in the cell they’d been placed for holding and debated with himself about how he would get them out of this one. Rose was, of course, asleep in his arms, curled up against his chest.

When she stirred a little he took the opportunity to shift himself and took a deep breath. The answer to their predicament became brilliantly, sparklingly clear and he woke her with a shout of joy.

“Doctor? What is it?”

“It’s you, Rose! I know why you’ve been so tired lately! You’ve been utterly exhausted, yeah? It all makes sense now! Ha!”

“What are you on about, Doctor?”

“Hey!” the jailer came to the door and pounded in. “What’s going on in there!”

“You have to let us go!” the Doctor exclaimed gleefully, fairly dancing to the cell door. “You can’t keep us or perform hormone modifications on us!”

“And why not?” the jailer demanded.

“Yeah, Doctor, why not?” Rose hissed to him.

“Because!” The Doctor sprung back and put his arm around Rose before he turned back to the jailer and exclaimed with clear pride, elation and triumph. “My wife is pregnant! Just a week or so along, by the smell of things.”

Rose wasn’t exactly asleep when she collapsed against him this time. 

A Smidgen of Luck

written (very late) for the @timepetalsprompts prompt - “a chance meeting”.

~1100 words, Doctor x Rose, fluff, rated G.

a/n - this will almost certainly be cribbed or used as a chapter for a fic I’m working on. So if you see it now and then see it again in something else of mine…yes, it was intentional. But it fit the prompt and I wanted to share. :D

By the way - this is a pregnancy!fic, and it talks about the luck of being pregnant/difficulty level of conception. So, caveat emptor. :)

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