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“Shall We Dance” - Digital Oil Painting

I love the way this one turned out, all the little details like the hair and the lace and the fabric folds! I also love that you can interpret this as different BP and DT characters. She could be Lily, but she could also be Rose, all pink and yellow, after convincing the Doctor to actually stay for the party in their honor and their hosts provided them with appropriate clothing. She just caught him looking at her cleavage during their dance and he’s fumbling for an excuse or apology, he’s not sure which, while continuing to look-notlook. Hehe! Feel free to use as inspiration for fic, if you want!

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“Wedding Day Horizon” - Digital Oil Painting

One life, together, and the endless horizon.

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A Bit Dull

So, my headcanon about Girl in the Fireplace is basically that it never really happened.  But there was a girl.  And there was a fireplace.  And the Doctor abandoned Rose.

Characters:  Ten x Rose

Themes:  GITF fixit, headcanons, mild angst, fluff, bad dreams, post School Reunion

Word Count:  1,245

Rose shuffled into the Tardis galley, rubbing her cloudy, sleep-shrouded eyes with one hand as she reached blindly for the teapot.  Her fingers closed over the handle.  No wait.  That was a hand, not a handle.

“Now Rose, where are your manners? Didn’t your mum ever teach you not to snatch toys from the other children?”

Rose pulled her hand back like it had been shocked.  “Oh my god, Doctor!  Sorry.  Still half asleep apparently.”

He grinned.  “Have a seat, Ms. Tyler, I’ll fix you a cuppa.  Didn’t expect to see you up so soon.”  He reached into one of the copper cupboards above the counter and pulled out her favorite mug; one that he’d given her.  It was plain white, but when it was filled with hot drink, the picture of a pink and yellow rose bloomed into view.

Rose slumped into one of the dining chairs with a yawn, chin resting in the cup of her palm.  “How long was I asleep?”

“Just two hours, thirty-seven minutes, forty-two seconds.”

She yawned again.  “God, no wonder I’m still so tired.”

The Doctor brought their teacups to the table and sat across from her.  “So.”  He clacked his teeth. “What’s up?”

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Be Mine... Morphine, Please?
  • Tentoo x Rose
  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Fluff, hurt/sick, holiday, valentine’s day, drabble, one shot

“Hi, I’m looking for the Doctor?” Rose said breathlessly as she arrived at Urgent Care.

The lady behind the counter pursed her lips.  “Which one, love?”

Rose closed her eyes and shook her head as if to clear it.  “Sorry.  I mean Noble.  Doctor John Noble.  He’s a patient.”

“Ah!  I see,” the woman tapped a few keys on her computer.  “He’s in room 160, down the hall on the left.”  She pointed.

“Thank you,” Rose said hastily as she turned away and hurried in the direction the woman had indicated, her boots clicking rapidly on the mottled yellow linoleum.  She sailed past several glass walls with curtains drawn, room numbers embossed on plastic tiles that were epoxied firmly on the door frames.  120… 140… 160!  She flew through the door, jerking the curtain aside–and there he was, stretched out on the bed, several pillows propped behind his head and back, and a couple of ice packs draped across his ankle.

“Rose!” he cried, a grin splashed broadly across his face.  “You’re here!”

She was at his side in an instant, bending to give him an awkward and painfully tight hug.  “Of course I’m here, you plum!  God, what happened?”  She sat on the edge of the bed and he winced slightly as the mattress shifted.


Rose arched an eyebrow.  “Puppies?”

“Yes, puppies.”  The Doctor grimaced.  “Puppies.  In our back garden.  I didn’t see one of them and tripped backwards over it.  Got myself a nice concussion to go with my sprained ankle.”

“Oh my god… hold on a second…”  She furrowed her brow, sitting up straighter.  “What were puppies doing in our back garden?”

The Doctor chewed the inside of his bottom lip and studiously avoided her gaze.  “Well… it was either that or the living room, and I wasn’t sure you were quite ready for that…”

She blinked several times, mouth moving in an attempt to form words, but nothing came out at first.  “What?” she finally squeaked.

The Doctor grinned sheepishly.  “Happy Valentine’s Day?”

First Fudgy Kiss

By Skyler10fic

Summary: Ten and Rose have just finished making fudge in the TARDIS kitchen as a Valentine’s Day treat. But when they “clean” the bowl, Rose crosses a boundary in their physical relationship thus far.

Notes: This lil’ double drabble is fulfilling two different prompts this week because it’s all I’ve got (It’s been a busy weekend!): @timepetalsprompts chocolate and @doctorroseprompts “Pre-relationship Valentine’s Day (Including stories where they get together during the course of the story.)”

Forrest Gump was right, Rose mused. Their life was like a box of chocolates. Every time the Doctor held those blue doors open wide for her, she never knew what lay beyond.

It wasn’t just the alien cultures, either. Somehow he found a way to woo her anew each day. She doubted he was doing it on purpose, but she wished he was.

Like now, he was licking fudge from his fingers. She was using a spoon to scrape the bowl like a civilized person, but she wasn’t complaining about his method, not with the sensational sounds of appreciation he was making.

She sat on the kitchen counter and he stood between her knees with the bowl between them so they could both reach. Which was a marvelous idea to begin with but now with him so close and the bowl empty, Rose had no choice. She set the bowl into the sink next to her, and before he could move away, grabbed his lapels and dragged him down to her lips without so much as a warning.

“Rose?” He withdrew slightly.

Embarrassment and fear flooded her as she realized what she had done.


“Can we do that again?”

How Jackie Tyler Learned Her Daughter Was Shaggin’ a Bloody Alien

for @ardentlynines who asked for Jackie finding out about Rose and Nine.

Here you go! It went in a completely different direction than I originally intended, but I hope you like it anyway!

Rated G, 1720 words, Nine x Rose

Originally posted by bethwoodvilles

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The Perfect Dish (4)

Ten x Rose restaurateur/food critic AU

Word count: 872 |  All Ages (for now)  |  Part 4/13


Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Parts 12 and 13

Chapter summary:  Jack gives Donna a call, and some John and Rose stuff.

Jack listened to the digital purr of the ringtone as he waited for the tell-tale click of a connection. One… two… three… fo—click!


“Heyyyyy, Donna!” he said crooningly.  “It’s me, Jack.”

There was a brief silence on the other end before Donna’s brash tone finally came through.  “Jack? Whatcha callin’ me for?  Oh, don’t tell me you and John are having a row…”

“What?  No!  God, you make us sound like a couple.”

“Well, I don’t know what you two get up to.”

“Wouldn’t he be the one calling you about a row?”

“Well, that depends on if he’s having a row with both of us at the same time.”

Jack stifled a laugh, but ignored her comment.  “Listen, I need you to do me a favor.”

“Oh, god…” The dread in her voice was palpable.

“Pleeeease?” he pleaded.

There was a muffled sigh.  “What is it?”

“Well, I’m sorta seeing someone, and I wanted him to meet some of my friends.  Problem is, we’ve got a bit of a third wheel situation.  My buddy, he needs a date.”

“A blind date?  Bloody hell…”

“Noooo,” Jack wheedled.  “It won’t be like that, really.  I can vouch for him, he’s a good friend of mine.  But he’s new here, one of my old friends from across the pond.  He doesn’t know anybody.  So it’s gonna be me and Ianto—that’s my guy—Martha and Mickey, and he’s gonna be the odd guy out.”

“Why can’t you take John with you?” she whined.

“I already asked him, but you know how busy he is.  Of course it was a no-go.”

Donna let out a moan of reluctance.

“Come on, Donna.  Give a guy a break, please?  I’ll buy you dinner, and the movie ticket, popcorn, whatever—the works.  All you have to do is show up, and who knows? You might actually have fun.”

“Uuuuuuugh, fine.”

“Yes!  Fantastic, thank you.  I owe you one.”

“Yeah, a big one.  Huge.  Like shopping spree huge.  Or clean my flat for a month huge.”

“Whatever it takes, honey.”

“Ooh, don’t let your bloke hear you call me that.”

There was a confused pause.  “I call everyone that.”

Dear Rose Tyler,

This is John Smith again.  Well, you probably already knew that, since emails show a return address.

John hit the backspace key and stared at the now blank email box.

I mean, it’s not like emails are hard. Hell of a lot easier than phones.

But he couldn’t help asking himself if it was really necessary.

Of course it’s necessary.  I need to know if she has any food allergies before I cook for her.  It’s a perfectly reasonable question.  I mean, granted, she is a food critic, so her diet probably isn’t too restricted.  Still, you never know if there’s some obscure thing that might turn her into a proverbial blowfish…

Dear Rose Tyler

He hesitated, then tapped the backspace six times.

Dear Rose,

I just have a quick question for you. Have you any food allergies I ought to be aware of?

John stared at the screen, chin in hand, forehead creased in frustration.

This is ridiculous.

He slammed the laptop shut.

Dear John,

Oh god, Rose, you’re not writing a dear john letter to a man you’ve never met. You just want to ask him if he’d like you to bring anything.  It’s not complicated.

She tapped the backspace key.

Hi, John!

Hmm… too enthusiastic?

Hi, John,

This is Rose Tyler.  Well, obviously, you can see that, it’s email.

She groaned and held down the backspace key until the email box was blank again.  Washing her hands down her face, she sighed before returning her fingers to the keyboard.  They sat motionless for several moments before they started their tapping once more.

Hello, Doctor.  How are you?

What am I doing?  She stared at the blinking cursor for a few moments, chewing her bottom lip, then read the words again.  Her hand reached for the backspace key, but stopped in mid-air, hovering over the keyboard reluctantly.

On sudden impulse, she moved her hand to the mouse and clicked the send button.

Oh my god, Rose, what did you just do?

She quickly closed the laptop and jumped out of her seat, stalking across the bedroom and running her fingers through her hair before turning around to stare at the machine, chewing on a thumbnail nervously.

You idiot.

John was in bed with the covers pulled up, nodding off to the pages of Harry Potter, when his phone chirped at him from the nightstand and pulled him out of his stupor.  He hummed sleepily and rubbed his eyes under his reading glasses, then set them straight before grabbing his phone.

1 email from… Rose Tyler?

He sat up straight, wide awake now, but his thumb hovered over the screen hesitantly.  What if this was a cancellation email?  He felt his heart sink slightly as he tapped the screen.

Hello, Doctor.  How are you?

His left eyebrow rose slowly.  That was definitely not what he was expecting. He read it again, then twice more.  Yep.

She wants to know how I’m doing.  And she called me Doctor.

He smiled.


Journey’s End, in a world without cockblocking Daleks

The first thing she tastes is an exhale, a pant, an exclamation that is half a sob and half the single syllable of her name breathed over and over again as his forehead touches hers. She isn’t sure if his staccato breathing is precursor to a sob, or a laughing fit, or if the Doctor and his very impressive respiratory bypass are going to hyperventilate right there in the middle of the street. .

She’s not quite sure the Doctor knows, either.

Whatever it is, it’s inches from her lips, and she tastes the air he breathes as his fingers can’t quite stay still- tracing the cure of her hip, dancing along the backs of her hands, curling into her hair. They aren’t quite kissing so much as breathing the same air, but Rose, who feels as though she’s been starved of air and light for a decade, soaks it in, fingers curling like roots into the sleeves of a brown pinstriped suit jacket. 

(Air from his lungs, she thinks, as the Doctor’s breath puffs across her lips. The giddy thought brings a laugh bubbling up and she lets it, for the first time in years she lets it, even though it feels like it might split her face right in two.)

“Hello,” says Rose Tyler, her hand finding his itching fingers and sliding, at last, into place. The Doctor’s hand stills - the whole of him, frozen, and quiet, this perpetually unsilent man rooted to the spot, his mouth trembling it’s way into an answering laugh, wet and triumphant and just a little bit broken. 

The second thing she tastes, cool  and urgent, is the Doctor’s hello in return pressed against her lips. 

There For Her

By Skyler10

Summary: Rose’s birth father was never there for her. But that’s only the beginning of the story. Now as the daughter of a parallel Pete and a parent herself, Rose makes peace with all she ever wished for as a little girl.

Notes: For the @doctorroseprompts drapple prompt: Wish

As a little girl, Rose Tyler always dreamed about what it would be like to have a dad. He would take her and her mum on picnics in the countryside. He’d tell her bedtime stories and tuck her in at night.

But her real father was never there for her. He couldn’t be.

There had been an accident he didn’t survive.

Her mum told her he was a great dad. They’d been lucky to have him even for so short a time.

Still, she wished it could be different.

At 19, she was there for him as he died. She tried to save him, driven by something uncontrollable within her that insisted on compassion, no matter the rules.

But when that failed, to hold his hand.

To say goodbye.

She wished it didn’t have to end this way.

As a mum now herself, Rose no longer has to wonder. She has a dad, parallel to the one she never knew.

And she has her Doctor. Her very own. To love and to grow old with and to raise a daughter with.

And these dads are there for her, for Tony, for Piper.

The Doctor straps the baby in her car seat while Pete hauls a heavy basket and blanket to the Hummer. Tonight, when everyone is home after a day of sun and food and chasing butterflies, Pete and Tony will read the next chapter of Harry Potter. The Doctor will tell Piper a story while Rose nurses her to sleep, though it will be a while before the baby is old enough to understand it.

These children will have what Rose never did. This odd little family. Pieced together across dimensions and species. Fathers who can give them a literal entire universe.

It’s everything Rose could have wished for.

Flying Dutchman

Written for @timepetalsprompts, this is the nine x rose “at sea” prompt.  Since we’re just getting into October, I tried writing a spooky Halloween story. 

Nine x Rose

Word Count:  2500

Flying Dutchman

The rotor slowed gradually, and the groaning wheezing sound came to a halt.  Rose picked herself up off the grating and brushed off her shirt, looking up at the Doctor.  

“Okay?” he asked, straightening his jacket.

She grinned.  “Bit of a rocky ride!  ‘M fine.  Is the TARDIS okay?”

The Doctor patted the console.  “I expect she’s just fine.  Some rides are a little bumpier than others.”  

“So…where are we, then?”

He scratched his head. “Earth…somewhere.”

Rose made a face. “That doesn’t exactly narrow it down…what year is it?”


“Are you askin’ me or tellin’ me?” Rose asked, adjusting the laces on her trainers.

Shaking his head. “Dunno.  We’re not supposed to be on Earth at all.  Seems like the TARDIS had other plans for us.”  

She looked down at her jeans and tee shirt.  “Do I need to change, then?”  

“Go on, then.  I’ll wait.”  

Flashing a brilliant smile, she spun on her heel and headed for the wardrobe room.  On the way past her room, she noticed the door was open. Stepping inside, she saw the ship had already laid a new set of clothes out on the bed.  Patting the coral strut happily, Rose got to work changing into what seemed like a very modest outfit for the 1940’s.  “Seems like a lot of clothes,” she said softly.  

The ship hummed in reply.

“But I trust you,” she smiled.  

Walking quickly, she joined the Doctor back in the dim light of the console room.   He had a puzzled expression on his face, his forehead wrinkled.

“Somethin’ wrong?” she asked.

He turned around.  “I don’t know.  She doesn’t like somethin’, but she won’t tell me what.  The readings are all normal, but…”

“Should we leave, then, if she doesn’t like it here?”

“Rose, she landed us here. There might be something that needs doing.”  He shrugged and patted the coral strut.  “Best go and investigate.”  

“Ooh!” she grinned.  “Sounds mysterious!”

“It’s probably nothin’, Rose.  After all, the readings are all normal.  Could be the TARDIS mixed it up a bit.”  He gave her a wink.  “Only one way to find out.” 

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The Perfect Dish (1)

Ten x Rose restaurateur/food critic AU

Word count: 804  |  All Ages (for now)  |  Part 1/13


Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Parts 12 and 13

Chapter summary:  Rose Tyler, internet food critic of local fame, writes a review on the new restaurant in town.

Hello, readers.

We’ve entered the fourth week of October, and although my intention was to continue my search for the perfect sticky toffee pudding, my dessert train was derailed when I walked through the doors of a little hole in the wall known simply as The Blue Box.

On such a rare, warm fall day, with the leaves especially golden against the backdrop of a bright blue sky, I was ready for something sweet and warm.  But when I perused the menu, I was caught off guard by three little words.

Batter fried chips.

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