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All reylos need to watch this shit, cause it’s accurate AF

I’m tired and I don’t want to do homework right now, so I’m gonna talk about rose symbology in “Beauty and the Beast” (2017) instead. There are two major rose colors that are present in the film. The first is the eponymous red rose offered by the Enchantress to the Prince. The red rose is a symbol of passion, and romantic love, and the Prince doesn’t accept it because he can’t. He has no idea to accept any kind of love, least of all romantic. So, the rose is left behind after the curse to remind him of how his opportunities of love are slipping away. The Beast keeps the prospect of romantic love under glass - impossibly idealized.

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The live-action version added the part from the novel where Maurice brings back Belle a rose from the market, and he does so by stealing from the Beast’s garden. In the movie, this is shown by Maurice picking a white rose off the vine. White roses are usually signs of a loved one who has passed; a love that’s dead and gone. This is the rose that appears to Maurice because his love has passed on, and the fact that Belle even asked for a rose is more of a memory of her mother than anything else. This is the rose that sets in motion the plot, and brings Belle to the castle. It’s not a coincidence that the commonality of losing their mothers young is one of the things that the Beast and Belle empathize with each other over. 

This is where the enchanted rose comes into play again. Belle approaches because she doesn’t understand what it is. The Beast’s reaction isn’t excusable, but it’s understandable why he would freak out when the thing that is his torment and salvation could have been damaged. At that moment, Belle has seen the Beast at his worst and at the same time the red rose (the possibility of true love) has finally been exposed. 

At this point, Belle decides to return knowing full well that she doesn’t have to. It’s never been clear in the film exactly why, but I would guess it’s curiosity and a duty to not see people suffer. It’s at this point where the Beast and Belle really begin to understand each other, their individual characters and desires, and find out they are particularly suited to each other. 

Then we have the introduction of the rose-rattle in the Parisian garret. This is another red rose, but it’s an analogue to the Beast’s rose. Something that holds the promise of love lost, impossibly preserved for a long time. Belle asks to go home, because she’s finally begun to accept that her mother’s love is a dream. It’s in this scene that Belle grows up, and finds a new family in the castle. 

I’ve already talked about how Belle’s live action dress is designed to look like a rose, but it’s the color that really gets me. Yellow roses signify deep friendship - something that must necessarily come before any kind of romantic love. They share an intimate dance, but they need to fulfill their duties to others in order to do so. Belle has to learn to balance familial love with outside love, and that’s why her leaving and coming back is an important character beat for her and the Beast. 

Fast-forward to just before the transformation. The Beast seems to be dead and all hope is lost - except that Belle whispers “I love you.” Agathe shows up, and picks up the dying petals of the rose in order to bring the Prince back to life. 

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“It must be hard to be a faunus…”

I hope I’m not the only one who really waits for Emily to make an appearance on the show already just so i can let Adam and her talk about their superpowered s/o and how cute and sweetly dumb they are

Also because I want to hear the girl who stole my Rose’s heart

But just

Adam really needs a person who gets how fucking weird it is to date a person with fucking superpowers (awesome, yes, but weird as fuck)

Pretty sure that Emily would need that too

there was a different
version of ‘me' 
every two seasons:
a me who hated and fighted,
a me who destroyed herself,
a me who screams and bites,
a me that was happy and cried,
a me that wanted him and her,
a me that got everyone away
and me, I couldn’t keep any.
there was you.
knocking at my door,
stealing my fries and walking me home,
defending me in the streets
and calling me colors, all sky, yours, loved.
in the end, 
you saved a 'me’ i missed having my whole life.
—  you chose me, over the princess of your tale, you chose the dragon. nc.

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Do you think you could a prompt wherein Amy gets the Bellas to do the most elaborate prank on beca and she comes home from class, walks into the house her stuffs gone, lily now rooms with Amy and everyone's acting as though she's not there at all?

“Chloe, what the hell?” 

None of the Bellas question Beca’s choice of counsel, immediately assuming that once she noticed her stuff removed from her room she’d run to Chloe’s spot on the couch. Still, it was humorous, the way she took five seconds to jump from the stairs to the living room, seeming only to breathe outside her bedroom door before knowing that something was wrong. 

That was Beca, though. A lover of routine, surviving only on the promise that she could be back in the safety of her room again soon. When that was put into jeopardy, you better bet that there would be hell to pay. 

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Fic prompt: Beca and Chloe just get into a relationship, without the Bellas knowing, but slowly one by one they realise they're together. One morning Beca and Chloe go down stairs to tell the Bellas and are confused when Amy and CR and swapping money and no ones shocked :) love the blog

They weren’t terribly good at hiding it. While most of the Bellas would’ve expected it to be Chloe who gave it away - all doe-eyes and sappy cooes that were enough to maybe pull a blush from Beca - none of them thought that Beca was going to be the almost unbearable teenage boy in the relationship. 

And if they thought that the stares during rehearsals were bad before anything happened between the girls, well, none of them were fully prepared for Beca’s uncanny ability to completely and openly undress Chloe with her eyes for the three hours of practice they had to endure. 

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