rose x adam

there was a different
version of ‘me' 
every two seasons:
a me who hated and fighted,
a me who destroyed herself,
a me who screams and bites,
a me that was happy and cried,
a me that wanted him and her,
a me that got everyone away
and me, I couldn’t keep any.
there was you.
knocking at my door,
stealing my fries and walking me home,
defending me in the streets
and calling me colors, all sky, yours, loved.
in the end, 
you saved a 'me’ i missed having my whole life.
—  you chose me, over the princess of your tale, you chose the dragon. nc.
RWBY fic project: Bumbleby AU part 17.

Link to part 16:

Part 17- aka: the part where it all gets complicated.

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From behind Yang came a rustling. Without a second thought, Yang spun around, ready to greet back Sun.

But to the brawlers dismay, what she saw was Adam..

His pale fingers wrapped tightly round Emerald’s neck.


It took Yang several seconds to respond to the scene playing out in front of her. Her eyes widened, flashing red as she stepped forward.

Adam, seeing Yang move forward, twisted Emerald towards him.

“Ah ah ah, not another step little dragon- or our little gem here gets broken.” He snarled, a sadistic grin spreading across his face.

Emerald winced at the movement, before her face set in a searing scowl.

“Get away from her.” Yang growled, balling her fists.

Adam ignored her.

“You know..” He started, “a little birdie told me you had another precious gem in your life..”

Yang felt her breath hitch, and she felt her knees begin to wobble.

“What was her name? Ruby?” He smiled innocently.

At the mention of her sisters name, Yang roared.

“Oh? Hit a nerve did I?” Taurus laughed, winking.

“DON’T YOU SAY HER NAME!” She bellowed, clenching her fists tighter then she already was.

“Who’s name? Ruby? Ruby Rose, sister to one Yang Xiao Long…”

With that, Yang ran forward, pulling her arm backward, ready to strike. Adam, quick as always, pulled Emerald against him, pushing his hand further up her neck, causing her to angle her chin upwards. Yang could see her audibly gulp, so she stopped short.

“Good girl.” Adam drew, softening his grip on Emerald, brushing his fingers down her neck. The green girl shivered at his icy touch, her eyes begging Yang to help her.

“What. Do. You. Want.” Yang snarled through gritted teeth.

“World peace, a girl I own, a nice bottle of whiskey..” Adam mused, tapping his chin with his free hand.

“Cut the crap Taurus! Let her go, or I end you!” The brawler yelled, pointing to Emerald.

Adam sighed, as if Yang had ruined his fun.

“Fine.” He pouted, releasing his grip on Emerald. The shorted girl stumbled forward, falling into the grasp of Yang.

“I got you. I’m sorry.” Yang whisper chanted as Emerald gasped for air, her hand clutching at her throat.

After making sure Emerald was okay, Yang turned her attention back to Adam. The red haired man had his arms folded behind his back, and he was smirking.

“Remember what I said little dragon; stop messing with my people, or I start messing with yours.” With that, he turned on his heel and strolled confidently into the night.

Yang clenched her teeth, tightening her grip on Emerald as she watched the Beast leave.

Silence rung in the air, before Emerald choked out.

“W-well.” She coughed, “That was more exciting then my usual Saturday night..”

Yang laughed humourlessly, patting her on the back.

“You don’t say..”

There was another short moment of silence, which Emerald broke again.

“So..” She started, raising a curious eyebrow. “You have a sister huh?”

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could a prompt wherein Amy gets the Bellas to do the most elaborate prank on beca and she comes home from class, walks into the house her stuffs gone, lily now rooms with Amy and everyone's acting as though she's not there at all?

“Chloe, what the hell?” 

None of the Bellas question Beca’s choice of counsel, immediately assuming that once she noticed her stuff removed from her room she’d run to Chloe’s spot on the couch. Still, it was humorous, the way she took five seconds to jump from the stairs to the living room, seeming only to breathe outside her bedroom door before knowing that something was wrong. 

That was Beca, though. A lover of routine, surviving only on the promise that she could be back in the safety of her room again soon. When that was put into jeopardy, you better bet that there would be hell to pay. 

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lmao i’m watching the long game right

and just after a siren blares and the doctor says, ‘oi, mutt and jeff!’ to call rose and adam over

rose starts sauntering towards him

and the doctor, without taking his eyes off her, licks his lips

lollllllllll omg i can’t breathe CHRIS how did i not notice that before