rose with droplets

‘ Granada Rose ‘   Outdoor flower photography by Bob Bauer Shot in  my garden.  Birdbath is the blue.  Granada is the rose variety.

You can purchase a 9x13 mounted and matted 16x20print of this here:

Saudade II

summary: Tom attempts to repair your relationship after spending a year pushing you away.

request: yes

warnings: slight angst

words: 1726

a/n: A couple of people mentioned a part two to Saudade and I liked the idea so here it is.

part one

The rain was tapping incessantly on his car window and the wind was shaking the trees lining the sidewalk. Tom stared at your apartment through the passenger window. His leg was shaking and fingers were tapping the steering wheel erratically as his mind raced. He was beginning to doubt himself; he debated driving off, but he knew he’d only be back.

He looked down at the bouquet of flowers laying on the passenger seat and frowned, wishing something so pretty could be more permanent. In two weeks time, the flowers would wilt and die. Before that though, they would have to brave the torrent outside, as he was sure the heavy rain would damage their fragile petals. It didn’t look like the rain was letting up any time soon, though, and Tom was only stalling at this point. After turning off the engine, sucking in a breath, and steeling his nerves, he stepped out of the car.

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