rose was really dark

headcannon: after being launched into the stratosphere, summer and raven make eye contact in the forest

Hey my eyes are down here!

Anyways. Sorry I didn’t want to just do another text post.

I hope you guys read this. Trying my best to keep this short.

So except for Homeworld, I also always wanted to explore the time period before and during the rebellion.
However, I didn’t just wanted to do “Greetings from the past”.

This project is a little different. It’s a little more experimental and has more of a narrative structure.

Let’s not talk around the issue. It’s basically fanfiction… in pictures.
Alrighty now, I don’t know what happened in the past. I don’t where rose quartz came from exactly.I don’t know who pearl’s owner was and so on.

I’m really only making stuff up to fill the gaps as I go along.
I know that’s not amazing story telling. I hope you can forgive that.
I hope you can forgive that I get the characters a little wrong.

I actively ignore the canon a bit not because I think my version is better but purely because whatever I doI could never be in line with it, so I might as well take the freedom where I want to.

This whole thing only exists because it’s fun for me to do.
It shouldn’t take away from your vision of what happened.

It’s just wonderful dumb fanfiction :D

Now that I got my insecurities out of the way. Let’s start.

I’ll tag these picture with “ashesandshards”. Which was kind of like a working title for me. It does sound a bit morbid. The whole thing isn’t really dark though.

Thank you everyone!

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Ooooh you're taking prompts! I would love to see Fenris and Anders interacting without the others present. Thank you for all your wonderful fic! ^___^

They were the first to arrive at the Hanged Man.

Unexpected, unprecedented, they stood outside the bar eyeing each other for several moments before Anders spoke.

“I almost didn’t recognize you – not clinging to Hawke’s ass today?”

A dark brow rose. Fenris looked amused. “Do you really want to discuss what I do with Hawke’s ass?”

“No,” Anders said. “No, I really don’t.”

“We should reserve the table before the dock workers start coming in.”

“I get the chair by the window,” Anders said.

They both tried to walk through the door at the same time. It was like a stage play, likely comedic to see, the two of them struggling for a brief moment before Fenris huffed, and stepped back, and motioned impatiently for Anders to enter.

“After you, then,” he said.

“You’re used to following people around anyway,” Anders answered, and stepped into the dim malodorous interior of the tavern. He had to stop for a moment to get his bearings and let his eyes adjust. Fenris, coming in after, brushed past him to lay claim on the table. Isabela had carved her initials into it years ago, staking her territory, and Varric was very often to be found with his papers all spread out over it, but that didn’t mean if they were late getting there that some other group might decide they were brave enough to claim it.

Fenris plopped himself down in the chair by the window. When Anders opened his mouth to protest, the elf only looked smug, crossing his arms and propping his filthy feet up on the edge of the table.

Anders dropped into a seat.

“I’m going to need a drink before I can put up with you,” Fenris said. “Do you have any coin?”

“You still owe me from last week’s game. Put it on Hawke’s tab.”

Fenris shrugged and dropped his feet. When he rose to go to the bar for a pitcher, Anders took his chair.

He didn’t comment when he returned – merely handed Anders an empty cup and sat down.

“The black doesn’t become you,” Fenris said, as he poured them both a drink.

“I don’t care what you think becomes me.”

“Still – I’ve a bit of an eye for it, you know.”

Anders didn’t answer. He picked up his drink. He wished someone else would arrive soon. Anyone else. They were silent for an uncomfortable span of time.

“Shall we start a game of darts while we wait?” Fenris asked.

Anders pushed back his chair and rose. “I’ll get them,” he said.

When he returned, Fenris was in his seat.

Being Remus Lupin's Little Sister Would Include...

- You were just a kid when Remus was bitten

- so young, you couldn’t remember it being any other way

- Remus used to read you fairytales when you were growing up

- Snow White, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid…

- Your least favourite was Little Red Riding Hood.

- The wolf had such a bad reputation. Where was his side of the story?

- And your favourite was Beauty and the Beast.

- ((even those who some see as monsters can have a happily ever after))

- That was all you wanted for your big brother

- For him to be happy

- you always wanted to be an Animagus

- Remus didn’t let you

- ((obviously))

- You got along well with his friends

- Perhaps a little too well for his liking.

- “Morning, love-” “Stop that.”

- “ Stop what, Moony? I’m not doing anything wrong.”

- “You know very well what you’re doing. Stop it.”

- You were incredibly proud of him when he became a prefect.

- Also a little jealous.

- there goes your perfect brother, with his stupid perfect grades, and his stupid awesome friends, and his stupid good reputation-

- But you were mostly happy for him

- Your sixth year rolls around, and you get your first boyfriend.

- Remus is not happy.

- He threatens the poor boy with months of pranks and slime in his hair

- eventually he quiets and looks in his eyes.

- in a quiet voice, he spoke.

- “Don’t hurt her. Please, just- make her happy. For now, that’s your job.”

-“You need to make sure she’s smiling, and sing her favourite song, learn all the words. Bring her her favourite flowers.”

-“they’re peonies.”

- “And if you can’t do that, you don’t deserve my sister.”

- You had overheard.

- You smiled softly as you heard your brother walk away.

- Then comes the breakup.

- You had immediately rushed to find Remus when he had told you he didn’t feel like their relationship was progressing, that he felt like they were moving backwards

- he held you as you cried into his shoulder

- he softly patted your hair and whispered into your ear.

- “Y/N- You- he didn’t deserve you.”

-because Remus had been right all those months ago.

- he hadn’t learned all the words to your favourite song

- he claimed he was an awful singer, but the wasn’t the point

- he had bought you red roses on your one month anniversary

- dark, mysterious, quite lovely, really.

- but not the bright peonies that you loved

- not the flower that you had pointed out to Remus when you were just little

- The red roses weren’t the peonies that Remus had used to fill your childhood bedroom

- peonies in vases all across the room.

- “Someday, you’ll find your prince charming, Y/N. Happily ever after.”

- “So will you, Remus. You’ll find a Belle.”

JRPGs 2017 - What comes next?

The opening months of the year have been the strongest in a long time. Persona 5, Nier Automata and Tales of Berseria are all games I would strongly recommend, along with Kingdom Hearts 2.8 being great for series fans and the 1.5+2.5 collection being a great remedy for people who aren’t fans. 

But with the big guns of the genre all having released games within the last 6 months, the rest of the year looks bleak. 

Or does it? While big names are thin on the ground, the genre has plenty to offer in the coming months. 

Valkyria Revolution - June 30th

Featuring a war setting, strategic battles, a painterly anime style, and, um, excessive cleavage. For PS4, Vita and Xbox one. Yes really. Probably PC eventually too. 

Dark Rose Valkyrie - June 9th

The premise shows promise, but can Idea Factory deliver? There’s only one way to find out! PS4 exclusive. 

Dragon Quest Heroes II - April 28th

Part action RPG, part musou, 100% dragon quest charm. PS4 and PC. Switch to follow. Demo on PSN now. 

FFXII The Zodiac Age - July 11th

Remaster of the 2006 game. Has an excellent soundtrack, with 8 new tracks added for this version. PS4. 

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - TBA 2017

The first game was really good. This should be too. PS4. 

Originally posted by caerberus

I also believe there’s a really good chance Dragon Quest XI will release this year. Its releasing in japan on July 29th and since the release and strong sales for Builders and Heroes, it seems likely it will release internationally this year. 

And lets not forget that there’s E3 in not too long. Its not unlikely that KH3 and FFVII:remake will get release windows, and those release windows may just be late 2017. But probably not. But there may be other announcements for the latter half of the year.

Looking to the future

Its important to remember the future looks exceptionally bright for the genre. FFXV was well received. Persona 5 is the best reviewed PlayStation game in 3 years, selling 1.5 mil copies so far, completely selling out of physical copies in the UK after charting number one. Nier Automata not only sold well but is a critical darling that people are still talking about. Faith has been restored in the genre meaning more games will be made, more money and resources will be put into their development and more games will be localised. 

There’s the inevitable next Tales game that will be revealed sometime soon. Platinum are probably already in talks with square to make another Yoko Taro game. We’ll get some Persona 5 spin offs, but Persona 6 will most likely be released in less than 8 years, to capitalise on P5′s success. There’s a major new Final Fantasy in early or pre production now, I promise, along with project re:fantasy and namco bandai’s newly announced 2018 JRPG code vein. And there’s still KH3 and FFVII:Remake.

Early 2017 has been a kickstart, not a high point, and the future of JRPG’s looks good. 

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list. I focused on PS4 games, not portable or nintendo games, and even then only included games i thought looked promising. All release dates stated are European. Check for other regions. 

also: JRPG’s on the Switch

Who is pearl!!!! I must know!

We don’t know pearls origin. We know rose was one of Pink Diamonds soldiers. We know Amethyst was a Gem left behind on earth. We know sapphire was in Blue Diamonds court and Ruby was a Soldier sent to Blue Diamonds court. We know Lapis was a aristocratic Gem in Blue Diamonds court and we know that Jasper was part of Pink Diamonds soldiers and Peridot was part of yellow Diamonds command. We know nothing about Pearl. Either she was part of Pink Diamonds court. Or white Diamonds court. 

Here is the first time that Garnet saw pearl.

She looks like a white pearl so maybe she is in white diamonds court. 

Here she is when garnet sees her for the second time. She is Waring the same outfit but the colors are different. In the first picture the colors of the Gems are very solid like with rose. 

Rose was in Pink Diamonds court. Rose is much more pink here then she usually is just like sapphire was much more blue then usual. 

See Sapphire is very blue and ruby is very pink. It seems that gems are color coordinated like red - pink - orange gems were under Pink Diamonds command. Blue - purple - violet Gems were under Blue Diamonds command and yellow - green - orange?? Gems were under Yellow diamonds command etc. So white and lighter colored gems would be white diamond. 

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Okay but let’s be real, Ladybug would totally be the one to be pushed to the evil side, long before Chat ever would. Yes, even factoring in Marinette’s sweet personality. In fact, it makes it an even better twist. And as Ladybug, the personna she takes on is one of aloofness, she believes what she does is right and acts on righteous fury. Everyone wants Chat to be evil before Ladybug because of the hurt and pain and rejection in his life, but he always finds the light in his situations, as both Chat and Adrien. Marinette hasn’t had turmoil like he has, she hasn’t had to adjust to painful situations like that. Something will rock her to the core one day, and all those emotions she never really had the chance to comprend will be perfect for breeding an akuma.

The Steven Universe fandom is dense af - The Series

I can give you so many reasons why considering past events but here’s one that just popped up- everyone somehow believing Yellow Diamond shattered Pink Diamond. First of all, I want to smash my head against a door. Second, the writers of the show made it clear that the YD had nothing to do with it. (If the diamonds end up having something to do with it then shit come back and roast me but I’d blame the crewniverse for their bad writing.) Any who, one of the first and only evidence you need for this is YDs actions in “What’s the Use of Feeling Blue?”. By the end of the song, the writers had the intent to establish her grieving and feelings for Pink were still enact, she just presents them differently. Y'all are over here acting like that never existed and now you’re saying how she was in denial of everything Blue Zircon was saying. Of course she was, but not in the way you think. She was in denial because she has her heart (gem?) SET on believing Rose Quartz did it. (For goodness sakes they bubbled all the RQs and she wanted to execute her immediately out of hatred and confidence that it was her) The truth is, NON of the diamonds were there at the scene, which was highly implied several times. That’s why they were so shocked when Zircon started saying all those things. Yellow Diamond didn’t want to believe anything else. She poofed her because Zircon accused a Diamond of killing another Diamond, that would make anyone angry…. Here’s the part that makes me mad at the fandom for the lack of acknowlegment: the recess scene and the ENTIRE fact that Steven is not Rose. I broke it down 👍. Steven doesn’t know how it happened because he is not Rose Quartz. Homeworld believes he is, but is shapeshifted. He told Zircon he did not know how it happened. Once again, he is NOT ROSE so he could never know. This lead to Zircon DOING HER JOB. She was nervous the entire episode for defending the guilty. THIS IS HOW SHE MADE LEEWAY. She had something to defend now. Does her argument make sense? Of course. But it implies something else. Something totally different that has NOTHING to do with YD. (In fact, maybe the writers even knew the fandom would fall for this although I can’t understand why literally the theory makes no sense.) It’s foreshadowing something. My take on it is pretty simple, I have a few theories but here’s an interesting one– the one who shattered PD was her Pearl? Think about it… She was close to her. She was allowed to be around her 24/7. No one would have saw it coming. Maybe it was even our Pearl, and that’s why she hates shapeshifting so much, as someone once theorized. I mean it still could be Rose but it’s now implied they had to do something evasive to shatter Pink, let’s not leave this possibility out.

Anyone could have shapeshifted into Rose, by request.

Hell it could’ve been another Rose Quartz and we’d never know.

Whoever did it, was part of the rebellion but was not noticed at that time or place. One fact remains: All fingers are pointing to a figure shaped like a Rose Quartz.

It wouldn’t add up if YD did it because so many people saw Rose do it. Eyeball even stated it herself. The gems acknowledge Rose did it. Either they know something we don’t ,OR maybe they are in the dark along with us…Rose kept many secrets.

(Who really knows at this point the only reason why I made this is to show you that it could never be YD. Bye y'all)


Lately I’ve been getting negative messages about having brown hair and how I should change it. I also received a lot of positive, supporting ones in response (you guys rock!) but sadly many of them included a wish to have my confidence. So I wanted to show you some photos.

This is me. I am a goth, I have brown hair, and that’s the way I like it. My hair colour doesn’t make me any less of a goth and it doesn’t make my love for the subculture any less valid. What it does do is make me feel pretty when I dress up which in turn gives me confidence.

It took me years to actually come to terms with not being able to have dyed hair because what I kept hearing was “you need to look like the stereotype, and if you don’t you’re not one of us”. Not only is that an effective way of driving people away from a subculture and a blatant lie, it can also be devastating to hear. (Nothing wrong with looking like the stereotype though. If that’s your preferred style keep looking awesome!) I’m not changing my hair because someone doesn’t find it attractive or because it means I’m not “true” in their eyes. If we start telling other goths how we want them to look how can we ask non-goths to respect our spooky likes and looks?

We are not decorations and we should not be told or expected to change ourselves to fit a mold if we don’t feel comfortable in it. Have black hair, brown hair, blonde hair, purple hair, green hair, anything in between… The important thing is you like it and you feel comfortable. You’ll look gorgeous no matter the hair colour (or no hair at all)!

When she was sad, she would lay in the grass for hours. I think gazing at the big blue skies and red rose petals made her feel small, as if her problems were too silly to be bothered with. Whatever the reason was, it made her beautiful. She was beautiful.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #114

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What's your favorite color and season

my favourite colour is either a dusty rose or a really dark turquoise or baby blue and my favourite season is summer❗❗

I Trust You

Originally posted by credencesbarebone

Pairing: Credence x Reader

Word count: ~1.3k

Warnings: mentions of abuse, abuse

Summary: Your mother and Credence’s mother meet every week to discuss the horrors of witchcraft, while you and Credence learn more about each other.

A/N: In this both reader and Credence are 18-20 but they come off as much younger because of years of abuse. 

“It’s raining outside, you have to let her in!” 

Your mother looked down on you with harsh eyes, “But I don’t care.” You looked outside to your dog, who was shivering in the rain. She had been your best friend for the past 4 years. Your mother was very strict on you growing up which made it hard for you to make friends. No one was allowed at your house and you weren’t allowed to go anywhere. Especially after your mom caught wind of the Witchcraft community rising in New York. “They’re out there. I know it.” She would always mumble under her breath. As much as you wanted to believe that, that magic was possibly somehow real and could take you away from your hell, you couldn’t.

The only good part about your mother’s crazed obsession with witchcraft was that on every Tuesday night her and Miss Mary Lou Barebone would get together at your house and discuss how to expose the witches. And the good part about Mary Lou was that she would always bring Credence, her adopted son. Ms. Barebone and Credence had been coming over for the past two years, but only recently had you and Credence been interacting. For a long time it would be your mother gibbering on and on with Ms. Barebone while you and Credence stole glances at each other. However, you noticed a few months ago that Credence would often look outside. For a long time you thought he was just daydreaming until you caught on that he was looking at Fang, your dog.

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