rose vine tattoo


I was feeling kinda (read: very) shitty today, so I decided to color one of my inktober line work thingies to cheer myself up.

It … didn’t really work and I kinda hate how the roses turned out, but I was getting frustrated, so here it is.

At least the dagger looks a bit less shitty? I guess?

I do like how the golden sparkle on the roses and the silver on the metal of the dagger turned out though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I really like to think about Ronan getting new tattoos, like Ronan adding roses and vines to the tattoo on his back that resemble the clearing where his mom lived in Cabeswater, and Ronan getting a skateboard tattooed on the inside of his arm for Noah, and later on adding something for Adam, like the Magician tarot card or a design of leaves and vines near his heart or a latin script on his ribs that Adam always traces with a soft awed touch. And.. just Ronan Lynch expressing his love and remembrance quietly but surely the way he always does.


(Not sure which pic is better lol)


Quick break down of the design (thought went into this) Harley’s diamonds represent her. The vine represents Poison Ivy, however the the thorns represent how she protects Harley. The rose symbolizes their love. ♡

I worked really hard on this!! I think it came out well enough to be used for my artist portfolio/resume. It came out awesome and I’m proud.
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