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The House of Roses

So, I have an Etsy account, which you can access here at The shop mainly contains items made for women 18 years old to up and some handmade items that I’ve produced out of love. 

Thus far, it’s been a great venture doing an online store because I’ve been wanting to open one for the longest time. My reasoning behind such an action is due to my advocacy for sustainable fashion and eco-fashion.

Now what is sustainable fashion? Well, my dear friends and readers, sustainable fashion is where we take our current state of fashion industry and turn it into a more sustainable, recyclable, earth friendly option where we do not max our natural resources for the sake of fashion. I love fashion - DO NOT GET ME TWISTED. I love colors, textures, silhouettes, etc. but there is a need for rethinking and revamping the way WE manufacture, produce and sell the items we USE EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

At 25, I will be attending a fashion school in Fall 2012 to study sustainable fashion and merchandise! I’m very excited because it is my second turn at college again! I earned my B.A. in Music in 2009 and although I love Opera and will support it at every action I get, I still have this immense passion for Eco-Fashion.

For now, my turn in supporting eco, sustainable fashion is selling consigned and recycled items. These items are top notch and I am good to promise that I do not sell for the intent of just selling. As a fashion admirer and enthusiast, I sell the items to place realizations into people’s minds that we are able to be fashionable in a second hand manner :) 

So please, now that I have stepped off my soap box, please check out my

Love always!