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I decided to keep on working on that sketch by @shaniartist. I wasn’t satisfied with what I presented yesterday, but now I have 2 versions I can’t choose between ;v;

Thirteen/Rose!!! I hope its okay. Thanks again for the wonderful drawing, Shani!!


                                     “All we see is sky for forever
                               We let the world pass by for forever
                       Feels like we could go on for forever this way
                                   Two friends on a perfect day

I just viewed a post that was blocked for sensitive content on my dash, and it turned out to be….the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler holding hands at the beginning of Father’s Day.  I mean…I get it, tumblr, the Doctor and Rose holding hands is definitely sensitive content that could be considered sexual in any context.

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  • Clara: You absorbed the time vortex, merged with the Tardis, became a goddess, destroyed all of the Daleks including the emperor and made someone immortal?
  • Rose: What? Like it's hard?
A List of Quotes About the Doctor and Rose

“From the moment they meet, the Doctor and Rose are soul mates. They understand and complement each other.”
Russell T Davies

“To all intents and purposes, it’s a love story, really, the Doctor and Rose. Rose is clearly in love with the Doctor. And as time goes on we realize that he’s rather fallen for her.”
– David Tennant

“She’s the one woman, the one human, that can make him better – that can make him a bigger character, a better man.”
Julie Gardner

“It’s a love story. It’s like love at first sight, in a way.”
– Christopher Eccleston

“What Rose brings to the Doctor’s life is completion. It’s completing a circle – he’s male, he’s alien, he’s a traveler. Between the two of them together they complement each other and discover each other. And are in love with each other – absolutely, unashamedly, unreservedly.”
– Russell T Davies

“I think it’s like all these relationships, like Mulder and Scully and Moonlighting, you know.”
– David Tennant

“Obviously and quite overtly, really, the subtext of this show is that the Doctor is hopelessly in love with Rose.”
– Steven Moffat

“You want Rose and the Doctor to be having a good time, going for a nice candlelit meal and, you know, maybe even the snog that we all know they really want.”
– Julie Gardner

“It was what Russell had schemed, really, and there was an idea that the Doctor would imprint on Rose, like a sort of newly hatched chick. He would adopt Rose’s way of speaking.”
– David Tennant (on why his Doctor has an English accent)

“The Doctor and Rose love each other. I think it’s that simple.”
– Euros Lyn

“The Doctor is literally thrown into this bizarre new circumstance before he’s properly gotten himself together after saying farewell to Rose, who was the love of his life.”
– David Tennant

“He’s a very damaged and closed man. She brings that out of him. She brings him back to life. She widens his horizons.”
– Russell T Davies

Oh, it’s SO love. I don’t care what anyone says. The Doctor and Rose love each other. HOW could they not? You can’t have the best times in the world – in the universe, go on all those journeys, have that much fun, sacrifice yourself to save each other. They absolutely love each other.”
Julie Gardner

“He knows that Rose mustn’t come back and that it goes against all the laws of space and time, and yet the chance to get to see her again is clearly something that he’s very excited about and delighted by.”
 David Tennant

“I don’t think they really ever question it, they just get on with it but there’s this kinda suggestion, you know, that there may be some romance. I think she’s quite in love with him.”
– Billie Piper

“He loves this woman so much.”
– Julie Gardner

“I think Rose was unique in the sense that she loved him and he loved her back. And it was more than just a hint. It was deeply emotional.“
Freema Agyeman

"You want it to happen, but at the same time you don’t want it to happen. It’s one of those weird things. It’s like Ross and Rachel.”
– Billie Piper

 “In the end I sort of though we created a companion who was so alive and dynamic and so wedded to the Doctor that you’d need a whole universe to contain her in. The only way to get rid of her is to send her into a parallel world from which she can never return; otherwise she would stay with the Doctor forever.”
– Russell T  Davies

“The whole thing has been building up to them meeting each other. You couldn’t bring Rose back and deny her a meeting with the Doctor.”
– David Tennant

“When the Doctor met Rose, that was a very different Doctor, that was a lonely, damaged man; his entire planet had been wiped out. Rose helped him move on from his terrible grief he’s been dealing with. She knocks off the Time Lord edges and humanizes him just as he Time Lords her. They were what the other was lacking, they are inseparable.”
Russell T Davies

“There’s a part of her that feels very comfortable and very attracted to this new Doctor because he is the same guy, but clearly he’s not and clearly she’s saying goodbye to this other man that she’s been in love with. For the Doctor himself there’s just another heartbreak and another tragedy and he’s back on Bad Wolf Bay where he last experienced this, he’s saying goodbye again and bidding farewell again and this time it’s closing forever and there’s no going back. And in gifting her this other Doctor he’s not really allowing himself to go back either.”
– David Tennant

“You know the thing is, I’m always quite full on when I kiss him as Rose, because she has this, you know, desperate love for him.”
– Billie Piper

“Obviously and quite overtly, really, the subtext of this show is that the Doctor is hopelessly in love with Rose and trying to impress her. And then a younger better looking guy with the better gun turns up and he’s so annoyed.”
 Steven Moffat

“Just in the terms of acting a scene like that, if Rose is over there, and she’s all you want in the universe, and you’re desperate to get to her, you’d want to be able to run flat out, wouldn’t you?”
David Tennant

“From first holding the Doctor’s hand to a farewell on a beach, Rose is the Doctor’s reason to fight, to endure, to ensure there’s light in the darkness. Together they can achieve anything. As Episode 9 describes it, they are the stuff of legends.”
– Julie Gardner

“Finally they get to this wrecked, deserted, night-time, battered, Dalek-invaded street – civilization gone. Across the greatest possible distance, there they are, her with a great big gun, him with the Tardis, and they run toward each other like the biggest romance you’ve ever seen in your life…And, as in all great love stories, he’s cut down by a Dalek. I think that’s what should happen in most films, really. Gone With The Wind, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting hill – they all should have had the hero cut down by a Dalek, and they would have been vastly improved.”
– Russel T. Davies

just realized i never posted my piece for @runcharityzine… i’m hoping it’s okay to post at this point? 


i just think rose’s ear loopies would be the perfect addition for the doctor’s new get-up (i can’t wait to see my new space mom/parent in action!!)


This love left a permanent mark
This love is glowing in the dark
These hands had to let it go free
And this love came back to me


GitF AU: The Tenth Doctor leaves Rose, Mickey, and the TARDIS behind in order to save Madame de Pompadour and finds himself stranded with no way back. One of his younger selves arrives at the right place and time, and agrees to travel to 18th century France and pick his sorry ass up.

Ten Fandom Ladies Meme

I have been largely absent from tumblr and I’m sorry about that. I’ll try to do better, but I make no promises. Ian, Rose, Fergus and the baby own my soul right now and I feel guilty for doing this meme and not writing them. That’s how crazy I am. I’m not very good at tumblring anyway. 

Right. I was tagged twice for this meme, once by @badwolfgeek and also by @whoinwhoville. I’m hereby tagging, um, you. (Since I have no idea who’s done this and who hasn’t. 

K. Here we go. In no particular order….

1) Hermione Granger

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What’s not to love about Hermione? She’s clever, funny, willing to break the rules when needs must…I aspire to be like her. 

2) Black Widow/Natasha Romanov

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Her level of badass cannot be accurately measured, and she was my first fic-writing muse. 

3) Peggy Carter

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Again - what I want to be when I grow up. 

4) CJ Cregg

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There is nothing about CJ that I don’t absolutely love. She’s tough, she’s independent, she’s brilliant, and she holds her own with the men every day. Again, I’d kill to be like CJ.

5) Donna Moss

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There are many lessons to be learned from Donna, but I think the best one is the power of patience. She waited, and eventually the secretary became the FLOTUS’ COS with the love of her life by her side. 

6) Rose Tyler

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Ah, the character I’ve written about more than any other. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything left to say about her that I haven’t already said, so I’ll fall back on that. 

7) Donna Noble

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Out of every character I’ve ever seen, every character I’ve ever read about, I relate to Donna the most. I don’t have to want to be her, I *am* her (just a little less bold). Her ending absolutely shattered me, and I can’t watch it again. 

8) tie - River Song/Clara Oswald

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(here comes the hate). Look, I don’t ship either of these characters with the Doctor. In fact, River with Eleven and Clara with Twelve make me feel like I have glass in my bones. HOWEVER – they were both strong, intelligent women that the Doctor relied on. They were important to him and complete badasses. I love the characters, no apologies for that. 

9) Missy

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Say what you want, Missy was the most entertaining non-Doctor character in *years*. I enjoyed her on the show immensely. 

10) Luna Lovegood

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I read somewhere one time that JKR’s daughter said that everyone should aspire to be a Hufflepuff. Well, I’m of the opinion that everyone should aspire to be more like Luna Lovegood.