rose tyler sim

Sooo tomorrow first two pictures of the new “bigger” gen 4 storyline will be posted. I liked it at first, now I’m not so sure, I think I could’ve done a much better job but I had no time to do it all over again so I guess now I’ll just suffer as I’ll see it being published. Next week though…oh I LOVE what’s in the queue for the next week.

Starting tomorrow (with the first two story pictures), Rose Legacy (and every other thing) will get a new, simpler banner. I like the current ones but I wanted them to match my new theme more.

And just because I’ve talked about a storyline that will be focusing on Caleb mostly, have an old picture of Tyler and Sharon because that totally makes sense. Yup, she’s got different hair in this one. I think the one that she actually has in the save suits her better though! :)