rose tyler is the reason for making the doctor human again


Requested Anonymously

WARNING: Disturbing stuff here, actually a little bit graphic, not because I’m trying to be grotesque but because I wanted the hardship to have reality. If you’re terribly squeamish, I suggest skipping over the italicized bits that are in the first section.

This is just as dark as Part One. Maybe more so. Part Three, which will be the final part (most likely), will also be PURE FLUFFY GOODNESS (as the original anon’s ask requested), so don’t let this one get you too down. It ain’t over. 

Your hand healed. Nothing had really changed, you thought, except that now you were angry. This body had a tendency to be that way. Your first body might not have taken so much offence at that rude Gallifreyan’s condescension, but this body… it had been born from fiery pain. It was the result of years and years of independence and loneliness and living on the highs of everything near-immortality could offer. This body would not be talked down to. You had lived alone for almost all of your life, and you had seen terrible things, and done things that no one else in the universe had ever done, and you were still young.

Some part of you, maybe the childish part, wanted to say, “We’ll show him!” and do just that. It wanted to prove that you were more than a child, that you could be clever and useful and adult. But the rest of you, the much stronger part, knew that you didn’t have to prove a single thing, and certainly not to him. You had lived with strength all this time, without help and without him.

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Future, Meet Past

Day One fic for the Empty Child/Doctor Dances anniversary celebration! By Clare Hope, aka Admin Ianto at We-Are-Torchwood


That sounded like Owen. Why was Owen groaning? Wasn’t it night? Night was usually when Gwen was asleep.

“Owen? Gwen? Are you there?”

And that was Ianto. What was going on? Gwen sat up and rubbed her eyes.

“Gwen, you’re awake. Look, we’re in this room. I can’t find any doors or weaknesses in the walls,” Ianto said. The only light was coming from a small torch that he was carrying. “You and Owen have been out for about 20 minutes.”

“Where are we? How did we get here?” Gwen groaned.

“Well, we were investigating Rift activity, so I’m guessing the Rift brought us here.” Ianto tapped the wall. “It seems to be some sort of high-strength metal alloy.”

Gwen crawled over to Owen and shook him roughly. “Wake up. We’re trapped.”

“Great. You know, I think I’m gonna stay asleep,” he mumbled.

“What’s that noise?” Ianto said suddenly.

Gwen knew that noise. So did Ianto, though he would prefer not to remember it. It was the whirring, wheezing sound of one space-time ship that had once whisked Jack away from them for three months. Their best guess as to the occupant of the ship was whoever Jack’s “doctor” that he kept referring to was, but they didn’t know for sure.

“What the hell is going on?” Owen snapped.

There was a thud, and another, higher pitched whirring. Part of the wall swung inwards, almost hitting Ianto in the face. “Hey!” he cried.

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Saved- Tyler Joseph

Request- Hii! So I have an idea for a imagine. the readers boyfriend is tyler Joseph but the reader is very suicidal and cutting themselves. Tyler finds out later that the reader is doing that and so Tyler tries to help the reader and stop the reader from trying to suicide and hurt themseves. Don’t forget to put soooo much fluff at the end. P.s. this might be a horrible prompt.p.p.s I really like ur fan fiction.

A/N- This was a good prompt, hope you liked it. Sorry if this makes people sad, stay alive. I love all of you. 

You look down to the scars on your arm and memories flooded back of  Tyler walking in to see the blood on the floor and his girlfriend crying and looking blank. The first time he noticed your scars was when you were dating for about 3 months. They were old ones but soon newer ones started to appear. It was when you were dating for 6 months when he found you the first time on the ground of your bathroom with your wrist bleeding. You can remember the look on his face as tears brimmed his eyes. You kept saying you were sorry but he just helped you clean up in silence. He always told you how much you meant to him but you knew he was lying. No one loves you. How could they?

He’s found you 8 times after that in the same situation. You would get better for about 2 months  then relapse again. In the 2 years you and Tyler have been together you were surprised he hasn’t just given up and left.

It was late. 3:46 am to be exact. You laid in your shared bed next to Tyler as he slept. He was always peaceful when he slept unlike you. You were scared to sleep. Nightmares and memories filled your thoughts all night, so you just stayed up. You watched his chest rise and fall imaging how different without you he would be.

You saw the sun start to rise and you realized how long you had been just staring at him  for. Tyler always got up pretty early so you laid down and closed your eyes pretending to sleep. About 40 minutes later you heard Tyler start to moved beside you. You felt him kiss you cheek and you heard a silent ‘I love you’ before he got out of bed. You sat back up in bed knowing he wasn’t coming back for at least 30 minutes. It was the same each day. Tyler usually got up around seven thirty and left the room so you could sleep. You would “wake up” around eight and go find him at his piano or he would come in to get ready for the day. He would leave for the studio around ten so you had two hours to pretend you were okay.

“Sleep well?” Tyler’s voice came from the doorway as he walked into the room.

“Yeah.” You fake smiled.

“So I’m heading out early today and I’ll be late tonight. If you want to come to the studio you can.” He said getting changed into clothes for the day.

“No I’ll stay home today. You know get somethings done around the house.” You said trying to sound convincing.

“Are you sure? I mean I don’t want you alone in the house all day. I know yesterday wasn’t the best. Either was the past week.” Tyler said sitting next to you on the bed where you sat.

“I swear Tyler, I’m fine. It was just a small thing.” you said looking down at the bandage on your arm from two days prior.

“Okay, but if you’re going to stay, I’m coming home to check on you. Y/N I know you say you’re fine, but I love you and know you aren’t.” he said holding your hand in his. “I will stop and get lunch for us and we can have a date out on the balcony. Those are always your favorites.” he told you and you half smiled.

“Sounds like a plan.” you kissed him on the cheek and stood up.

You went to the bathroom to get ready. You showered and removed the bandage Tyler cleaned you up with two days ago. Looking at the new scars tears pricked your eyes. If you really loved him why did you put him through this.

“I’m going now. I love you.” you heard Tyler say opening the bathroom door a crack.

“Love you too.” you brought yourself to say.

You heard the door shut. You listened close until you heard the house door shut along with his car start. You knew it was safe now. Safe to break down, cry, scream, harm.

You hated this life. You hated admitting you needed help. You felt defeated when you said you need help so you always forced yourself to get better. It was the hardest thing ever, nearly impossible, but that’s why you ended up in the same situation over and over again. You never got proper help and you didn’t want it before. Tyler respected that, he said he would stay as long you needed him to stay with you. He was the only person you felt safe with and that’s the reason you never wanted to get help. You don’t trust other people the way you trust Tyler. You feel judged by the doctors, but Tyler’s help wasn’t enough anymore. You had reached the end.

You hadn’t been this bad in years. The last time you were here you were so close to the end, but your parents found you. In a way you were glad because now you have Tyler, but at the same time if you had died Tyler wouldn’t have

To go through all this.

You knew you were an awful person and you felt terrible for making Tyler’s life a living hell. Everything bad in your and his life seemed to go bad to you. You were the toxin in his life and he didn’t deserve that.

Before you knew it you were sitting on the shower floor with the water running cold over your body. Your fingers were pruned but you didn’t care. You were numb and cold. You slowly stood and turned off the shower. You stood in front of the mirror looking at yourself. You tried looking into your eyes but all you saw was red. You must have been crying. You opened the medicine cabinet to get a new bandage for your cuts.

After getting dressed and putting on a new bandage on you went out to the kitchen. You saw that it was almost noon. Tyler would be home soon with lunch. You put on some music to try and lighten the mood in the house. You sat at the kitchen table looking at some flowers Tyler got you yesterday. They were roses. They use to be your favorite but you couldn’t see why. They only die. You also didn’t understand why Tyler cared.

“ Y/N.” you felt two hands on your body and you jumped before realizing it was just Tyler. “Didn’t mean to scare you. I’m sorry.” he said kissing your forehead.

“No, don’t be. I was just zoned out, looking at the flowers you got me yesterday.” you smiled.

“Well today I got for you some chipotle.” he said setting a bag in front of you.

“My favorite. Thank you.” you said standing with the bag letting him follow you out to the back deck.

When he was around you you smiled. It was hard to, but you had to. You didn’t want him to know how bad inside your mind was. You sat in the sun letting it hit your skin. It felt like it was burning you. You hadn’t been outside in about 3 weeks.

“So, what did you do today?” Tyler asked.

“Showered.” was all you said.

“That’s all. I’m not here to judge but I’ve been gone for over 4 hours and all you did was shower? Y/N I need you to tell me what’s going on. This isn’t you.” he said concerned.

“Tyler god leave me alone. Haven’t you ever heard of space. Maybe this is just me. Maybe I’m just broken beyond repair.” you yelled standing from your seat.

You weren’t really sure what snapped inside you. You never snapped at Tyler like that, but it’s all you could do. He was right you weren’t yourself. You didn’t want to be this way. You felt awful for yelling at him.

“You’re right. Space. Maybe that would be good for you.” Tyler said and you could hear how hurt he was. “I’ll be back in about 5 hours. I’ll be at the studio if you need anything.” he said and before you could apologized he was gone.

You were such a terrible person. The one person you truly cared about you pushed them away. Tyler deserves better. So much better.

Now again you sat in the bathroom staring at yourself in the mirror. You couldn’t go on hurting him anymore. You’re the cause of all his pain. You looked down at your phone seeing the picture you had of you and Tyler smiling on your lock screen. You covered yourself in the picture and suddenly without the broken girl in the screen you saw a happier Tyler.

You opened the cabinet and reached for the sleeping pills that were prescribed to you a few months ago. You never took any. You opened the cap and filled your palm with the white capsules. You again opened your phone and sent Tyler a quick text.

To Tyler

I’m sorry. I love you. Forever.

Sent 1:42 pm

That’s all he needed to hear, but all you heard was the ding of a phone. You looked up in the mirror to see Tyler in the doorway. His eyes teared he was practically shaking. That’s when you broke. You spilled the hand of pills everywhere as your knees collapsed underneath you. You didn’t hit the ground because Tyler was there to catch you as you sobbed. You never thought someone could hold another human so tight to them. He rubbed your back as you cried and gasped for air between sobs.

“I need help.” you choked out.

“I know babe. I’m going to get you help. I love you.” he told you as you tried controlling your breathing.

It felt like forever before you calmed yourself enough to be able to hear what Tyler was saying to you. He wasn’t talking at all actually, he was singing. He knew it always calmed you.

Oh, Ms. Believer, my pretty sleeper

Your twisted mind is like snow on the road

Your shaking shoulders prove that it’s colder

Inside your head than the winter of dead

I will tell you I love you

But the muffs on your ears will cater your fears

My nose and feet are running as we start

To travel through snow

Together we go

Together we go

You listened as he sang softly, matching your breathing to his. He rocked you back and forth softly as he sang. Soon you felt your eyelids grow heavy and the first time in about a week you fell asleep.

One year later…

You were a whole new person. Clean for a year today. It was a huge accomplishment, something to be proud of and you have to thank Tyler for all of it.

He got you help. You never wanted help before fearing it was a sign of weakness, but you were wrong. With help you could be a human again. You got to be happy with Tyler and enjoy life.

Sitting outside feeling the light breeze and the sun on your skin. Tyler was somewhere inside. You didn’t have those thoughts anymore. You didn’t fear sleeping.

“Whatcha thinkin about?” you felt Tyler place his hands on your shoulders then wrapping his arms around your front placing a kiss on your cheek.

“Nothing in particular, just that I’m happy.” you smiled.

You missed being able to smile and laugh and be genuine about it.

“Good thing because I got you these.” he said handing you a dozen roses.

“Tyler, they’re beautiful.” you said with tears in your eyes.

Small things like this made you so happy to the point of tears.

“But that’s not it. I want you to know something.” he started now kneeling in front of you with one hand behind his back. “There is a dozen roses right there, you’re favorite, but 12 roses isn’t enough for you. It doesn’t prove how much I love you. So that’s why I have 13 roses for you.” he said pulling another rose from behind his back. “This rose represents my love for you. It’s plastic and will never die. It’s not perfect which is just like us. We’re all broken Y/N, but I’ll be there for you when you fall apart. I always will be. I’m not saying I’m going to be perfect, but I know you will be. You’re perfect for me in every way. That’s why I’m asking you this question. Will you do me the honor of being my wife and making the happiest man to ever live?” he asked taking a ring out of the pedals of the roses where it was perfectly hidden.

You had no words. The tears that pricked your eyes earlier were now streaming down your face.

“Yes, Tyler. Oh my god yes.” you said grabbing his face and kissing him.

You felt him smile against your lips making you giggle. When you broke the kiss he was smiling from ear to ear. He slid the ring onto your finger where you admired it.

“I love you.” Tyler said watching you look down at the new ring on your hand.

You looked up and caught his lips in his again.

“I love you too. Thank you.” you meant it.

He was the reason you were here today. If he didn’t come home when he felt like something was wrong a year ago, you wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t be engaged to the most amazing person in the world.

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for a fic prompt..: a blackeye or bruise on cheek?

Rating: Teen (discussion of abuse and swearing)
Pairing: Nine x Rose
Summary: The Doctor finds Rose during a non-savory encounter with her ex and takes care of the situation.
Tags/warnings: Mentions of past physical abuse, Off-screen abuse to Rose, hurt/comfort, Jimmy hits Rose and the Doctor reacts, Protective!Doctor
Find it: AO3 • TS
Words: ~1275
Notes: This is what came of this prompt. It’s funny, because @countessselena and I were talking about Jimmy Stone a week or two ago and whether or not we thought he physically abused Rose. We both came to the conclusion that we can read both, so long as it’s handled and written well. Jimmy is kind of a blank slate, and it’s interesting (although painful) to consider the possibilities.

To be honest, this was a bit challenging to write. I do not like even the thought of Rose being abused, but hopefully I managed to handle this particular moment with tact and accuracy according to their characters.

Much thanks to @countessselena for the beta and help.

It’s the Last Time

The Doctor frowns and counts the minutes in his head. Rose is thirteen minutes and fourteen seconds late returning to the TARDIS. Pacing restlessly around the console, he wonders if Rose would think him too clingy if he went back up to Jackie’s to wait for her.

Better give it a few more minutes. Rose doesn’t need to know he’s just about useless without her by his side.

Several minutes later, the Doctor glances at his watch, despite already knowing that Rose is now precisely twenty one minutes and forty seven seconds late. He stops pacing and sighs. There’s a little niggle somewhere in the back of his mind that reminds him she’d normally call if she’s decided to stay at Jackie’s a little longer. And earlier, she’d been quite excited to return to the TARDIS, as he’d promised her a day in a quaint little beach town with purple sand and pink skies.

Or so he hopes. This daft incarnation doesn’t seem to be any good at driving his ship where he wants to go.

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bubblygal92  asked:

Hi! This is for the prompt fic thing. Eleven x Rose, Roaring 20s, Secret relationship :)

So… This prompt is almost a year and a half old. As soon as I read it, I got the idea for a reunion fic, with the “secret” aspect coming into play when Clara meets Rose without knowing who she is. Then I got buried in other fics and I never worked on it… until that post with Eleven’s double Albert chain went around early this spring.

When the Doctor takes Clara to a jazz club in 1920s London, he doesn’t know the universe is finally going to be kind to him. After a long life with her human Doctor, a not-so-human Rose Tyler has come back to her own universe, and will finally be able to come home. Post JE AU reunion, Tentoo x Rose mentioned. The song Rose sings is, of course, “Stardust.”

Thanks to @perfectlyrose for reading an early draft of this for me, and to @lastbluetardis for talking through some points with me. Cover created by the talented @timeladyelpia–thank you so much!


Once Again With You, ½

Clara watched the Doctor spin in wild circles around the console as he flew them away from Caliburn House. Outwardly, he was behaving exactly as he always did at the end of a successful adventure, but today, there was something melancholy under his childlike glee. She thought about what had happened with the creature caught in the pocket dimension, wondering what could have put him in that mood.

“It’s the oldest story in the universe, this one or any other. Boy and girl fall in love, get separated by events. … Since then they’ve been yearning for each other across time and space, across dimensions. This isn’t a ghost story; it’s a love story!”

The memory hit her like a bolt of lightning, and she sat up straight in the chair. His tone of voice when he’d explained about the separated lovers—there had been painful experience buried deep there.

“Doctor,” she said tentatively, “how did you know they were lovers?”

His gaze lifted up from the console to meet hers, then returned to the controls. “I’m twelve hundred years old, Clara. Sometimes, I just know things.”

“Yeah but… have you ever been in love?”

She watched him carefully. The Doctor would lie, he would use misdirection to get her off his trail. But she was learning his tells. He froze just for a minute, then moved with jerky motions to the neighbouring panel.


“Again, let me point out my age.” The Doctor adjusted his bow tie. “I think it’s safe to say I’ve been in love a time or two.”

His hand drifted down to the charm on his double Albert chain. Clara had admired the white enamel rose before, but he’d never given any inkling that it was sentimental.

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A/N: I’ve had an idea for a drabble/sketch where Tentoo is sick and Rose takes care of him for a while, so here goes. It’s all fluff and crack – enjoy!
Title: S’Good.
Pairing: Tentoo x Rose
(There is an OC involved, but purely for the purposes of presenting the Doctor and Rose’s relationship as seen by a stranger).

The plaque on the van’s door reads Rose Tyler and she climbs the three steps, reasoning with herself that Rose certainly wouldn’t mind if she waited inside. Certainly.

The inside is warm and pleasantly stuffed. It smells of tea.

Anya shrugs off her heavy coat and looks around curiously. Incidentally, the van lives up to her assumptions regarding how Rose Tyler’s living space would look. The walls are covered in corkboards, calendars and photos of various sorts, painted pink, and there are quite a few rather mismatched pieces of furniture crammed into this small amount of space. There’s even a tiny and strikingly old-fashioned telly sitting on top of some cupboard, and she catches a glimpse of Twin Peaks opening credits before it strikes her that she isn’t alone.

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tinyconfusion  asked:

yes or no: does rose tyler have a lucky bra??????????

(Thankssss for this. I couldn’t write a simple answer to this. I just couldn’t.)

“Rose…what are you doing?”

The Doctor had walked into the laundry room on the TARDIS to see Rose bent over with her head in the dryer, ostensibly searching for something. At his question, she slowly straightened up and turned, looking at him with wide, innocent eyes.


He folded his arms. “Rose?”

Heaving a sigh, and promptly giving up on her dismissal of his query, Rose replied, “I’ve lost it! I can’t believe it.”

She looked devastated, and his voice immediately softened. “Lost what?”

She mumbled something indiscernible. 


“I said, I’ve lost my lucky bra.”

He blinked at her.

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My Ridiculously Long Fic Rec List

Hello! Since I’ve had trouble writing lately I decided to compile a comprehensive rec list! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you browse through:

  1. This is a long list and as a result I have sorted everything into different categories to make it easier to go through, however be aware that many of these fics can fit into various categories!
  2. I have done my best to provide enough warnings on each fic so that nobody reads something that would make them uncomfortable, but again since there was so much fic to work with there is a good chance that I missed something, so PLEASE be sure to read other warnings that the author may have provided.
  3. If you do catch something that does not have sufficient warnings on it or if a link is not working PLEASE let me know so that I can fix it!
  4. A majority of these fics are Ten/Rose!

Anyway, that’s all from me! Happy Reading!

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fic: Seven Minute Spin., 1/1. (human AU; Ten/Rose)

“More like…if you can’t beat ‘em, cheat.”

2,225 words; light adult, probably.

a/n: It is lauraxxtennant’s birthday and this fic is for her birthday! Because she is wonderful and prolific and deserves all the things! And where last year’s birthday fic was a fluffy jeans-clad TenToo Pete’s World romp ending in sexy stuff, this year’s is a fluffy jeans-clad AU romp ending in sexy stuff. Our friendship is maturing.

“Today at work I sent 34 e-mails, submitted my quarterly projections, and attended a meeting about retirement planning – do you know what that means?”

“That your job is really boring?”

No, Jack, it means that I am way too old to play Seven Minutes in Heaven.”

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fic: those occasional insecurities

Nine/Rose, Jack. 


“So,” murmured the Doctor, looking uncharacteristically shy. He cleared his throat, so she waited patiently for him to continue, but he said nothing further, only sent her a furtive glance. His hands were busy twisting and turning things on the console.

Rose arched an eyebrow at him curiously. “Are you alright, Doctor?”

“Yeah,” he replied instantly. He shrugged a shoulder, the leather sleeve crinkling as he did so. “I just…” His voice was gruff so he cleared his throat again. “I was just wondering…”

“Wondering what?” she prompted, starting to get a bit impatient.

“Jack,” he said slowly, “How are you and he getting along, then?”

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Out of the Ashes, Avoidance Techniques

Out of the Ashes, part 8/?
Rose Tyler, human!Tenth Doctor (AU)

Rose Tyler is used to being alone, having learned the hard way that, eventually, everyone disappears.  After losing the one person she dared to believe wouldn’t leave her, she stops trying to believe that anything will last.  She’s determined that no one will hurt her or her son again.

Genres: hurt/comfort/romance
Rating: teen
Beta: rudennotgingr 

A/N: I really am terribly sorry about how long this took.  My muse has been cantankerous since the first flurry of chapters.

tumblr A03

It was almost four in the morning when James reached Paris, and he had one of his rare moments of personal awareness of the benefits of having money to burn as he checked into a fairly posh hotel with no questions asked, despite the hour and his rumpled appearance. He dropped his laptop and duffle as soon as he got up to his room and flopped on the bed, letting terrible adverts lull him into an exhausted sleep.

When he clawed his way back to consciousness two hours later, he wasn’t feeling any better about events in London, but at least he was awake and there was a channel and a country border separating him from all of it.

He called down for breakfast and and took a shower before slipping on his specs and checking his phone out of habit. When he realized he still had it off, he decided to leave it that way, not interested yet in answering the texts that were surely waiting from his sister. She’d been up on the hill with Grandad when he’d gotten done hurriedly packing, and he hadn’t wanted to deal with the goodbyes and explanations and arguments from both of them. It wasn’t unusual for him, but she always tried to get a hold of him soon after to find out where he was going and if he got there alright. At the moment, he still wasn’t sure where he was going, and he was far from alright, so best avoid it entirely for the moment.

Instead, he set up his laptop at the desk in the room, eating his breakfast as he scanned the email he’d been ignoring the last couple of weeks. Friends either asking him to visit or suggesting a place to him, a few emails from people and companies asking for his help, his money, or both.  After several minutes, he sighed and pulled a pad of paper toward him, jotting down some possibilities: Rome, Venice, Athens–

He twitched and quickly crossed out all three, closing his email with a jerk. 

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Of Tabloids and Trailers

This was written for a prompt by @thereisnothingwrongwithbeingmad, who requested Nine/Rose, co-stars AU


~3600 words, rated T for mild sexual content (and a truly terrible joke)

Read it on ao3! 

Originally posted by orbitingasupernova

John and Rose’s May/December Romance!

Forbidden Love!

How John and Rose Found Love on the Set!

John Noble threw the rag down with a loud curse, then leaned his head backward and pinched the bridge of his nose. He’d been in this business for fifteen years and mostly escaped tabloid attention. Then Rose Tyler, Britain’s sweetheart, was cast to star alongside him as the heroine to his villain and that streak had been shot all to hell.

They’d gotten close over the months of filming. Incredibly close. Closer than John had ever been to anyone else, when you got right down to it. John had lived a quiet life, out of the spotlight despite being a well-known actor, being cast over and over again as the villain who was vanquished at the end of every film he made. On set, he was known for being intense; a dark cloud on otherwise happy proceedings. “The Oncoming Storm,” they called him. He was serious, studious, a professional. He had no use for young girls and their shenanigans. He did his job and retreated to his trailer.

He’d been completely unprepared for Rose Tyler.

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Tokens of His Affection, 1/4

Circumstances force the Doctor and Rose into a series of alien weddings. The Doctor won’t admit how much he wants them to be real, and yet he finds himself hanging onto the various tokens exchanged in their wedding ceremonies. And when Rose’s life is threatened, those tokens of his affection provide him with the only possible way to save her.

Rated Teen

AO3 | | Teaspoon

“Your lives and souls are now entwined. Blessed may your union be.”

Rose looked up at the Doctor. His eyes sparkled, and when he took her hand, she knew exactly what he was going to say.


Her amusement burst forth in laughter when she heard the startled exclamation of the local elder. She and the Doctor ran hand-in-hand toward the edge of town where they’d parked the TARDIS and stumbled inside, still laughing.

The Doctor took his regular position in the jump seat with his feet up on the console and his arms crossed behind his head. Rose still leaned against the door, gasping for air as she tried to stop laughing.

She’d almost succeeded when he grinned at her unrepentantly, setting off a fresh fit of laughter. “Stop, stop.” Rose waved her hands in protest. “Your smile, it’s such a corrupting influence.”

The Doctor chuckled. “I have to say, I’ve been accused of all kinds of indecency in my thousand years, but never indecent smiling.”

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Subject(s): Rose Tyler x Tenth Doctor (duplicate).

Words: ~2000

Notes: A little thing for Rose/Tentoo month. The start of their life together.

For the first time, Rose realises how damn inconvenient Norway is.

Her heart aches just being back. She’d fallen apart here only a few years earlier, clutching the sand, her mum’s cardigan, nails digging into her own palms – anything to provide her with a purchase and ease the dizzying sensation overtaking her whole body. It hadn’t helped, any of it – she’d been lightheaded and dazed as Pete and Mickey wrapped her up and drove her away. But at least she could barely remember the journey back.

On a more practical level, last time was easier. More painful, infinitely more painful, but they’d had Pete’s car, old and rattling but familiar. Now they’re stuck on a beach, the tide slowly washing in, and all they can do is wait for Pete’s phone to find them a taxi. It’s forty minutes before it arrives, forty minutes Rose spends craning her neck back to look at the spot where the TARDIS disappeared, but then she’s bundled into the back seat between her mum and …him, and Bad Wolf Bay disappears with a strange sense of finality.

Because she doesn’t know who he is, not really. He looks like the Doctor. His hand, clasped in hers, feels like the Doctor’s. His voice, whispering those words, finally those words, sounded like the Doctor’s.

But he’d left. Without a word or a glance, he’d left her, disappearing into thin air, into another universe.

And yet here he is. Next to her.

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Why you should love ALL of the NuWho companions

Rose Tyler

A lot of the criticisms I see of Rose Tyler are her naivete, her jealousy of other women, and of her hero-worship of the Doctor.  Of course there are moments that do stand out and are problematic.  I tend to think of those as writing flaws rather than character flaws.  And yes, there is a difference. I definitely think that Rose and the Doctor made each other better people. 

The Doctor taught Rose to believe in herself and Rose taught the Doctor that people need second chances, including the Doctor himself.  The best lesson that Rose Tyler exemplified is that someone who is normal, of average intelligence, and who has that youthful ignorance that can be really insulting or even dangerous has the capacity to change both themselves and the world around them for the better as long as their heart is in the right place.

 Another criticism is the fact that Rose Tyler and the Doctor do fall in love.  There really is no denying that, even if those words were not actually said.  Even a Dalek could recognize it.  But since when is it not okay for the Doctor to fall in love?  The Doctor had a wife at some time before he started travelling.  Even the first Doctor got engaged on accident in “The Aztecs.”  Love is not a bad thing.  So what if he fell in love with someone with flaws and who is so much younger?  Love isn’t exactly something that’s logical all the time.  And yes, we can still have this scientific know-it-all part of his personality alongside the part that is in love with Rose Tyler.

Jack Harkness                                                      

I actually don’t see a lot of hate on Captain Jack, but when I do, I get upset.   The main criticism is that all he thinks about is getting into people’s pants.  But look around you, tumblr.  Innuendos everywhere. And I do not recall anywhere in canon where Jack forces anyone to do anything nonconsensual, so it’s a non-issue.   And sure, Jack makes a hell of a lot of mistakes (that don’t involve sex at all) that we learn about in Torchwood, but I guess immortality and having infinite lives gives him a chance to become a better person every time.  And meeting the Doctor changed him from a con man to someone who continually saves the planet.  I’d say that’s character development, wouldn’t you?

Martha Jones

If you hate Martha Jones, you might as well unfollow me now.  No, seriously.  She is intelligent, independent, and ready to take on the world as it comes.  From the moment we meet her in “Smith and Jones”, she keeps her calm in all kinds of situations from hearing the Doctor’s second heart beating from performing CPR on an alien she just met while she herself is starved for oxygen.  She is not afraid of questioning the Doctor when he makes hasty judgments.  When faced with racism, especially in “Human Nature” and “The Family of Blood,” she manages to keep her spirit and not back down even when John Smith as well as others speak daggers at her.   Also when the Doctor lies to her, like in “Gridlock,” she doesn’t take it and deal with it.  She makes him tell the truth.  And that helps them both in the end to trust each other.

 People’s main criticism of Martha is her falling in love with the Doctor, but honestly, haven’t we ALL fallen in love with the Doctor at some point?  So what if she gets a little upset when all he thinks about is how ‘Rose would know how to get us out of this mess’?  Don’t you get upset when you’re talking to someone and all they are focused on is a person who isn’t there and is making you feel like second best?  If you said no, then you’re lying and a hypocrite.

Martha literally walked the Earth, not just for a man she loved and who did not love her back, but because she knew the fate of the universe rested in her hands.  She took up that responsibility knowing how much it would weigh on her.  And she stopped travelling with the Doctor because her family needed her and because she didn’t want to keep chasing after a romantic relationship that wouldn’t happen.  It was a very HEALTHY thing for Martha to do for herself after saving the entire universe.  But she also told the Doctor that he was not allowed to disappear forever.  And they were able to continue their friendship well after Martha had stopped travelling with the Doctor—something that rarely happens with the Doctor’s companions .

Donna Noble

A lot of the criticism I see about Donna is that she is bossy and rude.  I am telling you to reevaluate that statement.  Donna does shout a lot, but as we see in Journey’s End, there is a good explanation for that.  As someone with the same insecurities that Donna has about not ever being listened to, I can vouch for those very REAL feelings causing similar actions, though I am less inclined to raise my voice quite as high because that’s just who I am. Despite what many people see as a rough exterior, Donna has one of the kindest hearts you could imagine.  From her very first encounter with the Doctor in “The Runaway Bride,” she knows that, in her own words, that “someone needs to stop” the Doctor from losing his humanity, as she did with the Racnoss.  She knocks down the Doctor’s ego constantly, which he needs in order to look at things not from the point of view of a Time Lord, but as a regular citizen of the universe. 

Amy Pond

Amy Pond has so much hate thrown at her for no good reason at all.  There is also the complaint that she centered her life around the Doctor too much.  But honestly, meeting a man like the Doctor at the age of seven would cast a LOT of impressions on anyone.  And like any child with a particularly vivid imagination, she was essentially told she was crazy for wanting those improbable adventures with the Doctor to happen.   I think we can all identify with Amelia the child on some level because we all had certain dreams when we were younger that were constantly shot down by adults.

Another complaint is Amy’s flirting with the Doctor, especially on *gasp* the night before her wedding.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m so over slut-shaming.  For heaven’s sake, Rory was going to have a stripper jump out of his cake at the stag party and that is somehow perfectly acceptable.  The kiss happened, and yeah, the whole pushing the Doctor into it was not a good thing, but again, I see this as a writer’s flaw (because let’s face it, men have problems writing female characters). 

Amy chose Rory over the Doctor, and that’s a good thing.  She didn’t set herself up for heartbreak like other characters have.  She continued to have a strong friendship with the Doctor.  She was a brilliant mother (even in the case where she didn’t know she was being a mother) and raised two children with Rory.  She had doubts about herself and her marriage after losing Melody but she and Rory worked through them like people in a marriage should.

Rory Williams

I think the main reason people have problems with Rory is that he doesn’t follow the typical dominant-man role.  Come on guys, it’s the 21st century.  It’s okay for Rory to be awkward and less inclined to order women around.  He is still a badass when it comes to protecting people, even ones that he doesn’t really know.  He’s a nurse and lives up to the title.  He gives care and support to people.  Rory’s also not afraid to call the Doctor out on his behavior reminding the Doctor that ‘sometimes it’s not always about saving the universe’ but overcoming difficult things that may seem trivial in the Doctor’s eyes at the time.

River Song

River is the ultimate superhero.  Despite her very difficult childhood and ‘brainwashing’ by the Silence, she was able to break through and find love.  For a person who was engineered to kill, it is an amazing accomplishment, especially since she fell in love with the man who she was supposed to kill in the first place.  So what if she breaks rules?  The Doctor breaks rules all the time.  She should have been bitter about the Doctor…about her own existence even.  There was no way that she was going to have a normal life, and she accepts that even though it hurts.  She gives up her regenerations to save the Doctor, even though she had only just met him.  She supports the Doctor, becoming the ultimate symbol of the universe’s love for the Doctor in “The Wedding of River Song” when she tells him just how much she loves him and that the universe loves him too.  And when the Doctor lost the Ponds, she remained steady and kept looking at the weeping angel because the Doctor couldn’t.  She knew the Doctor completely and was everything he needed, except for that tragic fact of their timelines being reversed.

Honestly, I feel like the only flaws in River’s timeline I can actually admit exist are solely writing flaws, not flaws of River’s character herself.

Clara Oswald

I see so many people complaining about Clara being this ‘Impossible Girl’ and that being the only element of her character.  That’s wrong.  She started out as ordinary as anyone, just like Rose.  I know that comparison makes some of you cringe, but I can’t help drawing it.  The only reason she turned out being the ‘Impossible Girl’ is because she made the decision to do so

Clara is so much more than a plot device.  She’s also very human.  She has a normal job (first being a nanny, then being a teacher), she has a family, and she has an endless supply of curiousity.  She is like us, wanting more out of life than just the ordinary.

fic: second chances, p2/2
Part One

“Oh, it’s so quiet,” Rose said sleepily, through a yawn, as she stepped into the library.

“Too quiet,” the Doctor grumbled to himself. He was fiddling with something in his lap, and Rose expected it was a TARDIS part. “Much, much too quiet.”

She frowned and ran a hand through her hair, trying to get rid of the tangles. “Where is everyone?”

“We’ve parked in London. Your time. They’re visiting their families and all that.” He looked up at her finally. “Do you want to go and see Jackie?”

“Nah,” she said, shrugging a shoulder. “I’m okay.”

He arched an eyebrow. “That’s not like you.”

“I just don’t feel like going to Mum’s today, that’s all. Can I sit down?”

“Of course,” he said, patting the seat next to him.

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A Beautiful Mistake || One Shot

Title: A Beautiful Mistake
Rating: K
Pairing: TenToo/Rose
Summary: It wasn’t planned, of course it wasn’t; nothing they did was ever planned. But as far as the Doctor was concerned their daughter was the best mistake he and Rose could ever make.

Warning: Baby!Fic

It wasn’t planned. But nothing they did ever was.

“Pregnant?” The Doctor repeated numbly. “How?”

“I think it might’ve been that campground where we had the cops called on us…” Rose hesitated. He wasn’t exactly happy. She’d expected shock but she’d also figured joy would settle in eventually.

They had never talked about kids – the Doctor kept  meaning to find out out if they were actually biologically compatible enough to have children together. He just kept forgetting. Neither had given it much thought, really. They had too many other things going on.

Well it might’ve been time to talk about it.

“Oh,” the Doctor said stupidly. “The uh…the campsite. Right. Um…” He ran a hand through his hair, trying to think. “So um…pregnant.”

With every word he stuttered Rose’s heart dropped further and further. He wasn’t happy. He was probably horrified at the thought of being tied down with a family. Why would he ever want that? He was probably already planning his escape. Their TARDIS would be done soon…

“Yeah. Pregnant.”

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fic: how to take care of your time lord

lol because i’m an idiot i clicked ‘answer privately’ on @suavelydressedbrit‘s prompt ask instead of posting, so she got a ridiculously long message in her inbox earlier - sorry about that! here it is for everyone else to read :)

the prompt was: ‘Ten gets ill and Rose takes care of him (after he stops stubbornly insisting he’s not sick)’

“Right! Where would you like to go today, Rose Tyler?”

Rose glanced up from the article she was reading about a famous Graxicon artist. They’d accidentally landed in the middle of her exhibition at some spacestation gallery last week, and her work had awed Rose. She was a fascinating woman, too - well-travelled and smart and cool - and Rose had been devouring any information she could about her, including that which could be found in the gossip columns of her favourite galaxy-wide magazine.

“Doctor, how many times do I have to tell you, we’re not going anywhere ‘til you’re better.”

“I’m fine,” he insisted, before fishing into his pocket for a hanky and blowing his nose loudly. “How about we go meet Ms Donocapachia, eh?”

Rose was tempted - that was the name of the artist she’d been admiring - but he sounded bloody awful, all bunged up and coughing every five seconds, and apart from the fact he clearly needed rest and looking after, she also didn’t really fancy meeting her new hero alongside someone who was likely to sneeze on her. That would be so embarrassing.

She shook her head at him. “You’ve got a bad cold; what you need is some soup and some sleep, not an adventure.”

“Time Lords don’t get colds,” he scoffed at her, leaning against the console.

Rose turned back to her magazine. “Your nose is dripping.”

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scullywolf  asked:

Hrm, fic prompt. How about Doctor (any)/Rose and a misunderstanding due to a TARDIS mkstranslation?

Title: Lost in Mis-translation

Pairing: Ten/Rose

Rating: T

A/N: This took forever, sorry! But I finally came up with a ridiculous idea for this in the middle of working on something else so here it is! Thanks for the prompt :) Oh! Also, I relied totally on online translators for anything that wasn’t an alien language so if I got any of it wrong, I apologize in advance!

Rose walked out of the kitchen carrying two cups of tea. She suppressed a laugh when she saw the Doctor had moved as far away as possible from her mum on the sofa. He looked the most horrible, dangerous creatures in the universe–of the alien and human variety–in the eye without flinching, but put him in the same room as Jackie Tyler for more than 20 minutes and he looked ready to run for his life. 

Rose leaned over the sofa and handed a cup to her mother. “Here you go, Mum.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Jackie said, shooting the Doctor a very annoyed glance.

Rolling her eyes, Rose walked around to the side of the sofa where the Doctor was sitting and placed a hand on his shoulder. He jumped and whipped his head towards her. Rose raised an eyebrow at him. “You okay?" 

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