rose tyler crying

I feel like us Doctor x Rose shippers should have a support group, provided and paid for by the bbc

I also strongly feel that it should be called Hermits United.

*otherwise known as the afternoon Hayley tried to rewatch Journeys end*

Hey Doctor Who fandom, been a while. Just dropping a small Rose doodle. I haven’t seen the last series and have been debating for a while if I should. 2014′s Christmas special killed it so bad for me, I ended up giving up on the whole thing (though still avoiding spoilers as best as I could just in case). Is it worth it after all?


Bianca: “Have you ever woken up and felt like there’s something missing in your life?”

Tyler: “Common sense.”

Bianca: “I’m serious.”

Tyler: “I’m serious too.”

Caleb: “Shut up and let Bianca tell us what she has on her mind.”

journey’s end is literally the worst because you get this

and everything is so happy and you’re like yes finally everything is going to be okay because the doctor isn’t alone and he is surrounded by friends and people that love him

and then everything happens and BOOM ten minutes later

and you’re a sobbing ball of tears