rose sebert

We live in a world where: 

  • Chris Brown got away with the most minimal sentence after horrifically beating Rihanna. 
  • Roman Polanski raped a 13 year old girl but still won an oscar to a standing ovation. 
  • R Kelly raped several under-age girls but was acquitted on all charges. 
  • Woody Allen had an affair with his wife’s 17 year old daughter only to end up getting away with it and beginning a relationship with her shortly after. 
  • John Lennon is one of the most worshipped artists to have ever drawn breath but has admitted to battering the shit out of women. 

And in that world it’s no surprise that Kesha’s freedom was denied. That her psychological and sexual safety were reduced to nothing. That she’s been forced to produce six more albums with her abuser. That she’s been forced to remain the creative property of the man who drugged and raped her. Because in this world our courts and culture still have a hard enough time believing women’s accusations of sexual assault even in the most clear-cut of circumstances. And when a woman as powerful and high status as Kesha can’t win, the rest of us stand even less of a chance. 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: it boggles my mind how people aren't addressing the fact that Kesha was raped and abused by her producer for 10 years because society has labeled her as a drunk party girl based on the songs she created. why don't people take the time to learn that she is a near-genius with an IQ of 140 and judging her for the image she created is ignorant as fuck?? Kesha has spoken out about important issues like women's rights and support for LGBTQ. regardless, even if she was just a drunk party girl she still doesn't deserve to be treated like shit?? she's a human being and deserves respect?? when are people going to put blame where it's due and stop allowing this shit to happen?????