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Essential Oils For Empaths

Empath - a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

Shields – Sage, Patchouli, Frankincense, Bay Laurel.
Shielding essential oils help to keep our own energy closed, keeping our energy to ourselves and not allowing other people to penetrate and drain us energetically.
Self-love boosters – Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood, Lavender, Neroli, Ylang-Ylang, Vanilla.
Many Empaths take on the burdens of others and it gets to be too much. These oils will help you open your heart to receive back from the Universe and heal the parts of yourself that need some TLC.
Grounding – Angelica Seed, Clary Sage, Rosemary, Patchouli, Frankincense, Myrrh.
Because so many Empaths spend much of their time projecting themselves outside of their own bodies, it can be hard to stay grounded or recognize your own feelings/emotions from others. Any of these oils will work to help you feel safe and rooted to your own body and emotions.


A soothing sachet to tuck under your pillow or hang over your bed. Get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed!


Pick and choose some of the following herbs. I typically use a mixture of about 4, or whichever I happen to have on hand at the time. I try to avoid too many at once because that results in an overwhelming scent.

Anise - Known to repel nightmares.

Calendula – Brings about a good night’s sleep.

Cedar – Calms the mind and wards off bad dreams.

Chamomile – One of the most powerful sleep herbs on the list.

Jasmine – Gives good dreams, but can cause erotic dreams in women.

Lavender – The ultimate in stress relief herbs.

Lemon Balm – Stress relieving sleep aid.

Mugwort – Helps ward off bad dreams.

Mullein – Can be used to protect against bad dreams or psychic attack.

Rose petals – Brings about dreams of love. Can also cause erotic dreams if used too heavily.

Next, gather the following stones.

Clear Quartz — Who doesn’t love clear quartz? It’s like an energy booster for your other stones.

Amethyst — This gem helps guard against nightmares, but also helps soothe an overactive mind and wipes away the stress of the day (or week).

Rose Quartz — Bring in some of rose quartz’ love and peace. This brings deep, restorative sleep and over time can build self-love and overall happiness.

Lepidolite — Probably my most recommended stone. Lepidolite is like kryptonite to even the most super-est of stresses and depressions. It can stop obsessive thoughts, bring mood swings into line, and will upend dependency and mental anguish that might be keeping you up at night.


Take the stones (little chips are just as good as big chunks) and place them in a bowl. Add any essential oils (many of the floral herbs are more fragrant in their oil form) and use your hands to roll the stones around until coated.  While doing so, focus your intent as soft pink or yellow (or whatever color is soothing to you) light radiating from your hands.

Next, add the remaining herbs. Continue to hand mix the ingredients while focusing your intent. Once thoroughly mixed, hold your hands over the bowl and really expand that “light” into a ball of positive, soothing energy.

If you’d like, say a quick invocation or spell. Something like:

When I lay me down to sleep

I ask of you my dreams to keep.

No more tossing, no more turning.

No more stress and questions burning.

Only rest and gentle sleep,

Until the morning’s dawn shall peep.

You can change the words to fit your needs, or skip it altogether. It doesn’t have to rhyme - that’s just a simple device some people use. Hell, it doesn’t even need to make sense, as long as it is you channelling your will into the mixture.

DO. NOT. RUSH. THIS. PART. Breathe. Let your will do its work.

Once you’ve imbued the mixture with your will, transfer it to a muslin bag or pouch. Hang near your bed or tuck under your pillow. 

As a side-note, always feel free to experiment with this and any of my other recipes. This is what works for me. Maybe you find catnip or vervain soothing. Add it!  Maybe tourmaline is your power crystal. Add it!  And if you experiment with the recipe and find something that seems to work really well, let me know! 

Best wishes, 

The Hedge Wytch

✨🌹 Psychic Rose Ice Cream 🌹✨

Consuming certain foods will enhance your ability to tune into your psychic mind. If prepared correctly, they can break down the barrier between your conscious and psychic mind and give you access to new sources of information.


½ cup fresh rose petals 

1 pint vanilla ice cream, softened but not melted

3/8 cup red wine

1/8 cup rose water

1 tablespoon powdered sugar

12 candied red rose petals (see following recipe)


Use roses that have not been in contact with pesticides. Choose petals that are free of dirt and insect nibbling. Cut off the white base of each petal and wash thoroughly in cold water. Drain on paper towels. Measure ½ cup of the prepared rose petals. Visualize your psychic energy as you work.

Place rose petals, wine, rose water, and sugar into a blender and process for 1 minute. Turn out the softened ice cream into a bowl and add the red wine-rose water-sugar- mixture in the ice cream. While visualizing your energy, stir clockwise until blended.

Pour mixture into a container and set in freezer. Stir once or twice during the freezing process. Let freeze overnight. Top each serving with candied rose petals:

Candied Rose Petals:

2 cups fresh rose petals

1 egg white

1 cup granulated sugar

~ * Visualize energy * ~

Wash rose petals, cut off white bases, drain, and dry. Slightly beat the egg white and dip each rose petal in the egg white until moistened. Sprinkle the sugar over each petal until evenly coated. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet. Place the sheet in the oven at 250F until the petals are stiff and crystallized. 

Faerie guidance oil

My room-mate and I made this oil to help her contact her faerie guides. It is to be used by dabbing a little on the third eye. It will increase your ability to sense the faeries and hear their guidance. You may even see faeries in your minds eye. Good to use before tarot or other divination techniques or before sleep to induce dreams of the faery realms.

Rose petals
for attracting faeries and their loving guidance
Dandelion fluff for increased psychic ability
Elderflower to produce dreams of the faerie realms
Lavender to attract faeries
Daisy petals to create psychic awareness of nature spirits
Chamomile for attracting wealth- essentially the spiritual essence of “shiny things” that are known to attract faeries
Wormwood to induce visions and calling up spirits (Please add a very tiny pinch only of this, it is toxic in large amounts)
Rose essential oil for psychic visions
Olive oil carrier
miniature jar or bowl

In your jar or bowl mix your olive oil and rose essential oil. No need to go overboard with the rose oil, just add a few drops until it becomes fragrant. Mix your herbs into the oils and seal your jar. It will be fine to use straight away but it will become stronger over time. Leave out in the moonlight on the next full moon for added strength.  Dab on the third eye when you wish to communicate with the faeries during tarot readings, divination, and meditation.

Séance Water

From time to time we all need to cleanse our sacred space where we connect to spirits and the divine.  When this happens for myself, I brew up a little something I like to call Séance Water. This water is meant to cleanse surfaces or mirrors that are used in divination or any type of trance.  It keeps your area cleansed of physical and spiritual dirt while simultaneously allowing the good woo woo back in.  Here’s how you can make some: 

I like to start off with a nice cast iron cauldron or dutch oven.  If you don’t have one that’s okay.  Put your cauldron on the stove and add the following:

2 cups water 

¼ cup vinegar (I like to use apple cider vinegar)

1tsp lemon juice

1tbs dried mugwort

1tsp dried juniper berry

¼ cup dried rose petal

Once you have these ingredients in your cauldron, you want to just warm them up.  Don’t boil them as this isn’t good for cast iron, just heat them on low for about ten minutes.  I like to give them a good stir at this time and make sure my herbs are being blended into the mixture.  Once it’s warm remove from heat and add 7 drops of Rosemary essential oil and 7 drops of Cypress essential oil.  This step is optional of course.  

Let the mixture cool some and then strain (or don’t) into a bowl, jar, or spray bottle where you can easily distribute the mixture onto a wash cloth.  Saturate your wash cloth in the potion and cleanse away all of those spiritual, and physical, nasties.  I find that this solution works wonderful on highly, let’s say used, surfaces and mirrors.  Once the surface is clean, allow to air dry.  

You of course have the ability to change or substitute any of the listed ingredients.  I would say only that I never like to use salt or white sage in my Séance water or any cleansing solution that is for dealing with objects connected to my spirit guides.  We wouldn’t want them to leave forever, now would we? 

Incense of the Day

Dream Incense

  • 2 parts Sandalwood
  • 1 part Rose petals
  • 1 part Camphor
  • a few drops of Tubersos buquet 
  • a few drops of Jasmine oil

“Burn a bit in the bedroom prior to sleep to produce psychic dreams. Remove the censer from the room before retiring. Use only genuine camphor. If this is unavailable, add a few drops spirits of camphor, which is abailable in most drug stores.”

Sandalwood - Protection, Wishes, Healing,
Exorcism, Spirituality 

Rose - Love, Psychic Powers, Healing, Love Divination, Luck, Protection 

Camphor -  Chastity, Health, Divination 

Tuberose -  Luck 

Jasmine -  Love, Money, Prophetic Dreams 

Psychic: Reads my mind
My mind: Japan is a country full of mountains and it is ~beautiful~
Psychic: what the fuck

Crystal Witch Tip ☝

Tuck a stone or crystal under your pillow / into your pillowcase before going to bed to promote the properties of that stone in your sleep. For example, rose quartz is a lovely stone to use if you need a calm and peaceful rest! I’ve also known other witches besides myself to say that certain stones will give them different types of dreams ~ Crystals known to enhance psychic power/third eye power/aid astral travel would also be well-used in lucid or prophetic dreaming. 


Goddess Relaxation Tea 

Self care is so important, here is a tea I mix up for myself. Drink through out the day, or add Valerian right before bed. It turns pink when you brew it!

2 Tbsp Rose Petals - Love, Psychic Powers, Healing, Love, Divination, Luck, Protection

2 Tbsp Lavender - Love, Protection, Sleep.

1 Tbsp Chamomile - Money, Sleep, Love, Purification

1 Tbsp Catnip - Cat Magic, Love, Beauty, Happiness

1 Tbsp Peppermint - Purification, Sleep, Love, Healing, Psychic Powers

1 Tbsp Skullcap - Love, Fidelity, Peace

  • Rose: So, um, who're you supposed to be then?
  • Jack: Captain Jack Harkness. 133 Squadron, Royal Air Force. American volunteer.
  • Rose: Liar. This is psychic paper. It tells me whatever you want it to tell me.
  • Jack: How do you know?
  • Rose: Two things. One, I have a friend that uses this all the time. And two, you just handed me a piece of paper telling me you're single and you work out.
Everyone knows I’m a witch/Everyone knows my power

Sometimes you just need everyone you cross to know you are a badass witch!!! 

This is good for jewelry, stones & crystals, and items used for glamours (like makeup and perfume) and all the herbs and crystals correspond to my own idea of witchy power so feel free to add anything that makes you think ***WITCH***… plus all of these I happened to have on hand!
For a charging station you could use any dish or other small container that gives off awesome witchy vibes (the aesthetic is important here😘) or designate a spot on your altar/work space if nothing fits the bill.

Charging Station Creation

cinnamon; spirituality & power
dandelion; divination
dittany of crete; astral power
echinacea; strength
frankincense; spirituality
lavender; protection (not that you need protection for this, but since when was lavender not witchy??)
rose; psychic power
rosemary; mental power
st john’s wort; power, strength, divination
moss; protection, strength
sage; immortality, wisdom
(my own correspondences)

jasper; grounds energies, connection to the spiritual realm
lapis lazuli; stimulates personal and spiritual power
obsidian; truth seer, brings clarity to all situations
opal; an amplifier of psychic and mystical powers
tourmaline; enhances clarity and stimulates understanding of others
(correspondences found in The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall)

>After you collect herbs and crystals for your charging station…
Charge the charging station! I liked the feeling of it after charging under a new moon, not only because it was darker and creepier than the full moon but also because the stars were exceptionally bright but however you do this is fine because this is a very personal spell that can be adjusted to fit your personality.
>Once you feel the station is ready, write on a piece of paper Everyone knows my power or something to that effect. This could also be made into a sigil if you prefer. Place this paper in the center of your station and the object on the paper.
>Now you will want to let your object charge either overnight or longer… until it feels ready basically! I used a little crescent moon ring that I got in the quarter machine at Meijer 😅 Just wait until you and everyone that meets you feels your power radiating off of you! It is such an amazing confidence boost, and can be easily used to intimidate someone😜  Have fun!