rose popper

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Nickname: Nasa/Naz A
Zodiac: libra
Height: 5 foot 7 / 5 foot 8
Orientation: I don’t care who gets in my bed as long as they get out and leave me alone afterwards (pansexual aromantic?)
Nationality: I was born in the UK

Fruit: dried mango, apples, pineapples
Season: autumn
Flower: weed
Scent: gasoline, party poppers, dettol, rose oil
Color: I wear and own alot of blue
Animal: (my/any) dog, elephant

Coffee, tea, or coco: tea
Average hours of sleep: 4-6
Favorite fictional character: my personality
Number of blankets you sleep with: 0-2
Dream trip: 4 tabs of lsd, a football stadium, 100 dogs
Blog made: 2015 I think

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What if for the one year anniversary of the show, the gems, Connie, and Greg all watched their own show. This is how I imagine they would act. If you don’t already watch this beautiful show, I highly recommend you do.