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Could you guys do some pitch Rose/Vriska maybe? Thanks!

dave/terezi: why are u smiling i thought u hated her?

rose/vriska: Heh….she got what was coming to her

(both vriska and rose turn around and both have sticky notes that say kick me on their backs)

– mod lee

as soon as rose texted nico, he was already hopping in his truck and over to the park where she said she was. he knew rose had a tendency to get in trouble sometimes, but he didn’t expect her to steal a car. after a few minutes of driving, where nico was for sure speeding to get there on time, he made it to the park and pulled up in front of the playground, spotting rose on the swing. he grabbed he blanket from his backseat and pulled his hood up, jogging over to her so they could get home. “rosie! hey, come on! i don’t want you getting sick from being out in the rain.” he finally reached her and put the blanket around her shoulders, wrapping an arm around her and leading her to his truck.


Trouble With The Help (3/3)

Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler
After Rose is rejected by her first love, she avoids going home, instead finding her own place in the world and society.  But when illness brings her back home, she faces a very different John Smith.
Based on this prompt by the lovely kaynibbler16 (via her Doctor x Rose blog)—with a few adjustments.
Thanks bunches to lotsofthinkythoughts for looking this over for me.
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Rose ordered Adam back to London the day after the party at the Reynolds. She promised it had nothing to do with John or Adam’s apparent lack of concern for her welfare, just that she had decided to take the prescription for rest seriously.  He still seemed doubtful; in truth, Rose wasn’t entirely sure of her own words, but stayed firm, telling him to get back to his job and friends and that she’d call him when she was back in town and feeling better.

John made an absurdly insincere attempt at sympathy when she shared this news with the family.

“Probably for the best,” he claimed.  "After all, I’m sure his classmates at secondary were missing him.“

Rose rolled her eyes at his unapologetic grin while her father choked on his soup.

Despite this, she and John reached a tenuous sort of truce.  She stopped actively avoiding him, because it actually seemed to take more energy than she had, and although things weren’t easy between them like they’d been years ago, they at least managed to be civil most of the time.  After half a decade apart, she reasoned that this was probably the best she could hope for. And she was fine with that… So long as she could keep herself from thinking about how concerned and protective he’d been at the party, or how good his arm had felt around her in the car afterwards.

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Forever by LicieOIC

Written for Larxy, because she always writes us such lovely ficlets over the weekends. Originally an askbox fic, edited into prose with a few additions for this version.

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Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: All Ages
Summary: Childhood sweethearts trope. John Smith meets Rose Tyler on the playground.

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