rose pettles

Preferences: How They Impress You.

Anakin: He always argues with Obi-Wan in front of you and tells Obi-Wan how shit his idea is and how better his would be.

Obi-Wan: Breaking the Jedi Code by actually being with you. That impresses you more than anything because his loyalties lie high with the council and it turns out they lie high with you too.

Darth Maul: He walks around without a shirt on showing his chest, usually he practices his Martial Arts in front of you - he knows it drives you crazy.

Qui-Gon: The fact he never looses his cool impresses you so much. No matter how bad a situation, Qui-Gon always remains calm, although when he tries to impress you, it’s usually by asserting his dominance to Obi-Wan hoping he would rebel but he never did.

Luke: When he learns the ways of the Force and begins to use his Lightsaber, he does a lot of things like train in front of you, use the force on those who are weak minded to get you out of trouble or things you like. He takes you with him when he goes to confront Vader even though he doesn’t want to, he impresses you with the way he handled finding out about who his father really was and when he found out Leia was his sister.

Han: He tries to impress you by fixing the Falcon with you near or interpreting what Chewie says. His constant cocky attitude and smugness is what really impresses you though. The way he’s able to convince people to do things or to wait a while longer. You just wished he would quit the smuggling business, that was until you met your best friend AND brother and Sister, Luke and Leia Skywalker.

Darth Vader: Vader basically TRIES to impress you by choking the life out of people who disobey him, disrespect you or flirt with you however you tell him time and time again it scares you when really, what impresses you is how good he is at manipulating the Force to pleasure you.

Kylo: Taking his shirt off in front of you or wearing tank tops around your quarters. He is actually shredded and he knows it impresses you how buff he actually is. Not only that, the way he twirls his lightsaber or twirls your hair when he’s sleepy. He just impresses you full stop.

General Hux: Hux tries super hard to impress you even though he works super hard. He gives you flowers and chocolates. He leaves rose pettles on the bed and buys you fancy stuff aswell as takes you to expensive restaurants for dates.


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How do you think the members of BTS would propose? DOesn't have to be long or detailed, just how/where they would do it :) Thank you!

Jin - Something cliche - He’d take you to a fancy resturant with a candle lit dinner, you’d both be dressed up nicely and it’d be very intimate and romantic

Yoongi - Something relaxed - I  think he’d just straight out ask and be very chill about it, just while you guys are watching TV or something he’d be like “Let’s get married” And he’d take you out to get the ring because he’d want it to be one you actually like, not one he thinks you’d like

Hoseok - Something extravigant - He’d probably do something big, like a huge surpise and get all of your friends and family involved. Something you’d remember forever

Namjoon - Something meaningful - He’d write it in a song, he wouldn’t know how else to express all of the feelings he wants to in a way that isn’t totally awkward or embaressing, like a really long chesy speech , so he writes you an song and gets the members to help him perform it.

Jimin - Something OTT but private - He’d do something extravigant but not to the same extent as Hoseok - he’d make it just for the two of you. Something like rose pettles leading you up the stairs to the bedroom which is lit by candles and the rings waiting for you on the bed in the middle of a heart made of roses.

Taehyung - Something small and cute - He’d make you a nice breakfast or get Jin to make you a nice breakfast and write out ‘Marry Me’ in berries on a pancake with the ring underneath

Jungkook - Something sentimental - He’d take you somewhere that means a lot to the both of you and your relationship, so he’d take you on a date to the coffee shop where you met or the resturant where you had your first date.

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