rose petals on the floor

The Anchor

Summary: Bucky explains why he loves you. This is inspired a song by the same name.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2350

Warnings: So much fuffly.( there is a panic attack in this )

Thank you @drinkfantasy , for being my beta. 

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Bucky didn’t have a lot of expectations for the future, after his Winter Soldier days all he could hope for was a quick and painless death. He couldn’t stand any more pain in his life or any more torture. Part of him just wish that his life would be over soon.

Living alone in Bucharest showed him that he could be a little more hopeful about life. He could hope for good days where he would have clean clothes and a homemade meal. That he would be able to sleep a whole night without having any nightmares, days like this were rare but when they happened they are like heaven.

 After the events of the Civil War, he had too many responsibilities and expectations on him. He didn’t want to disappoint Steve, he wanted to be forgiven for his sins and forgive himself for it. But how can you ask for forgiveness if no one believes you deserve it, not even yourself.

Bucky dreams about a normal life or as normal as he could have. Where he wouldn’t wake up every night screaming because of a nightmare when people touched him wouldn’t be to cause him pain but to comfort him and love him.

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I love the way Barry Allen keeps surprising Iris West. First, it was the apartment, then unpacking and furnishing the whole place to give her the home she deserves, then a surprise breakfast that could feed fifty with balloons and dark roasted coffee. Finally, when you think he couldn’t possibly top it, he fills the apartment with candles, scatters rose petals all over the floor, makes her favorite food, steps out in a brand spanking new suit with a bouquet, pulls out a beautiful family heirloom ring with a precious history behind it, gets down on one knee and proposes. I can’t wait for the day Iris West-Allen gets to surprise him with the news she’s pregnant with TWINS!

Study Session

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: “Hey doll… my bachelor exams are next week and I’m so damn nervous, I could cry all day. Would you mind doing an imagine with Bucky, I could really use some distraction.. Maybe where he finds you studying at home all the time and one day he decides to make a surprise and cooks for you two, later he drags you to the bathroom where all is lit with candles and roses and you have a bath together and he does everything to help you relax? You can also add a bit smut if you want :) That would be great” - @diving-down-to-wonderland

Word Count: 1413

Warning: hints of smut

Thank you for the request! To you and anyone else who has exams/tests coming up, you are going to crush them and do fantastic on everything you do, and I am so damn proud of you! <3 

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Angel Preferences: Valentines' Day/ La Saint Valentin

I understand this is a few days overdue, I apologize. I hope you enjoy it anyways.


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Said angel jumped at your sudden exclamation, as you were sitting right next to him. “Ye-”

You purposely cut him off by shoving a piece of chocolate in his mouth. “Happy Valentines’ Day, Cas.”

When he finished chewing, he spoke, “I didn’t find your sudden yelling very pleasant, but the candy was delightful.”

You laughed and hugged him. “I’m sorry,” you held up the heart-shaped box of chocolates. “Have another as a sign of forgiveness.”

Castiel tilted his head slightly, “You understand that you don’t have to suborn me with chocolate for me to forgive you, right?”

“Just eat this chocolate with me.”


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You shuffle into your room after a long day, wanting nothing more than at least six hours of sleep. You open the door to see dimmed lights. Rose petals littered the floor and bed, which lead to Gabriel laying shirtless on the bed, chocolate in his mouth. He winked.

You smirk and strut to him. He smirked and leaned on his elbows. You broke off the chocolate and started eating it yourself. You laid next to him with a yawn.

He rolled on his stomach and pouted, “You know, it’s not nice to lead a man on like that.”

“Yeah, well I’m not in the mood. I’m tired, and I just want to watch TV and eat chocolate.”

“Well, why didn’t you say so?” he said. Gabriel snapped, and the next second the room was cleaned, and [your favourite show] was playing on the television. The rest of the night consisted of cuddles, TV, and occasional kisses.


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“You’re looking particularly susceptible this evening,” Lucifer spoke, staring down at you from the arm of the couch.

“That’s because the only movies playing today are romances,” you say, scrunching your nose as a kissing scene appears on the screen.

Lucifer glanced at the screen and immediately turned away, gagging.

You chuckle, “Me too.” You sigh and grab the remote, turning off the television. You lay back and start slipping off the couch, although you didn’t do anything about it.

“I thought they played a variety of shows. What’s the vile occasion?”

“Vile is definitely the word for it. It’s a holiday dedicated to love, where you spend the day with a significant other,” you explain, unknown to Lucifer’s slightly wandering eyes.

“You don’t have a significant other?” he asked.


Lucifer pauses in his speech for a few moments. “Then, you wouldn’t mind…spending the rest of the day in my company, would you?”

“Of course not, but you have to find something better to do than watching romances.”


My Everything

So for some reason, my cold dead heart felt kind of sappy tonight and this little valentines piece was born. Always use a condom when thinking of your OTP, or smushy crap like this happens.

SUMMARY: Killian is surprised at what awaits him when he gets home. Set during S6.

Killian made his way across the darkening front lawn of their home and jogged up the steps, tucking the large bouquet of roses into his left elbow so he could fish his key from out of his pocket.

Emma had insisted he not make a fuss today; she was adamant she didn’t want any surprises or grand gestures. It had him feeling slightly disheartened that she wouldn’t want him to shower her with affection on a day made for love, but he’d kept to his promise… well, almost. He’d still bought the finest roses Mo had to offer, and had a velvet box containing a pair of silver and opal earrings. He’d spotted Emma glancing at them as they walked around town one day and knew he wanted to get them for her. He couldn’t let the day go by without giving her anything.

He wasn’t that type of man.

He found it odd that there was barely any light coming from inside. The sun had only just set and it was far too early for Emma to be in bed already.

He got the front door opened and stepped inside cautiously, wondering why it was so dark.

The first thing he saw was the scattered rose petals that decorated the floor and the stairs. The second thing he became aware of was the warm orange glow radiating from various candles from within the living area.

The third and final sight he glanced upon was Emma, standing by the roaring fireplace, wringing her hands together as she smiled at him nervously.

“Emma? What’s all this?” He asked, surprised at the set up before him.

She smiled and held her hand out, gesturing for him to join her.

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Roman Hand Standing Acrobat, 1st-2nd Century AD

A bronze statuette of an acrobat on a round, drum-shaped base, standing on his hands, body arching slightly and legs together; wearing a loin cloth and cap decorated with floral pattern; eyes inlaid with silver. 12cm (4 ¾").

Acrobats in ancient Rome could perform at a number of venues; either in theatres, as ‘gap fillers’ between gladiatorial contests at the amphitheatre, at private parties or at impromptu street performances and fairs. A convivium was a dinner party with family, friends or associates. It was somewhat like a Greek symposium except that it was generally regarded as a chance to talk business or politics rather than philosophy and weighty matters. A commissatio was a wild drinking party. Prostitutes, jugglers, musicians, acrobats, actors and fire-eaters entertained guests at the banquets of wealthy Romans. From the descriptions given by Roman authors these banquets were lavish affairs with rose petals scattered on the floor, mechanical devices lowering acrobats and entertainers from the ceiling and slaves blew exotic scents into the room.  The Emperors also had special entertainment barges constructed on some of the ornamental lakes in the parks of Rome where acrobats entertained the guests.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I saw that you'd opened requests! Can I ask for hc about RFA, V and Saeran didn't see MC for few weeks, because was abroad or went to another town and MC couldn't go with him or her. And today he or she is coming back. Thanks for your great blog!

Such a cute idea! Hope you like these~


  • Zen was filming his latest movie and they needed him abroad for a few weeks
  • You couldn’t come because of your own work obligations
  • You get a call on the week he’s supposed to return
  • He says his work is delayed for another two weeks
  • You try to sound as supportive as possible, but honestly you’re disappointed
  • You’ve been super lonely
  • A few days later, you return to your apartment and there’s a path of rose petals on the
  • floor
  • You slowly follow it and notice there’s also a few candles and dim lighting
  • Zen is waiting in the dining room where he has take out nicely plated he didn’t have time to cook
  • You just drop your bags and hug him with a small squeal
  • He picks you up and spins you around
  • When he puts you down, he explains that he lied about the extended work to surprise you
  • You’re too happy to see him to scold him for lying
  • You guys eat together while he shares some stories from his trip
  • As the evening comes to a close, you two just cuddle up on the couch and make out make up for lost time


  • He had to attend a family reunion in Japan
  • You couldn’t join him, so you had to bear the few weeks alone with occasional spotty video call sessions
  • Finally the day comes where he’s returning
  • You spend several hours making a large Welcome Home sign with drawings of some of his favorite things all over it
  • When he walks out from the gate in the airport, he looks really tired but lights up as soon as he sees you
  • He tries to do that cheesy airport run, but then he just realizes he really missed you and gives you a kiss as soon as he sees you
  • You take him back to his place so he can drop of his things
  • But you’re in for a surprise when he brings out all the stuff he got you
  • He’s so excited to give you a bunch of little gifts, and he tries to explain some of them…but others he’s just like…
  • “Oh! And I got you this because it reminded me of…of…actually, I don’t know why I got this. It was cute.”
  • He’s still talking even as you two are laying down on the bed
  • After a while, he grows silent and just grabs your arm and pulls you into his chest and presses a kiss to the top of your head
  • You two stay there for awhile until you hear his soft snores


  • She’s abroad meeting with partners and sponsors for the cafe
  • She was supposed to be gone for about two weeks
  • Since everything went smoothly, she got to come back early
  • But she didn’t tell you…
  • She got in early as usual and hid in the closet
  • She waits until you come in and start setting things up
  • She texts you and tells you to check in the closet to see inventory or something
  • You sigh and obey instructions
  • That’s when she pops out with open arms
  • Only…you were holding a bag of flour
  • Which you threw right in her face
  • “Jaehee! I’m so sorry!”
  • She spits out a mouthful flour out of her mouth
  • You think she’s mad but she just starts laughing like crazy
  • There was a mini flour fight before you two hurried home to clean up before customers arrived


  • He went on business trip pretty often, but this one happened to be nearly a month long
  • You were supposed to join him
  • But you got very sick near the last minute and ended up staying home while he went
  • It was a rough time for you since he was barely on any phone calls with you
  • It was only to ask how you were doing and check up on you but that was it
  • Two weeks go by and you’re feeling better but the house isn’t the same without him
  • You wake up groggy and go to the kitchen
  • He asks you, “Chocolate or Strawberry?”
  • You shrug and say, “Chocolate,” before sitting down on the small island staring at him in his apron
  • Then it hits you
  • “Jumin! You’re home?!”
  • You’re mildly confused but it doesn’t stop you from tackling him in a hug
  • He’s laughing that his little trick worked but also asking questions about your health
  • He spends the entire day with you, showing you blurry pictures from his time away


  • He had gotten this one freelance hacking job abroad
  • It paid really well, but the only downside was that it was approximately three weeks and there could be absolutely no communication
  • You still encouraged him to take it, convincing him you and Saeran could handle yourselves
  • You end up with a really bad flu about a week later, so half the time that passes is in a drugged delirium from all the meds
  • Still, you liked to leave your room occasionally to check up on Saeran
  • He’s sitting in the computer room playing some games, so you just casually start a conversation, but he wasn’t responding
  • Then Saeran…another Saeran? Walks into the room and you swear you took the wrong meds
  • But when Saeran starts yelling and brawling with the “imposter” you realize your mistake
  • “Saeyoung!” you cry happily, running to give him a hug
  • “Uh…actually, that’s Saeran….”
  • Oops. You quickly amend your mistake
  • He forgives your mix up, considering your illness, but right away he activates his mothering mode to get you better


  • His therapist had suggested some retreat abroad to help him through some things
  • He didn’t really want to go at first, but you thought it might be good for him to explore a little, since it was only about a week long
  • But once he was there, he was constantly video chatting you in the evenings
  • Even if you two weren’t talking, he would call and just have you there
  • When you pick him up at the airport, he drops his bags in the car and pulls you into the biggest hug
  • It’s odd since he doesn’t usually initiate affection, but he’s holding you so tightly
  • When you two finally get home, he’s clingier than usual
  • He’s just sharing everything he saw and what he did and showing some pictures
  • He’s so tired by the end of the day, but he’s just laying with his head on your lap and still talking
  • Until finally, he drifts off mid-sentence, and you can’t help but find it to be the cutest thing


  • He got a big opportunity for a photoshoot abroad
  • You encouraged him to take it, as he was slowly building up his work after regaining his sight
  • You two still managed to talk occasionally, but your schedules barely matched
  • Because his project was indefinite, neither of you knew exactly when he was coming back
  • One of those rare moments where you could text each other, you asked how his work was coming along
  • He replied that he just took what might’ve been his favorite picture in the past few weeks
  • When you ask him to send it to you, you realize it’s a picture of you…on the couch you were sitting on right then
  • You jump up and run to the open door where he was waiting
  • You throw your arms around him, your legs wrapping around his torso as he spun you around
  • He had already made dinner reservations so you two could spend the evening catching up 

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A Valentine’s Proposal ... After the Fact

Happy Valentine’s Day @sailorkillian!!! I’m your somewhat absent CS Secret Valentine! When you told me about your favorite CS moments I picked up that you are a big fan of the fluffy ones so here is a little Valentine’s proposal fic that doesn’t take place on Valentine’s Day and isn’t really a proposal .. read on to find out what that means!

Emma turned the key in the ignition and the yellow bug’s engine went silent. Killian’s eyes were closed as his head rested back on the seat. It had been another long adventure..

“So, I guess we can cross Narnia off the lists of realms to visit for our next vacation, huh?”

“Next vacation?” Killian replied, not opening his eyes. “We’d have to have one first, love.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” she agreed.

Killian finally opened his eyes and took her hand, bringing it to his lips and placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles. “Shall we go inside and try to get some rest before your son decides to explore another wardrobe?”

“Yes, please,” Emma said. After slamming her door shut she looked back at Killian over the roof of the car. “And I saw Leroy walking out of Granny’s so we should probably double check the locks on the front door.”

“And barricade the windows.”

“I can’t tell if you’re joking about that,” Emma laughed as she fell into step with him. He slipped an arm around her waist and they slowly walked up the stairs to their front door.

“Keeping everyone out for a few days of solitude with you is no joking matter,” he said, turning her in his arms and pulling her into a kiss.

When they pulled apart Emma’s eyes stayed closed as the smile spread across her face. “We made it home.”

“Aye, love.” He kissed her forehead and put the key into the lock.

He turned the key and pushed open their front door. Emma took a step inside and heard a crunch beneath her feet as though she had stepped onto fallen leaves.

“Killian …  what is all this?”

“Bloody hell, I had forgotten.”

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halerogers  asked:

valentine's day fic prompt: first anniversary <3

This was supposed to be a short little ficlet but it turned into an almost 6k mess, so I hope you enjoy it, Charlie! (also on ao3!)

Derek had never celebrated an anniversary before. At least, not an anniversary for a romantic relationship.

In the past, he had never had the opportunity nor the necessity to. But now that he was dating Stiles, and had been for exactly a year now, he finally did.

Precisely a decade ago, way back in high school, he had only ever dated one person seriously and that had been Paige. Despite the fact that they had been together for several months, they had never celebrated an anniversary.

They had been too busy making out behind the bleachers and passing love notes and secretive looks in class, too preoccupied with being stupid teenagers to worry about anniversaries. Not when they could be focused on thinking about the next time they could slip away to some vacant broom closet or the backseat of a friend’s car.

And then Derek had made one of the worst, most disastrous decisions of his life, getting the idea in his head that things would be so much better if his girlfriend was a werewolf like him. Poor Paige had ended up dead, buried in the middle of the woods away from her family and friends in an unmarked grave by the Nemeton.

The only anniversary present she ever got from him was a funeral bouquet.

He had no anniversary to speak of with Kate. They had never even really been dating in the first place. It had taken him a long time, years, as a matter of fact, to finally realize that.

She had just been using. A much older woman seducing a vulnerable, naive teenager, manipulating him with sex for her own gains.

Unfortunately, it was only after the fire and years of intensive therapy that he realized she was nothing more than a monster.

It was almost the exact same situation with Jennifer, or rather Julia or whatever the hell her real name was. All she had done was use him for her own nefarious purposes, using a bit of dark magic to help her turn him into a pawn.

Luckily, he had come to terms with the fact that she too was nothing more than some kind of heartless monster. He wasn’t sure if it hurt more or less that time.

But it was different with Stiles. They were dating. Really dating. And it was wonderful. He didn’t think he had ever been happier.

After the frankly terrifying ordeal with the Nogitsune, the whole debacle nearly costing Stiles his life, Derek had finally mustered up enough courage and gall to act on his feelings for the beautiful, brave, infuriating boy. Steeling his nerves with a deep breath, Derek had thrown caution to the wind and strode right up to Stiles, carefully grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and kissing the daylights out of him.

Looking back, Derek had to admit that his timing had been absolutely terrible considering the fact that they had been in the middle of a crowded hospital room, right in front of the Sheriff and the rest of the pack. Admittedly, he hadn’t thought much about that, too busy making sure that Stiles knew how much he cared about him.

And if that meant that they shared their first kiss in front of all of their loved ones then so be it. He certainly didn’t regret it. Especially since shortly thereafter they had begun officially dating.

With turnabout being fair play, a few days after their first kiss, Stiles had strolled up to him in the middle of an important pack meeting to grab him by the lapels and tug him into a deep kiss. The chorus of raucous wolf whistles and fake gagging from the pack that greeted their kiss did absolutely nothing to detract from how meaningful and amazing it was.

Pulling back from the kiss, his big brown eyes still closed as he licked his lips, Stiles whispered a soft request, inquiring if Derek would like to go out to dinner with him sometime, maybe that upcoming Saturday. Derek had eagerly, suggesting one of the local Mom and Pop diners that he knew Stiles loved, drinking in the smile on Stiles’ gorgeous face with a beaming grin of his own when he said yes.

And now, exactly a year into their relationship, Derek was busy making preparations for what was both his and Stiles’ first anniversary and the first anniversary he had ever gotten to celebrate.

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Got7 trying *but kinda failing* at Valentine's Day

Group(s) & Members(s): Got7

Genre: fluff 

Warnings: none

A/N: Surprise I’m finally here with something! sorry i’ve been gone, life is crazy yall. The order in which they appear are Jackson, Mark, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Jaebum, Yugyeom & Bambam. please ignore any typos or errors im too lazy to edit this rn i’ll get around to it eventually. 


Jackson is THE MOST about Valentines. He’s all about the ~romance~ and all about getting alllll the cliche gifts like chocolates and roses, despite you telling him that you didn’t really care about those sorts of things. You walk into your apartment to find the biggest teddy bear you’ve ever seen and you know Jackson is behind it when you hear his suppressed giggles. “Isn’t this great Y/N!” and tbh he seems more excited about it than you are so you get the feeling that he mainly bought it for himself. After dinner he takes your hand and leads you to the bedroom, stopping only to tell you to cover your eyes. “Wait right here while I go get your present” and you feel like you’re waiting forever and after the 5 minute mark you get worried so you call out to him. He doesn’t respond and instead all you hear are some suppressed grunts. Finally you give in and head to where the noise was coming from. You burst into immediate laughter when you find him, shirtless with his arms tangled up in black and red lace. His eyes go wide when he sees you, “GIRLS ALWAYS GET TO WEAR LINGERIE SO I THOUGHT I WOULD TRY IT TO BE SEXY FOR YOU BUT I’M STUCK”. After laughing for a good 10 minutes at him you finally grab some scissors and free him. 

Originally posted by jypnior

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Arranged {Part 9} [D.M.]

Character: Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 1003
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Draco and Y/n aren’t on the greatest of terms, however when both receive news of an arranged marriage, they must learn to tolerate each other, and possibly fall in love…
Other Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 8 Rewrite Part 9
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it
Tags: @celine4u @friceaurelia07 @poisonapple13 @zeusmyster @theglitergeek @divisionlunar @lena-lightwood @johnmurphys-sass @grungepolaroihds @codename-petrova @ruiens @elliewatermelonlemonheart @buckyb-avengers @deans-celestial-princess @rissbennett @flags-and-fanfiction @psychogirl0000 @xoxoaudreymarie

+ + + + +

You opened the door to your dorm and placed your textbooks into your trunk, before standing up and heading to sit down on your bed. It had been a long day, your morning classes feeling as though they had taken years - it wasn’t even lunch time yet.

As you went to sit down, you noticed a small piece of folded parchment laid carefully in the centre of your duvet, labelled with your name on, which you tilted your head at and frowned on confusion, picking it up.

You unfolded the note, then turned it the correct way so you could read it properly.

Meet me in the Astronomy Tower tonight at 9.
Love, Draco’

You couldn’t help the way your cheeks reddened, or how your heart beat faster. A small smile played at your lips, and butterflies erupted in your stomach.

What was this? Why were you suddenly feeling… excited to have Draco send you a simple message?

The last week or so had been pleasant - no arguments, no insults, nothing of the sort. You hadn’t yet tried the transition from friends (that kiss) to lovers - after all, it was strange to say or even comprehend that you and Draco Malfoy were now friends.

Because that’s all it was. You and Draco are friends. Friends that occasionally kiss, but friends nonetheless. And though you felt somewhat bitter about only being friends, it was agreed to take things slow, and not rush into anything too quickly.

The question racing through your mind was

Is this a date?

Maybe Draco felt the same way you did.

To say you were nervous about it was an understatement, even if you knew you still had two more classes and two meals to go beforehand.

You folded the note back up and placed it into your trunk, under your textbooks, hiding it from unwanted eyes.

Trying to hide a grin, you headed up from the dungeons and towards the Great Hall. The room was filled with students, all separated by their houses. You found the Slytherin table to the far edge of the room, and took your place next to Y/f/n, who greeted you happily.

As you smiled back, you couldn’t help but feel at least slightly guilty that you hadn’t told her about the arrangement, or anything of the sort, however you didn’t want more people than necessary to know.

As the food appeared, you took all the food you wanted, expecting to be able to finish it all. In reality, all you could focus on was the note, and Draco, who was gazing directly at you.

You didn’t look up, for fear you would blush, and hoped that he’d perhaps turn away soon.

After minutes of toying with your food, you couldn’t bear it anymore, and finally looked into his ice blue eyes, quirking an eyebrow at the smirk that played at his lips.

Without giving him any sign that you had received his note, you simply turned to join in with a conversation happening to your right, facing away from him.

You could still feel him staring, and for some reason, this actually made you want to smile.


You climbed up the stairs to the Astronomy Tower, your shoes hitting the brown wood with every step, and the sounds slightly echoing around you.

It had taken you a good 25 minutes just to get from your dorm to the tower, as Professor Snape insisted on patrolling around the corridors more than once, not to mention you had to avoid Filch and Mrs Norris like the plague.

As you entered the tower’s main room, you glanced around, feeling a sense of shock or, more accurately, surprise.

The room was nothing like you were used to in your Astronomy lessons - all school supplies had been moved to the outskirts of the room, and instead, there was a blanket laid out over the floor, with rose petals dancing across it. Beside that stood Draco, in an all-black suit, looking as handsome as the day he had to fake propose to you, making your cheeks heat up, and your heart race.

“Did you do all this… for me?” You asked in astonishment, looking around the room in awe. “Maybe,” Draco said with a smirk, glad you seemed to like it.

You took a step towards him and smiles up at him, “Thank you.” “It was my pleasure.”

He took your small hand in his large one, and sat down on the blanket with you, laying in a position where the stars seemed to be in touching distance.

“They’re so beautiful,” you whispered, watching the stars sparkling in the dark blue sky. When you didn’t receive an answer, you turned questioningly to Draco, who didn’t seem to be paying attention to the stars, but to you instead. “W-What?” You asked nervously.

“Nothing! Sorry, you’re just… I mean… you’re gorgeous,” Draco rambled. You laughed, placing a soft kiss on his cheek, which turned red under your touch, and you moved closer into his chest as you looked back up at the sky.

“I like this,” Draco said after a while. “You like what?” “Us, getting along without yelling or fighting or whatever. Just basking in each other’s company.”

“Yeah?” You turned around to stare into Draco’s blue-grey eyes. “Yeah,” he confirmed. His gaze dropped slightly to your lips, before flickering back up to your eyes, and before you knew it, his lips were on yours.

It was warm and inviting; a loving kiss, that enveloped you in all the affection that Draco felt towards you.

His hand held your cheek as he propped himself up with the other, slightly leaning over you as he deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue into your mouth.

He pulled himself away from you, though he kept a hand resting on the curve of your waist, before looking up through his lashes at you.

“I love you,” Draco muttered, resting his forehead gently against yours. You smiled softly, “I love you too.”

Too Cliché

Jason and the reader spending their first Valentine’s Day together and Jason being as cheesy and cliche as possible since he doesn’t want to mess anything up and the reader finding it really cute. Please?

Jason Todd x Reader

Jason fidgeted nervously as he watched you look around the room with wide eyes. There were candles carefully placed around the room, rose petals covering the floor, a huge bear on the bed along with a box of chocolates, Jason stood in the midst of it all dressed in a tux holding a rose.

You never saw Jason as the guy to like clichés, sure you had a slight suspicion that he was a desperate romantic but not this exaggerated.

“I’m fucking stupid, it’s not enough is it?” Jason mumbled sadly, “No!” He flinched in fear of your rejection.

“No, this is beautiful. I’m just shocked that’s all.” You grinned at him, he let out a breath of relief.

“I thought you would want something romantic, I mean I didn’t want to upset you or anything and-” You hugged Jason tightly, he stopped his rambling to hug you back.

“This is perfect, it’s cute. A bit too much, but cute.” You pulled back slightly and kissed his cheek.

“I didn’t want to mess anything up.” Jason said as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, “Jason I don’t need all this stuff spending the day with you is enough, but this really means a lot to me.” You reassured him, “But I must admit, you look really good in a tux.” You pulled his tie teasingly.

“At least you didn’t serenade me that would have been over the top. “Jason motioned for Roy to get out, Roy slowly backed out the room with a guitar after your comment.

“Something wrong?” You asked confused when you noticed his frightened look, “No nothings wrong, I love you.” Jason covered up, “Love you too.” You kissed him back happily, while Roy on the other hand grumpily walked out the apartment.

Spring Day // Min Yoongi

the prompt: Hi! I’d love to see your take on a Hanahaki disease angst. I was thinking maybe Yoongi, either him or the reader with the disease would be great. Thank you :))

words: 1226

category: angst + song fic

author note: as soon as i heard Yoongi’s rap in spring day, i knew i wanted to pair it with this request. it turned out kinda drabble-y but i like it anyway haha. pls enjoy :)

- destinee

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Con Tips #1

What To Bring

Thanks to @torn-and-frayed for helping me put this together. 

1.  Make sure to print and bring all your PDF’s to the con, it will make registration seamless. (If you forget, all the con hotels have business centers you can use to print).

2.  If you aren’t flying, pack a cooler and bring food. Snacks, sandwich fixings, drinks. All the things. If you are flying, try to make a trip to the market when you get to town to stock up. Food costs can be very expensive at the hotels. It’s always a good idea to bring some food with you to the panels.

3.  Bring a backpack. This is essential!

4.  If you have photo ops, invest in a binder and plastic sleeves to place your photos in.  You can keep your schedule in here as well. If you forget them don’t worry! If Con Quest Journal is a vendor, they have them for $1 a piece.

5.  Highlighters, to help map out the schedule so that you don’t miss anything.

6.  Plan out what you want to wear in your photos. It’s much less stressful that way!

7.  Don’t forget your camera! (And don’t forget to charge it.)

8.  Remember to pack all the cords for your electronic devices. I always pack a power strip as well, as hotels never seem to have enough outlets.

9  A portable battery charger for your phone/camera. You will drain your battery daily, trust me.

10.  Don’t forget props if you plan to use them in photos. Also, please see Creation’s rules on photos:  Due to time constraints, here are some of the things we cannot allow: putting on clothing, blankets, ties etc…, floor poses, handcuffs, rose petals, confetti or anything that creates a mess that requires clean up. Please do not ask to be picked up in the photo. We obviously do not want anyone to get hurt.

11.  Water is available for free in the convention space (with the exception of Pittsburgh this past summer). Cups are provided, but often run out, so bring a reusable water bottle. Don’t forget to hydrate. Water is also regularly lukewarm.

12.  Be sure to pack any medication you require. I always bring ibuprofen with me and allergy medication.

Don’t forget to have fun!  Future tip lists coming soon.  I’ll be discussing photo ops/autos, what panels are like, karaoke, SNS, different ticket tiers and hotels soon.

softjace  asked:

Pynch + 46

“hey, have you seen the..? oh.”

Adam Parrish was home for the weekend, which was turning out to be a lot more stressful than he had originally anticipated. University was eating him from the inside out, his stress and anxiety reaching peaks that it had not reached in a very long time. Finals it seemed, were right around the corner, and Adam felt time falling out from his fingers. 

He had returned for the weekend though, because it was his one year anniversary with Ronan, and he had originally planned to do something romantic for him. As it had turned out, that idea had not come to pass. Ronan had gotten into a fight with Declan, putting him in a bad mood, and Adam’s studying had taken up so much of his time, that he felt as though he was barely with Ronan except for when they slept together at night. 

“Ronan?!” Adam called from downstairs. “Ronan, have you seen the extra bag of clothes I was going to bring back?” he waited, listening, his hands on his hips. He wasn’t leaving until tomorrow, but he preferred packing what he could the day before. “Ronan!” he called again, but there was no answer. “Jesus.” he sighed dramatically, walking up the stairs. 

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Follow My Lead

Characters: Y/N (Reader), Chris Evans

Pairing: Chris x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut (very light), Implied long distance relationship.

Wordcount: 2200ish

A/N: This is the first time in ages I have written something not SPN. The trailer from Chris’ coming movie Gifted threw me into a full blown Chris crisis and it wouldn’t end (no thanks to @blacktithe7) so I tried to write it away.

My main fandom I write for will always be SPN, but I am also not promising this will be the last time I write for Chris.

Thanks to my Chris Evans pusher and awesome friend Erin @blacktithe7 betaing this for me.

You felt the first rays of the morning sun hit your face, and you reached across the bed, surprised to find it empty.

Your eyes fluttered open, and you looked around the room. You frowned as you sat up, wrapping your still naked body in the sheets as you took a deep breath. You knew he couldn’t be far, but still, you were a little disappointed. You had hoped to wake up still wrapped in his arms and spend the better part of the day right here with him.

Your eyes wandered the room. You had barely had time to appreciate the cabin last night. You had only had eyes for Chris as soon as you arrived.

This place belonged to his family, and he had invited you up there for the week since you had barely had time to see each other lately. Both being actors and working on different schedules was hard on your new relationship. Still, you loved each other and were both determined to make this work.

You looked around the room and smiled. The place didn’t seem huge. The bedroom was cozy and homey and suited Chris perfectly. You could only see the bedroom right now, and you barely remembered what the rest of the cabin looked like outside these four walls. You had barely gotten through the door last night before you had been in his arms.

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