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I've been struggling with this for a while. There are a couple of places where people argue about Black Sun and Bumbleby, and I just... don't see the point of arguing for Bumbleby? I feel like we've already won, so, like, why bother? We should be talking about White Rose instead. Because that's still kinda up in the air right now.

Lol I don’t know if I’d say we’ve already won. At least, I wish I had your confidence. 

That being said, I don’t mind people arguing for Bumbleby. In fact, I support it. The BS fans are going to make noise regardless - we need to make noise of our own to counter that and to continue to show loud support of our ship. 

Arguing is a little much, but that’s going to happen in every fandom, regardless. So I appreciate the soldiers on the ground who can put up with it and carry the Bumbleby flag through hostile territory lol. 

And honestly, I’m happy with White Rose being my quiet, non-canon ship. If it became canon, absolutely I’d be at the front of the line. But this shit is stressful . 

SU theory

I just realized something. Well we all know how much the crewniverse loves foreshadowing. And in the episode “Lars’ Head”, when Steven is going back to Homeworld, he tells Lion how he wishes he could understand him.

Weeeeeeell… Lars has just become a creature like Lion. So what if Lars can now communicate with Lion???

Do you understand how much vital information Lion could have?? We all talk to animals, right? And Rose had a lot of secrets! She needed someone to vent to! What if Lion has all the answers Steven has been looking for and Lars is the only one who can find out???

It’s just a theory, but a totally valid one. Think about it.

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I agree with you there, jongup's eyes are so beauTIFUL I LOVE HIS EYES!! When I first started listening to b.a.p and saw jongup, besides his smile, I fell in love with his eyes like omg. You know when you love someone's eyes so much you could just look into their eyes all day? Yeah that's me with jongup 👀



Cause he has the prettiest eye shape and they’re so neat and when they actually go to compliment them I die a little bit inside cuase THEY ARE SO PRETTY FUCKING END MY LIFE PLEASE

ENG: A queen.

[Description: a digital illustration of Neo Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon. She’s standing on some stairs, between two columns  with roses bushes. She’s wearing a dress with a big pink bow. Her right hand is extended, and her left holds her sceptre. She’s got big pink wings that extend behind her. She’s bathed in light. ]

ESP: Una reina. 

[Descripción: una ilustración digital de la Neo Reina Serenity, de Sailor Moon.  Está parada, en unas escaleras, con dos columnas a sus lados, con enredaderas de rosas. Está usando un largo vestido, con un enorme moño rosa en su cintura. Su mano derecha está extendida, la izquierda sostiene su cetro. La luz la baña.] 

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Can you right a Jennie or Rosé smut scenario where they stay behind to practice their dancing a little longer with the reader (who's a YG dancer) and after a while of showing each other the moves and guiding each other mixed with teasing, things just kinda escalate into having sex after one can't take it anymore??? Sorry that was long lol 😂 I hope it's alright

[cont.] I just realized its INDIVIDUAL REACTIONS lol do you think you can still turn the previous dancer smut request into an individual reaction for Jennie or Rosé?? I’m sorry I didn’t notice the first time haha 

Jennie would want to make sure that no one could see into the dance studio and then would be okay with having sex. She would tease you back but would prefer to be teased by you. Once it escalated, the thrill of being caught would push her over the edge quicker than normal. She’d be a cuddly squish afterwards, but she may also suggest going back home and having another couple of rounds before cuddling again.

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82, I think it was flowers? Please!

Thomas Jefferson took a deep breath as he looked down at the bouquet of roses in his right hand he was standing in front of the office door that belonged to the man he had fallen in love with.

The roses were a bright pale peach color with white seemed to be centered in it. The roses were in complete bloom and looked almost as dazzling as the person who he was going to give the to or at least that’s what Thomas thought. The roses were Caribbean roses and Thomas thought that they would be perfect to give to his long time crush Alexander Hamilton who had been born in the Caribbean.

See Thomas was extremely nervous since he and Alexander had never really gotten along even though they had known one another since they were both in King’s College. They argued constantly back in their college days and even now that they were lawyers working for the same Law Firm they constantly fought with one another. An somewhere down the line filled with hate filled words and angry glares Thomas had fallen in love with the loud mouth little man who never seemed to sleep.

So today was the day Thomas had been waiting for the day he had been preparing for alongside help from his best friend James Madison, for months now. Thomas was finally going to ask Alexander out and prayed that if Alexander did reject him he would let him down easy instead of making him the laughing stock of the entire building.

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Caleb: “You were right. I remember now. Tell me everything. Is she with you?”

Bianca: “No. No, she’s not. I’ve just sent you a letter she wrote to you. She’ll explain it all.”

Caleb: “I don’t think I’ll be able to read it without crying. I cried already. Reliving my childhood memories will hurt a lot now.”

Bianca: “I’m sorry.”

Caleb: “Don’t be. Like I said, you were right. There was something missing in my life…now it all makes sense.”

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And Baby Makes Four (next in the Soulmates Series)

[From Chapter 1:]

“All right, then,” Rose said, nodding decisively. “New Year’s Resolution: start seriously trying for a baby?”

“Yeah. Yeah, agreed.”

Rose returned her head to his chest and cuddled close to him as he stroked his fingers through her hair.

“I-I was worried maybe you’d gotten cold feet,” he admitted. “And didn’t know how to tell me.”

“Nope,” Rose said. “Just been busy, like you said. I definitely want another baby with you. Yeah, there are days I panic and think one is enough. Like when Ainsley tried to flush a dirty nappy down the toilet and backed up the plumbing. Or whenever she throws a fit in public. But then there are the moments when she snuggles with us in bed or cries for one more bedtime story because she doesn’t want us to leave yet or she picks a flower for us, and I want about a million babies.”

“A million?” James asked, grinning. “Well, let’s stick to two, for now, then we can talk about more later.”

“Fair enough.” Rose groaned as she arched her back in a stretch, and she nuzzled even closer to him, ready to drift off to sleep. “Happy anniversary, James.”

“Happy anniversary, Rose.”

A Marriage of (In)convenience

[From Chapter 2:]

James tied up his horse along one of the posts on the western edge of the marketplace before strolling amongst the stalls. It looked very much like the market that surrounded the castle, only the air didn’t seem as friendly here.

Also, the people here on the borderlands didn’t recognize him by sight, so he wasn’t followed along sycophantically with servants and vendors ready to cater to his every whim. James appreciated the freedom and anonymity, and he stuffed his hands into the pockets of his coat and began meandering through the stalls. He made a point to visit all of the stalls, not just the ones that bore the emblem of the Gallifreyan royal family, and as such, his moneybag was considerably lighter as the afternoon wore on.

It was late in the afternoon when he arrived at a stand that sold food, and only then did he realize how hungry he was.

There was no line at the stall, and James soon realized why: it appeared an argument had broken out between the vendor and a customer.


Rose was still frozen in shock and fear, even as the golden light started to fade and James started to fall back to the ground. But it wasn’t the James she’d come to know and love. No, in place of the large, beastly creature was a young man with wild brown hair. A tall, thin man whose clothes were far too big for his newly humanized form. A man who looked like he was about to collapse. He swayed on his feet, and Rose unthinkingly dashed up to him to steady him.

“Rose?” he murmured.

When he seemed to have his feet under him, she took half a step back as she tried to process what had happened. The man, meanwhile, had his hands out in front of him, inspecting the long, slender fingers of his hands. Those fingers then brushed up his forearms, and to his chest, and around his face, before ruffling through his hair.

He crowed loudly in delight, and Rose jumped at the sudden noise.

“Rose! Oh, Rose!”

He turned towards her, and she took a step back, and her heart ached when she saw the hurt flash in his eyes.

Twins’ Story in Soulmates

“What are the bloody odds,” Rose grumbled seeing the official birth records of her twins. Her twins, who legally had different birthdays.

“Well, there were a grand total of 1440 minutes out of a singular day in which they could’ve been born. So if we take into account that they were born fourteen minutes apart, and assume that no matter when you birthed them that they would’ve still been fourteen minutes apart, that puts it at 1426 possible contiguous minutes where they would’ve been born on the same day. Fourteen divided by 1426… So, just about one percent! Isn’t that brilliant? Our special one percent.”

Rose stared at her husband, then couldn’t help but start laughing.

“I didn’t expect a maths lesson, James,” she giggled. “Oh, I love you, you complete and utter nutter.”

“Your utter nutter,” he said happily, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

Josephine’s Story in Soulmates

“Quite a brood you’ve got.”

James turned and saw a middle-aged woman accepting a package of hamburger from the man behind the counter.

“And another on the way?” the woman asked, nodding to Rose, who was rubbing her hand across her swollen belly.

“Yup,” James said. “Due next month.”

“Maybe this time you’ll get your boy,” the woman said wistfully.

James furrowed his brow. “No, she’s a little girl.”

“Oh, pity,” the woman frowned, and she patted his arm. “Too bad.”

“Excuse me, but what’s that supposed to mean?” James demanded, glaring at the woman and ignoring her flinch. But as she started stammering out an explanation, a little voice interrupted her.

Liam’s Story in Soulmates

James pulled up his sleeves as he began to work through the momentum problem he’d given to his class. He lifted the chalk in his hand, and was surprised when he saw a flash of blue on his skin. He frowned. Rose never wrote to him when he was in lecture.

He glanced at the clock. Twenty minutes to go. She could wait.

“Right, so this is the first equation I hope you all used?” James said, scrawling it across the board as he tried not to look at the message from Rose. But his eyes kept darting to the ink, and something deep in his stomach coiled tightly when he thought he read the word “hospital”.

He gave up all pretenses of writing on the board to read the message Rose sent him, to assure himself none of his family were actually in the hospital…

I fell down the stairs. Meet me at the hospital.

His ears were ringing and he felt like his body paradoxically weighed nothing and yet was made out of lead. Hospital. Rose was going to the hospital. Rose fell down the stairs. Rose was injured enough to need the hospital. Oh, God, what if it wasn’t Rose needing the hospital, but the baby?

Untitled Tentoo x Rose Fic

He flopped onto his couch in the office he rarely used, and pulled the coffee table closer to his knees and picked up the piece of tech he’d abandoned in favor of seeing Rose off. He fished his glasses out of his pocket as he began carefully disassembling it while trying to ignore his phone for any contact from Rose, knowing he probably wouldn’t hear from her until she landed in Iceland.

Just 168 hours.

An hour into The Week Without Rose, there was a power blip. The lights flickered off and all of the computer screens went black, and the Doctor cursed rubbish twenty-first century electricity as he singed his finger on a pair of wires he was trying to reconnect. But before the generator could kick on, the lights went on again and the computers rebooted themselves, and all was well.

But when the head of security finally was able to get all of their equipment online again, the GPS-enabled zeppelin bound for Iceland was not on the radar.

Prequel to Making it Official

He stuck his tongue out at the girl, and she giggled at him as she, too, stuck her tongue out. He crossed his eyes to look at his tongue, and stifled a smile as the girl furrowed her brows and attempted to copy, but only succeeded in rolling her eyes and blinking her eyes independently.

“That’s a tricky one, innit?” he asked. “Here, what you want to do is look at a point far away. Like my finger. Look at my finger.” James held up his index finger in front of the girl’s face, a few inches from her eyes. “Now keep looking at my finger as I move it closer. Don’t blink! Keep looking. Keep looking, looking, looking… There!”

James steadily moved his finger towards the girl’s nose, watching in delight as her eyes started crossing. He finally booped her on the nose in congratulations, just as a woman’s voice called out, “Matilda Elizabeth Tyler! What are you doing?”

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