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Game of Thrones AU – Margaery & Sansa live happily ever after at Highgarden….

                        Arya Stark and Gendry Baratheon are dating!

After nearly a year of speculation Arya Stark the second daughter of the powerful businessman Eddard Stark finally confirmed her relationship with Gendry Baratheon oldest son of Robert Baratheon and his short lived marriage to ex-wife Alys Waters. Mr Baratheon, 24, the heir to the super-car franchise Storms End Stags was seen accompanying Miss Stark, 19, to the latest release of her sister in law Margaery Tyrell’s fashion line The Rose of Highgarden. Miss Stark bassist of the critically acclaimed Rock band The Direwolves along with other members her brother Robb Stark, 24, Theon Greyjoy, 24 and cousin Jon Targaryen, 24. Miss Stark and Mr Baratheon seemed to be showing a large quantity of affection around each other. Let’s hope that this is the joining of the two most powerful families in all of Westeros. 

Ros Winters reporting for the Westeros Chronicle.


___________________________________________________⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀House Gardener ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ___________________________________________________

Tyrion x Reader....

Word Count: 1,205

((I’m sorry this is kind of short, and I tried my best to stick to your request. I actually do like this though, what there is of it anyway :) I hope you do as well))

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         Dinorah Sands was not someone who was rattled easily and she was the kind of sleeper that a raging fire could not wake. She was a Dornish woman, although not outwardly proud. She was good at her job of being a handmaiden for Lady Margaery, even if she hadn’t been in Highgarden for long. The whispers of her mother, however, started long before she had even entered The Reach.

       Dinorah Sands was the only Sands of House Dayne, and she was the daughter of the infamous Ashara Dayne. Many whisper about her father, however. Some say it was Eddard Stark, although many whisper that it was Brandon. While no one knew the truth of which it was, she still had those silver Stark eyes, but everything else looked like the Falling Star herself.

       Even now, as she sat by herself as Lady Margaery read poetry in the gardens, she looked like Ashara. She was quiet as she sat, not looking like Dinorah, however. Her eyes were tired and dark circles played under them. She was away from the group, wishing only for some silence. The storms of the night before, although rare, had shaken her to her core before she had even fallen asleep.


 Personality Trait They Find Most Endearing:


Jaime Lannister – The personality trait that Jaime would find the most endearing would have to be (I want to say talent with a blade but that’s a physical thing sooo), like his sister, cunning. (Besides beauty, why else would he like Cersei….i feel like she mocked him and crap as a child as well so it wasn’t because she was nice to him.)

Oberyn Martell – The personality trait that Oberyn would find the most endearing would have to be your sass. Whether up front or hidden most of the time, he would just love your sudden “spitfire” nature that comes out when you’re annoyed or just having a good time.

Dolorous Edd – The personality trait that Edd would find the most endearing would have to be your happiness. Being on the wall, all he sees is snow and men who have turned harsh. Seeing your smile and hearing your laugh brightens his day every day.

Petyr “LittleFinger” BAElish – The personality trait that Littlefinger would find the most endearing would have to be willingness to try anything once. It opens a lot of opportunities for him, and possibly brings in a good bit of coin as well.

Willas Tyrell – The personality trait that Willas would find the most endearing would have to be your intelligence. Being the heir of Highgarden, he has met plenty of noble ladies in his life, but he’s attracted to you because you can hold a good, intellectual conversation with him.

Arthur Dayne – The personality trait that Arthur would find the most endearing would have to be  your affectionate nature. He always finds your “talent” for caring for him after a battle/joust/training session endearing.

Tyrion Lannister – The personality trait that Tyrion would find the most endearing would have to be a mix of your intelligence and your wit. Both traits would match his so well that he would never have a dull moment when around you.

Jorah Mormont – The personality trait that Jorah would find the most endearing would have to be your innocence. With all the evil in the world, it would be refreshing to see someone so innocent and look at the world in a completely different light than him.


Sansa Stark – The personality trait that Sansa would find the most endearing would have to be chivalry. If you embody traits of a Knight, Sansa (at least early seasons of Sansa) will take a liking to you.

Margaery Tyrell – The personality trait that Margaery would find the most endearing would have to be your ability to sweet talk. Being able to get whatever you want with “honey words” (hehe, Skyrim things), would most definitely attract the Rose of Highgarden to you.

Arya Stark – The personality trait that Arya would find the most endearing would have to be overall goodness. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re from, as long as you’re a good person to her and others she’ll like you.

Cersei Lannister – The personality trait Cersei would find the most endearing would have to be your cunning. Nothing intrigues the Queen more than another who is good at quick thinking and playing double agent.

Brienne of Tarth – The personality trait Brienne would find the most endearing would have to be your honor, your ability to keep vows/oaths, being honor bound herself in everything she does.

Catelyn Stark – The personality trait Catelyn would find the most endearing would have to be a combination of traits that pay tribute in a way to her House’s words. Family, duty, honor. If you love your family and do anything for them, if you’re dutiful no matter what, and have honor, Lady Stark will find you very endearing.

Gilly – The personality trait Gilly would find the most endearing would have to be your gentleness. Growing up with an abusive father, she would quickly come to love you for your kindness/gentleness no matter your size or intelligence.

Shireen Baratheon – The personality trait Shireen would find the most endearing would have to be your creativity. A sad and lonely girl isolated on Dragonstone, she would love your ability to make up entire worlds in your head and approach her with new and creative ideas.

Joffrey’s Cousin/Lover Pt. 2

Imagine your pregnancy and the delivery of your child.

(Sooo the request was for Cersei to help the reader through the pregnancy and delivery and I believe to have the reader tand the Queen Regent/Mother get along bbuuuutttt I kind of took some creative liberties and went with what I think Cersei would ACTUALLY act like…I hope you all like it. Sorry if it’s short and more to the point than usual)

(Pt. 1

(Word Count: 1,565)

You knew it wasn’t Tyrion who killed Joffrey. You had spent too much of your life in Casterly Rock with Tyrion to know that he would never kill his family, any of his family, despite how much he hated them. You would never say that to the Queen, however. How could you? You were carrying her bastard grandchild. You had slept with the King and conceived his child out of wedlock…you might have been a Lannister but it didn’t stop many people from trying to shun you and call you all sorts of names. It was only after looks from your Uncle Tywin and hissed orders from your cousin, the Queen, that it all stopped and you were left alone.

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Games of Thrones AU: Rhaegar wins the Trident.

The Tyrells had been quick to offer their daughter to King Rhaegar upon her birth as a bride for the Crown Prince Jon. 

The Rose of Highgarden and the Wolf of King’s Landing. There couldn’t be two more different people.

All had heard the tales of Jon Targareyn, he who had been taught the art of battle by both the Kingslayer and the Viper of Dorne. He who had fought in Essos against the Dolthraki and had killed a Khal to bring his Aunt Daenerys home at only ten and five years old.

Margaery Tyrell - on the other hand - was graceful and fair and had been raised at her grandmother’s knee and as such was the most politically minded of her and Jon’s generation. 

Rhaegar had agreed to the match, if only to help secure the peace that had been throughout the kingdoms since the end of the Rebellion. 

Joffrey’s Cousin and Lover

Imagine during the Purple Wedding, the rumor about you being your cousin, King Joffrey’s lover, is proven correct when you rush to his side as he dies.

(I hope you like it! I actually really enjoyed it! And if you have questions about the way I ended it it’s basically just in case anyone wants a second part)

(Pt. 2

(Word Count: 1,855)

Rumors in King’s Landing spread like wild fire and more times than not, they are a hundred percent true. Most of the rumors are about the high and mighty, and so they are kept “safely” hidden away under lock and key to be used by enemies when the time better suits them. During the reign of King Joffrey of Houses Baratheon and Lannister, there were many rumors. There was one that he had wrongly killed Ned Stark, there was one that he was a bastard born of incest between his mother and Queen Cersei’s twin brother the Kingslayer Jaime Lannister, but the most infamous one was that the boy King had been having an affair with his cousin…you…since he was about fourteen name days old…two name days before his Father’s untimely death and Joffrey’s ascension to the throne.

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