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1) what type of weather do you hate the most?
it’s always summer
so haze (ok that makes no sense)

2) least favourite music genre?
dude idk. i mostly just like the music cause of the music. not the genre
unless you call my class’ noice a genre then that

3) cacti/succulents or potted plants?
man idk. cacti are p cool. let’s go with that

4) what is your favourite object you own?
my computer

5) if you could either fly or become invisible, what would you choose?
invisible. i’ll prolly go steal all my friend’s warriors books and reread them all. and also see my teacher’s reactions to my exams

6) would you want to live in a big city or in a small town?
i live in a small city. i guess i’d like a small town

7) what place scares you the most?
my old wattpad

8) least favourite lesson?
P.E. i can’t run. except to the bus stop

9) what wild animal would you love to have as a pet knowing that the conditions you will provide for them will be good for their habitat?
a frickin cuddly panda. i want somethin’ to cuddle pal

10) which country do you wanna travel to?
Japan, Germany, everywhere basically with good wifi.

11) egg?
egg is best

My Questions:

1) mac and cheese? thoughts?

2) favourite things about your native country/countries?

3) opinion on your dark past your own blog

4) favourite character ever? why? 

5) 1-10 how good are you at your own country’s history? 1 being: “wait who’s our president now?” 10 being a god at your country’s history like damn, you’re a frickin nerd.

6) favourite song/soundtrack/album/musical/theme song you like to listen to on repeat over and over again?

7) if there was a recipe on how make your blog: what would be the steps and ingredients? 

8) favourite number?

9) what is your best subject?

10) what is the best gift given to you? 

11) 1-10 how comfy are you while writing this

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The Czech Republic and Israel have quite good relations today! Czechoslovakia was one of the 33 countries that votes for the establishment of a Jewish state in 1947, and was among the first countries to recognize Israel’s independence in 1948; four days after Israel’s declaration.

Nowadays the Czech Republic expresses strong support for Israel and opposes the opinion of the latter’s enemies, going as far as blacklisting organizations such as Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. According to Israel’s Prime Minister, “Israel has no better friends in Europe than the Czech Republic,” although statements like that have been made about various European countries throughout the years. Overall Israel appreciates the Czech Republic’s support and generally portrays it as a ‘trusted friend’, a ‘vibrant democracy’, and an ‘economic and technological powerhouse’. The Czech Republic in turn considers Israel to be ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’.

The roots of their friendship can be traced back to the early 19th century, and I’ll most likely revisit this subject another time, as I don’t think it’s appropriate to put all of that information in a interaction of this kind!)