rose o'donnell

Personal tfb shitpost #3

I love the front bottoms because their music is great for any mood. There’s the fun good times kinda vibes from them but then there’s the real emotional vibes that just hit you and you just can’t.

Honestly, I can’t really pick a favourite song by them because it depends on how I feel at the time and that’s what is so great about them in my opinion.

(wow look at me getting so emotional on a Monday at 1am)


GUYS I MET @thefrontbottoms saw them unloading at 1, I got there at 9:30/10 and Brian I guess saw me, I saw him but I didn’t make eye contact. I gave tom the cookies, and then on stage right after he told me to wait and he brought me a pick and his stage hand brought me a drum head. I met mat and CiaRAN right after; and then like at 12:30 he finally came out and he was talking and he saw me and he was like YOU and I was like me??? And he was like yeah oh my gosh I’m sorry for not saying hi earlier I wanted to come talk, thank you for coming I appreciate you, and he signed all my vinyl and he was like thank you for buying all of this shit ;’) @thefreakingfrontbottoms @thefrontcheeseballs @thefrontbuttz @thefrntbottms @talonofthehawkk