rose move


The Doctor Donna

“I just think it’s stupid, that’s all,” I say.

“What do you mean?” he asks, as curious as ever to hear what I’m thinking.

“Well, you fall in love with someone, and then you think it’s going to be forever. But then it’s not.” I pause, waiting for a reaction he doesn’t give. I shrug. “I just think it’s stupid to keep being heartbroken like that.”

“Hm,” he says evasively.

“What?” I ask, curious myself now.

He shrugs too. “I didn’t know that was a thing that happened, like some sort of twisted cycle,” he says quietly. “To me, you’re the first. I thought you would be the last.” he laughs. “And honestly? Even now, I think you’ll be the last.”

—  // lily rose.