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rose goddess au  part 21

……well now keith can go back to silva that’s good ?

hope you like it

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  • Lance: *suave voice & talking to keith on the phone* Hey babe. Wanna... make-out with me on this cool bed when you get home?
  • Keith: Not if the cool bed your speaking of is that red racecar bed you bought from the store when it was on sale.
  • Lance: Come on Keith. It'll really help shift this make-out session into overdrive.

Okay but how much more feelsy would that scene of “Your friend desperately wants to see you” had been if it was Lance instead of Shiro. I mean, it was good with Shiro there and we learned a lot about their relationship and how Keith fears losing him (I see them as brothers), all that good stuff.



If Lance was there, too.

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rose goddess au part 15!
so yes it was lance ! , i mean c’mon guys i used the blue color to sketch XD
have some klance  fluff !………before angst ………..pray for pidge
hope you like it !

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rose goddess au part 12
i know now you hope i didn’t draw part 12 ;w; i know me too
remember what hunk said in part 10 ?” WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE MILES AWAY FROM THE CASTLE”…………….yeah
hope you like it !
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Tonight’s Commonwealth Adventures

Hancock LOVED me giving the cure to that boy.  As if I’d keep it, psh.

So I have Curie!  I should probably stop dragging ass and get over to Cambridge.  Mrrrrrrr.  Hancock loved what I did so much that he kept asking me to talk WHILE I WAS STILL TALKING TO GWEN AND AUSTIN GAH HANCOCK YOU SO NEEDY! >.<

Amusing at least.  Now I’ve got MacCready back with me, and I’ll head over to do the Brotherhood stuff.  Rose is being a helper, all around.  I think I’ll go with McClain for her last name.  I’m fairly certain we get to make up both names for the characters, so that’s what I’ll do.  Seems fun.  She looks great in the Minutemen hat, but I cannot get her out of the vault suit.  I’m too squishy. :(  No neat outfits for me.

But annoying that there’s only a couple of cute hair styles, which everyone uses.  I tried holding out, but when I went to see the Vault stylist, he’s like, girl, you need a hair trim, now.  Get in my chair.  Yes sir.  So I changed it to one of the pretty longish ones.  

Still feeling a bit aimless on what to do next.  Maybe go after Virgil… Rose is lvl 22.  I’m not sure here I am in the story, so I don’t want to do a point of no return… maybe some more settlements?  I dunno.  Man I SUCK at making those damn houses.  Tried for a two story and it just kept noping and not working so I gave up.  Was just trying to make a General Love Pad…

That I haven’t figured out who I’m going to use with yet. Mrrrrr.

Ah well.  Still having fun!  Probably going to do the Vault Suit as my cosplay for PAX East if my Chargers group can’t get Saturday passes.  Still probably going to do a Krem…. we’ll see.  Maybe.  If I’m brave enough.  My hair cut is on Thursday. Eeeeeeeeeeeee, I’m doing the side cut thing.  I WILL BE BRAVE.  

Ok, bed time, early rise tomorrow. Good night internet.

Guess who got her first flirt with MacCready?

Yeah, I think he’s going to be it for this game.

Still haven’t ‘joined’ the Brotherhood yet.  I did meet back up with Danse in Cambridge though.  I need to see if joining the BoS cuts me off from anything first.  I need to go meet Deacon at the road so I can get into the Railroad all official like.  But Iv’e been grabbing new settlements…. and outfitting them… 

MacCready gets so cranky when I start scrounging.  The butt.  Too bad. :P

I’m lvl 28 and terrified a Deathclaw is going to eat my face annnnny minute now.  Also, I REALLY want to get out of this Vault suit, but there seriously is like no fucking good looking armor and I’m just rolling my eyes into forever.

I bet I have to take the damn Armorer perk, huh? -.-  I just upped my strength high enough to GET the perk… next level.

We’ll see what happens from there.

Time for sleeps.

The Glowing Sea

Wasn’t what I thought it’d be.

But, I’ve met up with Virgil, as right now I’m int he never ending pattern of do the same types of quests over and over and over again for EVERYONE and that’s boring, so I’m going to just finish the fucking game.

Glowing Sea was brutal though.  All the radscorps.  *shudder*  Also the Children of Atom are just… nuts.  Totally and completely so.  When I saw them in FO3 I was like… for real?  Yeah, not touching that crazy with a 100 ft pole.

I think Rosie’s gonna put a ring on Mac after Hunter/Hunted.  Yeah, Yeah I think she might.

At least I didn’t end tonight with a crash! Thank you @goddamn-batgirl for the suggestion :D  I think it worked!

I leave you with these cuties

Yes, she’s wearing his hat. :3

dualwieldingtymber  asked:

OK, so ... I'm asking about Rosie O=) ... #s 2, 3, 10, 12, and 13 ... Pretty Please?


Here goes:

2. Does your OC have a temper?
Normally, no. Rosie’s actually pretty chill, all things considered.  She’s a little broken mold for me because she’s not that much of a jerk, or sarcastic ass.  But she gets SUPER FOCUSED when it involves her son.  Suffice to say, if it weren’t that she has to wade through an ocean of radiation, she’d already be there and finding him. She needs to SURVIVE to get her son.  

3. Religious beliefs?
I’m going to go with agnostic?  Yeah, that sounds about right.  Fairly certain the split up in Boston is like 50/50 Catholic/Protestant but meh, I’m not from that area, just places south of it. :D

10. How does your OC react when they’re embarrassed?
With lots of hot flushes that make her freckles stand out.  But she’ll pretty much soldier though the discomfort.  It was the one part of being JAG she couldn’t shake, the whole not showing when you’re flustered or unprepared.

12. Are they a morning person or a night owl?
Definitely a night owl, though she had been starting to adapt to the mornings… now it’s back to old habits.

13. Is there anything you would have changed about your OC?
Omfg, JUST Nate gets the military background?  How about, no, not happening.  If I had my druthers, they’d both have the same background.  Instead, sure, fine, she was a lawyer.  In JAG.  In the Navy.  Fuck you game writer who thought only dude-guy should have the ex-military background.

OC Meme Thingie!

MacCready Pants Achieved

However… he’s stuck.

Like, I cannot bring him anywhere, every time I do, he just sits at the spawn point and does not move.  I’ve tried switching out companions for a time, but whenever I go back to the beau, he’s just chilling out while I die.  


Just look at this darling.  Why would he stay behind like that?

Anyway, so, as far as his story goes, I dig it.  I’ve got some ideas brewing for a possible ficlet to fix Bethasda’s horrible, no good, very bad delivery of this romance, holy fuck.  

Bitch about BioWare and their writing all you want, but that romance start for MacCready was PAINFUL to listen to.  Just… no, no no no NO GIVE ME TIME TO PROCESS THIS, GAME, DON’T JUST SAY, LOL DEAD WIFE, NO BIG, LET’S BANG, YEAH?

*headdesks into oblivion*

Oh yes, there will be fix it fic.  Jeez.

For now, I have a HC ask to answer on the morrow.  It’s stupid late, I need to sleep.  I was a bad girl and stayed up WAY past my bed time, the kids will make me pay for my transgression.

inquisitorsfancyhats  asked:

Rosie- 7/8/9!

Moar questions!  

7. Something they’re proud of?
Answered here!

8. What is something they really hate?
That’s easy - The Institute.  And to a smaller extent, the more she finds out about them, Vault Tech.  She’ll watch the Institute burn for killing Nate and taking Shaun, and the shady shit VT was doing with people?  Unethical experiments and the like?  Yeah, that shit doesn’t sail with this girl.

9. Now something they really love?
Piper.  Rosie seriously loves Piper to bits and pieces because she reminds her of her sister.  When Piper opened up to her?  Solid BFFs for life.  I might make another Sole just to romance Piper.  Not sure I’ll do ALL THE THINGS, but we’ll see.

Eeee moar fun! :D

OC Meme Questions