rose makes a text post

i cant stop thinking about dmab nb rose

rose never feeling like a “boy” so they let their hair grow long and their mom doesn’t care because that’s how she is

rose choosing their new name because it’s the most stereotypically feminine thing they can think of at the time, it’s a flower, it’s the sort of name used idly for princesses in storybooks and they’re not sure they’re a girl either but they just so desperately want everyone to stop seeing them as male

rose getting into the occult and reading about eldritch beasts and ancient gods because they’re just like them, ancient, undefinable, and they can relate to them more than to the characters in books for children their age anyway, with their gender roles and stereotypes, and maybe one day they’ll get good enough at this stuff that they’ll be able to summon one of those ancient things to take them away or at least turn them into something that looks less like a “little boy” (bonus if it looks more like an abomination from the pits of the deep)

rose chopping their hair off again when they’re 11 and bleaching it from muddy brown to nearly white with chemicals far too harsh in a fit of rage and disgust at how the world sees them, then looking in the mirror and crying because fuck, they look like a boy again and they can’t go to school like this because the other kids teased them before but now they WON’T because rose looks how they think they're SUPPOSED to and that’s WORSE

so they pinch their mother’s makeup and apply it clumsily in the half-light of their bedroom at 5am, too much eyeliner and too-dark lipstick but they like it because it makes them look like something else and they feel again ancient and horrifying and undefinable, and place an alice band in their hair just before leaving, daring anyone to fuck with their new hairstyle 

after about a week their mother silently buys them new makeup and leaves it in their room along with a few outfits she thinks rose might like, and begrudgingly a couple of gift cards because no matter how much she wishes her child would accept her help she knows those black dresses will remain in the back of rose’s closet for years even if they go out and buy the exact same things themself

rose draping themself in black leather and fishnets like oil in dark water because it’s better to be called a goth and a freak for that than a boy, and when your eyes can tell someone with a glance that if they say ANYTHING ELSE you won’t hesitate to raise something horrid and snarling up from the dark places and set it out for blood it’s a bit easier to face the ones who teased you and pulled your hair for being just a bit longer than theirs

rose meeting the other beta kids and not correcting them when they assume rose is a girl because they might as well be, in the same way they also might as well be something dark and disturbing with too many tentacles and teeth, and rose hasn’t really found a pronoun that can account for how they feel anyway so they just start using she to avoid explaining the void of their gender to the others for a little while. by the time they all meet in person in the game rose has slid a bit out of her disguise and all the others know about her gender by now and it hardly even seems to matter any more… she still wears lipstick like a starless night and an oil slick because that’s who she is now, that’s who she’s become, and even though it started out as a defense mechanism, when she leaves black marks on her vampire girlfriend’s neck and realizes that it’s okay now, these people accept her no matter what flickers of confusion she feels inside sometimes, this ragtag, broken family they’ve assembled through the bonds of seeing eachother die love her, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

dmab nonbinary rose

a while ago @thegoldensoundtwice made a post about redwall ghosts and I had to go into detail on rose as a ghost
-she hung back from visiting anyone for many seasons. After all the abbey wasn’t hers, she’d been born in noonvale and she died at marshank, she wasn’t an abbey mouse and she didn’t want to intrude.
-actually she was a little lost when she awoke as a ghost in unfamiliar halls, trying to recall he muddled mess before her death and trying to figure out where she was. Eventually she realized that she’d never been to the abbey, and she was upset and confused as to why she was there until she saw the tapestry hanging on the wall
-she saw it and she recognized martin in a second. She felt martin’s presence in it, and she felt him trying to fight through the mists between worlds to find her in this one
-because while she was free to do what she wished, martin had to struggle through leagues of void and could only get into the abbey when he absolutely had to. At first she thought that was unfair, but she came to realize that he never made anything easy on himself in life, so why in death would it be any different
-so anyways she stays out of sight and doesn’t make contact for many many seasons. She observes and absorbs the ways of the abbey creatures and falls in love with the peaceful, fulfilled life they live. She watches generations and generations of families go by, she notes when one of the younger ones says or does something that mirrored something one of their ancestors said or did seasons ago
-she does sing after a while, and sometimes she lets her voice slip into the material plane by accident, her beautiful clear tones filling the abbey
-of course that leads to a wild dibbun adventure, they stumble and rush through the abbey trying to find the beautiful voice. Rose watches them fondly. Eventually she becomes sort of an abbey legend, the voice that could outsing any real beast in a heartbeat
-the first time she actually makes contact, though, is once cluny has come and once the war is in full swing, once matthias has gone out into mossflower with a promise to return and cornflower is left scared and alone in the middle of a siege
-cornflower is of course the first one rose speaks to. She appears at the edge of her bed late one night, when cornflower was too nervous to sleep. She explains who she is, and says that she’d been with the abbey for many seasons
-cornflower knows who she is, naturally, because the story of rose clung to the story of martin, and everybeast knew both their names
-rose sits with cornflower and said that she’d seen seasons come and go and she knew how these things ended. There would be doubt and despair and many casualties, but in the end, the hero would return victorious, and the abbey would be saved
-they talk about matthias, who rose has seen grow up, and while they do she can’t help but realize she’s talking about martin instead
-eventually cornflower is reassured enough to fall asleep
-the lantern has been blown out, cornflower has closed her eyes. The bustle of war goes on around them but with the caring words of rose, it seems enough like silence to sleep through. And right before she lets herself fade away, back to the plane she resides in, rose promises to look after cornflower. She promises to give her luck and guide her through the war, and she promises that she’d fight to let cornflower live the life she never did

I feel that I didn’t appreciate Lyanna Stark enough before the Rhaegar week. Before it, I didn’t really feel the character, but while I was making edits and thinking about her, she became more fleshed out in my mind. I feel close to her now. She is a girl who dislikes womanizers and arranged marriages, a girl who doesn’t have a positive bond with her father. A girl who is brave and adventurous and mature for her age, a girl who defies the society. A girl who stands up to bullies, and who is similar to Arya in personality. And Lyanna fell in love with Rhaegar … And she cries over sad music too. She is very relatable to me.

Lyanna became one of my favorite minor characters.

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Happy birthday Amy Rose! ♡^ ▽^♡

I did want to actually draw something for her but I only found out about her birthday yesterday, so… a few hours of pixeling was the next best option!

The sketch I reused from this post since I still really like it, despite the issues I had to fix. And there’s two versions (one with a white outline, the other with a shadow) because I am Captain Indecisive.

There’s a difference between loving him right and letting him step all over you.
—  Love advices and schtuff #4 // lily rose.

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