rose lynn fisher

Ecco come appaiono le nostre lacrime al microscopio: ogni tipologia contiene diverse molecole, che le conferiscono un particolare aspetto.

Si tratta di un'opera della fotografa Rose-Lynn Fisher!

Do tears of joy look the same as ones of woe—or ones from chopping onions? In “The Topography of Tears,” the Los Angeles-based photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher explores the physical terrain of tears emitted during a range of emotional states and physical reactions. Take a look:

Above: Tears of possibility/hope. Photograph by Rose-Lynn Fisher/Craig Krull Gallery.

Tears Under The Microscope (THIS IS SO COOL)

Rose-Lynn Fisher put tears under the microscope. She studied 100 different kinds of tears and that, depending on the emotions we feel crying them, they look different. Take a look, it’s awesome!!!

Tears from Laughing Til Crying

Tears of Change

Tears of Grief

Tears from Onions

Tears of Timeless Reunion

Tears of Ending & Beginning

Tears of Possibility & Hope

Tears of Remembrance

Kaip skiriasi džiaugsmo ir sielvarto ašaros, pažvelgus pro mikroskopą (nuotraukos)

Vieną dieną Rose-Lynn Fisher ėmė galvoti, ar jos ašaros, kuomet ji verkia iš sielvarto, atrodo kitaip negu ašaros, kuomet ji verkia iš džiaugsmo, tad ji ėmė jas tyrinėti pro mikroskopą. 

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