rose lightstick


Yesterday at DreamConcert 2014 there was an amazing event for BEAST –> beautiful and outstanding ∀Σ♥∀Δ Σ formed by bling bling rose lighsticks of B2UTYs. 

This isn’t the first time B2UTYs prepare a formation for BEAST, but everytime our fandom does it, everytime it’s special ♥ And at this time when BEAST almost comeback, when our boys have the new logo, we make it even more special ♥

And I’m so happy BEAST always acknowledges that. Just looking at these fantaken photos, our boys were so touched and impressed that they couldn’t take their eyes off B2UTY’s section, always looked towards their left side where B2UTY sat ^___^ Then after performance, they updated tons of tweets on twitter to say thank you and compliment for us. DooJoon even said they could recognize us at one glance while DongWoon said they only saw B2UTYs that night ♥ aw… you guys really know how to warm up your fans’ hearts BEAST yah… aw my fangirl feeling T___T

Thank you so much to K-B2UTYs who tried best to make this event success, we- international B2UTYs- are so proud of you, our amazing fandom, ∀Σ♥∀Δ Σ is really really really beautiful ♥

p/s: wish I could join in our dark grey ocean, hold my rose lightstick and cheer crazily for BEAST with you guys someday ♥ #GoodLuck to me ^__^