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Cassian, the hundreds of years old warrior with countless battle experience, turned pale and stoic momentarily when Nesta was mentioned by the Bone Carver. Like, the only time he has done that is at the sight of Bryaxis (which is completely understandable because it’s literally Bryaxis)

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MC and Jumin have a son who is spitting image of his father he's like 6 he's always in one of his parents arms even with RFA he's shy

Okay but I saw this request and I’ve been looking forward to it so much mY CROPS ARE THRIVING

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy and have a terrific day! Thank you <3


You had both been ecstatic when you found out about your pregnancy, to say the least.

 It hadn’t been planned, only going to the doctor after bouts of peculiar morning sickness, having been told the news with wide, jaw dropped expressions.

Yet once you found out, you couldn’t have been happier. 

Jumin almost immediately began making room for a nursery, doting on you even more so than usual, a hint of a smile somehow always etched on his expression. 

You would both scribble down ideas for a name, switching between them in the later hours of the night, your husband’s arms cradled around you as you spoke to each other.

“I was thinking of perhaps Do-Yun if it’s a boy?” Jumin offered, his words drowsy as he slipped off, his head resting against your own.

“You want our child’s name to mean road?” You stifled a snicker, twisting to face him. “I love you so much, but there’s no way we can go with that name.” 

He pressed a light kiss to your temple, a murky, adoring gaze aimed to you. “What have you chosen then?”

“I was thinking…” You flipped through the numerous pages for your favorite one, pointing it down. “Jeong.” 

“Jeong…” He repeated the name again, nodding as it seeped into his brain. “It’s perfect, just like you darling.” 

And soon enough, Jeong was born.

A boy.

A boy with wide dark eyes like his father, curly wisps of hair that twirled about his gaze, and the tiniest hint of a smirk that painted his features whenever he saw his family.

Just like his father.

He was almost always attached to one of your hips as he became a child, shrouding himself back even when around other RFA members, quiet as a mouse as he’d cling to your leg.

“Here, come on, say hello to Aunt Jahee!” You exclaimed, Jahee nervously approaching, kneeling down before him.

She herself was a bit uneasy, never having interacted with kids much she nervously raised a hand for him to shake.

“U-Um…hello, I’m Jahee Kang. I’ve been close to your family for a very long time.” 

He didn’t say a word but dipped his head nervously, his small hand returning her gesture, nearly entirely enveloped by simply Jahee’s palm. 

“Why don’t you introduce yourself?”

He looked to you, almost afraid before you squeezed his shoulder, encouraging him. 

And he mustered up his courage to speak.

“H-Hi,” He murmured. “I-I’m Jeong H-Han.” 

Jahee laughed just a bit. “I know, your father won’t stop talking about you and your mother, even more than Elizabeth 3rd.” 


She nodded. “Yes, he really does love you both.” 

And though he shrunk back between your leg, you noticed his face light up.

He would always seem thrilled whenever you or Jumin were mentioned, sometimes even a giggle slipping from his lips. 

But just as raising a child, it has its downs just as much as its ups.

And for Jeong, it came in the form of nightmares.

They were rare, but on the occasions that they did happen, they left him sobbing, stifling up wheezes and sputtering up coughs.

The worst occasion had been recent, the two of you jerking awake as you heard the initial yell from your son, his whimpers quieting.

He never wanted to wake you up, always apologizing whenever one of you came in, curling back up further into a ball until scooped him up and dried his tears.

This time, Jumin unraveled his arms from you, pressing a chaste kiss to your knuckles as he sat up.

“I’ll handle it, get some rest darling.” 

You rose up slightly, lids heavy as you glanced at him. 

“I…I can go after him it’s fine-” 

“Dear, it’s fine,” He assured you, his tone soft. “

You let out a small huff, sinking back against the cushions, watching as he made his way out. 

You tried to slip back to sleep but couldn’t bring yourself to do it, stirring with a certain set of worry brimming inside. 

You left the bed, yawning as you scrambled to your feet, trudging out into the hall, your feet brushing against the carpet as you passed by the bedroom, caught by the words being said.

“I-I had a nightmare…” Jeong whispered, sniffling through his tears. 

“What happened in it?”

“Y-You left Mommy and I…a-and you didn’t come back.” He answered, his voice brittle and breaking. “Y-You never came back!” 

Jumin was silent for a moment when he spoke almost sad at the very idea his son presented.

“You know I would never do that,” He cooed. “You and your mother are my entire world, I can’t imagine a day without you.” 

Your son didn’t respond.

“…Did I ever tell you of how I fell in love with your mother?”


You pressed your back against the hall’s wall, listening curiously, despite sleep lulling inside of you.

“Well, I used to be very shut off, very closed off from the rest of the world- I had very poor experiences with other people,” He said. “but then your mother appeared in my life-purely by accident but she…she changed it entirely. She gave me something I never thought I’d truly have.” 

“W-What was that?”

“Happiness. Honest and true happiness. She lights up my days like the sun lights up the night sky. And I knew I loved her from the instant I first saw her-just as I loved you the moment I first laid eyes on you.” 

“S-So y-you’re not going anywhere dad?” 

“No, not in a million years.” 

“You promise?”

He didn’t hesitate.

Not for a second.

“I promise.” 

Blessed Curse

A continuation of Cursed Blessing, featuring @justwritingscibbles‘s Lightiplier. 

Originally posted by ofallingstar

“I have to admit,” Dark said, pulling blankets up around you, “I do feel lucky to have you.”
“Me too. You’re exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade you for the world.” He smiled and kissed your forehead firmly, protectively.
“Sweet dreams, pet.”


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Absolutely stunning! Repost @nikitabaffour •ROSE GOLD•
I hope you guys love this video as much as I do!
Working with @tamara_ldn is always such a pleasure, not only is she stunning she’s also family! Which makes the job 10x easier
We have so much in store so please do keep an eye out and make sure you show her page some love ❤️ _
Brows: @anastasiabeverlyhills Pomade in Chocolate
Eyes: @hudabeauty Textured Palette - Henna + Cocoa in the Transition area and Rose Gold on the lid
Foundation: @maccosmetics Studio Fix Fluid NC50
Concealer: @narrsist Radiant Creamy Concealer in Caramel & Ginger
Contour: Foundation in _
Setting Powder: @Lauramercier
Lashes: @belleluxebeauty_ in Chloe (My Fave)
Lips: @maccosmetics Whirl lipstick and Liner + Clear Gloss
Model: The beautiful @tamara_ldn
Hair by @dollhouse london
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The class will be on ‘How to highlight and contour’ for WOC (Women of Colour)
I will be discussing products that I use to create glam looks for darker chocolate skinned women
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Music: Ycee Ft Maleek Berry - Juice
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opt x nw fluff ;o

Rose and Rena huddle together around the small campfire, lazily throwing in twigs whenever the flames start to flicker out. The evening ambiance is calming and gentle, and Rena suppresses a yawn while resting her head on Rose’s shoulder.

“You’ve been examining Erendil for a while now. I think I’m starting to get a little jealous,” Rena sleepily jokes, watching Rose with half-lidded eyes as she runs her pretty fingers across the blade of the sword.

“It’s made quite well. I’m more of a firearms girl myself, but the elegance of this weapon really suits you, I think,” Rose says with a  low chuckle. She gently raises it, watching the light from the fire bathe the steel in a gentle glow. “Hey, did you ever get some kind of knighting ceremony?”

Rena scoffs. “I’m an assassin. We don’t really get those back where I used to work. Why do you ask?”

There’s a faraway look in Rose’s eyes as she explains. “Well… the princess where I come from isn’t that much of a stickler for fancy ceremonies. I guess that’s good in a way, though I guess I feel like I’m missing out. Not that I’m a knight or anything either, though.”  

Hearing this, Rena huffs, saying, “Now if you talk about another woman, I’ll really get jealous. The stress will get to me, and my hair will fray. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you, dear?” Her tone is light though, and personally she thinks it’s pretty admirable how dedicated Rose can be to her princess. Okay, she’s maybe a little jealous, but integrity is always a plus. But now there’s a lull in the conversation, so she continues with something a little more daring. “If you really want to… we can do it now. A knighting ceremony. I want to try being your princess for a day.”

Rose looks puzzled for a moment, and then a playful smile appears on her face. “No, that won’t do. I’d rather we stay as equals. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Rena flicks her playfully on the forehead, and then shifts positions and makes herself comfortable with her head in Rose’s lap. “I do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be spoiled once in a while.”

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What are your thought S's resemblance to Rose?

I think Pearl has a type~

…More seriously, what I think is interesting is that S looks like Rose but she is also not a dead ringer for Rose, and she presents in some very different ways.

Rose had full princess curls and a full-length dress, while she was very powerful, her body language and overall demeanor reflects grace and poise. She acts like someone used to being in court.

And that’s all fine and good! The interesting thing is that while superficially, S resembles Rose- the heavy-lidded eyes, plump lips, chubby yet tall and sturdy frame, the pink hair- when you actually get a good look at S besides the “gosh you look like Rose” you realize there’s a lot they don’t have in common.

S has a different eye shape and different eye design- compared to Rose’s shiny black eyes, S has an iris design much more like Pearl’s, the circle iris without visible pupil. She’s, I believe, the only green-eyed character we’ve seen in the cast and it’s rather striking, and there’s more green in the shirt wrapped around her waist. Compared to Rose, whose pink color scheme tints her entire body, S doesn’t have particularly pinkish skin (hers is darker), her eyeshadow is black, her lip ring is silver- she’s mostly monochrome, and the main color accents she has are, again, green- which seems to be her character color.

At a glance she looks like Rose and that’s what gets Pearl to look, but in fashion, mannerisms, body language- she’s nothing like Rose.

And Pearl keeps looking. Pearl continues to be charmed by this person even after it is very clear that she’s really not much like Rose at all- doesn’t have the airy decorum. And Pearl doesn’t relate to her the same way. 

This is why I think that it’s so promising that there’s the implication Pearl and S are going to spend more time together and potentially build towards something- because from what we’ve seen despite the potential being there, Pearl hasn’t really projected Rose onto S as much as a passing resemblance was what initially drew her eye. And S shows up in an episode that is largely about Pearl pushing outside of her comfort zones a bit and proudly doing things that she likes- reaching outwards, trying new things, and enjoying it. 

The fact that S shows up not in a time where Pearl is sentimental or a context like the strawberry battlefield that’s about looking back, but in a context where Pearl is engaging heavily with human things and newness and, again, enjoying it, suggests positive things about Pearl and S’s relationship, if it does in fact go somewhere from here.

I mean, I don’t think that Pearl’s past relationship is going to never come into play or have an effect on her possible relationship with S- but I think that if that issue comes up, it won’t be the very core of the relationship, and it’s something that they’d work past together. 

Calum - Betrayal Part 10

Here’s the final part of Betrayal! I know some of you are sad it’s ending and so am I, but I’ve had a wonderful time writing it and being able to talk to you guys because of it. All good things must come to an end. Thank you for requesting parts, which gave me the motivation to write it, along with all the lovely things you all said about it. I have noticed those who have stuck by this series from the beginning. I really appreciate the support you’ve shown for it. Thanks for sticking around long enough to read the ending and I hope you enjoyed it just as much as the rest of the series. Now my next challenge is to write something just as good hopefully.


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

Closing my locker, a happy smile spread across my face as I took in the sight of Calum leaning against the locker next to my own.
‘Hello baby.’ He smiled, leaning forwards to place a quick kiss on my lips.
‘I was wondering if you would show up.’ I smirked, walking ahead to Jenny’s classroom.
'You thought I’d skip. Never.’ He laughed mockingly, clasping hold of my hand and swinging it. 'Your grounding ends on Friday right?’ He asked nervously.
'Yup I have two more days and then I’m free from house arrest.’ I smiled, feeling happy to go somewhere other than college or my house. After sneaking out to Luke’s party my parents had grounded me for a month, which I guess was understandable.
'Good.’ He beamed.
'What?’ I asked suspiciously, narrowing my eyes at him.
'Well we’ve been dating for a month on Saturday and I’ve been unable to take you out on a date.’ He confessed, blushing slightly.
'Awh aren’t you quite the romantic.’ I said, placing a hand over my chest and then pinching his cheeks. We passed Hannah and I politely smiled at her, but she glared at me. Her and Ashton didn’t last long, since a few days after Luke’s party he was dating the girl he was caught kissing. I think she blamed me for it, but I wasn’t bothered. I was over everything that had happened and I was happier than I had ever been. 'So where are you taking me?’ I asked, bringing my attention back to Calum and our date, as excitement flooded through me.
'All will be revealed on Saturday.’ He said smugly, as we entered Jenny’s classroom.
'Urgh, you’re a pain.’ I groaned as he walked me to my chair.
'Yeah but I’m your pain.’ He smiled before he quickly kissed me and strutted to his own chair. I shook my head at him as I pulled my pad and pen out.

'Okay, so please don’t be harsh on him. None of what happened was his fault. You’ll love him I promise.’ I gushed at my parents, as I nervously waited for Calum to come. I checked my watch. It was 6:59 and he was meeting my parents at 7. Please don’t be late I prayed. They were still weary of him from my slight hiccup where I flew off the rails for a bit, which they still partially blamed him for.
'We’ll start from a clean slate.’ My mother said, staring at my dad, who had his arms crossed and still didn’t like the idea of me dating him. 'Won’t we?’ Her voice was stern.
'Fine, but I’m not happy about it.’ He narrowed his eyes at us.
The door bell rang and I immediately sprung off the chair and ran to the front door. Stopping briefly to pause in order to smooth down my dress and fluff up my hair.
'Hey.’ I answered the door, smiling at a very nervous Calum. My heart melted at the sight of him bouncing from one foot to another and breathing out heavily. He was sporting trousers with a white shirt tucked into them and a thin black tie, which appeared to be the only tie he had.
'Hey.’ He said, stepping forwards to hug me, revealing his arms from behind his back, which held a bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine.
'They’re beautiful.’ I gasped at them. A proud smile spread across my face.
'A-hem.’ The sound of my dad clearing his throat interrupted us.
'Right yes. Calum, this is my mum and dad. Mum and dad, this is Calum.’ I said, doing the compulsory formal introductions.
'It’s lovely to meet you. These are for you.’ He said handing the bottle of wine to my dad and the flowers to my mum.
'These are beautiful.’ My mum smiled, admiring the colourful mixture of flowers.
'Good man, you did well. This is a fantastic choice of red wine.’ My dad, nodded his head in approval, which caused Calum to quietly sigh with relief.
'Are we allowed to go?’ I asked, eagerly. 'I haven’t been able to go anywhere for a month.’ I said impatiently.
My parents shared a glance. 'Yes go have fun you two.’ My mum smiled, shooing us out the door.
'I’ll have her back by 11.’ Calum called over his shoulder as we headed to his car. He opened my the door for me and held my hand as I got in. Instead of turning on the engine he reached behind his seat and pulled out a black box with a white bow. 'This is for you Y/N.’ He said sheepishly.
'Do you not own anything colorful.’ I laughed, attempting to hide my excitement.
'No.’ He laughed. 'Open it.’ He said eagerly, carefully watching my face. I untied the bow and pulled off the lid, handing it to him. Parting the the tissue, my eyes laid upon a single red rose.
'And you say you’re not a romantic.’ I smiled up at him and he shyly shrugged and nodded at me to continue. I placed the rose on the lid he was holding and immediately laughed at the sign that said warning dangerous driver. Instantly, my thoughts were cast to the day I nearly ran him over, which if that hadn’t have happened I might not have been his girlfriend. 'I’m usually a good driver thank you very much.’ I giggled.
'I’ve yet to see proof of that.’ He chuckled, picking up the sign, which revealed the number 86. I pulled at the cloth and realised it was Calum’s favourite black top with the white 86 on the back. Smelling it I realised it was Calum’s.
'You didn’t have to give me this.’ I said taken-aback by the thought.
'I want you to have it. You look better in it.’ He smiled.
'Thank you so much.’ I leaned over to hug him and kiss him to show my appreciation at the thoughtful gifts. I placed them back in the box and closed the lid as he turned on the engine and began the drive to our mystery location. 'You’ve got to be kidding me.’ I laughed, as he pulled into the all too familiar car park.
'Nope.’ He beamed, jumping out the car and rushing to help me out before I managed to unbuckle my seat belt. 'It’s slightly different though.’ He said, before he pushed open the entrance.
I lost my breath as my eyes took in the soft surrounding. Fairy lights where delicately placed around the room and white flower petals were sprinkled from the door to the middle of the dance floor whete a table was set up with two chairs on either side. A candle was burning in the middle of it.
'Calum, you did this?’ I turned towards him. The surprise and appreciation was clearly displayed on my face. He smiled and I grabbed hold of his face, kissing him passionately as my love for him flowed from me to him.
'Well it wasn’t just him.’ A voice jokily complained behind me. I turned to see Luke and Michael leaning behind the bar who I had failed to see at my first inspection of the room.
'I had a little help.’ He sheepishly admitted. 'But say hello to our butlers for tonight, who willingly offered to wait on us.’ Calum winked, placing his hand on my back as we walked towards the table.
'Ha ha ha. Good one Hood.’ Michael said sarcastically as Luke punched his arm, making him complain. Calum pulled out a chair for me and tucked me under the table. Michael and Luke played the part of the waiters, serving us drinks and food. Luke was better at the role, being polite, whereas Michael was joking around a little, earning a few glares from Calum, making me giggle. After taking our desert plates away Luke gave the keys of his bar to Calum and dragged Michael out with him, wishing us a good evening. Calum stood up and walked to the bar. He turned on the music as a slow song gently flowed through the room. He held his hands out to me and I laughed as he goofily danced towards me. He grabbed my hand and placed them around his neck, placing his own on my waist.
'You’re not really the bad boy you’ve conned everyone into believing are you.’ I said, pulling back slightly to look at his face.
'Looks can be deceiving.’ He laughed, kissing the top of my head.
'Thank you Calum. Tonight has been perfect.’ I whispered into his shoulder as he burrowed his own into my neck.
'Anything for you Y/N. You deserve the world.’

I once had a guy...

I once had a guy, after two years together, straight up walk away from me because my family’s problems were “too much”, and my mother’s lifelong, terminal illness was “giving him headaches.”

I once had a different guy, after few months of solid friendship, ask me if we were more than friends. We started to date. I made it clear what my life was like, so he knew what he was getting into, just as I had all other times before. He told me I was worth it, and that he wasn’t going anywhere.

I’d heard it before. For years. I wasn’t sure if I could believe him.

A month later, I came home to find my mother comatose. Called the ambulance. Raced to the hospital. I’d pulled this routine for years. It was just her and I, at the time. Called him sobbing that I couldn’t handle my life being this way any more. He listened to every word, and high-tailed it over to the hospital. We spent the night bent over waiting room chairs while surgeons raced to save my mother. They stabilized her around 3am. He never left my side. I slept on his lap. He drove me home around 4 am.

He told me he loved me the next morning.

That week became hell on earth as I made decisions no one in their early twenties is ready to make about their parent’s life. Constantly asked for medical consent for more surgeries, balancing trying to save my mother’s life and honor her wishes that she was tired of fighting. In her last waking moments, she pleaded with me to keep her off the ventilator. I couldn’t. Not for a few more days until I understood.

I once had a guy, who had barely known me a year, who had only been dating me for a month, quietly hold my hand as I held my mother’s and watched her slip away. It took several hours after we finally took her off life support. He would have been well within his right to leave the room: nobody would have thought less of him. This was gutwrenching. This was watching someone die.

He never left my side. Even as they lowered the casket into the ground, it was his arms I walked back into after I placed my roses on the lid. It was his body I slept next to for the nights to come when I’d wake up crying or shaking from a nightmare or flashback. He kept me together as I threatened to implode. He traveled up and down the coast with me as I looked for a new job and talked me down from hysterical nights spent on the cold kitchen floor screaming at God and the world. We laughed. We loved. We cried. We fought to survive. We still do.

Things have gotten so much better. My life finally belongs to me: new state, new job, new apartment.

But my heart still squarely belongs to him. He is the light of my life and every moment I get to spend with him is golden. 

I once had a guy prove to me that there are still good, brave men in this world. I have a guy I cannot wait to spend my life with, and I am so utterly grateful.

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can you suggest some looks with the 2nd lorac pro palette? btw i think you'd love the lush liquid liner

Thank you for your suggestion!

LOOK 1: Beautiful Browns

  • Inner Corner: “Beige”
  • First Half of the Lid: “Mocha”
  • Second Half of the Lid: “Cocoa”
  • Crease / Lower Lash Line: “Light Brown”
  • Outer V: “Cool Gray”

LOOK 2: Stunning Steel

  • Inner Corner: “Snow”
  • First Half of the Lid: “Silver”
  • Second Half of the Lid: “Chrome”
  • Crease / Lower Lash Line: “Charcoal”
  • Outer V: “Black”

LOOK 3: Pretty Plum

  • Inner Corner: “Buff”
  • First Half of the Lid: “Rose”
  • Second Half of the Lid: “Mocha”
  • Crease / Lower Lash Line: “Nectar”
  • Outer V: “Plum”

LOOK 4: Nautical Navy

  • Inner Corner: “Snow”
  • First Half of the Lid: “Beige”
  • Second Half of the Lid: “Rose”
  • Crease / Lower Lash Line: “Light Brown”
  • Outer V: “Navy”

LOOK 5: Magnificent Matte

  • Inner Corner: “Buff”
  • First Half of the Lid: “Nectar”
  • Second Half of the Lid: “Light Brown”
  • Crease / Lower Lash Line: “Cool Brown”
  • Outer V: “Black”

Hope this helps!

Favourite Things, part 1

Title: Favourite Things, part 1: Position
Author: @anonstarbuck
Rating: Mature?
Notes: @stellagibsonisalifeforce once asked me to write about five times Mulder/Scully shared a favourite something with the other for the first time. Sorry this took so long. At least I know what the other four will be!
Thanks to @storybycorey for taking this piece of shit of a fic my skeleton writing and helping me give it some meat and heat. You’ve been an awesome beta and have guided me through this fascinating smut-writing hell which you’re so good at.
Also. It’s the first time I’ve ever written anything resembling smut. It’s hard. Please be gentle. 

They’d slept with each other only a couple of times, revelling in both the newness and the comfort of it all, even from the very beginning. His hand on her lower back guiding her onwards, her fingers squeezing his wrist in reassurance– these and other gestures had been translated easily from fully-dressed in hallways to naked and panting in the bedroom.

If he closed his eyes, he could see his thumb covering the curve of her hipbone, his hands circling the entirety of her waist. He’d been closing his eyes with increasing frequency. 

Like the rest of their relationship, the slide from partners to something more had been a leisurely, gradual process. Scully wasn’t accustomed to the size of him. He’d touched his forehead to hers and inched his way inside her, painfully and slowly, while she’d clutched at his hair like the reins of a runaway horse. He’d marvelled at how her hands, so gentle and considerate when she doctored him, could transform in the bedroom, becoming surprisingly possessive and feral. It sent sharp jolts of desire to his groin. When he stood in the shower, he loved the sting of hot water as it slid on the crescent moons that her nails left between his shoulder blades and on the globes of his ass. It was just like them, for him to mark her as his own with slight touches in public, and she, in return, to brand him as hers with urgent, fervent imprints in the dark.  

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always yours, j.b.b.

I was eight years old when I found The Letters in my grandmother’s attic. They were in a pretty wooden box, which had a pattern of roses on the lid.  I wanted the box for my Barbie doll clothes.  The letters were just a bonus.

I remember how they always began.

Hello, Baby.  I miss you. 

I remember how they always ended.

always yours, j.b.b. 

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My Top 5 MAC Eyeshadows

From top to bottom:

  • All that Glitters
    • All that glitters is a beautiful champagne-rose-gold lid color. This picture does not do it justice. It’s just so easy to wear with pretty much any look for a pop of shimmer on the lid.
  • Satin Taupe
    • Satin Taupe is a beautiful mauve-silver-brown color (AKA Taupe!), but it is definitely more on the purple spectrum as far as taupes are concerned. Again, this swatch picture does not do it justice. I wear this on the lid and sometimes as a lid/crease one shadow look.
  • Soft Brown
    • This is just a great warm transition shade for my skin tone. It works with all but super cool toned eye looks, but most of the time I do a neutral or warm look, so this shadow gets a lot of use for me.
  • Sketch
    • Sketch is such a beautiful, unique color. Looking at it on a swatch and seeing reviews on it, I would always think “how the hell am I supposed to use that color?” But it pairs BEAUTIFULLY with Satin Taupe for a smokey eye. Jaclyn Hill has a tutorial here that I have used on at least 5 of my friends with different coloring and it looked great on all of them.
  • Saddle
    • Saddle is a really nice shade for my skin tone to add depth to the crease. It is really smooth and builds nicely on Soft Brown.

So those are my top 5 MAC shadows out of the 15 I own! I’m sorry the quality of the pictures is bad and that the lighting is inconsistent between the two pictures. I took these on my iPhone after work so it was already dark out! I basically only see the sun on weekends. Also for reference I am about a MAC NC15-20 in skin tone (light with warm undertones). If you are quite tan or darker, you may want to skip out on Soft Brown and jump to Saddle as a transition shade. But the rest of these shadows should work for most skin tones! The MAC eyeshadow formula is very easy to use as the colors usually aren’t TOO pigmented, don’t have any fallout, and are very blendable. 

‘cause i only have time to write silly nonsensical gruvia in every day situations ><

For Gray, hiccups were a pain in the ass.

They were a weird congestion of air that made an unmanly sound when released—unmanly? Huh, he was definitely hanging around Elfman too much—and they were always unpredictable. Sometimes they lasted a minute, sometimes they lasted an hour, all Gray knew was that they were annoying and stupid and unnecessary when they happened.

Especially when they happened to someone else, like Juvia.

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— is muscles were seared with the turmoil of anguish, thereof tormenting his propelling limbs. Ribcage battered by his hammering heart, even Charles' mentality doubted the certainty of his ribs not caving into bone rubble. Undeterred by the struggle, his pained legs were held in motion, irregular breaths gusted into the air, but still, he kept the soles of his dust-sprinkled shoes hitting against the cobble in efficient strides.

— uriosity's meandering, invisible claws had delved sovereignty over his brain, toying his mind into the imprisonment of trickery's arms. And it lead him, to investigate an intriguing scene; evidently his nose had been sniffing around at the wrong time, and his pursuers tailed him. Charles' chocolate brown orbs were soon greeted by a wall; a blind corner. Nowhere to run, nowhere to seek hiding place. 

— Ɲew to his supernatural ability, Charles' eyelids had fallen over his alarmed eyes, desperate gasps for oxygen aiding with sedating his panicked self, filling his starved lungs. His posterior rested against the firmness of the wall, and for a lack of better word.. Charles earned himself a wham to the face, escaping, though with a busted lip.

—— harles' lids rose to a new realm.. No wonder he attracted the attention of gazes from passerby, he stuck out like a sore thumb. To his acumen, everything was so alien.. zilch was to his familiarity. Where.. was he?

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                                                               h o v e r  

(our song is the way you laugh)

BFF AU.  The freshman year spring fling (the slow dance one.)  Feelings are had, and most of them are uncomfortable. 

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