rose lalonder


I was super bummed there wasnt a new rosemarymonth this year so heres a rosemary animatic ive been meaning to get onto so i uh did it all in one night I guess!
Anyway! Enjoy!

How the beta kids met

Jade on yahoo answers: Is it normal to not have a belly button??????
Hi I’m 7 and I dont live around a lot of people so I wanted to know, is it normal that I dont have one??????

Dave: thats a fucking stupid question of course no one has belly buttons thats just a lie that the Big Media pushes to make us all feel bad about ourselves

John: I guess its not TOO weird!!!!! I’m the same age and I don’t have one either :B

Rose: Hello, I’m a doctor and this is a sign of a terrible illness. Sad to say it but you are all going to die by age 10. There is no hope for you now. God Bless your young soul.



0. The Fool (Artist: Meruz)

  • ▲ Innocence, new beginnings, freedom of the unfettered soul, infinite possibilities
  • ▼ Recklessness, uncertainty, being manipulated, a lack of consideration or regard for others and oneself

I. The Magician (Artist: IndustrialRage)

  • ▲ Manifestation of potential, willpower, imagination and creativity
  • ▼ Stagnation, mediocrity, self-doubt, becoming out of touch with oneself and others

II. The High Priestess (Artist: Cosmiccu)

  • ▲ Intuition, balance, knowledge and wisdom of the unknowable, quiet observation
  • ▼ Instability, a loss of one’s inner voice, repressed emotions, anxiety and meddlesome behaviour

III. The Empress (Artist: Knightic)

  • ▲ Motherhood, nature, creation, matriarchal power and rulership
  • ▼ Tyranny, ruthlessness, suffocation and oppression of others


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