Leijohnsprite vs. Rose MSPARP Log
LEIJOHNSPRITE: :B3 < hey rose im a furry now! :BB

Remember when I challenged someone, anyone, to make a Leijohnsprite log that was actually funny? Apparently someone was listening! Or at least had the idea to do so independently. And the first half of the log actually got a laugh-out-loud from me, so I’m pretty damned impressed.

The Leijohnsprite was smash-cooper and the Rose was kappn-and-his-ship. Log was shared with me via a mutual acquaintance. Click and read above (before reading the rest of my commentary)!

This still doesn’t convince me that a spare-John-prototyped Nepetasprite is amusing enough a concept to be worth happening, but it’s a commendable effort nonetheless. (I have to admit… the Nepeta part of them making a cat pun, and then the John part explaining the joke… that was a genuinely hilarious gag that only such a sprite would be capable of. It’s not enough to sway me that it’s a likely possibility in-comic – especially with Rose having lampshaded the concept of a merged John earlier, getting the pattern-fulfillment out of the way – but it comes pretty close.)

Good evening, guests, and welcome to Derscity. My name’s Dirk Strider, don’t wear it down. I’m here for yours and the club’s protection. Don’t rely on me for entertainment, unless I’m kickin’ it at the turntables. We’ve got Roxy and loud music for that. Enjoy your night.

sup welcome to derscity the names dave strider. ill be your entertainment. you can rely on me for having some swanky ass beats and getting your night life started. if you have any questions ask rose dirk or roxy because im mainly here for the music and dont know fuck all besides being the dj here. have a great night

hows it hanging? :o im roxy lalonde but u can just call me rolal 2 skip all that formal junk am i rite lmao. im the swankiest bartender arnd these parts - im ur grl if ur lookin 4 the best drinks to knock u off ur feet ;3 enjoy ur night @ derscity :3

Welcome to Derscity, everyone. My name is Rose and I’ll be your server as well as the first of the staff members you should consult if you have any questions regarding- well, anything. And if I don’t have the answer you’re looking for, Dirk certainly will. Just refrain from giving him any grief at the door. We look forward to having you here. Enjoy your evening at Dercsity! 


whoa!!! so, after a series of delays and mishaps (this was originally going to be a 4/13 piece) i’m excited to finally show this to everyone!!

i’ve been reading homestuck since early 2011, and even now i’m blown away by how much these four in particular have endeared themselves to me, to the point of being among my top faves in… well, just about anything! i’ll write more about how much hs - as this weird unwieldy compelling experiment in serial storytelling - has meant to me once it’s finished, i think. for now: gratitude, and excitement for what we’ll see in the coming months. i can’t wait to see how it all wraps up!!


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So the update






also poor Tavros D; he has to be merged with a cat even though he’s allergic to cats.. I thought there would be a different outcome when Jake threw the mouse thing but yeah Gcatavrosprite is fine too

joueraudaesdaemar asked:

What exactly do you love about Rose so much?

It all started when I noticed she used proper capitalization and punctuation. That made me appreciate her character, and she got off to a good start. Perhaps I’d feel the same way toward Dave if he’d started out on the right foot.

She made a comment at some point about battling through her mother’s cloud of gin and derision and I instantly felt sympathy.

We were introduced to her character and I immediately connected with her fondness for psychoanalysis, knitting, and creative writing, and I immediately picked up on the significance of her dead cat.

Having been personally confronted with the fear of the death of a beloved cat, I immediately sympathized. No, my pets are still alive, but I worry about them all the time as if they might drop dead any instance. The fact that they are in good health is irrelevant; I worry about them incessantly.

Already consumed by sympathy, seeing the extent of her passive-aggressive warfare with her mother was absolutely heartbreaking. Being able to piece together its effect on the poor girl was even worse. It’s easy to say she has mother issues that clearly led to her having difficulty expressing emotion and trusting others. But you have to visualize it!

A young Rose drawing a picture of Jaspers that is utterly terrible and showing it to Mom, who loves it so much she frames it and welds it to the fridge. What does Rose go through that five to ten years later it seems an insult? Does she increasingly often tug at her mother’s dress, asking for a bedtime story, only to find her mother too inebriated to be of use? Does Mom’s caring manifest more and more distantly, as someone who cares only in the barest minimum of the word caring?

Or was Mom always like that, but Rose never noticed the void until Jaspers died?

Did Mom try to reassure Rose when Jaspers went missing? Or was she too drunk to think of anything but herself? Did the incident help spur Mom’s alcoholism, or was she like that already?

How cognizant was Mom of her daughter’s needs? Was the neglect so unintentional that it’s a tragedy all around, with both Mom and Rose victims? Was the alcoholism something Mom could never have helped?

Or was Mom aware of her daughter’s growing distance, and did she willingly choose to put herself in front of her daughter? Were her attempts at spoiling her daughter crude attempts at bribery to put aside the slights, or was Mom such a prisoner that she genuinely thought she was doing what was best for her daughter?

Rose has to raise herself, in the “emotional development” sense of the term. She learns that Mom’s actions are not loving, and she has to redefine love to exclude everything her mother does. She grows to the point she takes everything as an insult, and when she talks to Jade about John’s present to her, she says things like: 

TT: I suppose I’ll take a stab at learning the craft.
TT: It’s the least I can do in response to the subtle dig concealed in his gesture.
TT: He often tells me I “need a new hobby” when I make perfectly reasonable analytical remarks.
GG: oh but rose i dont think he meant anything like that by it!!
GG: you see not everybody always means the opposite of what they say the way you and dave always do
TT: Maybe.
TT: His birthday is in a few months, isn’t it?
GG: yep!
GG: i finally finished a present for him
GG: ive been working on it for years!!!!
TT: Years?
TT: It’s so hard to tell when you’re joking.
TT: Or if you’re even capable of it.
GG: heheheh…. :)
GG: i just mailed it too so it is sure to get there on time
GG: mail takes a while to get anywhere from here!!!
TT: I’ll probably craft something with strong sentimental value.
TT: That should burn him.
GG: i dont think you really mean that!
TT: I guess not.

Note the bolded statements - “maybe” and “I guess not”.

The fact that she progresses from “maybe” and “I guess not” to writing him such a clearly genuine letter is really, really auspicious. It bodes well for her eventual character development and emotional maturation.

Think of it this way: I don’t know WHEN she met Dave and Jade and John. Given how the humans are divided into two groups - the “always means literally what they say” group of Jade and John, and the “always means the opposite of what they say” group of Rose and Dave - it can be assumed that until she did so, she hadn’t experienced any genuine emotion (at least from her perspective). It may be revealed that she’d been chatting with them for years, but to me it really doesn’t seem so. 

So Rose and Dave are the two least emotionally mature - and when I say that, I mean their upbringings were very much not conducive to helping them establish healthy emotional states, interpersonal or intrapersonal.

And yes, I’m glad to see the development purely from a psychological point of view. But I also have visualized the troubles Rose has gone through, and I feel like I recognize her feelings, if not her exact circumstances. And when I visualize the steps she’s gone through before and by writing this letter…

It’s progress. And I know she’s not going to make all the right choices, and I know this comic isn’t going to be about steady, even progress for everyone. (Or at least, I take for granted that the comic isn’t going to be about steady, even progress for everyone. Having written and planned lots of character development stuff, I can say with some degree of safety that it tends to get worse for each time it gets better, and it never gets best until the very end.)

And every time I think of the letter she wrote to John, I start to tear up. I don’t even have to read it anymore; I have the whole thing memorized.

In short: I love Rose Lalonde because she evokes the most heartfelt emotions from me. But then, she only evokes the most heartfelt emotions from me because of how much I love her as a character.

space-doritwo said: rose would probably be the master with snowballs. she lives in a lot of snow


“Then I figure you’ve never heard of the Battle of Hoth?”


“It’s when infamous human warriors weaponized a planet’s snow against an oppressive military regime. An honourable battle, but the martyrs were eventually defeated by giant metal cholerbears. A historical feat.”


“Oh yes. I’m quite the hotshot at it what with having lived in a snow-prone forest all my life. I have used my expertise to desecrate many faces of cunning eldritch wizards.”


“Are you threatening a turf war?”


“Then it’s on, sucka”