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10th: “Hello!” *gif*

4th: “Oh hi!” *gif* who are you?”

10th: “Wait a minute.. It’s me.”

Martha Jones: What do you mean?

12th: “You! Me?” *twelfth staring at eighth*

8th: “Excuse me, but look at those shoes!” *pointing at tenth’s shoes*

11th: “Rose, Rose Tyler!” *sees Rose Tyler and hurries to hug her*

Rose Tyler: “H-how you know my name? Who are you?”

11th: “Don’t you..oh of course you don’t. Stupid me. I’m the Doctor! and this is my..companion Amy Pond! Oh and Clara. There’s Clara!”

Clara Oswald: “Hello!” *smiles*

Rose Tyler: “You pretty! nice hair.”

Clara Oswald: *gif*

Rose Tyler: *gif*

River Song: “Hello Sweetie. Miss me?”

11th: “River! What are you doing here?”

Donna: “Can someone please explain what’s happening here? What the hell is going on?”

10th: “Do you remember the day, when i told you about my different faces..”

Donna: “Yes..”

10th: “You can see those now. Please don’t freak out.”

Donna: “Okay..I’m trying not to.” *taking deep breath*

River: “Haha, spoilers!”

11th:  “So..I never going to be ginger..”

12th: “Nope. Sorry!”

For @poemfreak306

Sorry for late request,I really hope this was worth it!

The signs as the doctor’s companions

Aries: Leela

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Taurus: Peri Brown

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Gemini: Sarah Jane Smith

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Cancer: Tegan Jovanka

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Leo: Adric

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Virgo: Vislor Turlough

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Libra: Donna Noble

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Scorpio: Ace McShane

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Sagittarius: Jamie McCrimmon

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Capricorn: Rose Tyler

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Aquarius: Nyssa

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Pisces: Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart

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Celebrating New Who Favorite Theme

My favorite theme in this new series is when female companions selflessly stand up for, or stand in solidarity with, one another. These four moments in particular are really powerful indications of how much these women care about each other, even though they never got to spend much time together. I think they are some of the most beautiful moments in the whole series.