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Based on @orriculum ’s hot chocolate magic post here
Some warm, loving, happy rose white hot chocolate 🌹
I used some white chocolate, milk, powdered milk (the good Nido kind to thicken), a couple drops of vanilla, and dried rose petals (I infused it with more than what is pictured, I just strained them out and added some on top for effect)
It looks very glittery under the light because of the high fat content of white chocolate 😂
It’s also very fragrant and mixes quite well with the chocolate
I think this is a new favorite!

Self Care Magic

✨Drinking iced raspberry tea infused with rose petals, or a pumpkin spice latte for the cinnamon allspice and clove but also just because you really like it

✨Power songs played during the morning commute and singing as loud as you can without worrying about other drivers seeing you, getting yourself fired up for the day

✨Banishing spells cast on toxic lovers and friends, because even though it hurts to let them go it also feels freeing as hell

✨Self cleansing rituals that make you feel recharged, whether it be fancy ritual baths, or that good smelling face wash that you use every morning

✨Wrapping yourself in the love of friends and family deity when you’re not feeling up to it yourself, they will love you no matter what so relying on them is okay and good

✨Going to a secret spot to be alone, or to watch the world go by and just be still, from a secret pond miles into the forest, to the quiet spot by the window in your favorite cafe

✨Protection spells cast before going out drinking and dancing to keep off the creeps and their unwanted advances, because you just wanna dance and that’s the last thing you need

Lemon and Rose Quartz Infused Water

After some time spent infusing my water, I have noticed the many benefits it has to offer for the mind and body! This infusion contains a couple slices of Lemon and a Rose Quartz. The benefits are endless, it’s literally a magickal potion in a bottle!

Properties and Benefits:


The traditional drink of lemon and honey can be spiced up with ginger and garlic to make a potent brew for colds, coughs, and digestive disorders. Overall, this fruit improves resistance to infection due to it’s antioxidant, antiseptic, detoxifying, and nutritive properties. This specific lemon infused water is perfect for those seeking to cleanse and detoxify the mind and body. Lemon is rich in vitamin C which stimulates liver metabolism and can assist in strengthening the immune system.

Rose Quartz

This stone is well known to lower stress and tension in the heart which leads to assisting in steering clear of anger, jealousy, and resentment towards others. It aids in healing heart issues and disease associated with holding on to negative emotions. Rose Quartz, the “Love Stone” can be used to attract Love and strengthen self-love within oneself.

When I drink this infused water, I like to think of it as a little ritual for myself based on the properties it contains. Every sip is drank with intentions of detoxifying my mind and body of unwanted elements such as toxins and negativity. I visualize my heart Chakra opening up and a green light glowing and growing larger with each sip. Do this and you will see change in your mindset and how much more refreshed and positive you will feel!

Happy Healing!

- Jacqueline, the Plant Lady.

Crystals tip #1

A cheap and fun way to incorporate stones and crystals in spells, especially if you’re new to the use of crystals, is to use crystal chip beads. They are sold in long strands and are usually very affordable (about 2€/2$ each). They can be used in many ways, and I love how versatile and easy they are to use. Don’t be fooled by their size: tiny crystals carry as much power as the big ones, but they are much cheaper and convenient.

🔮  You can use them in… 🔮

  • Jar spells: just put a couple of crystals in your jar along with the other ingredients to enhance the power of your spell.
  • Mojo bags: you can fill small fabric bags with all sorts of herbs, oils and other ingredients. Adding the right stone can help you obtain a more effective spell.
  • Tiny talismans: you can take one or more different crystal beads and use them to create charms to carry around with you. Cleanse the crystals with some sage or incense and focus your intention on what you want the crystals to do (bring protection, courage, attract love…)
  • Magic room sprays: put some crystals along with some water and essential oils in a spray bottle and use it to cleanse and protect your room or your house.
     If you want to light up romance with your loved one, spray water infused with rose quarts, rose and jasmine essential oils and some basil leaves around the room.
    For a very strong protection use holy water, obsidian and mint (I would suggest doing this if you think you’re under the effects of a psychic attack or malocchio).

💎  My favorite crystals 💎 

  • Carnelian, which can be used to enhance courage and strength or to stimulate lust and sexual power. Use in combination with thyme, and with warrior deities such as St. George, St. Michael Archangel, Ogoun.
  • Rose Quartz, the stone of love and trust. It can be used to bring back romance in a relationship or to help build trust and friendship between two people. Use in combination with basil, and with love and beauty deities such as Erzulie Freda, Mater Dolorosa, Aphrodite
  • Fluorite, the crystal of wisdom and intelligence. As a scientist and a student I love this stone, because it helps me focus my intellectual energies and it brings clarity to my mind. Use in combination with sage, and with deities associated with wisdom, such as Athena, Isis, Ganesha.
  • Clear quartz, the most versatile stone, can be used for all sorts of spells and rituals. I find that staring into a piece of clear quarts helps me focus my intention and brings clarity and spiritual power. 

Happy spellcasting!

Domestic magick 🏡✨
  • A jar of self-love gem infusion (rose quartz & aventurine) in my fridge. 💎 🥛

Drink every morning with my vitamins and medicine.

  • A tumbled smoky quartz stone I place in the side pocket of my backpack or in my purse. 🎒🎒🎒

Smoky quartz protects against negative energy by transmuting it. Because I ride public transportation and work in a hospital, it’s the perfect stone to keep around to protect my aura.

  • Make rose water every two weeks for toner to be used in the morning after a shower and at night before bed. 🌹 🌹 🌹 

Rose water is a fantastic cleanser and helps clear clogged pores. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin, get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema. 

  • After washing the floors, add Florida Water to rinsing water to spiritually cleanse. 💦 💦 💦 

Florida Water is an amazing at moving energy. It helps with removing stagnant or heavy energies, making it my favorite spiritual cleanser (duh, at this point).

  • A charged spray made of of tap water, Florida Water, and a blue anil ball to embue any space I’m in with positive energy. ✨✨✨

I was inspired to make this when i saw this video on YouTube.

anonymous asked:

anything for witches?

Oh, absolutely!

DIY Floating Acorn Candles

Let’s start by setting the mood and getting some nature aided candles lit, maybe even placed to float on the tutorial below.

DIY Rose Water

Find out how to make your own rose water to infuse into your life. Rose water can be used for toning and nourishing your skin while improving blood circulation. Also great for refreshing energy!

DIY Black Salt

Black salt is known to have properties of cleansing, evil banishing, and protection from negative energy. 

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

A little love spell I wrote a while ago and I thought I’d share. In case you can’t read it, it says:
Use this spell on a windy day. Write the following on a piece of paper, tear it up, and release it into the wind:

“I call upon the winds of change
Place me on a new stage
Her lovely voice I want to hear
Make her know to come near
Please bring me someone that I need
But keep her will nothing but free
From the Earth to the stars above
Bring a girl that I will love ”

It may be good to write this on rose infused paper. Or perhaps you could turn it into a ritual by lighting candles fitting the effect you desire, make a circle, then write it on rose paper, finishing it up by ripping it up and sending it into the wind. Just a thought.

I wrote this spell to get a girlfriend but you could change the pronouns however you want. The little flower looking thing is actually a sigil I made to go with this spell.


Herbs, flowers, fruits, wood: The substitutes you can count on!

You’ll probably be using at least one of the above things in most magical workings. Here’s a quick breakdown! 

ROSEMARY: Rosemary can substitute for any herb. Used for its own properties, it is a good component in cleansing baths, can be kept under the pillow to remember dreams, and things associated with memory: memorable impressions, recall, and enhancement of one’s own memory. In cooking, it makes a delicious addition to savory dishes and meats, while also providing a complex flavor to sweet applications. Rosemary infused in honey or tea is strong and tasty, and it adds a sophisticated edge to simple sweets like sugar cookies.

ROSE: Rose can substitute for any flower. Make sure to only get roses for culinary applications or grow your own, since those from a florist will likely contain pesticides! Roses are known for their uses in love spells, but are also used in many applications calling for happy, benign energy. Rose can soothe an angry heart, especially if the anger is due to relationship issues. In cooking, rose is a delicate floral note that can easily be lost under intense flavor, and is best highlighted in sweet or mild applications. Rose petals and rosehips make great tea, and can be jellied for a vitamin-C rich treat. Rose petals can be infused into oil, honey, sugars, and alcohol. Rose water can be used to enhance the flavor, but be sparing—storebought rosewater does not taste as light as homemade, and can overpower and ruin natural floral flavors.

LEMON/ORANGE: Fruit substitutions are less straightforward than others, but lemon, orange, and occasionally apple are considered solid go-tos. Pick whichever is right for the working or recipe, based either on intent or the other spell components! Lemon is associated with water and the moon, and used frequently in purifying and cleansing—both magical and non-magical. Lemon and honey in hot water is a great remedy for sore throat and indigestion, and the smell of lemon will perk you right up on a sleepy morning. Lemon (or any citrus) peel infuses fantastically in sugar, honey, booze, etc. Avoid using pith (the white stuff) and stick to the flavorful zest and juice. Zest is great in practically any baked good, and simply pouring hot water over used lemon rinds will make you entire house smell amazing.

PINE: Pine is regarded as a good substitute for most resins and woods. Pine resin is easy to collect, as are the needles, with a little reading on the species of tree. Pine is thought to banish sickness and bring in prosperity and luck, and often hung over doors or mixed into fragrant sachets to place under pillows. Pine needle tea is bitter, but rich in vitamins A and C; it should be incorporated sparingly to cooking applications, and you may want to enhance it with mint to avoid overuse of the bitter pine taste. In outdoor cooking, pine smells beautiful under a grill or in a fire.

CLARIFICATION: Some people have pointed out that pine can be dangerous to burn due to the high quantities of resin in the wood. This is not untrue! Pine can produce larger quantities of creosote and smoke, due to the resin and tar in logs. However, unless you cook with an all-pine fire regularly, it is not likely to reach dangerous levels (which you wouldn’t anyway, because all-pine fires will make your food taste like a BUTT). I also specified that it should be outdoor flame, since in a wood stove it can cause dangerous buildup. Also, not a great idea to use exclusively pine wood in a fire, as it won’t burn as well/won’t taste great; it’s best when cut with oak. Since pine burns hot, I like to start my bonfire/grill with it, and then pile apple or cherry wood on for the actual cooking an hour later. A few good pine logs/handful of chips will burn well, smell great, and be largely harmless. So like most spell components, research well and use in moderation! 

TOBACCO: Substitute for any poisonous herb. NOT FOR CULINARY USE. It is worth mentioning only in the case that someone is adapting a non-edible spell or ritual into an edible recipe that includes a poisonous herb—NEVER bring toxic plants into the kitchen, at risk of cross-contamination, and instead substitute tobacco by burning a cigarette near the pot (or, if you don’t want that in the house, burning it outside and catching a little smoke in a bottle to bring in). Do not add ashes to the cooking, as they are also poisonous. Don’t let this anywhere near your mouth.

QUARTZ: Not exactly a cooking ingredient, but stones are often used in magic and it is possible to bring them into the kitchen. Clear quartz is a good substitute for any stone you may not have, as it cleanly amplifies energies. While I wouldn’t ever put stones IN something you intend to eat, if you insist on soaking a stone/crystal in liquid recipe ingredients (water, tea, milk, etc), use quartz or another safe stone; malachite, copper, and many other minerals become poisonous when introduced to liquid environments. Don’t put any stone in something acidic, like juice, unless you are POSITIVE it will 1. not erode, and 2. not poison you. Don’t put crystals or stones in overly hot or boiling water, as this could cause them to crack and explode. And if they DO, don’t eat anything with sharp little crystal bits in it! Seriously, treat small shattered crystals like you would glass shards.

Most of these substitute ingredients are entirely edible (or at least mostly harmless) in some form, so if you’re trying to adapt a nonedible spell to baking or cooking, consider using some of these subs in the place of less…digestible…spell components. There are usually plenty of other subs with the properties you need, but these steadfast six are not only reliable, but pretty easy to acquire!

🕊A Night With Aphrodite🕊

So as of late my practice with Aphrodite has been a bit stale and not nearly as consistent as I’d like it to be. So I decided to have a whole night dedicated to her! I thought I’d share for those who also work with her and either need to reconnect or are looking to meet her for the first time. 

So first I started by making some rose-infused water. I took the petals of four roses and put them in a pot of distilled water to come to a boil. After about 15-20 mins the petals lost their color and I was left with this beautiful red color. Add some rose essential oil to make the smell even more potent! 

After that, I decided to take a milk bath. A milk bath is exactly what it sounds like and it’s amazing for your skin because of the lactic acid in milk. For this I used powdered milk (not to be confused with coffee creamer or baby formula, you can usually find it where the boxed almond and soy milk are) I poured the powder in when the water was running and was left with this amazing opaque bath, I added rose petals too because Aphrodite ❤️ While in the bath you can pray, meditate, or just talk to her. I ended up scrying with the rose petals and getting messages from her.

🌹 After that, I did some altar work. I added more water, offered her some of the rose water I had made, and redecorated. I also pulled some cards and talked with her some more.

I ended the night with eating my favorite food (ravioli, yum) having some raspberry and chocolate ice cream and enjoying the rest of my night relaxing in my conveniently rose silk pj’s. 

None of this was expensive and I felt much closer to her after I was all done. It’s okay not be perfect with the deities you work with just come back with an open heart and start back where you left off.

 ☕️🍫 Lastly I thought I’d share another treat that is sooo Aphrodite: red wine hot chocolate. You’ll need: 

1. Milk of your choice

 2. Chocolate either chocolate chips or in bar form I used dark chocolate. 

3. ½ cup of a red wine or your choosing

 4. Sugar to taste 

Bring your milk to a simmer and slowly add in your chocolate until it is thoroughly melted, then add the red wine. Add any extra sugar if you’d like and top with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.


Oshun Yeye Moro’s Rose and Saffron Herb Infused Honey Potion

created under the watchful eye of a waxing moon

I. Hera makes ambrosia tea from her keurig for the girls who leave her house each morning, to cleanse all defilement from their lovely flesh. She watches them all leave, like what they’ve done is something to hide, Hera knows anyway. She will wake Zeus later and make black coffee for the both of them, and pretend the young women are just fantasies of a withering god.
II. Athena has twenty tabs open in her web browser, monitoring the political climate. Wars are no longer fought on fields of wildflowers, they are held behind screens and in lines of code. She learned the language of code quickly, protecting those who hack valiantly from phishing sites and from a Trojan horse of a whole new kind. Athena’s fingers are no longer calloused, but ice cold hovering above her keyboard.
III. Aphrodite smells of expensive perfume and taste like vanilla lattes. She preaches self-love from her mall kiosk, selling bath bombs infused with rose and honey. She watches young girls skip meals and chase men who hurt them, and Aphrodite cries herself to sleep. When she can’t sleep, she takes to the streets– which is far worse. She sees her name abused, used on products of defilement and artificial beauty.
IV. Persephone clings tighter to her husband in the cold nights of the winter and fall, knowing their days together are becoming fewer in number as the world’s climate changes. Spring comes too early and summer stays too late, and all she can see is her mother’s hollow smile. There can only be one queen in the warm months, and pomegranates aren’t in season during the summer. Persephone isn’t the only one affected by this arrangement; Hades quivers like a leaf under her first touch each fall.
—  The gods are dying, what of the goddesses (5/20/17)
Different Litha-Summer Solstice aesthetics/themes

Sunshine, sun flowers, bright clear sunny blue skies, cold lemonade, soft yellows, candied lemon peels, bubbles and sparkles in the air and dandelions. Water balloons and hot air balloons. Honey bees and warm breezes

Bonfires, sparks, barbecue, flame dancers, roasted peppers, loud drums, the smell of charcoal, heat, charred marks on grilled food, hot sun and bright orange day lilies. Orange paper plates, dragons, smoke and habaneros. 

Fire flies, thick emerald and lush greenery and woods, camping in the backyard, the soft glow of lanterns, cool melons and cucumbers, the musical chirping of crickets, a lakeside party in the middle of the woods, a softly playing guitar the golden glow of the setting sun layered on everything.

The crashing shores, mermaids and bejeweled bikinis, a bonfire by the sea, fries and seafood, soft colorful shawls billowing in the wind, blazing sun, sunscreen and colorful towels. Salt water taffies and gummy candies. Sea shell tea lights and sparklers.

An open field and a hot oppressive heat, an bright blue sky, the screaming sounds of cicadas and the smell of frying food. Colorful tents, neon colors, funnel cakes, tie dye, a lute playing, a summer festival with carnival-like qualities. Electric lights, holographic scales, neon black lights.

Strawberries, pink lemonade, sunset skies and sweet smelling candles in glass lanterns. White linen, rose petal infusions, hanging votives from trees, elderflower wine and lemon glaze icing. White lace dresses and flower crowns. Bouquets of summer flowers, the countryside’s grass of many streaks of colors.

Gold tiara chains, blood oranges, tiki torches and flame flag dancers. Night skies with thousands of stars, hibiscus iced tea, Gold rings, chain jewelry, bohemian cushions and sheer veil canopies. Warm summer nights, fire pits, story telling and spiced liquor

protective instincts

pairing: platonic!steve rogers x reader

request: anonymous said: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Steve x reader one shot? Like the reader is a bit of a party girl (she’s young) while Steve is always getting mad at her for doing risky things and one day he overreacts and hurts her feelings but he apologizes and admits that it’s because he sees her as a little sister :)

warnings: drinking, partying, some cursing

a/n: ok but this request is super cute and protective steve is so adorable!

The flashing lights in the club were in sync with Y/N’s increasing headache. She had lost count of how many drinks she’d had two or three shots ago. Now, she just shrugged and swiped an unaccompanied drink from the bar. The numbing shot was quickly downed by the drunk girl as she stumbled around the club, looking for someone to have some quick and forgetful fun with.

This routine was a typical Friday night for Y/N. Ever since she had been rescued from the streets and swept under the wing of the Avengers a few years ago, Y/N had the party scene at the tips of her fingers. It became all too easy for the vulnerable girl to get lost in the exciting life of clubs and drinks and people in the city.

The Avengers, for as mighty as they were, could not stop Y/N’s irresponsible and dangerous habits. Much to the dismay of Steve, Y/N’s best friend, Y/N snuck out every night and came home when the sun was waking up - usually intoxicated or with an inebriated stranger leaning on her.

Captain America had spent countless nights scolding Y/N and unsuccessfully trying to prevent her from going out in the shadows of the night. That’s where he was now, perched on the couch and staring at the elevator doors intently. He grumpily awaited Y/N’s return, checking the clock next to him every so often.

The clock blinked 11:48 p.m. and Steve sighed, running a hand over his face in discontent. He slumped further into the couch and let his eyes wander around the expensively furnished room. The captain knew he still had a couple long hours until his best friend’s arrival, so he let his eyes droop shut.

Y/N eventually lumbered home while the moon was still high in the sky. She had been unsuccessful in taking anyone home tonight, but that was just fine with her. She was way too drunk to care, anyways.

Her bare feet lazily dragged across the marble floor as she entered the lobby. She shot a slurred greeting to the security man who just stared ahead, unblinking. The irritating throbbing in her head only increased as she continued to sober up, and she desperately wished for the comfort of her own bed.

Friday greeted her as she clambered into the elevator, “Good evening, Y/N.”

Y/N just grumbled a hasty, “Shh!”

She could already feel the hangover creeping over her.

The A.I. ignored her protest and continued speaking, “Captain Rogers is awaiting your arrival.”

“Oh, shit!” Y/N cursed, mentally groaning.

She really didn’t feel like listening to Steve’s lectures tonight.

The elevator dinged and opened and the half-sober girl tip-toed into the dim room. She spotted Steve passed out on the couch and sighed a sigh of relief. She glanced at the clock that read 1:22 a.m. and suddenly a flash of guilt washed over her. She wondered how long he had been waiting.

She shrugged the thought off and crept her way to her room. Unluckily for her, Steve Rogers was a super soldier, and he woke up from his sleep and easily noticed Y/N unsuccessfully sneaking in. Y/N cringed and halted when she heard someone clearing their throat from behind her.

Shit, shit, shit!

She slowly turned to be greeted with the sight of Steve, arms crossed and scowl etched onto his clean-shaven face.

“Where the hell have you been?” Steve spoke sternly.

Y/N groaned, “Steve, you already know the answer to that. Why don’t we just skip this conversation and get on with the night, okay?”

“No. No, Y/N. It’s not okay. I sit here almost every night and wait for you to get home.”

Y/N rolled her eyes and copied Steve’s movements, crossing her arms with her stilettos still swinging in her hand, “I never asked you to do that, Steve. That’s your choice.”

“I just want to make sure you’re being responsible - which most of the time you’re not! Do you know how disappointing it is when you come home, yet again, drunk out of your mind? Or come home with a half-naked stranger hanging on your arm?”

Steve’s voice rose with every anger infused sentence he spoke.

“Steve, you’re not responsible for me. Let me live my life!”

“God, you’re so stupid! One of these days you’re gonna end up in a bad place and I’m not gonna help you!”

“That’s fine with me!” Y/N groaned.

At this point Steve and Y/N were full-blown yelling at each other. Their defenses were high and they were at each other’s throats.

“Good, one less thing I have to worry about! I can finally focus on something that actually matters!” Steve yelled.

With those few words, silence swept over the room. Tears welled up in Y/N’s eyes, and she was painfully aware of how sober she was now. She swallowed her tears and spoke roughly.

“I hate you.”

The stone cold edge to Y/N’s voice sent chills down the captain’s spine. Y/N quickly spun around and stormed to her room, slamming the door shut behind her without a second thought.

Steve sighed, plopping down on the couch and silently cursing himself. Of course he didn’t mean what he said, he had just spit those awful things out in anger and frustration. He knew he messed up really bad this time. The truth was he felt a strange need to protect Y/N. He felt responsible for her, and he didn’t want anything bad to happen to her.

With that, he knew what he needed to do. He got up from the couch and headed towards Y/N’s room.

As soon as Y/N slammed her door shut, the tears she struggled to hide in front of Steve flowed freely. She threw her shoes in the corner and collapsed on her bed in a pile of exhaustion and tears. Steve’s words echoed in her head: I can finally focus on something that actually matters! Y/N let out another sob, Something that actually matters. Her best friend had just told her she didn’t matter and she realized all her buried insecurities were true. All she was was a burden to the Avengers, she was something unwanted and she was a handful. 

Her racing thoughts were cut off by a swift knock on the door. She groaned, automatically burying her face in her pillow.

“Y/N, please open up. I need to talk to you,” Steve’s muffled voice came from the other side of the door.

Y/N hesitantly got up and carelessly wiped at her running eyeliner in a poor attempt to clean up her dark eye makeup. She opened the door to reveal a solemn looking Steve.

“Look, what I said earlier wasn’t true and I’m sorry. I said those cruel things out of frustration,” Steve started but he was cut off by Y/N.

“No, it’s fine. You’re right. I’m irresponsible and a burden and I’m sorry I make you worry. I’m sorry I’m so unstable,” Y/N thoughtlessly laid out her insecurities in the open.

Steve’s gaze softened at his best friend’s words as compassion filled his heart.

“No, no. God, no. You’re not a burden, Y/N. You’re anything but that. The only reason I’m so protective of you is because you’re like a little sister to me. I just want to protect you and make sure you’re safe. If anything happened to you, I-I honestly don’t know what’d I’d do. I couldn’t live without you. You’re like family.”

Steve’s kind words permeated through Y/N’s body, filling her with a new sense of self. Her tears were streaming again, this time with a happy purpose. Y/N was brimming with flattery.

“I love you so much, Steve. Thank you,” Y/N eased into Steve’s soothing arms and leaned her throbbing head into his muscular chest.

Both of them new this was the start of a new chapter for Y/N, and Y/N would never be alone. They would start this new chapter like they did everything else: together.

I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with rose quartz. Whether it’s made from it, contains it, or infused with it! If it has to do with rose quartz I WANT IT! I NEED IT!

And yes I bought this. Thankfully Colourpop is inexpensive and cruelty free! I’m excited for all the glamour spell possibilities and of course for all the Aphrodite devotion I can do with these! ✌🏻


Sparkling water poured into a glass of rose gold-infused cotton candy sprinkled with gold dust via katiedash