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Afterlife - Subject Zero Kaidan & Pandora NSFW oneshot

Hehe, so I wrote Subject Zero Kaidan & Pandora Shepard smut - because it was Valentine’s Day and I felt like it. It’s been a while and I’m quite nervous in case this is terrible. But hopefully @tlcinbflo will like it since I wrote it for her!

This is very NSFW! *blushes furiously and scurries away*


Snippet under the cut!

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Sweet Surrender

For @doctorroseprompts “Reunion” prompt  I chose “The Idiot’s Lantern.” Also, since the last sentence gave me fits, it’s also for @timepetalsprompts Trope Bingo square “sentence that took ages to write.”  Thanks to @hellostarlight20 for looking this over.

The Doctor scanned the crowd of people reuniting with loved ones after the Wire ordeal.  He was pleased that so many people were happy, but even as he smiled at the reunions, he scanned the crowd for one particular face.  He felt as though he could finally start breathing again when he caught of a glimpse of pink satin.

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