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So, @imagine-jim-bones-and-spock and I were having a chat about this pic featuring Jaylah and Rihanna (as her sledgehammer alien) looking awesome in wicked dresses and we started chatting about it, so here you are, a mini fic with Galih, the half Orion, half Denobulan tailor:

Jaylah was stressing out. She had to find a dress that was appropriate for a highly formal event with a truly exotic collection of guests. She had met the impressive bunch the day before as part of her sensitivity training How to be dead silent in the presence of superiors, or something. She had expected the event to be as tiresome as every other event she had to dress up for, but then the most enchantingly beautiful woman had walked off the arriving ship and barely glanced at her as she walked away. Jaylah had stood there uselessly as her heart followed.

She had then gone straight back to her quarters and torn into an old radio system before realising she had nothing to wear. And so, she found herself walking into a tailor’s shop and begging the lovely (and hectically busy) woman for a rush job. 

Galih had made a habit of following starfleet wherever they went. She found herself, now, in a partially built station, making perhaps seventeen last minute outfits for the fools at the academy (and a few highly important delegates) over night. Luckily, this was what she enjoyed about her job. Galih flourished under pressure. 

Seventeen, however, was enough. Then in walked this pissed off, blushing, pale white girl with some of the most stunning facial marks she’d ever seen. As soon as Galih looked at her she saw a dress that would look amazing on her. It took some convincing, some haggling, but Galih had always intended to agree. The girl, Jaylah, was clearly keen to impress someone. The gorgeous creature kept stumbling over her words and flushing when she got close to admitting a crush. Galih was happy to help.

Naeddre was so entirely unprepared for this. She was a nobody on her planet except for her natural rock shifting ability. This, apparently, while normal for her people was not common in the rest of the universe. And starfleet was curious about the ability, and, therefore, about her. So here she was, having had a crash course in diplomatic behaviour and instructions to pick up a dress when she got there, to be sure it would be appropriate for the federation.

Unfortunately for Naeddre, as soon as she stepped off the ship she came face to face with possibly the most stunning girl in history. She quickly looked away, every piece of instruction and advice her mentor had given her, and maintained a professional demeanor and fell into bed the second she had the chance, groaning heavily.

Galih was extremely excited when, two days later, Jaylah swung by her shop and showed her a photo of her and Naeddre getting their romance on at the event. Galih had made Naeddre’s dress too!