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Champagne Gold Chrome


@qtcrystalgems Pearl Master Post Part 1 ~ Pearls 1-60

43/60 Pearls have been claimed but don’t worry theres more to come!

~White (Claimed), Cream (Claimed), Champagne (Claimed),
~Ivory (Claimed), Dark Cream, Dark Champagne(Claimed),
~Pearlescent (Claimed), Crème Rose(Claimed), Light Rose(Claimed)
~Rose (Claimed), Silver Rose (Claimed), and Mocha,
~South Sea, Light Gold, Gold (Claimed)
~Bright Gold, Taupe, Beige,
~Copper (Claimed), Yellow, Lemon (Claimed)
~Matte Gold (Claimed), Bronze (Claimed), Antique Brass,
~Brown (Claimed), Cocoa, Deep Brown (Claimed),
~Burgundy (Claimed), Powder Almond(Claimed), Matte Almond(Claimed),
~Matte Gold (Claimed), Bronze, Antique Brass,
~Oyster (Claimed), Peach, Matte Peach (Claimed),
~Rose Peach (Claimed), Rose Gold (Claimed), Rosaline,
~Powder Rose (Claimed), Coral, Pink Coral (Claimed),
~Matte Pink, Pink, Orange,
~Red (Claimed), Cranberry (Claimed), Bordeaux,
~Blackberry (Claimed), Maroon (Claimed), Fuchsia (Claimed),
~Amethyst (Claimed), Mauve (Claimed), Lavender (Claimed),
~Lilac (Claimed), Matte Lilac (Claimed), Light Purple (Claimed),
~Matte Light Purple, Purple (Claimed), Matte Purple (Claimed),
~Deep Purple (Claimed), Aubergine (Claimed), Indigo (Claimed)

All of the pearls I design for this challenge are open for FREE adoption to anyone who wants them. Either message me or comment on the post of the pearl you would like and I’ll update the posts as they get claimed!

Reblogs appreciated!