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Drug Lord in Love // C.H.

Everyone heard of F/N L/N. The woman who made the legendary drug lord, Calum Hood fall madly in love with her. 

The story goes that Y/N busted one of Calum’s drug deals and even stole all of his merchandise. Since then he was obsessed with the mysterious who pulled off a heist on the biggest drug lord in the country.

He found her surrounded by all of his merchandise and instead of killing her, he told her to keep it and join him. From strangers to partners to lovers to spouses and the rest is history.


“Y/N, time to get up babe.” You woke up feeling your husband’s stubble rubbing against your cheek and neck causing you to laugh. “I swear if I didn’t find that damned stubble hot, I would be biting your head off right now.” You grimaced.

“But you love me.” He flashed you a goofy smile, leaning to give you a kiss which you responded by putting your legs on the edge of the bed before slowly jumping down and walking into the bathroom suite.

“Sorry babe, but we have a meeting to attend.”


“Why didn’t you tell me that we had a meeting this morning?” You pouted resting your head on Calum’s shoulder as the driver took you to the designated location.

“If you were listening at the last meeting, you would’ve heard me mention it.” He chuckled before placing a kiss into your wild curls.

“Don’t get sassy with me Cal. Your children don’t know when it’s time to go to sleep.”

He smiled moving down to the floor of the limo placing his hand on your bulging stomach.

“Hello my precious offspring-” You cut him off by slapping his head lightly.

“Hey it’s daddy, and daddy would appreciate it if you didn’t keep your mum up half of the night because when daddy tries to get morning kisses, your mum wants to fight daddy.” You rolled your eyes at your dramatic husband before groaning as they began to kick.

“Nice going.”

“Awe, babe. They’re just trying to communicate…”

“Lets see how well you’ll communicate with my foot up your—” Of course Calum being Calum cut me off.

“Such a dirty mouth for a beautiful woman.” Calum rested his hand against your bare thigh where your dress stopped slowly guiding it upwards towards your chest.

“I can’t believe they’ve grown so big in the past few weeks. I mean you’re only 4 and ½ months.”

He gave your right one a squeeze causing a moan to slip out, “Cal, baby, I’m very sensitive right now…” You barely gasped out.

“How about once this meeting is over, when we make it back home, I’ll give you a nice massage… Wherever you want.” He said trailing kisses down your neck to the valley of your breast.

“That sounds so good, baby.” You groaned pulling on his hair and pulling him up to smash his lips against yours.

“Just wait till we get home darling.”

We were interrupted when a knock sounded on the partition. “We’re here Mr. and Mrs. Hood.”

“Thank you Charlie.” You said loudly trying to push your husband back but he was too busy caught up in your lips. “Calum!”

“They can wait.” He growled attempting to pull you into his lap until you mustered up the strength and pulled away.

“Then so can you and you better be lucky that I’ve decided to wear my natural curls today or it would’ve been your ass.” You frowned at him grabbing Charlie’s hand as he helped guide you out of the limo.

“Thank you.” You smiled at the older man.

“No problem Mrs. Hood.”

“Thank you Charlie.” Your husband’s husky voice sounded behind you as he wrapped a arm around your waist. “We’ll see you in a hour.”

As you and Calum entered the building, the guards bowed their heads and nodded at you both which Calum responded the same whereas you smiled and waved at them which they awkwardly waved back.

As soon as you and Calum walked into the room where the meeting was held, everyone immediately found their seat and focused their eyes on you two.

One of the guards even brought you a neck rest as you began to sit down in your seat beside Calum which you quietly thanked him for before Calum started the meeting.


“What do you think babe?” Calum asked while rubbing your hand well, mostly the finger that rested your 14K rose gold black diamond wedding ring.

You wasn’t one to want normal things but you sure wasn’t spoiled either- until you met Calum.

“I think we should continue if not now be even more cautious because this is the third time this week one of our ally companies have been robbed from and unable to sell us merchandise.”

Everyone seemed to agree before your husband continued to discuss the new exchange routes and plans.

A couple minutes later the meeting was over with and you and Calum was on your way back home.

You didn’t hesitate to change out of your tight dress and into one of your lace maternity gowns.

You walked out to see your husband laying against the headboard reading a book with glasses on.

You smirked as you walked over and crawled into his lap. Calum wasn’t even surprised, he just looked at you with a smile on his face.

“Yes my love.”

You slowly took the glasses off of his face before placing them on yours.

“I was promised a massage.” You giggled.

Suddenly you were on your back and Calum was hovering over you and your bulging stomach.

“God, you’re everything I could ever want in life. I love you so fucking much Y/N.” He growled lifting separating the slit in the middle, “Daddy love you guys too! So much.” He kissed your belly before planting a kiss onto your lips

“Daddy said he would give mommy a massage.” You moaned out frustrated.

“Oh, daddy is gonna give you something alright.”

Reminisce || Kim Minseok

Requested: Yes / No

Word Count: 923

Kim Minseok + Reader + Fluff

It was a warm and gloomy day in the middle of August.

A light shade of grey had colored the sky, the atmosphere felt humid, but the light breeze that crosses smoothly against your skin made you sigh in contentment. Your finger tucked a stray strand of hair to the back of your ear as you watched the jolly children play in front of your house. There were 3 of them, all playing a game of Frisbee with a big golden retriever. Their laughter kept ringing in your ears, but the chuckle coming from the man next to you caught your attention.

Sitting on your left was Minseok, who was wearing a checkered button up shirt that was neatly tucked inside his brown khakis. He had a pair of black glasses resting on the bridge of his nose as he watched the children play.

“Look at their innocence. It’s so beautiful.” Minseok spoke slowly, his eyes never leaving the frivolous sight. “Do you remember when we got our first pet?” This time, Minseok turned to look at you. The sides of his eyes wrinkled when he sent you a huge smile. You couldn’t deny how the simple gesture still made your breath hitch in your throat; how his smile was genuinely warmer than the summer weather or maybe his favorite cup of coffee. After all these years, he still had the power to make you feel the tenderness he had given back from when he was still courting you.

“How could I forget?” you answered, “You wanted a cat.. I wanted a dog.. So we adopted both.” a light laugh left his lips at the memory.

“Our cat was better..”

“You wish, Minseok.”

The warm breeze suddenly stopped breathing. The humidity came onto your skin strong, and you could feel the moisture of your perspiration starting to form on your forehead. “It’s warm.” you stated in a matter-of-fact tone whilst you fanned yourself with your hand. Minseok reached from his pocket, taking out a white handkerchief that he soon gave out to you. The white cloth was taken, and you couldn’t help but smile when you saw your initials embroidered on the thin piece of cotton. “Still stealing my handkerchief, Kim Minseok?”

He scoffed in disbelief, “You gave this”, he snatched the cloth from your grasp, “to me. Remember? On Baekhyun’s 30th birthday?”

You played clueless, but you remember that day like the back of your hand. 

Baekhyun’s 30th birthday was celebrated on a club in Seoul. Only a few close family and friends were invited; it was practically a very private occasion, but the small quantity of people did not stop the members from drinking their night away until they were a bunch of drunken tragedy. You were sat at the corner of the room, chatting with Junmyeon’s girlfriend, when Minseok stumbled to your direction with a high smile on his face. He reeked of alcohol and sweat, but you still took him in your embrace when he went in for a drunk cuddle.

“Why are y-you so….. prettyyyyy?” his words slipped off of his tongue slowly; his fingers poking your cheeks as his smile grew bigger. It wasn’t new to see him plastered to the point where his legs get tangled with each other, and his speech comes out opaque, yet it never failed to entertain you at how sweet and adorable he gets. His mouth opened again to say something, but his eyes started to scream fear. The surroundings suddenly turned mute as Minseok stood in front of you with huge eyes and an opened mouth, soon, he slumped down, emptying his intoxicated stomach.

“Okay whatever you say, vomit boy.“ you raised your hand to pat the top of his head. 

“My drinking days are over. I prefer tea now.” Minseok leaned back on his chair, rocking back and forth in a slow motion. Your eyes darted down from his solemn face to his chest, until it reached to the length of his arms and fingers. The rose gold ring that was wrapped around his fourth finger glimmered in every movement of his hand. It matched with the diamond ring in yours; with the words ‘2025 to Forever’ engraved in cursive. 

Your closed hand began to open, fingers shaking at the seemingly difficult task. Simple tasks now tire you, and it baffles you on how quick the years had gone by; swiftly dragging you and Minseok in a life that you both dreamed of. 

You married the love of your life. Lived in a cozy home far from the city, and far from the media. God blessed you with twins that got their father’s features, but your strong personality. It wasn’t long until you felt yourself change, mentally and physically. All those years obsessing over expensive skincare products were a waste, and how the enjoyment of dying your hair now became a chore to keep your silver hair from revealing your real age.

The gloomy sky still stayed, the humidity was still present, but Minseok still hummed a happy melody as he subtly took your hand into his.

“Happy 50th Anniversary, love.“ 

A smile spread to your lips, your eyes stinging as you tried your best to suppress a tear from coming out of your eyes. 

“Happy 50th Anniversary, Minseok..“

Behind him was a window, and you saw a woman with silver hair, wrinkled skin, and the most beautiful and sincere smile that reached her teary eyes staring back at you.

And in that moment, your reflection showed true happiness.

Fridays and Dog Piles

Bruce Wayne X Reader

Word Count: 1048

Notes: Soul Mark Universe, where the first words spoken to you by your soul-mate appear in a random spot on your body, on your sixteenth birthday.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

You’ve been with Bruce for about two years when they find you, or more specifically your mother. You walk into your office and there she is. Your fight or flight response nearly has you heading back to Korea, and you suddenly remember why you moved to South Korea in the first place; because even the other side of the world isn’t nearly enough space between you.

It takes you a moment to gather yourself, and remind yourself that you are indeed an adult, in a long term relationship with children. So, you move forward and situate yourself before addressing the woman who gave you life.

Her nose is stuck in the air. When you greet her with a very formal “Mother”, that’s all the invitation she needs. She goes into a rant about you not being in contact, about not being introduced to Bruce, and lamenting on why you haven’t sealed the deal yet. She then starts in on children, and securing your place with a true heir instead of a bastard or adopted rats.

That makes you snap. You interrupt her, your teeth grinding, when you tell her to never, ever talk about your kids like that again. Because that’s what they are, they are your kids. In the two years since you’ve come to Gotham, both Jason and Damian call you mom. Tim and Dick just call you by a nickname. You understand that, they grew up with mothers of their own; kind and loving women, and you’d never want to take their place. Still, that doesn’t stop you from being a parent.

Your entire parenting strategy consists of doing the exact opposite of the woman in front of you. As far as you’re concerned Talia, Sheila, and your mother should be put on a list of people who should not be allowed around kids.

You ask her to leave, and when she refuses you threaten to call security, you threaten to make a scene that will embarrass not only her but your father as well. That’s enough to get her to leave. She complains about ungrateful children and ten hours of labor on her way out.

You attempt to work for about an hour before you give up. Packing up your things, you tell your administrative assistant that you’re leaving for the day. They give you a puzzled look at this, but you leave and head to Bruce’s office.

You quickly explain what’s happened, and then he too packs up his things and you leave for home together. Over your years together, you’ve discussed both of your childhoods, and he knows that turning out like your parents is one of your greatest fears. He assures you that it won’t happen.

You arrive at home to find all the boys there. Dick, Tim and Damian are on break from school, and Jason has the day off of work. They’re a bit surprised to see you, but you pay no attention to that. You simply give each of them a hug, before going upstairs to change into a pair of jeans.

Bruce comes in when you’re in the middle of changing, but doesn’t say a word. Instead he too changes. When he’s done, he goes to your purse, takes out your phone and tosses it onto the bed. It’s followed by his own. You raise an eyebrow at this, Bruce is never caught without his phone.

He doesn’t answer your questions of what’s going on. He only picks you up bridal style and carries you down the stairs and to the car. It’s the SUV, and all of the boys are waiting for you. You find that only Dick has a cellphone. He’s the most enthusiastic about family fun, and the least likely to use it just to use it.

No one tells you where you’re going, but you smell something yummy somewhere in the car. It’s a short twenty-minute drive, that includes some off road driving. You find that you never leave the manor’s grounds.

When Bruce stops the car, it’s in a wide open space, with green wild grass as far as the eye can see. The boys begin running wild, or more specifically Dick begins running wild. He begins doing cartwheels and flips, and before you know it they’re all competing to see who can do the best twists and flips. Eventually, Bruce joins in and you’re declared the judge.

You use your fingers in place of number cards, and they argue for more points, which you always give. In the end they all finish with perfect tens. Then, there’s lunch. You eat a packed picnic lunch filled with all your favorites, and you’re not quite sure how Alfred managed to get this thrown together so quickly.

When you’re done eating, the boys run off again, and Bruce pulls you into his lap. You make yourself comfortable, and he tucks your head under his chin. You watch the boys together when you feel a piece of metal slide onto your finger. It’s a pretty ring, set in rose gold is one large oval diamond, surrounded by a bunch of little diamonds. You simply lean back and look at him with a puzzled look.

He smiles and says “Your mother was right about one thing,”

“What’s that?” You ask.

“It’s time you make an honest man out of me.”

You laugh at that, attracting the boys’ attention. They jog back, and there’s a flurry of questions; “Did we give you enough time?” “Did she like the ring?” “Did she say yes?” “Well did she?”

Bruce simply looks at you with a raised eyebrow and you can’t help but kiss him, and then you say “Yes.”

There are several loud whoops and then all of a sudden you’re on the ground. The boys had charged you, knocking you and Bruce down to the ground in one large group hug/ dog pile. You’re under Bruce, who is supporting himself on his forearms, and keeping most of the weight off you. You lean up to kiss him, and when you break away you find four more cheesy grins looking at you.

In that moment you’re content, oh so content with your life. You have your soul-mate, you have your kids, and you’re happier than you ever remember being.

Forever and Always- smut (Vampire!Mark)

Requested by: @fmurph

summary: after 3 months of transforming and self-control, Mark comes back to see his long lost love. this goes out to all my girl who loves the way mark says “baby” “babygirl” “baby-boo” ugh! just love it!

A/N this is only my second time writing smut so please be nice with it unlike mark here in a minute. I got very carried away with this but what of it.


Have you ever had an odd feeling that someone is watching over you? Or walked into a room and forgot what you were doing? that’s what we do. Nightcrawlers. Vampires. I was born a vampire, I stopped aging when I was 23 years old in 1948. Back when gas was 16 cents!  I’ve lived in America for roughly 30 years, moving around a lot. Until 2014 when I came to LA, California. That’s when I met him. Duàn Yí Ēn, Mark. He was perfect. He was a mortal at that point. He didn’t know about me for the first two years of our relationship. 

Then it happened. we were having dinner at home when the earthquake struck, demolishing our home. Mark was pinned under a beam and I pulled it off of him. he looked at me with amazement. He had no idea what was happening and couldn’t move. 

The first responders came after the quake was over. Mark was paralyzed from the shoulders down. He was completely miserable, The nurse said he will never recover if he is depressed and unwilling. He was released into my care in hopes that maybe being home would make him want to move again. But he wouldn’t do anything. He didn’t want to eat or sleep. 

So I did the unthinkable. I had to turn him. I couldn’t me without him and no one should suffer the way he did. One night I bit into his neck releasing the venom. I was so difficult not to drain him. I stopped and waited. Nothing happened. He just sat there with his eyes shut. As I waited for his to start transforming I fell asleep beside him. And just like that, he was gone. When I woke up the next day he left. I was left with nothing but his wheelchair and our memories. No calls, or texts. Nothing. I lost him.

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Fitting Together

               Sorry that it’s been so long. I think I say that nearly every time I post but I’ve been preparing for something in my life which I will soon be announcing. Originally this was meant to just be fluff, but y'all know me and angst have a very close relationship. Lol. So it became a mix but I still hope you guys like it! I’ve got lots I want to write in the near future so I’ll try my best to get my shit together and write, though it’s hard to keep up with all the ideas vie been having lately! Xx

Originally posted by hobisu

               "Do you have everything?“ The way your fingers fiddled with the hem of his shirt was a telltale sign of your anxiety as you spoke.

               A bubbly grin stretching over his lips at your clingy actions, he replied, "No.”

               "What?“ You exclaimed, worry threading through your chest. "I thought you said you checked at the dorm? What is it? I can go back for it.”

               "Well, the problem is I didn’t think it would fit, but now I don’t know if I can leave without it.“ Hoseok said, looking at his watch as though contemplating if there was enough time.

               "What?” You responded with furrowed brows.

               A giggle threatening to burst forth from his mouth, Hoseok put a hand above your head, like one does when measuring another’s height. “Don’t you come with a travel case or something?”

               Heat flaring under the skin of your cheeks, you batted away his arm. Instantly recoiling, he let out the laugh he’d been holding, ignoring you when you remarked, “Oh my god, Hobi. You’re so cheesy!”

               Relationships aren’t easy; long distance ones are near impossible. However, you managed because you couldn’t bear not to. Hoseok was the light of your life and as far as you were concerned, always would be. You weren’t sure which you fell in love with first; his iridescent personality, unimaginably infectious laugh, or the world’s best bitch face you had ever seen. Hoseok was many things, but greedy was not one of them. You were spoiled, which you were well aware of, and perhaps in turn that made you the greedy one. Anything he could give you, you’d take because you simply couldn’t get enough. Everything he bared, everything he was, you ached to gobble it up and he was content to let you do so, so long as you let him return the favour even a little bit. For a time, you wondered if you wanted too much, if you were crossing a line. But soon enough you learned that the definition of greed in this case was smeared and skewed, often being translated into love.

               The man in front of you scrunched his eyes into beautiful crescents, loud laughter echoing about the private waiting room, you tried to capture the image in your head. You didn’t have a photographic memory, but you’d try nonetheless, wanting to remember every moment you had left with him so vividly that you’d never truly feel like he left. However, that was unrealistic. He had to go; he always did. Just like every other time before, you knew a piece of you would board that plane with him and you’d be left with a hole, the burden of filling it consuming you each and every day he was gone.

               "Hoseok!“ His manager poked his head in the door. "We got to go now.”

               "Ah,“ your boyfriend hesitated, glancing down to you to see that your lips had fallen into a sullen expression. "I’ll just be another minute.”

               Nodding, the round head exited the room, the door falling shut behind him. As soon as he heard the hinges slide home, Hoseok engulfed you into his arms, crushing you to his chest. The movement was meant to comfort you, and yet tears immediately began to spill down your cheeks when you hadn’t even realized you’d been holding them. Trembling hands furled into the fabric of his shirt as you tried to hold yourself together. No matter how many times you said goodbye for tours, it never got easier. The same pain and worries would always resurface to greet you as he said goodbye.

               "Don’t cry, Y/N.“ His chest rumbled under your cheek, though his words were hypocritical as you heard a faint sniff. A hand patted the back of your head before stroking your hair tenderly. "You know I’ll start too.”

               Shifting your head up and down, you bit your lip in an attempt to distract yourself from the lump in your throat, though it did nothing for the salty pools of water gathering on your bottom lashes. “You’ll contact me every day?”

               "Of course.“ He promised. "I wouldn’t deprive you of your hope.”

               A watery laugh trickled out of you as you snuggled further into his chest and said, “Good.”

               He held you for a second, a comfortable silence enveloping you both before he nudged you away from him. Digging into his pocket, he mumbled half to himself, “I have something for you.” Closing his hands around the items, he pulled them out, thrusting his closed fist in the space between you. Flipping his hand up, his fingers began to unfurl, the gleam of two rings capturing your vision.

               "This one is yours,“ calloused fingers plucked up a rose gold ring, tiny gems decorating a simple heart in the center. Grasping your right hand, he weaselled the ring onto your fourth finger. Taken by the token, you moved your hand in the light, mesmerized by the way the rays glided over the smooth band. "And this one is mine.”

               Hoseok made your eyes tear away from the ring to flicker up to him. A bright smile plastered on his lips, he held his own hand up to showcase his own ring, no trace of doubt clouding over him because he knew you would like them. The ring he wore was black and plain, seemingly just a simple band, though much thicker than yours. However, as he wiggled his fingers playfully, you spotted skin from the inner portion of his finger peeking through what looked like a hole, smack dab in the middle of the ring. Curious, you snatched his hand out of the air, turning the ring to inspect the inconsistency further. In the middle was a hole, just as you expected. Just as you were about to ask him where he got these, you noticed the shape. Cut into the ring was the shape of a small heart just like the one on yours.

               "They fit together.“ He answered for you, causing the corners of your mouth to upturn.

               "Like us.” You mused, Hoseok humming in agreement.

               Leaning your head back to cast your eyes up to him, you felt your bottom lip wobble when you saw the tears threatening to tumble out of his reddening eyes, knowing that when Hoseok had warned you about setting him off that it wasn’t a lie. Despite this, he wore a tight smile, doing his best to keep both of you from diving off into the deep end. Moving your weight so you stood on the balls of your feet, you stretched upwards to blanket his lips with yours, lightening bursting forth from inside you just as it had the very first time you kissed, not to mention every time after that too. Slithering your arms around his neck, his palms pressed into the small of your back, crushing you to him as the cool metal of his ring made goosebumps rise on your skin. A knock on the door startled each of you, mouths parting ways as his manager beckoned him.

               "Coming!“ Hoseok called out, though his arms made no effort to release you as annoyed grumbling could be heard from just outside the door. Glancing down to you, he immediately crushed you to him once again in a hug. "I love you, Y/N.”

               "I love you too.“ You replied, hands sliding down to his chest and pushing him away. He pouted, his bottom lip jutting out and making you giggle. Pecking him once more, you nodded to the door before saying, "go.”

               Sighing, Hoseok took a step toward you and placed both palms on with sides of your face. Before you could protest his lips were everywhere; your nose, forehead and cheeks were all victim in his assault before he finally passed over your lips in a final, giggly, kiss. Succeeding in making the tension dissolve in the room, he backed away with a content look on his face from hearing one of his favourite sounds– your laugh. Inching toward the door, he grinned at you and grasped the handle. “I’ll be back before you know it!”

               You nodded at his words, though you didn’t believe them, and uttered a goodbye, watching as he slipped out the door and into the private lounge of the airport. Teasing and rowdiness ensued at Hoseoks arrival, something which always seemed to accompany BTS. Soon, guffaws and outbursts of speech became muffled before disappearing completely and leaving you in a silence much different than the one before as you realized you were alone. Sighing, you waited a few minutes before exiting the room. Walking through the airport, you felt a little hollow knowing you wouldn’t see Hoseok for months. However, as you replayed images of him that you’d done your best to engrave into your head, you didn’t feel as hopeless. Once again, he had to leave you, but you knew he’d come back to you with the same goofy expression and wide open arms. He always had before.

               Perhaps it was such thinking that made this time different. The positivity of your thinking jinxing you before you could even stumble out of the gates. But alas, here you were. Three months later with artificial light painting your face as you saw another picture of her thrust into your face by a friend who claimed they just didn’t want to see you hurt, which was probably true to them. But each time you saw him with her, or even her in the background of a photo, you felt your foundation crack. Facing it for the millionth time, you did your best to deny the unsaid accusations that they were laying out before you, but admittedly it had become hard.

               At first you suspected nothing, your trust in your boyfriend far more resilient than anything anyone could put in front of you. You said nothing to him because you knew who she was; you’d met her in fact. As one of the many hairstylists for BTS, it was a given that she would become close to the boys and Hoseok had never tried to deny the fact that they were friends. This was fine by you, because you never believed anything different. However, distance and longing did strange things to the brain and the powerful sense of trust you had begun to wane, as it would to anyone when your boyfriend was miles away with a pretty girl by his side while you were left behind. You knew he meant no harm but each selfie with her he took and sent to you chipped away at all sense you had. Jealousy began to consume you, wishing it was you that was trying new things and doing everything with him, catapulting you into over analyzing everything. The proximity of their bodies, the way she was always near him in each video they made in dressing rooms; even the way she touched him when doing his hair became suspicious to you and you hated it. You hated being one of those girls who held their boyfriends on a leash and obsessed over everything. So you ignored it as best you could until you felt the dam slouching under the pressure of all your thoughts.

               Dragging your feet, you walked to your apartment from another night out that only left you in shambles from listening to everyone else voice the toxic thoughts in your head. Fumbling with the lock, you stumbled into your apartment, remembering the way your friend had sneered ‘aren’t they too close’ as though reading a teleprompter from inside your brain. Perhaps it would’ve been easier if it was just them talking, but it wasn’t. Coworkers were talking, netizens were talking, and even the voices in your head were talking. They’d push and push until you couldn’t take it anymore, breaking down and picking up your phone. Usually a phone call would do the trick; sometimes it took a little more. The sound of his voice through a receiver or screen settling the hurricane in your mind, at least for a little while. You never dared to ask him of it, scared of ruining everything with your own crazy suspicion, but it was getting harder as the voices grew louder.

               Changing out of your clothes and into pajamas, you massaged the roots of your hair as you pulled out a cup on Ben and Jerry’s, resigning yourself to the couch. Turning on the TV, you did your best to drown your thoughts in the static noise. Settling on a show, you kicked your feet up onto your ottoman, eyes fluttering shut in bliss when you tasted the first spoonful of ice cream. For a while, your distraction worked, watching some reality show and snorting at the unnecessary drama. Absentmindedly, you played with your ring, moving it to feel the skin which had been dented by the metal from remaining in one place for so long. The peace was short lived however, as disaster struck in Beverly Hills when one of the girls found out her boyfriend had been cheating for upwards of a year. Immediately serving as a reminder of your own insecurities, you shut the TV off. Plucking up your phone, you opened Hoseoks contact file, hovering over the call button.

               Hesitating, you wondered if you’d be a bother. Usually you both would agree on a time to call, so as to not wake the other up or interrupt promo. It’d been days since you’d last spoke as well, all texts you’d sent left unanswered. He’s probably busy… You thought to yourself, closing out of his contact screen and heaving a sigh. Convincing yourself that seeing a recording would be enough, you opened YouTube, seeing that a new video had been uploaded. Clicking on it, a smile etched onto your face instantaneously when you saw Hoseoks face onscreen. The video wasn’t anything particularly special, one of their usual uploads that was somewhere in between a vlog and a mess, though everyone would love it anyway. Watching the boys interact you couldn’t help but chuckle when Hoseok screamed and everyone else cringed, knowing all too well how they felt. These videos never failed to put you into a good mood, along with all of Army too, but they always seemed so short, the screen coming to a pause far sooner than you’d like. Scrolling down to the comments, you smiled at all the loving and silly things people had written. The connection everyone had through these boys still present even through screens and keyboards. Just as you were about to scroll back up to other videos, you saw a comment that made you stop.

-          wtf is rapmon wearing lol no one ever wears jewelry in BTS anymore it’s so weird when one of them does

               Snorting at the comment, you scrolled back up and rewinding the video until they were all in the shot. Looking them all over, you couldn’t help but laugh under your breath because the person was right, everyone else was bare while Namjoon, the style expert that he was, wore a massive chain around his neck, effectively making him look out of place. Touching the band around your fourth finger, it donned on you that Hoseok wasn’t wearing his ring. Furrowing your brow, suddenly the metal on your hand felt heavy as you closed out of the app and opened tumblr. Searching your boyfriends tag, you scrolled through countless pictures, looking for the trinket that he should have been wearing. Yet, as your eyes scoured the pictures, there were none in which he wore it. Throat constricting, you came across a fantaken from mere hours ago. While you were out denying all questions of cheating, he was out roaming the streets of L.A. With her. Without the ring.

               Pressing the home key, you swiftly pulled up his contact again, calling him over FaceTime; you wanted to see his face when you spoke. Maybe it was trivial, but you were furious. All of the doubt and frustration had dug under your skin and made its home there, festering until a time like now where you couldn’t keep it from snaking into your veins and injecting its venom. Broiling in turmoil, you held your breath until he finally picked up, a smile on his face in the dim lights. Judging by the clinking you heard, you assumed he was out eating.

               "Y/N! Sorry I didn’t answer your texts, I was just about to—"

               "Anything you want to tell me?“ You interrupted, his eyes widened in surprise, caught off guard by your testing tone.

               Seeing the look on your face, he treaded carefully, "I don’t think so…”

               Running a hand through your hair, you inhaled deeply before finally letting the question out of your mouth that you had been wondering for weeks, “Hoseok, are you cheating on me?”

               His mouth fell agape, disbelief distorting his features as the noise of the restaurant he was in blared in the background. Shaking his head, he replied, “What are you— hang on.”

               The screen went was blurry as he got up from his seat and murmured something to whomever he was seated by before starting to walk. Streaks of light splayed across the screen, lag and poor internet connection making the connection slow. Once he got outside, he brought the phone back up so you could see his face, the image becoming clearer now that he had stopped moving.

               "Now, what are you talking about? Is everything okay with you?“ He asked, a troubled expression contorting his face.

               "I’m fine,” you snipped. “Answer my question.”

               "Why would you think that? This doesn’t make any sense.“ Hoseok rebutted. "I don’t understand where this is coming from!”

               "Just answer the question!“

               "I’m not!” He responded, still blown away that you would ask such a thing. “Who would I cheat with?!”

               "Oh, I don’t know.“ You relied sarcastically. "Bora?”

               "What?“ Hoseok shook his head, jaw beginning to clench. "She’s our hairstylist, Y/N.”

               "And that means you have to spend every waking minute with her?“ Tension had spread to your whole body at this point, convinced that you were right as your nails dug little crescents into the skin of your thigh.

               "I don’t, but we are friends.” He sighed, taking off his snapback and shaking out his hair before raking it back and hiding it in the hat again. “I thought you were okay with that.”

               "Well, I was.“ It was evident from the way his face was tensed that he was doing his best to stay calm, one person blowing up being enough without the other joining in too. "Until you started hanging out with her all the time. I’m not the only one who’s questioning it, Hoseok.”

               "Why should it matter what other people think? I told you we’re friends. Yeah, we’re close but it’s not anything like that. At all. She hangs out with all the boys, not just me, Y/N.“ Hoseok explained, all the happiness that he exuded completely obliterated by this point. "I thought you trusted me.”

               "I did. But I just—" you cut off, not sure how to explain the things that ate away at your heart in the middle of the night. “I don’t know that I still should.”

               "So you don’t believe me.“

               "Can’t you understand why?”

               "I think we’ve established that I can’t.“ He spat, insulted.

               "It’s fairly obvious she likes you, Hoseok.” You said curtly. “Not to mention you use to text me every single day and now I’m lucky if you reply within three.”

               "I know, and I’m sorry about that.“ Hoseok said sincerely, though you felt bile rise in your throat when he didn’t deny that she liked him. "I’ve been busy with tour, but I didn’t think it would bring this on.”

               "You’ve been busy?!“ Your voice came out shrill as you barked out a laugh of disbelief. "I didn’t realize that walking around the city with her and the boys constituted as busy!”

               "It was for a video—"

               "Hobiii!“ A voice whined cutely in the background, his head flicking to the left.

               "That’s her isn’t it?” You remarked.

               He didn’t have to answer as an obviously drunk Bora came into frame, grabbing his arm to steady herself. Shaking your head as you nails broke skin on your thigh, you watched as he ushered her back inside.

               "It’s fine, Hoseok.“ You said flippantly. "Hang up and go back to her, she obviously came looking for you—”

               "Would you just shut up and listen for one second?!“ He finally snapped, practically shouting and startling you so much that you became rigid on the couch. He was never like this. He was well tempered and never got this angry with you, the worst he’d ever done being a few snarky comments accompanied by plenty of attitude. This was much different, something you’d never seen. With a set jaw and narrowed eyes, you saw plain fury. "I’m not fucking cheating on you.”

               "Then explain.“ You replied, though your voice had become considerably meek under his fire.

               "I would have if you’d just be reasonable.” He shot back. “I didn’t respond because we’ve been busy with promo, but honestly, I never thought it would make you act like this. I don’t know what the hell has gotten into you, but this isn’t my girlfriend talking to me right now because I know she wouldn’t be this hard headed. Yes, I hang out with Bora a lot. Mainly because I’m with her for every second of the day, but also because she’s nice and respects my relationship with you. I don’t even know why I have to say this when you liked her so much before that you asked me if she could even hang out with us all at the dorms. But yes, she’s confessed—”

               You were about to open your mouth but he gave you a glare that practically dared you to do so just so you could face his wrath. “It’s been two years since then, which was before I even knew you and she hasn’t said anything since so I don’t know if she still does. Even if she did, I thought you’d trust me enough to believe I wouldn’t do that to you. I know what people say, but I thought you of all people would know better than to believe them. I don’t know what you seem to think of me but obviously it’s nothing good if you can’t even trust me and take what a handful of people say as fucking facts. I knew the distance would be hard, but I didn’t think it’d make you think of me as trash.”

               "And your ring?“ You said quietly, still feigning haughtiness, his words making you see how foolish you’d been. "You haven’t been wearing it.”

               Raising his eyebrows so far that his forehead crumpled into little rolls, it was him who laughed out loud this time. Digging into his shirt, he pulled out a chain that hung from his neck, moving it so you could see what hung from it. “You mean his one?”

               "Oh.“ Was all that you could say, the reality of how wrong you’d been setting in.

               "Yeah, 'oh.’ I had to stop wearing it on my finger because fans got suspicious that I had a girlfriend seeing as I wore it all the time.” He said, shoving it back into his shirt as you took a gulp of saliva. “Why didn’t you just ask instead of getting all worked up?”

               "I-I don’t know.“ Your voice wobbled, tears building as you felt like an idiot, knowing your accusation hurt him too. "I’m sorry.”

               "You should be.“ There was no malice in his voice, but there was disappointment. You could see his temper fading as the Hobi you knew started to come back, a sad frown curving his lips down. "Look, I’m gonna go before they get worried.”

               You nodded solemnly, the relationship lying in shambles at your feet, prompting you to ask hesitantly, “Are we okay?”

               A puff of air pushed past his lips. “I don’t know. I’ll talk to you later when I’ve calmed down.”

               "Wait—" you began but it was too late, his face disappearing from your sight, the words 'call ended’ looming over you.

               Panicking, you frantically tried to call him again, crushing the phone to your ear as you scolding yourself for being so brash. One ring in and it went to voicemail, crushing your heart as you knew he rejected the call. Though you knew it was pointless, you tried over and over, until there was no ring at all and it struck you that he must’ve turned off his phone. Slamming your phone of the coffee table, you cradled you head in your hands while your elbows rested on your knees. How could you have been so dumb? Hoseok was right, this wasn’t you at all and you loathed yourself for letting yourself get so wound up. You should’ve known better, Hoseok was too kind to hurt someone in such a sleazy way. In all honesty, there really was nothing to suggest he’d even done it besides outside chatter and the ring. Before, you were always so confident in him and you were ashamed that you let that crumble, that you let yourself believe for even a second that Hoseok was a lesser man than he was and had strayed.

               Tugging at the roots of your hair, you held back tears, not believing you had the right to cry when you were the one who’d made such a mess of things. Sniffling, you knew you couldn’t leave things like this but what could you do when he wouldn’t take your call? Dejectedly, you picked up your phone, knowing that even if he did pick up, it was a conversation that should be had in person. Opening your banking up, you quickly signed in, staring at the numbers in your savings. It was reckless, but you couldn’t think of anything better to spend the small amount of money you had on repairing what you’d broken. Dialling your co-worker and friend, you sprung off the couch in a hurry, already beginning to pack.

               "Mina,“ you rushed about your apartment, "I need your help.”



               An ocean, airplane, and car ride later and here you were. The heat of L.A sticking annoyingly to your skin as you made your way to Hoseok, unable to dismiss the questioning voice in your head as you wondered if he’d even want to see you. He hadn’t contacted you after the fight and you hadn’t pushed, knowing he probably still wouldn’t be ready when you showed up there. Trembling in an elevator, you wrung your hands together, nervousness seeping out of your pores as you watched the floor numbers flash by. When the doors opened, you rushed to the door of their room, which Taehyung had generously gave you yesterday when you told him you were just going to send something, though he didn’t know it was yourself. Steeling your nerves, you took a breath and raised your hand, rapping your knuckles against the door softly.

               Shuffling could be heard behind the thick slab of wood when it suddenly whooshed open, revealing six boys. At soon as their eyes met yours, each and every boy looked at you in horror.

               "What are you doing here?“ Namjoon was the first to speak, the rest of them remaining speechless as you came to realize that the one person you were here for wasn’t present.

               "Where’s Hobi?” You asked, poking your head in the room and glancing around.

               Yoongi groaned shaking his head at the ground as Jin surged forward. Grasping you by the shoulders, he immediately turned you around and pushed you toward the elevator. “He’s on his way to the airport to see you.”

               "He’s what?!“ You exclaimed, stepping back into the steel box as Jin pressed the ground floor button and got out.

               "He only left ten minutes ago so you should be able to catch him. Good luck!” He encouraged, though you thought you heard him mutter something along the line of 'this couple’ just as the doors came to a close.

               All nervousness was now drowned by desperacy, terrified he’d get through security before you could reach him. Hailing a cab, you quickly shouted at the driver to go, flying backwards as the driver heeded your words. Watching cars whizz by as the driver sped to a speed that was much faster than the limit because of your urgency, you couldn’t help but laugh under your breath, not seeing how the man glanced at you like you were crazy through the rear view mirror. This was all so dramatic; it was almost like you had been thrust into a romantic comedy. Never had you dreamed that life could actually be like this, the ridiculousness of the situation comical, thighs the reasons why it came to fruition were still holding your heart in chains.

               Reaching the airport, you swiftly paid the driver, thanking him profusely and hoping he didn’t think you were insane, though with red rimmed eyes and travel mussed hair, he probably did. You didn’t care much though, focusing on your mission as you burst through the doors of the airport and immediately took off running down past all of the kiosks. Praying that you hadn’t been too late, your eyes scoured the area, searching for the familiar head of brown hair you knew. However, as time passed and you snapped your head back and forth, it seemed it had all been for naught. You couldn’t see him anywhere as you slowed to a stop, heavy pants escaping you as you tried to catch your breath. Your vision started to blur as you realized that you were probably too late, when you saw a tall boy rummaging through a backpack on his shoulder, his hat nearly hiding his face. He didn’t seem to notice you, standing meters away from him with your mouth agape in relief, feeling as all the air in your lungs had been stolen by him. Wrenching out his phone he pressed it to his ear as you stared, mesmerized after having not seen him for months on end.

               "Jimin,“ he said as you collected your thoughts and tried to refocus yourself. "Would you stop calling me? I’m just about—”

               "Hobi!“ You yelled feeling like the distance between you was a mountain and not a gray tiled floor.

               At the sound of his name, his head pivoted, finally seeing your shaky frame as his eyes widened. ”…Y/N?“

               Unable to take it anymore, you launched forward, wanting to close the distance as soon as possible. Lowering the phone just in time, he caught you in his arms as you latched onto him like a koala, hooking your ankles around his back and winding your arms around his neck. An 'oomph’ left him as your bodies collided, making him stumble and drop his bag, but keeping both of you upright nonetheless. Strong hands held you up effortlessly as you buried your face into his neck and inhaled, his scent making your heart break its chains and look for release against your rib cage.

               "What are you doing here?” He asked, still shocked to see you.

               "I’m so sorry, Hobi.“ You responded in a pleading voice, clutching the back of his head as though he would disappear. "I was so stupid and I should have known better. I’m so sorry.”

               "Here’s the girlfriend I know.“ He replied, sighing and stroking your back.

               Taking your face out of his neck and leaning back so you could see him. Hope found its roots inside you when you saw a soft smile playing on your boyfriend’s lips. Moving the hand on his head to his jaw, you inquired shyly, "Are you still mad at me?”

               "A little,“ he said truthfully, making your face fall and him chuckle. "You coming all this way to apologize makes it a little better though.”

               "I really am sorry.“ You repeated yourself. "I was such an idiot.”

               "It’s okay, Y/N.“  He replied, turning his head to kiss the inside of your palm before nuzzling his cheek into it like a child. "As long as you know you were wrong and that I would never, ever, do something like that.”

               Nodding fervently, you lowered your hand to his chest where a piece of metal made a bump over his heart. Covering it with your palm, you whispered, "I love you.”

               "I love you too.“ He said softly as you lowered your head so that your noses brushed before closing the final gap between you.

               His lips melded into yours and after so long, it would’ve been a lie to say it made you eager. Curving your body into his, the taste of him made you feel like you were on cloud nine, all the anxiety and longing bursting and thrusting you into the sky. Fingers tightened on your body and you knew he felt it too, the sparks illuminating between you like fireworks instead of firecrackers after all this time. You weren’t usually so forward in public, but with everything that had happened, you really just wanted to feel connected to him. Running your tongue along his bottom lip, he knew what you wanted as he broke away from you with a breathy laugh. You however, pouted just like he had that day he left.

               "We’re in an airport, Y/N.” He scolded, though a bright grin was on his face as you pecked him one, two, then three times. “People are staring.”

               "You’re so conservative.“ Sighing, you moved back, tapping his hands so he’d drop you to the floor. Once you touched ground, you entwined your fingers with his, asking as he picked up his bag and began to stride toward the exit with you in tow, "why were you even coming to see me anyway? I was the one in the wrong.”

               "So you could apologize.“ He replied, making you blush like a kid who just got grounded. Seeing this, he bumped into your side and leaned down to whisper in your ear, "by the way, when we get back I promise I’ll be much more liberal.”

               Your cheeks flared for a whole different reason as you swatted his head away, making him break into laughter. An incandescent grin on your face, you knew everything would be fine. You loved each other, willing to go the ends of the earth to reach one another even if it was only for a little while. Hoseok always came back to you, and he always would.


“I’m sorry,” his hand clasped around the glass.

“In starting to think that’s just another word to you.”

Then he was alone. The house seemed so much larger in comparison to when she had been here. The alcohol seemed to taste so much more bitter now that the wind travelled around from her departure. The walls seemed to be duller, the grass didn’t seem to be so green. Their bed seemed to be so much colder.

He had been a broken shell of a man. A man who’s pockets were filled with gold and silver but had no prospects, no real love. And then she walked in, all high and mighty and full of ‘do this’ ‘do that’, as if he was some project for her to heal. His reluctance to take a job under her had been warranted when he began to see her differently. Fear coursing through him that he may have feelings for her, that her smile affected him. Her nature slowly mending parts of him that he didn’t know was broken, they had lunches, glasses of wine that turned into bottles and when their lips first met one another’s it felt entirely new to him. Almost like an explosion in his chest.

His fingers moving into the inside pocket of his jacket, the feel of the delicate, simple band that he had been carrying for days before their fight. The right time never fully appearing, but then would it have ever. He had spent so long planning the entire proposal that he neglected her needs.

The two of them were not conventional. They were not two people that anyone imagined would fall in love never mind actually work. She irked him, he pushed her, the two of them waking each morning to a fresh battle from the outside world but they took it on together. He appreciated her in ways he didn’t know he could, she showed him that he was born with a heart and not an ice block. Her friends tolerated him, his friends grew to love her.

But he was unsure when they began battling themselves. When the tide changed and she looked at him with despair, loathing, regret. He was unsure when he looked at her and saw more than he ever did, the freckles upon her nose, the flick of gold in her hazel eyes, the soft caramel hue in her hair. She began to resent him for his non-committal, barely noticing how neurotic he was becoming as he tried to find the right moment. Her friends marrying, beginning their lives but then, they were so far behind them because they had to change - they had to adapt. He explained that he wasn’t like Potter, that he didn’t want to regret rushing although he had his own plan, but she flew of the handle. Accusing him of using her. She rushed from the home she had unbeknown moved into and he spent the entire night searching for her. His bitterness growing at how different she was acting.

He could admit that he had long since taken advantage of her kindness. Her parting words had been so bang on that he felt guilty that she even had to speak them. Because he was selfish. Arrogant. Obnoxious. Afraid. She was a woman who had hidden so many parts of her true self from fear of rejection and he had done nothing to support her. That her storming out was possibly the most worrying, painful night of his life because he thought he’d lost her, until he actually did.

The world saw him as the failed Death Eater, scum, a sorry excuse of existence. That no matter that he was a child, that in his own mind he had done the right thing and was following what he had always known. But she did, she saw him as the boy who needed his eyes opening, the same woman he had ridiculed and was cruel too began to show him the world wasn’t black or white. She was the key to his happiness. His guards slowly going down until that night, with each walk of a park in search of her another rose, with each bar he entered another locked down. Her love had flooded into dark parts of him, kindness spouting through his veins from her touch. But was it ever real. It all was replaced by the same anger that had been there before.

Because how could she humanly have fallen for him, he was in ruins. He was no one. He was haunted. He had nothing to offer her. With each passing moment they shared, the ring pressing into his chest as he imagined her rejection, her ridicule. And as he went home, waiting her return he had already convinced himself it was over.

So he didn’t try when she wanted him to open up, he didn’t stop her as she packed her bag and he didn’t grab her like he should have when she stormed out of their house in tears for the second time that month. Feeling the darkness spread again through his pores as he simply poured another drink.

He listened over the follow week as she spouted about a date she was going on to their colleagues. He watched as her skirts were hitched up slightly higher and hugged her curves far better than they ever had. He noticed how sleek her hair became, her appearance changing as if that had ever been an issue.

If he was honest, she had always been beautiful. Even with his clouded perception, he saw her with a filter over his eyes but as soon as that lifted, or as soon as she removed it from him. She was as a clear as a fresh winters morning.

Pure. Unexplainable. Beautiful. She was his breathtaking sight that he could lose himself in.

But then she wasn’t his Granger. But then had she ever been his Granger.

It was only as he entered her office upon the second week of their break up, her eyes gazing up at him wide and beautiful. Her hand moved flatly to her desk as he imagined the ruby on her finger. He passed over the parchment for her to sign, he watched her signature curl before she handed it him back. He bit his tongue as he wanted to say how wrong he was, that he needed her to save him but he was no beggar. She had been in all her right to leave him. He didn’t deserve happiness.

“You didn’t fight for me?” She said as he turned from her desk.

Draco hung in the door way, slowly closing the door after a few minutes before turning to face her. Conflicted on whether to respond or ignore her. His hand running through his hair as she buried herself deeper into her chair. “Because you warrant better than the life shackled to a criminal,” he said as she looked at him pathetically. Because even after all of what they had done he hadn’t changed, even if he wished too. “Your hair, it’s dreadful.”

Her fingers moved to her sleek do, “it’s.. tidy.”

“It’s awful. And your skirt. You have the body that makes a man want to try hard, don’t put it on show as if you have no self-respect,” her eyes filled and although he knew he was hurting her, he needed to say it. “And for the love of merlin Granger, be bossy. Be a know it all. Put me in my damn place. Don’t walk around this floor as if I don’t exist, you left me. You get to bully me, you get to be..Inhuman if you so wish too.”

“I’m not a bully.”

“No you just fell in love with one.”

Her composure rose, her eyes glared as her jaw clenched, “you can be a right prick.”

“There we go —”

“— you’re an undignified troll who just doesn’t have it in him to be fucking honest in your entire life, except to humiliate and disrespect me,” she snapped. Her words hit him like small slaps to his pride. “What was it, a game? To get the bushy haired Gryffindor to fall in love with you?”

“No, actually —”

“— I’m not done Malfoy,” he smirked at her temper as she rose from her chair. “I watched you change. I watched that hatred fade from your body, I felt the apology when you told me you regretted how you’d been, that you wanted saving. What the hell changed? What did I do to make you hate me again? To make you look at me worse than when you called me that.. that name. You look at me like I disgust you more now than I did then.”

His fingers moving into his pocket, “here.” The ruby rose gold ring was placed into her hand as he met her eyes.

“Here?” She said with disgust. “Here? Are you for real Draco! Did you get confunded when I wasn’t watching you!”

“I can’t live without you,” he said as if it should please her. “I tried.”

“It’s been two weeks —”

“— well it felt a lot fucking longer Granger,” he snapped as she frowned. Regretting immediately of his use of tone. “I’m a mess. I wanted to give you what you deserved but I can’t, I’m not made that way. I’m not even meant to have a choice in who I care for, who I love. It’s meant to be decided for me.”

“This is the worst bloody proposal ever —”

“— but then I’m the worst person for you to have fallen for,” her eyes met his as he saw some of the frost melt from her eyes. “I can’t promise that I will change. But I can promise that I’d never make you feel worthless, that I won’t be honest all the time but I’d try to be. That’s all I can offer Granger. You ask why I didn’t fight for you, I ran around the streets looking for you, even when at times I didn’t feel need too, I still did.. You ran out and broke me, I’m not a man who chases and then you made me feel helpless. I felt vulnerable and I hated you for that. You know how I feel. I know how you feel, this only got complicated because you wanted more from us than we can give… But why? You was happy.”

“I was..”

“You don’t want a fairytale, otherwise you would have married a Gryffindor prince. But you want someone who tests you, who isn’t afraid to put you in your place, who will argue with you. Who coax’s lusts out of you, who makes you groan, who makes you feel powerful,” he said with passion. “That I can give you. But I can’t give you a fairytale. I’m not the guy you get at the end of the happy ever after. I’m the man who will take you around the world and shag you senseless. I’m the man who will give you know-it-all children and I’m the man who will always think you’re too good for me, but I won’t wallow in that. I’ll worry, but I’ll never wallow.”

Her eyes looked up and then down to the ring, slowly moving it to her finger, “I guess I’ll have to take it.”

“Oh don’t settle on my accord,” he smirked.

“I’m the Brightest Witch of our Age. I do not settle,” she said with a smile as she nervously stepped from side to side.

“I was meant to take you to Paris. But then, you’re not a conventional woman Granger. So I planned to take you to that stupid pond with those ridiculous birds the night you stormed out. That’s why I was wearing a suit. Not because I wanted to be a pompous prick,” a flush of embarrassment ran across her cheeks. “The reason I smelt of perfume was not because I went to a strip club, which by the way I am deeply offended by, but more because I was assaulted in one of those ridiculous muggle centres when I was trying to buy you a dress to go out in. You had been harping around it all week..”

“You went to a shopping centre, a muggle shopping centre?”

“I near lost my eye Granger, the woman sprayed my face,” her laugh made him feel warmth in his chest. “I was trying, in my own way I was trying.”

Her eyes were full and he knew she was about to burst into tears at any moment, her hands clamped together over her chest.

“For fuck sake Granger,” he said yanking her around her desk, her body flushing against his body as he held her waist as she laughed in shock, the tears falling with a smile to match. “Just.. Don’t leave me again.”

“Don’t be an arse —”

“You know I can’t promise that,” he said as he kissed her softly. “Your tears taste awful.”

Her laugh vibrated his body, his hand unclipping her hair as it fell around her shoulders. Her lips pressing into his as she stood on her tip toes to reach him, as he felt the ring against his cheek.

Namjoon AU Part 4...



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CHARACTER: Namjoon X Y/N (ft.Yoongi, Jimin) 

Namjoon lays on top of me his face buried in the crook of my neck still trying to regulate his breathing… we lay in silence for a few more seconds…our bodies sticky with sweat and our limbs tangled from our post sex bliss… He peppers kisses all over my face before pulling out… “Marry me “ he whispers mostly to himself… I sit up and look over at him his eyes are trained on the ceiling as he lays to my right on the queen sized bed…  “What?” I ask …sitting crossed legged on the bed and looking over his exposed body…. “You’re joking right?” I ask feeling the anxiety blossom in my chest while I wait for him to reply…” I want you to be Mrs. Kim” he says turning to face me and propping himself up with his elbow… I shuffle in the sheets that wrap around my body and bite my lip in nervousness … “Namjoon-“ I sigh “before we can even talk about marriage we need to talk about what happened today” I say … “What is there to talk about? I love you Y/N and I know I was an asshole earlier but I just- I saw you hugging Jimin and I panicked" he explains…. “Namjoon, panicking isn’t an excuse for fucking me on your desk and then sending me on my marry way” I snap… “Even if you are the boss. You can’t just do that every time I interact with a guy” …He doesn’t say anything… he just looks at me with hurt in his eyes and his jaw clenched… I can’t help the guilt that tugs at my heart strings… I lean forward and kiss along his cheek, nose and lastly peck his lips… “Namjoon you don’t have to panic there is no one else” I coo as I wrap my arms around his neck and bring his lips to me once more…he crawls over me once more and deepens the kiss … it is gentle and he pours all of his adoration for me into the soft caresses of his lips on mine… “Then why won’t you marry me?” he asks between kisses to my neck and collarbones… “Because it’s too soon” I say craning my neck to give him more access… “What do you mean too soon?” he demands “Well we’ve only been going out for a few days and we aren’t even in an official relationship” the words stumble from my lips and I look around the room, at everything else but him… my eyes focus on the cream walls and the dark wood desk… the wheels in my head turn as I try to come up with an escape plan… “Well what’s more official than taking my last name?” he asks …

“You don’t get it do you?” I ask annoyed at his persistence… in any other situation I would have said yes in a heartbeat but I know he’s doing this for the wrong reasons…. “You can’t just propose to me because you want to own me. I’m not property” I snap at him… now I’m the one who’s hurt… how could he think that proposing would solve anything…” Y/N that’s not why I’m proposing at all” he says monotone… “It’s not?” I ask a little taken back ….” No” he says shaking his head…Namjoon climbs off the bed …at first I panic, thinking that I’ve gone too far and he’s done…. but then I see him searching for his jeans which lay discarded on the floor… he reaches into the front pocket and produces a small velvet box… I look at the box and I can feel the anxiety blossoming in my chest…I sit up on my elbows looking around my room in search of an escape route… he saunters over to me once more getting on one knee “This isn’t how I planned it out and I’m sure it’s not the way you imagined it. But all I know is that I love you, I’ve loved you since the first day you came into my office “he says looking up at me…. his eyes are brimming with love and sincerity but I can’t look at him…it hurts to know that I can’t say I love you back…it hurts to know that I’m thinking about someone else… someone who’s the complete opposite to the man in front of me… someone who’s gentle and makes me feel at ease… Yoongi’s presence is almost angelic and I can’t seem to get him off of my mind… I look down at Namjoon and my heart cracks… his eyes are glowing with childlike excitement…I know it’s him… it will always be him who makes my heart flutter and my blood boil… who’s presence thrills me to no avail…. “Yes” I choke out before the tears run down my cheeks… Namjoon slips the delicate diamond on my finger before wrapping his arms around me and pinning me under him on the bed… “I love you” he whispers into my ear…

               I lay in bed that night unable to find sleep… my eyes are glued to the Rose gold diamond incrusted monstrosity on my ring finger… The more I stare at it the more painful the cold metal feels around my finger…like it’s made of barbed wire… I should be happy … The man of my dreams asked me to marry him…but all I am able to feel is guilt, anxiety and anger blossoming in my chest… these feelings lay heavy on my chest…And I’m suffocating under their weight… the tears continue to cascade down my cheeks … I try to keep myself quiet so I don’t wake up my…. fiancé ….just thinking of the word makes my stomach churn…. Namjoon stirs in his sleep and I panic thinking I’ve woken him up… I can’t face him just yet…. I look up …he’ still fast asleep… his chest is rising up and down steadly… I breathe a sigh of relief…. Turning my focus on him for a while… committing every inch of his face to memory… he’s so perfect …. from the soft arch of his brows to the pout of his plump lips…Those lips that kiss away my worries and tell me they love me … before I can stop myself I lean up to press my lips to his gently… Namjoon’s arms wrap around me and he’s kissing me back… the kiss grows more fervent and before long I’m hovering over him… he traces my curves with gentle fingers… he just looks so beautiful in the moonlight… For once tonight I cry out of joy…Our lips collide and I can feel him harden under me… my own arousal beginning to pool…. “I love you” I sigh before sinking onto him and swaying my hips in slow circles… he presses his forehead to mine and kisses the tip of my nose… “I love you too” he whispers before snapping his hips into me deliciously deep… and with that I loose myself in him… all of my thoughts disappearing with every sigh of his lips…the sound of skin slapping against skin drives away the sound of Yoongi’s soothing voice… I ride Namjoon fast and deep… pulling myself up only to slam back onto him… in a way it’s like I’m the one who’s taking my doubts and frustrations out on him… and he takes all of it ,meeting me thrust for thrust… it’s not long before we both cum… our moans and curses mixing as our release washes over us… washing away all the anger and doubt….

               The sunlight peeks through my curtains and burns bright behind my eyelids… I feel extremely hot in my bed…Deja vu washes over me as I recall the first morning I spent in Namjoon’s arms…. His arms wrapped around me and his face nuzzled into my chest… I look down and sure enough there he is… looking every bit as serene and childlike as he did that morning… even if it was only a day and a half ago … it feels like it’s been years… I run my fingers through his bed hair… and nuzzle my face into his hair… Kissing the top of his head before I close my eyes… trying to prolong this Kodak moment… “Morning” he says groggily… “You’re up?” I ask keeping my eyes closed …I feel his weight lift from my chest and his lips press to my chin… “We’re going to be late” he chirps… “Well I think the boss is going to be late too” I quip opening my eyes and peeking at him through my lashes… “Really?” he asks arching a brow at me… I nod and pull him towards me… our lips colliding and our sleepy bodies waking to our lust… “not eve morning breath can put you out” I say to Namjoon as we make our way out of the shower… “Nothing can put me out when it comes to you” he says grabbing my waist and pulling me flush against his chest…” What time is it?” I ask …searching for my phone… “LATE” Namjoon muses … “What are you going to wear to work?” I ask “Oh I’ll just stop by my place on the way to work and change” he says…“ okay” I say pulling my dress up my body and zipping it halfway … Namjoon comes up behind me and kisses my shoulder blade before he finishes pulling up the zip… “I’m going to go make some coffee” I announce… “Okay” he calls back … I run up to him and peck his lips before making my way to the kitchen shutting my bedroom door behind me… and beaming…

   “Thank God you’re up!” Jimin exclaims from his spot on the counter… there are dark circles adorning his chestnut eyes… “Sorry, Were we too loud?” I ask my cheeks flushing in embarrassment…”Well you weren’t very discrete” he snaps “But that’s not why I couldn’t sleep”  he explains… “Then what kept you up?” I ask feeling relieved that it wasn’t Namjoon and I who kept him awake… “You left your purse in the living room and your phone has been ringing all night. I at first I ignored it but it just kept ringing and so I answered because you know it could be an emergency” … “Who was it?” I ask while making my morning coffee…. my curiosity peaked as I try to think of any possible people who could be calling me but the only ones that come to mine are Jimin and Namjoon… “Some guy named Min Yoongi” jimin says bitterly…. I drop the coffee mug that’s in my hand… it falls to floor with a loud crack….  The hot coffee burns my bare toes … But I don’t flinch… he called me…he wanted to see me again…Min Yoongi wants to see me again…But why? What for?…. 



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A wholesome thought: the pad of Louis' dainty ring finger having a small amount of rose gold eyeshadow on it while he applies it gently to his eyelids and blends it a little with his index finger, then he gets a lil why when he notices Harry in the doorway staring, who soon comes up behind him and wraps his arms around him and kisses his temple. "You're very pretty," he all Harry says before Louis is turning around and gripping either side of Harry's jaw and kissing him breathless.