rose god tier cosplay


I’m Dave, she’s Rose, and together we are motherfucking majestic.

here is a few pictures from our debut as Troll tier Rose Lalonde and Troll tier Dave Strider. Anime Midwest 2015


more shenanigans ==> ==>


it took me so long to upload these because im lazy.

The ever so lovely Troll Tier Rose is my little sister arseniccatbug

and this perfect/beautiful/amazing/cannon material Kanaya is sylphofpersonalspace !


Anime Midwest 2015


Had a totally BADASS time at Anime Midwest this year! Have some little preview selfies from the weekend. I’ll be sure to have more pictures up once I make it home again! The Troll Tier Rose is my lil bro Arseniccatbug :3


Fancy Kiddie Camper Handysash designs! (ignoring the fact that they don’t actually physically exist) I only meant to do one for Jade… Oops.