rose geranium essential oil

Gossip Stopping Scrub

This scrub is designed to cleanse and protect its user from harmful gossip and slander. Use it stop gossip surrounding you and to and keep your name out of others’ mouthes.

  • two parts coarse sea salt 
  • two parts granulated white sugar 
  • 1 part ground black lava salt 
  • 1 part oil of your choice
  • essential oil of rose geranium
  • essential oil of dragon’s blood
  • optional: body safe glitter 

Sea salt cleanses you while the black lava salt banishes any harmful energies. The sugar is added to sweeten up those around you to your good side. Rose geranium essential oil stops the gossip and dragon’s blood gives the spell an extra kick of strength. A pinch of glitter reminds you that you’re a queen, no matter what anybody says. 

I’m absolutely obsessed with bath and shower magic and constantly make my own bath products. This is a scrub spell for love! I specifically made it for self love, but you could use it for regular love, sex, or aphrodisiac purposes, too!

You’ll need:
•a container that you can easily fit your hand in
•either rose or geranium essential oil
•ylang ylang oil
•coconut oil
•red food dye

Mix the coconut oil and sugar until you get a consistency you like. I recommend trying equal parts first and then tweaking the recipe from there. Add one or two drops of red food coloring; you want a very light pink scrub so that it won’t stain your skin. Add in your rose/geranium and ylang ylang. As you mix everything, stir clockwise and focus on adding your intent. You can add flower petals if you wish; I’d recommend lavender and or rose!