rose formations

Somewhere far away from here

Norita 66 Noritar 80mm/f2.0 + Hasselblad 2000FCW + Fuji Pro 800Z(220film)
Expired Film 03/2008


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“You know that feeling when you see someone getting off a bus and their body language as they disembark… you can feel everything about that experience. I think we carry so much and communicate so much through our bodies. And there’s a really kind of guttural connection to that, as simple as seeing someone smile and wanting to smile. We share so much through small gestures that we make everyday and, for me, cinema is a language to express that because it can put you in the point of view of another body like no other medium. There’s traditional dance on film but I’m also interested in this other space, which is focused on just how we communicate, and how to express that through such a vibrant and living art form.”

Read: Tribeca alumnus Anna Rose Holmer talks to Matthew Eng about her gorgeous and psychologically-astute feature directorial debut, The Fits, now back at Metrograph for a limited time only!

cheeks glowing red when you lie next to me
softly closed eyes and shining hair resting
your face in the palm of a sun-tanned hand

red as the summer strawberries that dance
in your drink, swirling in the glass as you
sing along to old records in my room

raspberry jam on wholemeal toast matches
the colour of your lips as we sit side
by side, synchronised hearts beat in silence

rose blush when you hold my hand in the dark
the stars illuminating the gentle touch
of your fingers to mine as we watch stars
—  pensive xviii // rose blush

One step at a time by Gregg Obst
Via Flickr:
Allentown Rose Garden. Allentown, Pennsylvania. Technical details: YashicaMat 124G medium format twin lens reflex film camera with Yashinon F3.5 taking lens. Kodak Tmax 400 film shot at ISO 400. Semi-stand development using Kodak HC-110 1+100 dilution for 1 hour with 30 seconds initial agitation with swizzle stick and three turns @ 30 minute mark. Paterson 3 reel tank. Negative scanned with Epson 4990 on holders fitted with ANR glass.

[aomine daiki voice] kagami taiga??? nah what a loser he’s so - [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of kagami spill out of jacket] w-what a fuckign idiot i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of kagami scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend jus t listen

saving ourselves

Summary: All those years, all that history, and no one was even looking.
Pairing: Tentoo/Rose (mentions of Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose)
Words: 1228
Also On: AO3

A/N: Written for @ofstormsandwolves, who was a runner up in my tumblr awards. This sorta angsty idea came to me while I was working on something else, and I thought it would work perfectly for her open ended, “anything Tentoo/Rose” prompt. I hope you like it!
(Shoutout to @dialechotty for looking this over for me. Thanks bestie!)

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realtagorm  asked:

A general one card reading would be lovely, if possible! I would appreciate it if you were able to, I'm sure you're probably getting swamped with requests.

Your card is Selenite Gypsum Desert Rose. It is associated with creativity, expression and self realization.

“Desert Rose is a promise to yourself, a remembering of what you can be when you’re connected to your hopes and dreams. Sit quietly and dwell on what you want to express to your community, what you desire to go into, what you have to offer those around you. Small desert rose formations are the perfect size to carry with you as a personal talisman when you need a constant reminder to listen to your inner voice. Desert rose are spherical clusters of bladed Selenite which form in arid conditions, the petals are crystals filled with an abundance of sand.”